Egypt Private Tours

Egypt Private Tours

Egypt Private Tours

Our Egypt Private Tours are fully escorted by private Egyptologist and deluxe private vehicle.

Learn more about the history of Egypt from a storytelling and sightseeing perspective only exclusive at Egypt United Tours private packages. Understanding the narrative behind every sculpture or monument you see will offer you a very deep meaning. 

Small Group Tours

If you are not into solo trips or being among huge groups suffocate you.  A notable advantage of this program is the ability to cut away from the congestion of the streets of everyday life. As you uncover Egypt’s priceless secrets, treasures, get to know more people, and build connections among your group of fellow travelers, you will feel an increasing affection for Egypt. Never forget to relax and spend some time swimming over the Red Sea in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, or Marsa Alam. There is no single doubt that it will be one of your most memorable and greatest Christmas trips.

Egypt Private Luxury Tour  Package

Although this type of package could be a little more expensive compared to other packages, it offers also incomparable comfort and deluxe service. If you wish for a more relaxed trip where everything is done and prepared for you with the best and the fastest transportation methods. 

Tours during the Christmas Season

You won’t find a better place to celebrate Christmas and New Year better than the cool and vibrant festivities in Egypt with its milder and more pleasant weather. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while being in one of the most exclusive Egypt United Tours packages exploring Egypt’s most ancient sites. 

Things to do in Egypt

In addition to the overpowering amazement of the sight of Giza’s majestic Pyramids, you will discover thrill in the Egyptian alleyways that never seem to end. The grandeur of the huge sphinx towering in authority and sheltering the pyramids is a beloved scene, as are its distinctive characteristics of a lion body symbolizing might and a human head showing knowledge. The remarkable experience of witnessing the magnificent pyramids is the first reason why everyone believes Egypt has a unique position among the world’s civilizations. You might want to delve into the golden colors of the sunset when riding a felucca in Egypt at sunset. You may ride a camel into Luxor’s Valley of the Kings and enjoy water sports in the Red Sea’s stunning grandeur and mirror-like purity. These are some of the unique moments in Egypt where it appears as though time has stopped.

Reasons to book a private tour to Egypt

Having a tour guide accompany you to all of the historical places on your itinerary can help you avoid being duped into paying more than you should at local markets. Local specialists and Egyptologists will bring you where you need to go without risking getting lost in Egypt’s confusing streets and they will also be of great assistance in explaining the history of the sites you see, such as Tutankhamun’s golden mask. They will be in your company when you visit the enormous monument of Ramses II, they pyramids and you will be coming through Memphis.

It might be difficult to plan your daily activities when you are not in your own country, which is why scheduling with Egypt United Tours is a good idea. United Tours will do you a treat by booking all of your passes and lodgings before you arrive in Egypt, as well as providing you with an outstanding tour guide who will organize each day’s activities and excursions for you. You will be learning the origins of a very authentic and powerful civilization while viewing the beautiful antiques and artifacts that the ancient pharaohs have left for the world. You will pass through about a third of the world’s landmarks as you travel through antiques and monuments on your sides. Everyone who enjoys touring knows that it is more about getting to know oneself than it is about visiting new places.

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Related FAQ

Is it easy to get visa for Egypt?

Yes, it is very convenient to get an Egyptian entry visa if you are required to obtain it. If your country is eligible to purchase a visa upon arrival at the airport, you can get it from the visa kiosks at Cairo International Airport. Another easily available option is getting an e-visa by filling an online form and sending the necessary documents, then you can wait for maximum 7 working days to receive it by email.

How long does an E visa to Egypt take?

If your country supports electronic visas, submitting your application more than 7 days before your departure will guarantee a much more efficient experience. Apply at least 7 days before your trip.
The embassy or consulate's processing schedule, as well as the length of time it takes to complete a visa, varies based on which office you submit your application to and the volume of other applications it processes.

Can us citizens get visa on arrival in Egypt?

Most travelers, including Americans and British citizens, require an Egypt visa. An Egypt visa costs $25 USD and is valid for up to a 30-day stay for Americans and nationals of 40 other countries upon arrival at Cairo International Airport at the bank kiosks located before the immigration booths.

What do I need to know before going to Egypt?

Be prepared for desert conditions if you're planning a trip to Egypt. Egypt's temperatures can soar, especially in July and August, when the thermometer can reach 100oF. Don't forget your sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, light-weight clothing, and a pair or two of sunglasses! Also, you'll need Egyptian currency, there's more to see than the Pyramids, and traffic is severe in Cairo, so leave additional time for your excursions.

Why would tourists want to visit Egypt?

Visitors to Egypt are drawn to the country for many reasons. Ancient treasures and a rich history make Egypt a popular tourist destination, but there's more to Egypt than meets the eye. With its dreamlike waters and golden sand beaches, as well as its stunning architecture and natural cures, Egypt is a country that should go on everyone's bucket list.

What is the weather like year round in Egypt?

Egyptian summers are lengthy and hot with high humidity, and the winters are cold and dry with mainly clear skies. The average annual temperature ranges from 50°F to 96°F, with temperatures rarely falling below 46°F or rising over 102°F.

Does Egypt get cold?

During the winter months, temperatures range from 7/8 °C (45/46 °F) in the central area (see Luxor) to 10/11 °C in the southern area (see Aswan), while the coldest nights might reach 5 °C . Raining or freezing nights are rare, and it is usually around the Mediterranean or red sea.

How do you dress in Egypt?

Clothing in Egypt consists mainly of skirts (preferably knee-length) and a couple of cotton and light T-shirts, a long pair of pants, jeans, a shawl or veil, and a bathing outfit or a swimsuit. Don’t forget a pair of comfortable of shoes and sunglasses for long desert adventures.

How should a woman dress in Egypt?

Respecting Egypt's majority population, as well as Islam's culture, necessitates modest clothes that covers knees and shoulders on the streets of Egypt, as well as religious trips and religious locations. The dress code for Egyptians and foreigners isn't set in stone, but you may want to blend in to gain the full experience.

Is Cairo safe for female tourists?

Recently, we've seen some excellent results from our efforts in Egypt to raise awareness of women's rights. Harassment is a serious offense in Egypt, and the authorities will not accept it in any way in all its forms. Thanks to campaigns such as "Speak Up," harassers are already stepping back from harassing behavior. You should travel in groups and exercise common sense wherever you go as a general rule.

Can you wear jeans in Egypt?

The Egyptian community accepts jeans in all their forms. Having said that, Egypt can get very hot in the summer, so you may not want to carry jeans. Keep cool in the hot weather by wearing linen, wide-leg, or light cotton pants (looks like an elephant pant type that is so popular in Southeast Asia).

What is safe to eat in Egypt?

Fruits and vegetables are safe to consume in Egypt as long as they have been properly washed! Any reputable hotel or cruise ship will wash them before cooking them, so don't worry about that! Refrain from eating too much at cheap restaurants or local eateries, but you can give it a try once to get a taste of Egyptian culture. Only drink bottled water.

Do I have to wear a hijab in Egypt?

In Egypt, visitors are not required to wear a hijab or any other kind of head covering when entering the nation. If you're going to visit a mosque, though, you should respect the fact that you're entering a sacred structure by wearing a light scarf on your head and modest clothing that covers your shoulders and legs, for example.

How safe is it to visit Egypt?

Overall, the answer is 'yes Egypt is a safe place as long as you take extra care. Being in a group, avoiding empty areas, walking with a friend, and not communicating with strangers can all help you reduce your chances of becoming a victim of any crime. There are several coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants that are open 24 hours a day, staying there is an excellent choice for optimum safety. Anywhere you go, you're better off employing common sense, and that's true in Egypt as well.

What can you see in Egypt in 7 days?

What Not to Miss in Egypt in One Week! In addition to the Egyptian Museum and Sphinx in Giza, the Khan el Khalili Bazaars, Abu Simbel Temple is amazing, the Entrance to Karnak in Luxor, Egypt, and the Valley of the Kings' hidden tombs.

Do and don'ts in Egypt?

Do keep in mind that archaeological sites are part of the human history and should not be touched or scratched.
Do bring modest clothes. ladies will feel more comfortable if they don't wear shorts or have their shoulders bare. As a matter of fact, this is especially important while visiting churches and mosques
Do sip plenty of fluids and wear sunscreen.
Do have Egyptian currency
Do not forget to purchase mementos.
Do Keep your camera with you at all times so that you don't miss out on making memories with your family.
Without experienced guides and good drivers, don't embark on desert trips.
The time of Esna Lock should always be checked when planning your Nile trip!
Do Visit the archaeological hotspots along the Nile, and don't miss a sound and light spectacular!

Is Egypt open to us citizens?

Yes! As of 1 July 2020, commercial and international flights tourism to Egypt was brought back in full swing. A negative RT-PCR test certificate must be presented to all overseas arrivals (including Egyptian nationals) to any area of Egypt within 72 hours prior to their last direct flight to Egypt. This rule does not apply to children under the age of six. A vaccination certificate could exempt you from the PCR test.

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Egypt right now?

Yes, for Americans and other nationalities. Egypt has been revealed to be one of the most robust nations during both the first and second waves of the Covid-19 epidemic in comparison to other nations. And since the health ministry's vaccination campaigns were launched, the covid patients' number got even smaller. There is also no change to the precautions or the requirement that travelers undergo PCR tests, which keeps the situation more safe.

Is 5 days enough for Egypt?

If you just have 5 days, you'll be able to see everything from Giza to Cairo to the cherished Hatshepsut Temple to the amazing Abu Simbel Temples Complex to the great Philae Temple to the Karnak temples complex to the Valley of Kings and possibly Hurghada. You can create unforgettable 5 nights

What is the cheapest month to fly to Egypt?

It is believed that November and December are the busiest months of the year. Flights to Egypt are the cheapest in the month of March. An excellent deal round-trip costs $377, while the average round-trip cost is $1,052. For the most part, Egypt United Tours' packages include transportation and meals as well as hotel and ship check-in. A flight reservation consultation can be obtained via the Internet, however, if desired.

Can I get a visa when I get to Egypt?

Your Egyptian visa can be obtained immediately upon arrival at the Cairo International Airport, in front of the immigration booths, at the bank kiosks. Most travelers, including Americans and British citizens, need an Egypt visa to enter Egypt. For a 30-day visit, an Egypt visa costs $25.

How much does it cost to go to Egypt for 2 weeks?

In 2021, our average daily cost for two individuals was $142 per day. Per person per day, this equates to $71 USD in the United States. Most two-week tours to Egypt cost around $2,000 per person for a package that spans from the seas to Luxor and Aswan, but there are some exceptions depending on many factors.

How long does it take to fly to Egypt from South Africa?

From CAI to JNB, the non-stop trip takes 8 hours and 10 minutes (Operated by Egyptair). Cairo and Johannesburg are around 6260 kilometers apart. Through Abu Dhabi International Airport in the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways, it takes 16 hours and 20 minutes to travel from Cairo International Airport to Oliver Reginald Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg.

How far is the flight from South Africa to Egypt?

JNB is 8 hours and 10 minutes away from CAI (Operated by Egyptair). 6260 km separate Cairo from Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa. A familiar flight example, Etihad Airways flies from Cairo International Airport to Oliver Reginald Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg in 16 hours and 20 minutes via Abu Dhabi International Airport in the United Arab Emirates.

Can South Africans fly to Cairo?

South Africa-Egypt international flights have restarted, and there are currently more than 20 available flights from South Africa to Egypt. 8 hours and 10 minutes are the time it takes to get from CAI to JNB in a non-stop flight (Operated by Egyptair). 6260 km separate Cairo from Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa. The flight can take up to 20 hours based on waiting duration and the stopover destination.

Which countries do not need visa for Egypt?

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Hong Kong and Malaysia have visa-free agreements with Egypt and may not need a visa on arrival. Under specific instances, other countries such as China may also be exempted.

Does Egypt require Covid vaccine?

A vaccine certificate is preferable and a requirement at the Egyptian airports, but a negative PCR test could be another option to get an Egyptian visa. The PCR test should be generated 72 days before the flight date, and the vaccine should be approved internationally to be accepted at the airport.

What are the entry requirements to Egypt during the covid-19 pandemic?

A negative PCR test certificate must be presented upon arrival in Egypt by all foreigners visiting the country during the pandemic. Testing must be based on nasal or oral swabs, and the certificate must be produced by a licensed laboratory. To substitute the PCR test, if the visitor is immunized, and immunization certificate should suffice as proof of immunization.

Is quarantine required in Egypt?

If you do not have either certificate, they will be forced to undergo a Covid-19 test once they arrive at the airport. The PCR test is waived for all visitors of all ethnic backgrounds and nationalities who have gotten a COVID-19 vaccination certificate within 14 days of their arrival. If the test is positive, the visitor will be placed in quarantine at one of Egypt's official hospitals and will not be allowed to enter the country until he or she has received proper treatment.

How hot is it in Egypt during the year?

The summer season in Cairo is often humid, with extended daylight hours, hot, and arid weather; while, the winter season is typically warm and dry. The average temperature ranges from 50 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature drops below 46°F and rises to 102°F on occasion.
Egypt is not considered hot in comparison to other countries since it does not experience harsh weather throughout the year. The cold season lasts 3.0 months, from December 3 to March 3, with an average yearly temperature of less than 72°F. January is the coldest month in Cairo, with an average temperature of 51°F and a high of 67°F.

What time of the year it gets cold in Egypt?

From December 3 to March 3, the cold season lasts 3.0 months, with an average annual temperature of less than 72°F. January is the coldest month in Cairo, with an average temperature of 51 degrees Fahrenheit and a high of 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the name of the small baot in the Nile river?

A felucca is a modern-day version of an ancient Egyptian sailing ship. It has a triangular-shaped sail and is triangular in form. Cabins did not appear aboard Ancient Egyptian ships until the New Kingdom period. Despite the fact that Luxor is an option, Aswan is the most popular starting point for felucca cruises. For you and your visitors to enjoy their evenings in Cairo, small felucca rides are offered in Zamalek and Downtown.

Is there any Nile cruises from Cairo?

This 12-day Nile River cruise pays tribute to the days when Europeans first visited Egypt by water, including stops in Cairo and Luxor. In both Cairo and Luxor, guided sightseeing excursions are provided from the ship's deck.

Can I enter the pyramids and how much it cost?

Touring the chambers of Khufu's pyramid costs 400 pounds; however, the interiors of the intermediate and Mankauraa pyramids only cost £100. You may also go inside the Queen's Pyramids, it doesn't require a ticket.

What to wear for pyramids tour?

Summers are hot and winters are chilly, though not below freezing, at Egypt's most iconic pyramids.
When on a hot summer vacation, choose lightweight and breathable shirts made of flexible materials like cotton and linen. If you're visiting in the winter, bring heavier gear like cotton slacks, a long-sleeved shirt, and a sweater.

What is the good food to eat in Egypt?

Three of Egypt's most prominent traditional feasts are kushari, ful, and molokhiya. Kushari. Many Egyptians consider Kushari, a rice, macaroni, lentils, and spicy tomato sauce supper, to be the country's national food. Molokhiya is a leafy green vegetable that is chopped and used to beef, chicken, or rabbit soups. It's traditionally served with toast and white rice. Ful medames, made with mashed fava beans, parsley, and garlic, is Egypt's second most popular dinner.

Is Cairo safe to travel for female tourists?

We can all witness how Egyptian males have stopped paying inappropriate attention to women since the legislation has been tightened. The issue of verbal harassment has substantially improved in comparison to many other Mid-Eastern countries. Thousands of women go to Egypt on their own for vacations, and the vast majority enjoy a fantastic and relaxing experience. Because many Egyptians think a woman going alone is uncommon, you'll attract a lot of attention, which is most simply catcalling. The likelihood of attracting unwanted attention is now far lower than it was a decade ago, and the situation is improving.

Is it possible to visit Egypt Nile River?

Yes! Locals and tourists alike frequently enjoy tiny felucca rides and luxurious Nile cruises.
The Nile River began to welcome a large number of visitors from all over the world on its excursions and boats after the extended hiatus provided by covid-19. Between Cairo and Luxor, lengthier treks are still conceivable.

When is the best time to take a Nile Cruise trip down the Nile River in Egypy?

The best time to start taking a Nile Riverboat is between October and April, based on Egypt's climate throughout the year and the fact that Upper Egypt is the hottest region of Egypt, "Luxor & Aswan," where you can enjoy your Nile River Cruise and the Nile's beauty.

How long is enough to tour around Cairo Egypt?

Cairo will reward you with more beauty the more time and energy you put in it. Cairo is a huge city with a diverse range of attractions to satisfy almost every taste or interest, thus new sights are revealed every day. The Giza Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, Coptic Cairo, the Egyptian Museum, and a variety of other sights may all be seen in three days.

How many days is a Nile Cruise from Cairo to Luxor?

It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see much of Egypt from the ship's deck and relive the first European boat trips to Egypt. During a 12-day cruising tour, you'll experience the river cruise between Cairo and Luxor, as well as the river surroundings and monuments on both banks of the Nile.

Can I swim in the Nile River in Egypt?

Swimming is permitted on the Nile River between Aswan and Luxor on occasion. Despite the fact that the stream looks to be sparkling and lovely, swimming in the river is banned due to the fact that many people have drowned there. Because of the risk of bilharzia and the fact that the water is frequently thicker and less light than seawater, swimming in the Nile is not recommended.

What is the name of the luxury small cruises?

Dahabiya is a small boat with a highly unique style, such as its restricted size, pointed profile, and triangular sail. It is an extremely luxurious way to cruise the Nile river.

What is Dahabiya cruise?

No one considers cruising the Egyptian Nile, and Dahabiya cruise is not on his itinerary. It is more renowned for its opulent and fashionable setting, so reserve a spot on a Dahabyia cruise to enjoy the Nile's serene and uplifting mood. In the morning, you can see the Nile's surface and the fisherman from the vast ship deck. Its Arabic roots may be found in its Egyptian name, Dahabyia, while its style and history are reminiscent of European nobility.

Is Luxor city in Egypt worth visiting?

Whether you are a history buff or not Luxor city is a must-see destination. There you will learn a lot about one of Egypt's most treasured cultural heritages, and it is also a highly artistic location for photographers.
However, if you are on a short vacation, the distance between Luxor and Cairo may be overwhelming for some people, or it may be regarded a waste of time, but you can always take a local flight to save time.
You don't want to visit Egypt and miss out on seeing one-third of the world's monuments, which are located in Luxor. There are several large and regal temples and attractions to see, as well as a vibrant culture to enjoy.

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