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Comfortably arrive at the wide desert in Egypt by private transport to begin your adventure, spending a time amid the magical mountains while you have a well-prepared tour itinerary enables you to live the full suspense of the Our Safari Tours.

Experience a camel ride adventure around the deserts of Egypt to meet the Bedouin People, try their food and get to now their way of life and their unique culture.

Witness the extensive deserts of Egypt where the various colors charm your eyes, then ride the golden sand dunes by four-wheel drive to arrive at the black and white desert, where you can climb crystal mountains and see the palm trees while you will find all ways of relaxation in Bedims tents.

We at Egypt United Tours have put together an amazing collection of Egypt desert tour packages with a variety of other options which make you fully satisfied with your trip to Egypt, you can choose whether you want to enjoy a Nile Cruise experience to find your suspense in the bosom of the Nile beauty, or you can spend a relaxing vacation by the Red Sea along with a desert safari adventure in Egypt.

Select your favorable option of our Egypt Desert Tour Packages below and live each minute at the adventure in the Desert Land of The Pharaohs.

Our professional tour guides and four-wheel safari drivers are experts in Egypt Deserts and fully licensed to fulfill all your requirements.

We use the best camping equipment’s along with modern private transportation to ensure your comfort.

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Related FAQ

Where is black and White Desert?

Egypt's Black and White Deserts are two of the country's most stunning hidden treasures. The fact that Cairo is only a couple of hours away is the best part. Sahara el Beyda lies 45 kilometers north of Qsar El Farafra in the Farafra Depression.

Can I visit the White Desert in Egypt?

It takes four to five hours to get from Cairo to the White Desert. The White Desert is best seen by hiring a driver or taking a bus; nevertheless, some tourists fly to Asyut and then take a cab to the White Desert. Taking a local flight would be a little burden on your budget if you are an- tight budget traveler.

How much does it cost to go to the White Desert?

The cost varies from $150 and $250 per adult, regardless of the number of persons in the group, the hotel's rating, and the transport mode. Driving from Cairo to White Desert is the most cost-effective option, taking 7 hours and 51 minutes and costing between $23 and $35.

Is Egypt part of the Sahara desert?

Except for the Nile Valley and the five lush Oases inside the desert, the majority of Egypt's geography is made up of sand. Winds in the desert are expected to generate sand dunes that reach up to 30 meters in height. The Sahara Desert and the Libyan Desert are tiny parts of Egypt's two largest deserts.

What desert is in Cairo Egypt?

Cairo is located on the Western Desert's edges. It covers almost 600000 square kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea beachfront to the Sudanese border, as well as kilometers from the Nile River to the Libyan border.

Is it safe to visit White Desert in Egypt?

Visitors to Egypt's Black and White Deserts are typically safe. Because of the insecurity in Libya's neighboring country, many tourists may be fearful or uncomfortable. Fortunately, large swaths of the country west of Cairo, as well as the two areas, are now under Egyptian army control. And there hasn't been a single documented accident in that region in the last few years.

How big is Bahariya oasis?

Cairo is around 370 kilometers away from the Bahariya oasis. The approximately oval valley, which stretches from northeast to southwest and is 94 kilometers long and 42 kilometers wide at its outer edges, covers over 2000 square kilometers.

What are the Bahariya Oasis mummies?

On April 17, 2001, a famous discovery happened in Bahariya Oasis. 105 royal mummies were discovered that dates back to the Egyptian Roman Empire. These mummies were found lying in four tombs in the Baharyia oasis, wearing very heavy gold masks. Religious notes and decorations took place upon these tombs which made them very artistic and authentic to their date.

Where is the Valley of the Golden Mummies?

The Valley of the Golden Mummies is located around 380 kilometers southwest of Cairo. The Valley of the Golden Mummies is located in the Bahariya Oasis. In the Valley, Roman ruins have been excavated. Between two thousand and two thousand three hundred years ago, the Romans once resided in that place.

Is the Western Desert safe Egypt?

Despite the Saharawis' constant efforts to clear the boundaries of mines and explosives, the region still possesses one of the world's largest explosive and subterranean dynamite concentrations. It is dangerous to travel within a few miles of this unpopulated zone; yet, it is safe anywhere else.

Is there an oasis in Egypt?

The environment of Egypt's seven oasis, which are located in the eastern and western deserts, is severe throughout the year. In any case, you'll be captivated by the Bedouin culture, which has historically involved dwelling in an oasis. Some of the Egyptian desert's most bright green oasis are Bahariya, Dakhla, Kharga, Fayoum, Siwa, and Farafra.

Do they speak English in Egypt?

All Egyptian speak Arabic for it has been the mother tongue of the country since a long time, Egyptians communicate In English and a variety of other Languages and dialects. In tourist destinations and among the younger educated generations, there are more English speakers, but don’t expect many English speakers among the elder people.

Do you need a tour guide in Egypt?

Yes, to enhance your trip to Egypt, you must hire a tour guide. Because you won't be visiting Cairo every day, hiring a tour guide will make your trip more easy and entertaining. He offers the background context and historical voice for your trips, as well as supports you in building relationships with the individuals you encounter in the sites or among your group. The tour guide is also familiar and experienced with standard transit and public service prices, so his presence will protect you from being deceived to pay more than what you should pay. The advice of tour guides is generally useful, and he'd be making your way easier to restaurants, clubs, and any market you want to visit. Many travelers make friends with their tour guides and groups, so the tour guide would be the reason why you will love or hate your trip so much.

How long does it take to get an E visa for Egypt?

If your nation accepts online visas, applying more than a week before your trip will ensure a more secure process. Apply within 7 days ahead of your trip. The processing schedule of the embassy or consulate, the amount of time the visa takes to be processed varies depending on the office you are submitting your application to and the number of other application it receives.

How can I get Egypt visa on arrival?

If you have a passport that has a couple of years left until its validity expires, bring a clear photocopy of it, visa fees, hotel reservations evidence, and a round-trip ticket. Then you will be ready to obtain your; however, depending on your home country the documents you would need might change, but the previously mentioned papers are common among most of the country’s visa applications. Aside from the immigration office, there is a window dedicated to on-the-spot visas for arriving tourists. It will cost roughly $25 for a single admission and will include a passport entry visa sticker.

Do you need injections to go to Egypt?

As you plan your travel to Egypt, you will need to receive an authorized Covid vaccination or a negative PCR test as one of the mandatory vaccines or injections. Whether necessary, polio, yellow fever, typhoid, and rabies vaccines are also required; you should double-check if any further immunizations are recommended or required for admittance to Egypt since they vary often.

What are Egypt entry requirements for COVID vaccine?

After 14 days, if you obtain your vaccination certificate stating that you received the whole dosage of the vaccine, you won't need to conduct a PCR test. The World Health Organization has approved vaccines from AstraZeneca, Sinopharm, Sinovac, Pfizer, Moderna, and Sputnik, among others. If you don't have the certificate or a negative PCR test, you'll need to have a PCR test at the airport. If your results were positive, all you'd have to do now is quarantine.

Can I do PCR test in Cairo airport?

If you haven't had a vaccination in your home country and haven't had a recent negative PCR test, you can get a PCR test before entering Egypt at any Egyptian airport. You will be allowed to enter Egypt without having to undergo quarantine as soon as you receive a negative PCR test.

Does Egypt require quarantine?

They will be required to take a Covid-19 test once they reach the airport if they do not have either certificate. All tourists of all cultural origins and nations who have received a COVID-19 immunization certificate within 14 days of their arrival are exempt from the PCR test. If the test is positive, the visitor will be compelled to quarantine at one of Egypt's official hospitals to receive adequate treatment before being permitted to enter the country.

How many days tours do you need in Egypt?

A week is enough duration to cover all Egypt’s attractions. A week is the perfect amount of time to spend in Egypt. While traveling the Nile River, you may visit Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel, and Luxor. So you should ideally be spending almost ten days via the Mediterranean Sea or the Red Sea.

How much money do I need per day in Egypt?

A daily budget of E£636 ($40) should be enough for your Egypt holiday; this daily average is based on past travelers' journeys to Egypt. Some visitors estimated that they would need to spend E£194 ($12) each night on cafés and restaurants, as well as E£107 ($6.72) on public transit. The current average cost is now mostly determined by the restaurants you visit and the hotel you choose to stay in.

Is Egypt cheap or expensive?

If you're on a budget, visiting Egypt would be a great way to have a great time without worrying about the cost. It is a less expensive option than exploring North America, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe; yet, flying to Egypt is nearly as expensive as going through Southeast Asia. You will get the opportunity to explore tourist destinations and engage in a range of Egyptian activities.

Can you pay by Credit card in Egypt?

Local limits may pose an issue if your bank is situated locally; but, using your HSBC debit card, which is accepted at over 28 million retail outlets worldwide including in Egypt, will be much easier. You shouldn't be concerned; most Egyptian ATMs accept international debit cards without difficulty.

Can you brush your teeth with tap water in Egypt?

It's always a good idea to get bottled water. Although Egypt's tap water is said to be safe to drink, it has a distinct chlorine taste and is not a very nutritious alternative. Washing and brushing your teeth with tap water, on the other hand, is less expensive. Visitors get anxious due to a lack of familiarity with food and water tastes, as previously stated.

Can you wear jeans in Egypt?

Due to the heat, jeans may not be the best choice in Egypt. In the heat, wide-leg, linen, or light cotton pants (such as the elephant-style pant common in Southeast Asia) may help you keep cool. Egyptians, on the other hand, buy a lot of jeans, both men and women.

What should I wear to the pyramids?

At Egypt's most famous pyramids, summers are hot and winters are cold, though not below freezing. Wear lightweight and breathable shirts made of flexible textiles like cotton and linen when on a hot summer holiday. Pack with you heavier clothing, such as cotton pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and a sweater, if you are coming in the winter.

Is Cairo safe for female tourists?

We can all see how Egyptian men have ceased paying improper attention to women now that the law has become stricter on the issue. In comparison to many other Mid-Eastern nations, the issue of verbal harassment has greatly improved. Thousands of women travel to Egypt for holidays on their own, and the great majority have a wonderful and restful time. Many Egyptians believe that a woman walking alone is unusual, therefore you'll get a lot of attention, which is typically just catcalling. The chances of drawing unwelcome attention are currently far lower than they were a decade ago and the situation is improving.

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