Um Ali Egyptian Dessert

Om Ali (sometimes spelled um ali) is a traditional Egyptian delicacy that is also the country’s national dessert. It’s usually served with rooa, an Egyptian flatbread.

Om Ali is the Arabic name for Ali’s mother. Yes, that is an unusual name for a dessert. According to legend, it was named after Sultan Ezz El Din Aybak’s wife (in the 13th century) because she made it for a victory party, and the name remained.

Obviously, moms have always prepared the tastiest cuisine, as this dessert named after a mother demonstrates.

Om Ali

Om Ali Ingredients

  • Phyllo dough: This Egyptian bread pudding’s “bread” can be used in a variety of ways. You may instead use puff pastry, brioche, leftover croissants, Egyptian flatbread, or even palmiers/lunettes instead of phyllo dough. If necessary, use gluten-free pastry or bread.
  • Butter: melted unsalted butter will be used to brush the pastry.
  • Milk: For the creamiest results, use whole milk. If you choose, you can use dairy-free milk, but the flavor will be different.
  • Sweetened condensed milk: store-bought or homemade sweetened condensed milk can be used. Alternatively, you can simply sweeten the milk with sugar.
  • Rosewater: technically optional, but rose water gives the umm Ali dish a lovely delicate flowery flavor.
  • Nuts: I like to use a mixture of mixed nuts, making sure that pistachios are included. Walnuts slithered almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, and other nuts can be used. Use pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and/or pine nuts instead of nuts for a nut-free alternative.
  • Regular or golden : raisins can be used. The latter is the more traditional alternative, and it’s usually softer and plumper.
  • Shredded coconut: I use unsweetened shredded coconut that I make myself, but you can use sweetened if you want.
  • For the creamiest results: I recommend using double/heavy cream (whipping cream). However, for a lighter version, use single cream. eshta/ashta is another option.

5 Places of the Egyptian dessert Om Ali

1- Sobia ElRahman

We’ve all had sobia, the ultimate Ramadan beverage, but have you ever heard of Sobia being eaten? If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the moment. Sobia ElRahmany is a popular dessert in the ElSayeda Zeinab neighborhood, where everyone gathers to taste it. You have the option of getting it sour or sweet. It’s one of those things you can’t put into words; you just have to try it for yourself. Sobia ElRahmany can be found in ElRehab, ElSayeda Zeinab, and Alexandria.

2- Gelati Azza

Before there were food trends, Gelati Azza was the ultimate food trend. The consistency and texture of Gelati Azza’s gelati are what set it apart; that captivating, stretchy, sugar-balanced bite was the greatest. With only a few ice cream flavors when it first arrived in Cairo, the concept has grown to include a variety of cone, cup, and family-sized tub options. They also serve hot sweets like as belila, couscous, and Om Ali, which are all topped with a variety of delectable toppings. Gelati Azza may be found in Lebanon Square, Mohandseen.

3- Farghaly

Yes, it’s the well-known juice shop that everyone in Mohandseen used to rave about a decade ago. It was the go-to spot in town for the greatest mango juice. Farghaly makes our list despite being mostly a juice shop, due to their underappreciated ice cream and fakhfakhina concoctions. They have a special menu that includes ice cream bowls, fruit topped with large amounts of Twinkies, and Borios, in addition to their fruit cups and fresh juices.

4- ElMalky

ElMakly was founded in Sedna El Hussien many years ago, but we’re not here to discuss their well-known Om Ali, rice puddings, and basbousa. We’re here to tell you about their Borio, strawberry, and berry trifles, as well as their collection of sweet pumpkins. They have pumpkin with coconut, cream, hazelnut, and a variety of other flavors, as well as a variety of couscous flavours such qeshta, coconut, and special cream. They are always inventing new products, such as Belila with Kunafa, and they even have their own milk and natural yoghurt brands. ElMalky can be found almost anywhere; just look for a branch.

5- El Domiaty Patisserie

El Domiatty has a long history of tradition; the El Hossainy family has held the brand for over seven decades and continues to provide people with authentic tasting Egyptian and Middle-Eastern desserts, with a big assortment that is too large to list here. We’d like to chat about their latest creations today. Now is the time to try their small tarts, ma’mool bits, Lotus Om Ali, and kunafa cones! Their Knafeh cones are available in a variety of flavors, including Red Velvet, Nutella, and Lotus, or you may browse their gateaux assortment. El Domiaty has numerous locations throughout the world.

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