Who Built The Pyramids

Who Built The Pyramids

Who Built The Great Pyramids! Geniuses Narrated Ancient Egyptian History

Not Egypt that had built the pyramids, But the Pyramids built Egypt! The Egyptian explorer and the secretary-general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities “Zahi Hawass,” said. So, who built the pyramids?!

Who Built ThePyramids

These great monuments that had become one of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World; And the only ones that still till today from these ancient wonders led us to explore vanished great world. Clearly, till today scientists cannot identify how exactly they had been built.

But, what we are certain about the builder of the pyramids, is that they are those creative, skilled, and well-fed Egyptian workers who lived in a temporary city who had built the great pyramids under the control of strong political power. 

Who Built The Pyramids

Actually, the archaeological digs in this remarkable site revealed that a highly organized community, rich with resources, that backed by a strong central authority, are the secrets of building these great pyramids.

So, it should be communities across Egypt that contributed their talented workers; as well as food and other essentials, to build this great national project, which would display the wealth and control of the ancient pharaohs.

That guided “Zahi Hawass” that the pyramids had built Egypt, not Egypt, that had built the pyramids.

The pyramids were not just tombs to bury the dead; But these pyramids narrate the life of ancient Egyptians as the farming in the fields, tending the livestock, fishing, fowling, carpentry, costumes, religious rituals, and burial practices.

Who Built The Pyramids

Names of The Heroes who Built the Pyramids

There are names of heroes standing behind these massive structures that crossed through thousands of years, returning its visitors to a great history that tells about the most powerful civilizations in the world at that time. So, when visiting these pyramids, you have to realize the great names of the genius engineers of the great pyramids. 

Who Built The Pyramids

  • Imhotep The Architect of Djoser Step Pyramid 

Who Built The Pyramids

The genius engineer Imhotep is the first architect of the engineers who built the pyramids, actually, he blessed the dynasty of genius Egyptian engineers. The genius engineer Imhotep lived during the reign of King Djoser, one of the first kings of the Third Pharaonic Dynasty in the era of the Old Kingdom, in the capital Memphis.

Djoser had ordered Imhotep to build a miracle tomb for him. So, the king gave his genius engineer a short period of time to think and present to him the amazing architectural ideas he would reach, befitting King Djoser and the inimitable genius of Imhotep.

After a short while, Imhotep returned with the idea that no one had preceded, which is The Step Pyramid.

Who Built The Pyramids

Imhotep took from the pyramid an idea to set a ladder that rises to the world of heaven; So, the king was very happy with this idea, and he issued orders to all state institutions to provide everything that Imhotep needed in order to be able to build that new and unique hierarchical structure.

Who Built The Pyramids

  • Hemiunu the builder of Khufy pyramid 


The genius engineer Ham Hemiunu has considered one of the most famous architects who built the pyramids in Pharaonic Egypt; And his name means “servant of iunu”; which was the city of Heliopolis, the city of the sun, due to the greatness of the sun among the pharaohs at that time; which was the pyramids builders’ era.

Hemiunu’s participation in building the mighty architectural project, the Great Pyramid of Giza; Most importantly, it was one of best architectural achievements in his long career in which he contributed to the renaissance of Pharaonic Egypt from an architectural point of view; But he did not complete it.

Who Built The Pyramids

He has a cemetery called Hemiunu in the Giza cemetery, and it is one of the largest, most famous; and most important cemeteries in this cemetery. 

  • Ankhhaf the builder of the pyramid of Khufu & Pyramid of Khafre


Engineer Ankhhaf is the engineer who completed the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza after the engineer Hemiunu.

Finally, engineer Ankhhaf completed the construction of the Great Pyramid and then moved to the construction of the second pyramid of Giza for King Khafre, so he excelled in its design and implementation just as he excelled in building the Great Pyramid.

Related FAQ

How many slaves built the pyramids?

Slaves or Believers

Ancient Egyptians believed that their king is the Salvator for his people in the afterlife, and keeping the king's body safe meant that they will reach safely to Heaven. So, they thought it was for them as well not only for the king. In conclusion, The pyramids of Egypt were built by workers and those people were believers not slaves — 100,000 workers to be exact.

Who really built the pyramids of Egypt?

The pyramids were constructed by Egyptians. The Great Pyramid has been dated to 4,600 years, the reign of Khufu, based on all available evidence. The Great Pyramid of Khufu is one of Egypt's 104 superstructured pyramids. There are also 54 substructured pyramids.

Did the builders of the pyramids get paid?

Theories about Pyramids

In 1990, a traveler discovered the builders' graves nearby. The findings, according to Egypt's senior archaeologist, Zahi Hawass, suggest that the workers were paid labourers rather than slaves.

How did Egyptians build pyramids?

Ancient Egyptians were able to draw alabaster pieces out of the quarry on extraordinarily steep slopes of 20% or more using a sled that carried a stone block and was tied with ropes to these wooden posts."

Could the Egyptian pyramids be built today?

Can Egyptians make it twice?

There are no plans to build a full-scale Great Pyramid, but there is a push underway to create a scaled-down model. The Earth Pyramid Project, based in the United Kingdom, is gathering funds to create a pyramidal structure made of stones quarried all over the world in an as-yet-undetermined location.

Were the slaves the builders of the pyramids?

The pyramids were not built by slaves, contrary to common perception. Archaeologists discovered the ruins of a purpose-built town for the thousands of labourers who constructed the renowned Giza pyramids about 4,500 years ago.

How long did the pyramids take to build?

Years of making Pyramids

Pyramids were built over a long period of time by massive work crews. The Pyramid Age, which began in the third dynasty and ended in the Second Intermediate Period, lasted almost a thousand years. The Great Pyramid at Giza took 100,000 men 20 years to erect, according to Greek historian Herodotus.

Who managed the construction of the pyramids?

The first known project managers were Egyptians. Various scholars have attempted to determine the cost of the projects; however, the amount of work required may be a more meaningful metric. The pyramids were estimated to have taken 52 million man-days to build, according to one source.

Where did the stones come from to build the pyramids?

Pyramids Stones

Giza and maybe other places were quarries for limestone chunks. Granite was most likely brought upriver from Aswan. Luxor provided alabaster, and the Fayoum depression provided basalt. Because iron equipment were unavailable, labourers in the quarries carved out the blocks with copper and stone-cutting tools.

Who in the Bible built the pyramids?

According to Ben Carson, the Biblical figure who built the pyramids in Egypt was Joseph to store grain. This theory was corrected by many historians later.

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