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Family Friendly Tours

Egypt Family Friendly Tours

Egypt United Tours offers The Best Family Friendly tours packages to Egypt; All our packages are well-prepared to bring happiness and knowledge to your family.

Our Egyptologist will narrate each detail of every monument like a story that will entertain each one of your family even the kids. On the other hand, our team is very keen to take very good care of your Family visit to Egypt.

There are many activities for kids, teenagers and adults, amid the full relaxing to enjoy the charm of nature and the magic of history to keep memorable times with each one of your family far away from loud crowds.

You will feel that we are closed-friends with your family, spending great times with us even when transporting via our comfortable private transports to where you find all the meaning of enjoyment.

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Related FAQ

What tours in Egypt are taking additional safety precautions?

All Egypt United Tours tours and vacations are subject to additional safety procedures due to the COVID-19 scenario. Face masks are distributed on a frequent basis, vehicles are sanitized after each trip, and audience interaction is limited on most tours. There are several open-air tours of Egypt, such as those to see the Pyramids, the Amro Ibn El-Ais Mosque and other large-scale attractions.

Does Egypt require quarantine?

Pre-departure testing for PCE is required. It is possible to get around this rule by presenting a valid vaccine certificate. Additionally, Janssen and Pfizer vaccines may be utilized in addition to AstraZeneca's. Sputnik V, Sinovac, and BioNTech are a few of the companies that fit this category. Bring your supporting documentation with you to the airport. In Egypt, everyone who tests positive for COVID-19 is required to undergo a 14-day quarantine period.

Will Egypt be on the green list?

It is already not on the red list now. Due to its current security status, Egypt is currently a safe nation to visit. What a great surprise awaits! The numbers of Covid patients decrease rapidly as much as the vaccinated people increase in population. It is recommended that travelers not communicate with strangers or wander alone down dark, empty lanes. No matter where you go, including Egypt, always rely on your gut when interacting with strangers.

How can I get an Egyptian tourist visa in advance?

On the official Visa2Egypt online or at your nearest consulate, you can obtain a visa in advance of your trip. In the case of e-visas, the maximum validity period is three months. You should apply for a visa before you travel, especially when travelling on business or for work.

Who can apply for Egypt eVisa?

All Travelers can apply for eVisa to Egypt.
Complete the online visa application form and pay the money using your credit or debit card to apply for an Egypt eVisa for single or multiple entries. As a rule, applicants should submit their applications at least seven days before their planned travel. E-Visas for Egypt are emailed to applicants as soon as they are processed.

What documents do I need for Egypt visa?

A valid passport with a minimum of six months of validity, a duly filled out and signed visa application form, passport-sized photographs, confirmed air-tickets, a cover letter from the organization, an invitation letter from business partners in Egypt, proof of stay, and a negative corona test are required for an Egypt business visa.

How much does a visa to Egypt cost?

This is established by the Arab Republic of Egypt and its Visa Regulations and relies on the purpose of your journey. Visa kinds and fees are outlined. A single-entry tourist visa costs $25 USD. Visas for multiple entries are available for $60 each.

Can I use my debit card in Egypt?

You may use your Visa debit card to make everyday purchases anywhere the Visa logo is displayed. Your HSBC debit card is accepted in thousands of retail establishments in Egypt, as well as in over 28 million outlets worldwide. A third way to move money in a secure manner is by using credit cards. Visa and MasterCard are the most often accepted credit cards at Egypt's mid-and high-end hotels. There are fewer American Express users, although they are generally accepted in high-end facilities. Diner's Club is rarely accepted in Egypt.

What is the best time of year to go to Egypt?

Most tourists visit Egypt between October and April when temperatures are milder but still acceptable. This makes navigating the crowded streets of Cairo and avoiding tan, visiting the Pyramids in the desert, and discovering old pharaonic tombs more enjoyable and pleasant. Bring a hat and sunglasses are always nice ideas when you pack your stuff for the Egypt trip just in case.

Should I travel to Egypt now?

Egyptian tours are very amusing as you travel back in time for a lot of cultures, scenes, and modes. Traveling to Egypt even if it is once in a life time is recommended and as for the health situation. Egypt has proven to be one of the most adaptable countries during both the first and second waves of the epidemic. Comparatively speaking, the numbers were not very high until the health ministry of Egypt sponsored vaccine rounds and it got much lower. Another improvement is that the precautions are still in effect as well as the requirement that travelers submit to PCR tests as soon as they arrive.

What are the hottest months in Egypt?

In June, July, and August, temperatures range from 86 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit on average (30 to 35 degrees Celsius). Considering Kharga, Egypt's hottest recorded temperature was 50.3 degrees Celsius (122.54 degrees F). Luxor has a temperature that can hit 50 degrees.

How much should you tip in Egypt?

In Asia and the Middle East, tipping is known as "backsheesh." When dining in a restaurant or cafe, it is customary to leave 10–5–15 percent of the bill as a gratuity, whereas street vendors and marketplaces can accept loose change as payment.

Can you drink tap water in Egypt?

In many places of Egypt, including Dahab, it is not suggested to brush your teeth with tap water. When brushing your teeth, drinking water, and maybe even washing your hair with bottled water, be sure to keep it on hand. Avoid drinking from open containers at all costs. Reusable water bottles are better for the environment.

What medication can you not take to Egypt?

Ketamine Injection, Dextromethorphan, Pulmolar, Co-Diovan Kodinalin Somanil Phenobarbital Nova Tablets with a longer effect Nicocodeine Didrex Tablets PROXEN Mogadon NITRAZEN Vaccination Injections The use of opioid analgesics, such as Tramadol and codeine, is strictly controlled in Egypt, as it is in many other countries. If you arrive in Egypt without this permit and the necessary papers, you will not be able to import this medication.

Do Egyptians drink from the Nile?

Egypt's freshwater resources, such as the Nile River and underground aquifers, are derived from sources outside its borders. Around 93 percent of Egypt's water needs are met by the Nile River, so a large group of Egyptians drink, cook, brush their teeth, and wash their stuff using the Nile river water despite that it might be not properly cleaned in some cities.

Is it better to get Egyptian pounds in Egypt?

Yes. Egypt uses the Egyptian pound as its currency (LE). Before landing in Egypt, it is advised to avoid exchanging your money. Foreign currency exchange rates in Egypt are better than those in the United States and Europe. Instead of buying products with your foreign currency, exchange your foreign dollars into Egyptian Pounds.

What plug adapter do I need for Egypt?

There are two types of plugs linked with Egypt: C and F. Plug type C has two round pins, while plug type F has two round pins with two earth clips on the side. Plug type C has two round pins. 220V supply voltage and 50Hz are used in Egypt.

How much cash can you bring into Egypt?

Yes, without a doubt. Don't rely solely on ATMs for all of your cash needs. Foreign cash over 5,000 Egyptian Pounds (320 USD) is discouraged by Egypt's tourism authority. At a currency exchange, you are allowed to bring up to 10,000 USD or the equivalent in foreign currency with you. Most of Egypt United Tours packages include transportation and meals, so you don't need to carry as much as you might expect to bring.

Can you drink coffee in Egypt?

Depending on the time of day, you may be served before or after eating. It is thick, black, and quite strong. You can choose to go with or without milk. Milked coffee is called "French coffee". It's sweet. Arabic coffee is a favourite of Egyptians, and they are skilled at preparing it.

What is a typical Egyptian meal?

Egypt's traditional meals include full medames, a mash of fava beans and lentils with kushari and molokhiya, chopped bush okra cooked with garlic, feteer meshaltet, and coriander sauce. A must-try, Egypt's cuisine is one of the country's most popular delicacies. A typical Egyptian meal is considered to be heavy, and it has a lot of tomatoes and garlic.

What can you not wear in Egypt?

Respecting the majority of the Egyptian people and Islamic culture requires modest clothing on the streets of Egypt as well as religious excursions and religious places. Respect is shown by learning very few Arabic words and by striving to learn as many Egyptian words as possible, by appreciating Egyptian food, and by respecting the Egyptian community's customs. You can wear anything since there is no mandatory dress code for Egyptians or foreigners, however you may want to follow the traditions of Egypt's streets.

What do people in Egypt eat for dessert?

Egyptian pastries include Kanafeh (Kunafeh), Egyptian Meshabek (Jalebi), Zalabia or Lockmet el-Qady, and Mahalabiya (Egyptian Milk Custard). A few more popular Egyptian sweets are Qatayef, Kahk, Basbousa and Harisa. Egyptians' favourite sweet food is Um Ali, which is also a popular dessert dish. Cakes and some other western deserts are also served at some Egyptian restaurants.

What type of food do they eat in Egypt?

Spicy, and food that contains beans, garlic, and a good amount of onion will be most likely Egyptian recipe. Legumes, vegetables, and fruit from Egypt's fertile Nile Valley and Delta are heavily used in Egyptian cuisine Egyptian foods include rice-stuffed vegetables and grape leaves, hummus, falafel, shawarma, kebab, and kofta, to name just a few examples. This dish is made up of three main ingredients: full medames (mash of fava beans), kushari (lentils and pasta), and molochiya (stewed bush okra).

Where can I do covid PCR test in Cairo?

You may always arrange a pre-flight screening using Egypt's PCR System, the country's first and only passenger real-time PCR booking system. Over 120 COVID-19 RT-PCR screening sites are located across Egypt, including Luxor, Aswan, Red Sea destinations like Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, Cairo, Alexandria, the North Coast, and all of the country's major cities. When a PCR test is required, it is almost always available in a very near place around, so as a major role check Google whenever in need for PCR.

Is it ok to wear jeans in Egypt?

Jeans may not be the greatest choice in Egypt due to the heat. Wide-leg, linen, or light cotton trousers (like the elephant-style pant popular in Southeast Asia) may help you stay cool in the heat. Men and women in Egypt, on the other hand, buy a lot of jeans.

Doest it rain in Egypt?

The rainfall distribution along Egypt's short Mediterranean coast ranges from 20 mm (0.79 in) to 200 mm (7.87 in), which is the biggest amount of rain the country receives usually at Alexandria; nevertheless, rainfall south of Cairo is expected to receive virtually no rain or only very seldom throughout the year.
In the winter, it rains a lot along the Mediterranean shore.

Is traveling down the Nile in Egypt safe?

It isn't as dangerous as you would believe. You'll detect a strong sense of security along the Nile that is both soothing and unobtrusive. Metal detector gates, similar to those seen at airports, are installed at every attraction, hotel, and cruise liner. Plan for luggage checks as well; it's best to pack light for day trips.

How much is the exchange of $100 USD in Egyptian pounds?

You may obtain roughly 1,569.93 Egyptian Pounds by multiplying 100 dollars by the current exchange rate. They are a fair amount of money in Egypt, but not "excessive." In order to appreciate the size of the total, it's also necessary to quantify the term. In Egypt, for example, a hundred dollars will buy a family with two children a delightful night at the movies and dinner at a fair restaurant.

How long does it take to cruise the Nile river in Egypt?

A long Nile cruise from Cairo to Luxor or Cairo to Aswan may last anywhere from 10 to 12 nights, depending on your interests. On the other hand, cruising the Nile from Luxor to Aswan or vis versa will take 3 to 4 nights depending on the cruise line company.

What can I do on board a Nile cruise?

Early mornings will introduce you to one of the Nile River's most magnificent natural settings, as well as its fauna and fishermen's lifestyle. You may learn about Egypt's rich and valuable history while relaxing on the Nile's east and west banks, soaking up the fresh wind, at Luxor and Aswan. Nubian-hosted shopping and entertainment nights are well-known on the Nile Cruise.

Can I cruise the Nile from Cairo to Luxor?

From February to June and September to November, only a few of the major Nile cruise companies, such as Mövenpick, operate this route, with cruise lines departing monthly from Cairo. Between Cairo and Luxor, the Nile Cruiser is the most opulent mode of transportation.

What is the cost of a Nile cruise trip in Egypt?

Four-day Nile cruises start at US$210 as the cheapest option. The most basic cruises are priced at US$310 per person, while the most luxurious cruises are priced at US$480 per person. A three-day, two-night Nile adventure costs less than $200 and is the shortest sailing experience. A premium cruise will set you back a little more money.

How long do I need to visit Cairo?

Three days is the ideal amount of time to spend in Cairo. Many interesting excursions for the Egyptian Museum, the Great Pyramids, Coptic Cairo, Downtown Cairo, and other significant destinations are available in three days.

What time of the year is good to visit Cairo?

Egypt is finest enjoyed and visited between October and April when the weather is pleasant but not oppressive. Navigating Cairo's busy streets, seeing the desert Pyramids, and seeing old Pharaonic tombs is now easier and more enjoyable.

Does a female tourist to Egypt need to wear a hijab?

Given that no specific costume is mandated by law or the government in Egypt, there are a number of customary rules to observe, such as the restriction of exposing clothes on crowded streets and the fact that almost all Egyptian attire covers shoulder, cleavage, and knee. Clothing is a vital component in setting the tone of a location, even if it is not required by law. On the beach and in wealthy districts, more modest attire is preferred.

How long do I need to visit Luxor?

Luxor's main attractions will require at least two days to explore its landmark. The first day will include tours of the Kings Valley, Hatshepsut Temple, and the Valley of the Queens. The temples of Karnak and Luxor will be visited on the second day. I recommend seeing Habu Temple, the Valley of Workers, the Luxor Museum, and the Valley of Nobles if you have an extra day or two in Luxor.

Is Luxor better than Aswan?

Because each of these cities has its own unique charm, Aswan isn't always a greater city than Luxor.
Aswan has a diverse cultural past, and tourists are sometimes surprised at how effectively Nubian culture has survived to the present day. Aswan's architecture as well as its friendly atmosphere, make it an ideal place to unwind. Luxor will be a popular destination for history aficionados, as it holds almost a third of the world's history. However, your decision is totally based on your personal interests and preferences; both cities are great.

Is it good idea to visit Aswan city in Egypt for families?

Apart from its many historical sites, the vibrant Nubian culture that still exists in Aswan makes it a very elegant and welcoming location to visit. There are many original and attractive souvenirs manufactured locally that can be purchased there. In terms of a comparison between Aswan and Luxor, none is more deserving of a visit than the other; each has its own unique beauty and mood.

Is Red sea good to visit for a family?

Absolutely! The Red Sea is well-known for its beautiful scenery and abundance of resources. The Gulfs of Suez and Aqaba come together forming a natural aquatic marvel in the Red Sea. Scuba dive and snorkel in the Red Sea, which boasts some of the world's most gorgeous seas and marine beds, as well as vibrant reefs and a great diversity of sea life with a wide range of marine species. Around the Red Sea, resorts and hotel venues provide superb luxury amenities and entertainment.

Is Sharm El Sheikh a good travel destination for a family?

It is one of the most well-known vacation spots in the globe, with visitors from all over the world flocking to the island every year; yet, it is more of a historically significant location than a modern and touristy one. Mount Sinai, the Red Sea, and the Sinai desert, all part of Egypt's rich history, are among Sharm El Sheikh's most well-known attractions.

What's your recommendation in Red Sea Egypt, Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh?

Sharm El Sheikh is more than just a beautiful, sophisticated tourist resort. It is one of the most well-known vacation spots in the world, with visitors coming from all over the globe each year. Several of Sharm El Sheikh's most well-known sights and attractions, including Mount Sinai, the Red Sea, and the Sinai desert, are all part of Egypt's rich past.

Is it a good idea to go to Hurghada, Egypt for a Family?

Hurghada is a fantastic destination to begin your summer vacation due to its tourist reputation.
Hurghada, Egypt's most popular tourist destination is a must-see. Hurghada, Egypt's most well-known tourist destination was formerly a little fishing hamlet on the Red Sea.

Are Egypt pyramids in the Sahara Desert?

The Giza Plateau, just outside of Cairo, is home to the most famous of all ancient buildings.
Khufu's pyramid, along with the other two great pyramids of Giza, was built in the Sahara Desert near modern-day Cairo.

Is it a good idea to visit Alexandria, Egypt for a family?

This charming city on Egypt's North Coast is home to a diverse range of exciting activities and historical sites. Taking a deep breath while staring out over the Mediterranean Sea will be an attractive and delightful experience. Alexandria, Egypt's second-largest city has 32 kilometers of seashore along which many of its residents love walking.

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