Yuya Mummy

Yuya Mummy

Yuya Mummy and Meaning



Yuya was from the village of Akhmim in Upper Egypt, where he most likely had an estate and was a wealthy local nobleman. His lineage is still unknown.
Grafton Elliot Smith, an anatomist, stated in his research of Yuya’s mummies that although Yuya’s characteristics are not typically Egyptian, he believes that there was significant migration from nearby nations throughout Egyptian history.
Furthermore, it would be premature to express a final judgement on Yuaa’s nationality. The furniture from the tomb also had no indication of an outside source; it was all of classic Egyptian design. So What is Yuya Meaning and how was his life.
Some Egyptologists speculate that Yuya was of foreign descent (often Syrian) based on his unique name and physical characteristics, but this is far from certain. Multiple methods can be use to spell the name Yuya. He married Tuya and give birth to Queen Tiya . She was wife of King Amenhotep III.

Yuya Career

As one of Amenhotep III’s most important advisors, Yuya held positions like “King’s Lieutenant” and “Master of the Horse,” and his title “Father-of-the-god” may have explicitly related to his status as Amenhotep’s father-in-law. Yuya was a prophet of Min, the dominant deity in the region, and served as this god’s “Superintendent of Cattle” in his hometown of Akhmin.

Yuya Tomb

He and his wife were burial in the Valley of the Kings at Thebes. Found their private KV46 tomb in 1905. Quibell discovered the majority of the funerary items and the two mummies almost undamaged, despite the fact that tomb raiders had broken into the tomb.

Yuya Mummy


Yuya’s mummy was discovered partially wrapped, with only his body have stripe of its coverings by prehistoric thieves. Despite this commotion, the gold plate had escape the burglars’ attention. the embalming incision is covered. A partially strung necklace made of sizable gold and lapis lazuli beads was discover behind Yuya’s neck after his body was take out of his innermost coffin. It had likely fallen there after being broken by thieves.
His head was free of the intact wrappings before the body was transport to Cairo. Grafton Elliot Smith, an Australian anatomist, performed the initial examination of Yuya’s mummy. He discovers Yuya’s body to be that of an elderly man, 1.651m tall, with white, curly hair that had been embalm and became discoloured. Yuya had dark brown eyelashes and eyebrows.
He has unpierced ears.
Based only on his outward look, Smith estimated his age at death to be 60. Based on the degree of joint deterioration and tooth wear. Modern CT scans assessed his age at death to be between 50 and 60 years. Additionally, the scans revealed two distinct layers of resin inside the skull.
His mouth and neck’s skin had also been cover with packing to give him a more realistic appearance.
His reason of death remained unknown. The first person to pass away and be burial in the tomb was Yuya. Thuya may have outlived Amenhotep III. Whose burial mask was construct during the last ten years of his rule. As indicated by its wide eyes and short nose and mouth.

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