Why to Hire a Tour Guide for Your Trip to Egypt

Why to Hire a Tour Guide for Your Trip to Egypt

5 Reasons Why to Hire a Tour Guide for Your Trip to Egypt

Egypt has more than the pyramids, to spend incredible time with countless dazzling shiny treasures, magnificent temples, wonderful tombs, magnificent statues. Each monument carries a majestic story that will lead you to another artifact that carries great secrets. Let’s find out Why You Should Hire a Tour Guide for Your Trip to Egypt?!

You can realize the origin stories and the actual events. So, you will get to know the entire history, from the pharaohs themselves. You should hire a guide for your trip to Egypt to arrive at the sites of majestic events, and see what their hands had left there.

While the pharaonic messages decorate each historical place in the form of incredible, vibrant decorations; which the ancient Egyptians had carved with their own hands to keep in touch with you today. That is Why you should hire a tour guide for your trip to Egypt!

Egypt Vacation with International Flight from India

Hidden things you never will find on your own

Explain in detail the story of each historical inch, revealing secrets from the glorious history that you have never heard before

You have the right when traveling to Egypt, the cradle of civilization,  to arrive easily at the landmarks and see the magic of the historical masterpieces.

Also, you trust to reach the hidden historical monuments that reveal secrets about majestic stories from the ancient Egyptian civilization. Sites will get you the chance to live each detail of this glorious history.

Having Egyptologist who is an expert in reading the pharaonic decorations, will assist you to know what each pharaonic message narrates in detail in every historical inch in Egypt in a stunning way with its real arrangements. You will feel as if you ride the time machine and go around the eras.

It will be less attractive when crossing through the huge monuments without knowing the stories that are behind each artifact.

While it will be a tour you can not forget when living the story of each monument knowing why these majestic monuments with their wonderful architectural design were erected at this particular place, and how was erected. You will feel as if the pharaohs come back to life to spend time with you on your Egypt tour.

Go to the Old Destinations in the Land of History;

Arriving at the Endpoint to Be a Witness to all the Historical Events

Do not leave an adventure in the charming nature of Egypt without living with your tour guide; who expertly offers a well-prepared tour

A guide for your trip to Egypt will help you to explore the country more. You will manage your tour to go to the charm of Sinai; where you live the magic of the underwater in the red sea, and the incredible mountains surround you to meet unique flora and fauna life.

While the Ptolemaic streets invite you to their alluring in Alexandria to be in accompany of the Mediterranean Sea. The spirit of Cairo mixes the great history with the vibrant streets waiting for you to live the magic. Complete your amazing tour by a Nile cruise to the majestic history in Luxor and Aswan.

Live As Egyptian with your local tour guide To add more suspense to your tour

Your local guide will help you more to enjoy the atmosphere of the Egyptian streets, going close to the kind Egyptian people.

You can know each detail of their charming life and their diverse traditions. Also, he/she will help you to enjoy eating delicious Egyptian foods and tasting the amazing flavors of Egyptian desserts. As you can go to local restaurants that offer the original flavors and sit in the cafes to drink traditional Egyptian tea.

Enjoy the Facilitates that you will get from your tour guide

Live the magic of Egypt while feeling completely comfortable

  • If you need to change your currency or withdraw cash, your tour guide will make it easier for you.
  • When you need to buy souvenirs, the guide will get you the best deals; Also he/she will bargain with the local people when making purchases.
  • The tour guide will keep you away from any hassle from vendors when looking at the street stores and shops.
  • Your tour guide will accompany you from your comfortable accommodation to the sites; walking with you around the streets and then arriving back at your hotel.
  • You will get what you need comfortably, arrive at the sites easily, and get all that you need within your tour, feeling safe that you will not miss the road or you will be trouble getting any place or anything.
  • One of the essential reasons why you should hire a guide for your trip to Egypt is the best deals in the booking to book a high-quality Nile cruise and in the best hotels at an affordable cost and to get your comfortable private transportations to move easily through Egypt.
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