Vision Mission and Values

Vision Mission and Values

Egypt United Tours Vision, Mission and Values 

"Egypt United Tours" is a renowned travel agency that got registered at the Ministry Of Tourism and was established in Egypt in 1982. Our travel agency is trained in organizing all kinds of tours that can be customized in Egypt, whether these tours are of cultural, entertainment nature or historical.

Our official website constitutes the whole tours that have been needed via our dear guests countless times, which can be managed by keeping our website updated. Our website showcases new tours with more places and more attractive opportunities to visit as many attractions as possible. The primary objective of our "Egypt United Tours" team is to provide all our esteemed guest's absolute satisfaction by implementing the best possible rates & offers.


Our vision

We consider Egypt as a genuinely invaluable diamond that deserves to be toured, enjoyed, and explored by all souls of all ages around the world. The number of treasures that each location holds in its different sites is immeasurable. We have dedicated ourselves to the vision to make all travelers understand all about the great ancient Egyptian civilization throughout their cultural adventures. We will keep up the hard work and let Egypt among the most famous subjects in the field of tourism.


Our Mission

To achieve our vision, we have designed the best mission to match it and to enable us to achieve what we have continuously been looking for. We seek every day to retain the highest level of professionalism and upgrade the level of the services that we provide our guests in order to keep the reputation of tourism in Egypt at the highest positions. We operate on arranging the most reliable possible itineraries that are scheduled to meet the supposed duration of each day tour, include the captivating sites all around Egypt, and of course, prefer the most recommended hotels and Nile Cruises accommodation in order to guarantee our guest the ability we hold to arrange the most majestic experiences ever.


Our Main Values

Since the establishment of "Egypt United Tours ", our team have come together to set the ethics that will establish who we are and what the company stands for. The company is constituted on the foundation of discipline, diligence, perseverance, accountability, innovation, integrity, and, most importantly, dedication. Our principles are to live and work with honesty and sincerity. We also understand the importance of being flexible and holding a very consistent decision-making process. Our principal core value is to be ethical and respectful of ourselves and all our clients.

Our team strives to reach the highest degree of effectiveness and professionalism by thinking deeply, paying much attention and effort every day. We offer each customer the most compelling services & care, and this can be accomplished through our pledge to sustainable tourism and providing superior itineraries. Detailed information concerning the essential tour just to let our guest totally understand our reservation, payment, policies for arrangement and describe everything precisely and transparently.

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