Watania Sleeping Train

Watania Sleeping Train


In Full Relaxation Travel To Pharaonic Period In Watania Sleeping Trains

Are you dreaming of experiencing what did you read when you were a child about the sleeper train! Welcome to Watania sleeping trains.

Cross through the heart of Egypt, the land of history, while you are relaxed in a comfortable bed to go to Luxor, which was called Thebes for the ancient Egyptian and was the capital of Egypt in the modern pharaonic kingdom as well as Aswan, where you will feel like if you are in the pharaonic period, seeing the majesty of the ancient Egyptians and their unique architecture and its grandeur representing by unique Pharaonic monuments that achieved the ingenuity of construction and the greatness of art in decoration, which are messages are preserved via thousands of years to read and get to know about the ancient Egyptians secrets.

Watania Sleeping Train

So, Watania sleeping trains is where you entertain your relaxation while you are in the country of adventure and fantasy that has held the world’s fascination for thousands of years because of the great ancient pharaonic civilization, Egypt. Landmark monuments of thousands of years ago waiting for you when you walk up from your comfortable sleep to begin your excitement that mixed with the fragrant history. It will be just 9 Hours to Luxor and 12 hours to arrive at Aswan from Cairo to begin your suspense tour after you get all your comfort in the Watania sleeping trains.

While the wonderful landscapes pass in front of your eyes, enjoy clean and comfortable beds to sleep. Your eyes will keep these scenes to enjoy quiet dreams while you are surrounded by 5 star quality in Watania sleeping trains.

How Will Be the Food inside the Watania Sleeping Trains

  • Your ticket will include breakfast and dinner; you will choose your dinner at the time of booking. Choices are vegetarian, chicken, fish, or beef. The meal is always served with a portion of steamed vegetables, cooked rice, bread, and fruits.
  • At the Giza station, you will find shops that sell snacks and water, as well as a small restaurant. 
  • Passengers get on board in the evening and arrive at the destination the next morning, at an early time.
  • Each cabin comes with 2-berth beds with pillows and blankets, a mirror, a window, two face towels, two soaps, a coat hanger area, and one socket for you to charge your phone/cameras, and a sink.
  • Do not panic if, at your scheduled departure time, you see a rather local train. Do not board this! Just wait for the sleeping train with its green and white colors and has the words “Sleeping Car” stenciled on the side.
  • We are ensuring that our booking will be on the new train of the Watania sleeping trains, as the new trains are with better cabins and at the same cost as the old trains.
  • You can contact us to book Watania sleeping trains online; then, you will get an email that will confirm your reservation and the travel time. 

The Trains Time Schedule

The 1st train (NO. #82) daily arrival schedule is; Cairo; 21:10, Giza; 21:30, Luxor 07:30, Aswan 11:10.

The 2nd train (NO. #83) daily arrival schedule is; Aswan; 16:20, Luxor; 19:35, Giza; 05:05, Cairo; 05:30.

The 3rd train (NO. #86) daily arrival schedule is; Cairo; 19:45, Giza; 20:05, Luxor; 05:45, Aswan; 09:25.

The 4th train (NO. #87) daily arrival schedule is; Aswan; 17:15, Luxor; 20:30, Giza; 06:05, Cairo; 06:25.

cairo train station Watania Sleeping Train

Cairo Train Station

The Cancelation Policy

  • You have the ability to cancel your ticket at least three days of the travel date with cancellation fees of 20%.
  • The cancellation fees will increase to  25% if you cancel one day before the travel day.
  • There is no cancellation at the date of travel.
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