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All our Egypt Group Tour Packages are designed especially for group tours to Egypt. We select the best hotels, modern and deluxe tour buses along with a very professional and expert Egyptologist tour guide to escort your group from arrival till departure.

Travel with your group to the magic of history while you stand in full surprise witnessing thousands of years ago runs towards your eyes. You and your group will create everlasting memories. You will arrive at the dawn of the civilization, then to the adventure of the desert, climbing the mountains while the magic of the underwater waits for you to let unique marine life shares you and your group enjoyable times that are far away from the crowd. That is how will be the Egypt Group Tour Packages with Egypt United Tours.

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Related FAQ

Is it safe to travel Egypt for a holiday?

Yes, both in terms of crime rates and the amount of covid-19 patients. Use common sense and stick to designated locations when visiting Egypt. Talk to people and walk on empty streets. Travelers who book with Egypt United Tours will enjoy the services of professional drivers and tour guides, and therefore safety.

Can I get Egyptian visa at airport?

US, UK, Canada, Australia All European Countries Can receive an Egypt Visa on arrival to Airport. They can buy a 30-day Egypt visa for $25 from bank kiosks located near the immigration booths at Cairo International Airport.
Other countries Passport holders must apply for visas before travel and they can get it online.

How much is Egypt visa online?

This depends on the purpose of your trip and is determined by the Arab Republic of Egypt and its Visa Regulations. Visa types and fees It costs 25 dollars for a single entrance tourist visa. The cost of a tourist visa with multiple entries is $60.

Can my tourist visa be extended to more than one month?

Theoretically no but there is a way around it, a multiple-entry Egyptian visa is recommended. During the duration of this permit, foreigners are allowed to leave Egypt and return to it multiple times. Visas with multiple entries are valid for six months, with a maximum stay of thirty days per entrance.

How should I dress in Egypt?

Egyptian culture is known for conservative clothes especially at religious touristic sites, so packing some would be a great sign of respect especially when entering religious sites. It would be nice and very respectful to the holiness of the place especially for the Islamic instruction to wear modestly, covering shoulders and knees.

How safe is it to visit the pyramids?

Sure, especially when you're travelling with our Egyptologist tour guide from Egypt United Tours. The person who is intended to lead you on your Pyramids trip is experienced, well-rounded, and has led multiple Pyramids tours before. It's typically safe, but it's best to stick with your guide, as dealing with the locals on your own can be challenging.

Do you have to pay to visit the pyramids?

There are two types of fees to pay. You can choose to pay a single cost for a ticket that will take you to the pyramid portion of the site. Second, you must pay an additional price to enter the pyramid and explore the interior. You can pay for both fees at the door.

How long does it take to walk around the pyramids?

In about two hours, you can tour the whole area of the pyramids. A 15-minute camel or a horse ride is also available in the area. The trip to get inside the pyramids will be around 15 minutes in length. Those 30 minutes could be additional to the two hours or included whatever you wish! Just make sure to have fun.

How much is a meal in Egypt?

Food prices in Egypt vary, but the average cost per day is E£194. In general, breakfast prices are lower than lunch and dinner pricing. In Egypt, the price of meals at sit-down restaurants is often more than the price of food at fast food restaurants or on the street. For an individual meal, it can vary from (60-200 EGP)

I am on a tight budget so to save money is it okay to hitchhike between towns?

In fact, hitchhiking in Egypt is relatively simple. When travelling outside of Cairo, hitchhiking may be more convenient than trying to get a taxi. ... Sinai), Siwa Oasis, and the Sinai Peninsula, hitchhiking is a popular activity in other towns, it might be more difficult and challenging.

In Cairo, Egypt Can I just turn up at the bus station and buy a ticket?

Buying a bus ticket in all Egyptian cities are quite easy; there is no need for previous reservation or panicking. You just can ask the tour to guide you are dealing with about the location where you can catch your bus and just show up to catch your ticket. The ticket price usually ranges from 3 LE to 20 LE as for public transportation.

Where do I get the bus from Luxor to Cairo?

Luxor to Cairo is served four times a day by Go Bus Egypt's bus service. It is located in Ramses, Luxor, the Luxor government, and the super jet. Tickets cost $12 - $26 and the journey takes 8 hours. Alternatively, you can use Google Maps to find the Blue Bus.

Where is the main bus depot in Cairo?

It costs LE5 or less to take a taxi from Tahrir Square or Sharia Talaat Harb to Cairo Gateway, the city's primary bus hub. According to the firm and the location, tickets are sold at different windows. A little to the right are East Delta Travel Co. for Suez/Sinai and Super Jet for Hurghada/Luxor/Shah El Sheikh. During the warmer months, it is recommended that you buy most tickets in advance.

Can Indian, Pakistani, Malaysian, or Indonesian passport holders get visa on arrival in Egypt?

Individuals travelers fom Indian, Pakistani, Malaysian, or Indonesian should apply for visa prior travel to Egypt.
For Groups more than 15, we at Egypt United Tours arrange them Visa on arrival. It costs 25$.

Is Egypt costly than India?

Yes, a few extra days in Egypt won't make much of a difference, and the effort and money spent will be well worth it. Egypt's cost of living ($543) is 32 percent more than India's ($413). Egypt was placed 161st on the list of the world's most costly countries, while India was ranked 194th. Egypt's wage after taxes lasts barely 0.4 months compared to one month in India.

How much is Egypt visa fee?

A 30-day Egypt visa at Cairo International Airport for $25 per single entry visa or $60 per multiple entry visa.

What is the average cost of a trip to Egypt?

Including flights, a trip to Egypt costs between $2000 and $2500 per person. With Egypt United Tours, prices vary based on the number of days, the type of food served and the modes of transportation used.

Where do I get the bus in Sharm El-Sheikh?

Watanya-SSH and El Ruwaysat are two stops where you can board the blue bus from Sharm El-Sheikh. The cheapest way to get from Sharm el-Sheikh to Cairo is to take a Go-bus, but it takes the longest ride duration. You can also find Super Jet station at the following address Qesm Sharm Ash Sheikh, South Sinai Governorate.

Where do I get the bus in Hurghada?

Main feature is that it is near to Cleopatra Hospital (or Red Sea Hospital) is close to the Go Bus station located on El Nasr. El Nasr is a main road in Hurghada which is the most recommended bus lines that transports from Hurghada to Cairo.

Where do I get the bus from Luxor to Hurghada?

The best option to get from Luxor to Hurghada is to use Go-bus lines other than domestic flight. The bus station in Luxor is at Ramses, and you can also ask tour guides and use Google Maps. It takes about 8 hours and 30 minutes to get to Hurghada and it is one of the safest and cheapest methods. Checking Go-bus online website would be advisable for early booking.

What medication is banned in Egypt?

List of illegal drugs: KETAMINE INJ, Ergotamine, Dextromethorphan, Pulmolar, Co-Diovan, Kodinalin, Somanil, Phenobarbital, Nova Tablets that have a longer effect, Nicocodeine, Didrex Tablets, PROXEN, Mogadon, NITRAZEN, vaccination injections.

What religion is in Egypt?

Egyptians adhere to Islam as their official religion, also Christianity and Islam have always shared the lands of Egypt in a precious unity. 90% Sunni Muslims; 10% Christianity, the majority is Coptic, Orthodox; other Christians include Armenian Apostolic, Catholic, Maronite, Orthodox, and Anglican.

Is Sharm El Sheikh a good holiday destination?

Sharm El Sheikh is more than a lovely and modern tourist destination. It is one among the world's most famous holiday destinations that people flee to from all the world annualy. Several of the town's most well-known landmarks and attractions, such as Mount Sinai, the Red Sea, and the Sinai desert, are located near Sharm El Sheikh and are all part of Egypt's great history.

Is it safe to travel to Sharm El Sheikh now?

All Egyptian provinces are regarded safe to visit at this time. You made the best decision by deciding to enjoy your vacation in Egypt! There have been no recorded cases in the prior two years. It's vital to remember that even while you're touring around or anywhere away from home, you should still apply common sense to avoid issues, such as avoiding trusting strangers and walking about alone late at night on abandoned roads.

What is the best time to visit Sharm El Sheikh?

The finest times to visit Sharm El Sheikh are in the spring and fall. The average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, which is hot but not unbearably so. If you enjoy swimming, the Red Sea will not get you disappointed. The water is warmer in the summer, although it is warm all year.

Is Hurghada worth visiting?

Considering its tourism image, Hurghada is an excellent place to start your summer holiday.
Hurghada, Egypt's most famous tourist resort is well worth the journey. Hurghada, Egypt's most popular tourist destination was formerly a little fishing village on the Red Sea.

Which is better Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh?

It is completely up to you to make this choice. Hurghada stretches from El Gouna in the north to Soma Bay in the south, from the ancient port town of El Gouna to modern resort destinations such as Makadi Bay and Sahl Hasheesh. It has more distinct resorts than Sharm el-Sheikh, which are divided by vast swaths of the huge desert.

Is Hurghada a good holiday destination?

Hurghada is a Red Sea resort city. And Hurghada has a lot to offer both enthusiasts and those who just want to spend time with their family or relax on the beach! In the summer, it's hot and occasionally humid, but in the winter, it's lovely and hospitable to all sorts of people.

Is it safe to travel to Dahab Egypt?

If precautions are followed, all nationalities are safe in Dahab. Avoiding deserted areas, walking with a friend, and not interacting with strangers are all ways to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime in any situation. Use common sense wherever you go. The number of Egyptian covid cases is reasonable and decreasing as more individuals get immunized, which is also good news for Egypt's Covid situation.

Is Marsa Alam Egypt Safe to travel?

Everyone's safety in Marsa Alam is now guaranteed, regardless of their nationality. By avoiding going out alone or unaccompanied, you can reduce your chances of being a victim of crime. Use plain thinking to guide your selections wherever you go. Egyptian covid infections are decreasing in frequency as vaccine coverage rises, which is good news for Egypt's pandemic situation.

Are pyramids in the Sahara Desert?

The most famous of all ancient buildings may be seen on the Giza Plateau, just outside of Cairo. Khufu's pyramid, along with the other two great pyramids of Giza, was erected near modern-day Cairo in the dunes of the Sahara Desert.

Is Alexandria Egypt worth visiting?

This lovely city on Egypt's North Coast is full with fascinating activities and historical sights to see. While gazing out over the Mediterranean Sea, taking deep breaths is a wonderful experience. On its 32 kilometers of oceanfront, Alexandria, Egypt's second biggest city, boasts a vibrant port.

How do I spend a day in Alexandria?

We recommend exploring the following sights if you just have one day in Alexandria. You may start with Pompey's Pillar and the Kom el Shoqafa Catacombs, then go on to the Citadel of Qaitbay and a dinner at a nearby seafood restaurant. The Alexandria National Museum and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina may be your next destination along the corniche. Finish the day at the Montaza Gardens, traveling via Stanley Bridge to witness the exteriors of the Al-Haramlik Palace.

Is a day trip to Alexandria worth it?

Most travelers will be able to see all of the major attractions, as well as a few lesser ones, in three days in Alexandria. If you only want to see a handful of the key sights, you may do so on a day tour from Cairo or by staying in Alexandria for a full day and night.

How much is a taxi from Cairo to Alexandria?

Egypt has the most affordable cabs, with a 5-kilometer journey costing only 0.84 euro. In truth, a cab in Egypt costs as little as 0.24 euro. Taking a taxi from Cairo to Alexandria is the quickest method to get there, costing between $25 and $31 and taking roughly 2 hours and 6 minutes. Taking the train to Alexandria is another alternative.

Where is black and White Desert?

Egypt's Black and White Deserts are two of the country's most stunning hidden treasures. The fact that Cairo is only a few hours away is the best part. Sahara el Beyda lies 45 kilometers north of Qsar El Farafra in the Farafra Depression.

Can I visit the White Desert in Egypt?

It takes from four to five hours to get to the White desert from Cairo. Hiring a driver or considering a bus ride is a comfortable way to get to the White desert; however, some people take a local flight to Asyut then take a taxi to the White desert. Taking a local flight would be a little more expensive.

How much does it cost to go to the White Desert?

Driving from Cairo to White Desert, which takes 7 hours and 51 minutes and costs between $23 and $35, is the most cost-effective option. Based on the group size, the type of hotel’s rating, and the form of travel, the cost varies between $150 and $250 per adult.

Is Egypt part of the Sahara desert?

Apart from the Nile Valley, Egypt is mostly desert, with a few oases thrown in for good measure. Winds are likely to create sand dunes that can reach a height of 30 meters. Parts of the Sahara Desert and the Libyan Desert are found in Egypt.

What desert is in Cairo Egypt?

Cairo is located on the Western Desert's edges. From the Nile River to the Libyan border, as well as from the Mediterranean Sea shoreline to the Sudanese border, this desert covers almost 600,000 square kilometers.

Is it safe to visit White Desert in Egypt?

Visitors are typically safe in Egypt's Black and White Deserts. Despite this, there may be a little danger of crime owing to the unrest in neighboring Libya. Thankfully, the Egyptian army now has control of large areas of country west of Cairo, as well as the two regions.

How big is Bahariya oasis?

Cairo is located nearly 370 kilometers distant from Bahariya oasis. With a total area of over 2000 square kilometers, the approximately oval valley stretches northeast to southwest and is 94 kilometers long and 42 kilometers wide at its outer edges.

What are the Bahariya Oasis mummies?

On April 17, 2001, 105 aristocratic mummies of prominent Roman Egyptians were discovered in four tombs in the Baharyia oasis, many of whom wore gold masks. These are the greatest Roman-period mummies ever discovered in Egypt, with some of them being exquisitely decorated with religious iconography.

Where is the Valley of the Golden Mummies?

The Valley of the Golden Mummies is located around 380 kilometers southwest of Cairo. The Valley of the Golden Mummies is located in the Bahariya Oasis. In the Valley, Roman ruins have been discovered. Between two thousand and two thousand three hundred years ago, the Romans resided there.

Is the Western Desert safe Egypt?

It is quite dangerous to travel within a few miles of it in an unpopulated area; yet, it is completely safe elsewhere. Despite the fact that the Sahrawis have begun to remove mines along their border, the region still possesses one of the world's largest densities of explosives.

Is there an oasis in Egypt?

The environment in Egypt's seven oases, which are located in the eastern and western deserts, is severe throughout the year. Anyways you will fall in love with the Bedouin culture which has always included oasis living. The Egyptian desert has various oases, including Bahariya, Dakhla, Kharga, Fayoum, Siwa, and Farafra.

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