Egypt Food Tours

Egypt Food Tours

Egypt Food Tour Packages 2023/2024

Select one of our Egypt Food Tour Packages, to the taste of your holiday to Egypt. All our trips include meals at typical Egyptian restaurants. We choose the top-rated restaurants in Egypt.

Each flavor in Egyptian foods has a great story from history. Taste delicious food and dessert from the eras ago. Your tour guide will narrate for you the story of each dish while you enjoy tasting yummy unique foods in the highest quality restaurants and places. Egypt Nile Tour selects for you the best places to entertain the amazing flavor while the local atmosphere of the Egyptian streets’ charm hugs you.
Just relax and let yourself to our Egypt food tours without any effort to arrive at the trusted restaurants that offer the original taste, having a list that is well-prepared expertly to include all the delicious Egyptian foods with a special arrangement.

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Related FAQ

What is the most famous food in Egypt?

Egypt's traditional meals include full medames, a mash of fava beans and lentils with kushari and molokhiya, chopped bush okra cooked with garlic, feteer meshaltet, and coriander sauce. The cuisine of Egypt is distinctive and a must-try for foodies.

What food is Egypt known for?

Meals prepared according to Egyptian custom include medames, which is a mixture of fava beans and lentils with kushari and molokhiya, as well as chopped bush okra cooked with garlic, feteer meshaltet, and coriander sauce Egypt's cuisine is a must-try for food lovers.

What is the most famous dessert in Egypt?

Basbousa is one of the most known and appreciated desserts, an Ottoman pastry that has crossed borders, is a delectable treat. Harissa, which is thicker and has a slightly different texture and taste, is a dessert that is quite similar to basbousa. Rice pudding, Sweet goulash, Qatayef, Zalabya, Om Ali, and Rice Pudding.

What is the most popular drink in Egypt?

We list These renowned Egyptian beverages below.
Limoon. Water, lemon juice, and sugar are mixed with ice to create a pleasant summer beverage. There are a variety of fresh fruit and sugarcane juices as well as tea and coffee. Dates mixed with milk is a popular drink, especially for Ramadan Iftar.

Is food expensive in Cairo?

No, Egypt's food prices vary, but the average daily cost is E£194. Dinner and lunch prices are typically higher, but breakfast is typically lower than those prices. It is common for sit-down restaurants to charge more for their meals in Egypt compared to fast food restaurants or street vendors. When it comes to a single meal, the price can range from (60-200 EGP).

What is safe to eat in Egypt?

There is nothing that you can’t eat like a general rule, but if you have a guess or an instinct or habit to get sick/allergy from certain type of food, such as beans, please avoid it. If heavy food usually bothers you, try to eat less in your Egyptian meals because they are heavy by nature. If salts make you sick, try to avoid salted fishes in Egypt.

Is it safe to travel to Egypt with a tour group?

You will have a delightful experience with Egypt United Tours' Egyptologist tour guide, especially if you are traveling with him. Someone who has already led several Pyramids tours is, therefore, necessary to guide your party on Egypt tours. When in doubt, stick with the guide because dealing with the local population on one's own can be challenging.

Can I obtain a visa upon arrival at Egypt?

Yes you can. All passengers, including Americans and British passport holders, must obtain an Egypt visa in order to go to the Middle Eastern country. Before the immigration booths at Cairo International Airport, you can purchase an Egypt visa for $25 USD at the bank kiosks. For stays of up to 30 days, the visa is valid.

What are some customs of Egypt?

Etiquettes in Egypt are similar to those in other Muslim countries. In addition, you must remove your shoes before entering an individual's home and use your right hand to eat and greet. You may hear an Egyptian zaghrooota at weddings, especially when women are overjoyed. You might see Nubian clothes in Aswan.

How do you show respect in Egypt?

Wearing modest clothes in Egyptian streets as well as religious tours and sites are both respectful to most of the Egyptian community and Islamic culture. Learning very few Arabic words and trying to learn any Egyptian words, appreciating Egyptian food, respecting the traditions of the Egyptian community are all signs of respect.

Is it customary to tip in Egypt?

It is a common habit in Egypt to tip, which we call 'backsheesh' in regions of Asia and the Middle East. In cafes and restaurants, it is common to tip 10–5-15 percent of the bill total, while loose change is acceptable for street vendors and marketplaces.

How much is the customs duty in Egypt?

In the case of non-excise products valued £135 or less, there is no additional tax. On gifts over £135 and up to £630, they charge 2.5 percent but the rate is reduced for select items. Gifts worth more than £630 and other products worth more than £135 are included. According to the type of goods and their origin, the tariff will be.

Can I get an Egyptian visa online?

Apply for an Egypt e-Visa for single or multiple entries by filling out the online application form and paying with your credit or debit card. You should submit vis Application at least seven days prior to travel. Egypt eVisas are sent to applicants by e-mail after processing.

Do I need cash in Egypt?

Yes, of course. Don’t be at full dependence on the ATMs. Egypt's tourism authority advises against bringing in more than 5,000 EGP (around 320 USD) in local currency. You can bring up to 10,000 USD or the equivalent in foreign currency to a currency exchange. Egypt United Tours packages include transportation and food in the price of the tour,so you might bring a lot more less.

Is Cairo Egypt dangerous?

Due to its current security status, Egypt is currently a safe nation to visit. What a great surprise awaits! We recommend that visitors not communicate with strangers or wander alone down dark, empty lanes. No matter where you go, including Egypt, always rely on your gut when interacting with strangers.

What are the best Food Tours in Cairo?

Prepare your stomach to be pampered in Cairo. There you will find Simit, Hawawshi, Ful, Hamam Mahshi, Chicken Shawarma, Falafel & Hummus, and Om Ali, which are all popular Egyptian meals. Basbosa, for example, is a honey-topped pastry popular in Egypt.

Which experiences are best for food tours in Cairo?

There are many food experiences that would be super exciting, especially for food lovers. Array of dishes and several mode of food are presented at different places in Egypt, you find the Egyptian’s favorite drink, sugar cane juice in each street. Street food and sandwiches in Downtown Cairo as well as Alexandria are mouthwatering and very special. Oriental food and desserts are another Egyptian taste. You can eat while standing among the happy crowd in local restaurants. Sitting in fancy places is a good idea to try Hamam Mahshy, Egyptian cooked steak, etc. Make sure you have a good appetite, so you don’t miss any Egyptian dish.

What are the best places for food tours in Cairo?

Egypt's top restaurants for food tours include Akher Saa, Citadel View Restaurant, Koshari et-Tahrir, Sequoia, Abou as-Sid, Andrea's Chicken and Fish Restaurant, Giza The Pyramids, Fish Market, Giza The Pyramids, Moghul Rooms, Giza The Pyramids, Abu Ashraf, Fish Market, Mohammed Ahmed, Samakmak, Trianon and others. Cairo and Alexandria are home to the most of them. In the restaurants listed above, you'll find both traditional Egyptian cuisine and world-famous international dishes. All of the food is created from scratch and is of excellent quality. Touring the streets of Egypt will lead you to several local restaurants that will offer you a taste of the food and lifestyle of the Egyptians.

What is a typical Egyptian breakfast?

A typical Egyptian breakfast, ful is the most prevalent type of breakfast. It's made from fava beans stewed in oil and salt. Beans are enclosed in long, thick green pods called fava beans (broad beans).

What is a typical Egyptian lunch?

Hummus, falafel, shawarma, kofta and shawarma are some of the Egyptian delicacies that are typically served during lunch. Kushari, lentils with pasta, and molokhiya, bush okra stew, are also all examples of usual Egyptian lunch meals cooked in low, middle and high Egyptian classes.

What is a typical Egyptian dinner?

The Egyptian dinner is usually less dense than the lunch, many Egyptian houses depends also on Ful, cooked beans, as a dinner material. Boiled eggs, cheese, jam, yogurt, fresh vegetable salads, and salted fries. All of those options are eaten with Egyptian loaves.

What desserts did pharaohs eat?

For the most part, the festival food consisted of fried pastries and honey cakes as well as sweetmeats and rising bread. Sugar was not used in ancient Egypt. Dates and honey were used to sweeten delicacies instead of sugar.

What fruits are popular in Egypt?

Egyptian take pride in their agriculture and crops, especially in the colorful fruits that grows in Egyptian lands. Bananas, melons, dates, figs, and pomegranates are popular in Egypt throughout the summer. Few places in the world can boast of such exotic fruits as Egypt can.

Can I drink alcohol in Egypt?

It is illegal to drink alcohol in the streets, and we generally advise avoiding alcoholic beverages in Egypt to show respect to most of the Egyptian cultures, traditions, and beliefs. Egypt is a conservative community and 90% are Muslims, so alcohol isn’t widely accepted everywhere.

What is the drinking age in Egypt?

Egypt's alcohol rules are rather fair compared to most Islamic countries, with the exception of Ramadan, when alcohol is absolutely prohibited and only foreign passport holders are allowed to purchase it. In Egypt, the legal drinking age is 21. Avoiding alcohol while being in Egypt is respectful to the most of Egyptian community.

Can you drink coffee in Egypt?

Yes, coffee is very popular drink in Egypt in local streets coffee shops, restaurants, as well as in Egyptian houses. It has a variety of shapes, coffee with milk named as French coffee, dark coffee, sweetened coffee, and ice coffee.

Where do tourists go eat in Cairo?

The best restaurants in Egypt that tourists and Egyptians usually visit for food tours include Akher Saa, Citadel View Restaurant, Koshari et-Tahrir, Sequoia, Abou as-Sid, Andrea's Chicken and Fish Restaurant, Giza The Pyramids, Fish Market, Giza The Pyramids, Moghul Rooms, Giza The Pyramids, Abu Ashraf, Fish Market, Mohammed Ahmed, Samakmak, Trianon, and others. Most of them live in DownTown Cairo and Alexandria. In the places listed above, you'll find both traditional Egyptian food and world-famous international specialties. Every dish on the menu is made from scratch and is of the very highest standard. You'll find various local restaurants when walking the streets of Egypt, where you'll get a taste of Egyptian cuisine and culture.

Is downtown Cairo safe?

Yes, However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when travelling to Cairo, DownTown , or any other countries including the following: Never talk to strangers or trusting them, particularly if they appear to be pleasant. Always refer back to your common sense when you aren’t home at any country and at any time of the day. Try not to be alone as much as possible, always try to buddy up with a walking partner. Having a tour guide and planned program will enhance your safety a lot as well.

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