Egypt Cultural Tours

Egypt Cultural Tours

Egypt Cultural Tours

Uncover the mystery of birthing the culture in the land of history by the dawn of the civilization, reading the ancient Egyptian messages that the pharaohs had carved by their own hands on the temples and tombs in the form of decorations and look at their letters that they had left in their Papyrus to keep in touch with you today telling you the original culture of the World.

Our Egypt Cultural Tour Packages are designed to reveal all the mysteries and stories beyond The Old History of Egypt and the New Life of Egyptians to let you see by your own eyes how the events of Egypt’s history affect the Egyptian People today. We will help you to merge with Egypt Culture, understand our way of life and how we love and respect our Grandparents Pharaohs, this will be embodied in front of your eyes in the form of monuments dating back to thousands of years ago guarded by Egypt farmers. You will be living the eras as you ride the time gab.

We at Egypt United Tours have designed a collection of tour itineraries to include all the historical sites uncovering all secrets that Pharaohs left behind.

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Related FAQ

Is English widely spoken in Egypt?

A large majority of Egyptians, especially those with higher education, can speak and write in English. People of all ages are becoming fluent in the English language. Visitors to tourist attractions would expect to see a big number of English-speaking individuals there as well. It might get harder to find elderly English speakers at local marketplaces.

Is Egypt safe for American tourists 2021?

I'd say yes as long as you're careful; it is safe for Americans and other nationalities. Avoiding empty locations and walking with a friend can all assist you, not talking to strangers alone are all strategies to lower your chances of becoming the victim of a crime in any situation. You're better off using good judgment everywhere you go.

Are there dangerous animals in Egypt?

The Nile crocodile, the world's second-largest crocodilian, is the most harmful animal in Egypt, according to the World Wildlife Fund. There is no chance to encounter it since swimming in the Nile isn’t allowed. It is also becoming rare. Also, snakes are dangerous species, but they can only be found in remote desert areas far from the usual tourist destinations.

What is considered rude in Egypt?

In Egypt, the left hand is considered impure. Egyptians don’t use it while eating or drinking. Always try to use your right hand, unless you're handling something that's considered unclean. Keep the left hand out of your gestures. As is wearing shoes in mosques and pointing with your feet towards someone's face, both of which are regarded as quite disrespectful.

Do and don'ts in Egypt?

Be mindful of the fact that archaeological sites are part of human history and should not be harmed or scratched in any way
Be sure to wear modest clothing. Shorts and bare shoulders will make women more comfortable. Particularly while visiting churches and mosques, this is crucial.
Be sure to drink plenty of water and apply sunscreen when you're outdoors.
Are you in possession of Egyptian currency?
Keep in mind to buy souvenirs.
Have your camera with you at all times in order to capture precious moments with your family.
Avoid desert expeditions if you don't have competent guides and good drivers.
Always verify the time of Esna Lock while planning your Nile excursion!

Can you drink alcohol in Egypt?

Yes, it is legal to consume alcoholic drinks in Egypt at a designated place. But it's there. But we don't encourage you to do so, because it would be a great way to show respect for the beliefs of the majority of Egyptians. The consumption of alcohol in public places is prohibited. That's important to note.

Who can travel to Egypt without visa?

A visa on arrival may not be required for citizens of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Hong Kong or Malaysia due to agreements with Egypt allowing visa-free entry.

Is Travelling to Egypt safe now?

Egypt is a safe destination, provided that you take extra care when visiting as much as other countries. Crimes can be prevented by walking in groups and staying away from vacant areas, as well as not chatting to strangers. Many coffee shops, cafés, and restaurants open 24 hours a day will help you stay safe in the evenings. In any country, using common sense is usually a smart idea. Regarding covid-19, the numbers of infected people are dropping significantly as the number of vaccinated citizens increase, so visiting Egypt in 2021 is an excellent choice to make.

Do we need to quarantine in Egypt?

It's possible that you'll be quarantined if your PCR test is positive. It is necessary to have a negative COVID-19 (PCR and/or vaccinated citizens) test in order to enter. COVID-19 PCR test certificates must be on hand at least 72 hours before departure.

What is the average cost of a trip to Egypt?

A Nile River cruise, expert private guides, and 8 days in Egypt are estimated to cost roughly $2,430 for each individual travelling including airfare. Not bad considering this estimate includes private guides for all of the sites and attractions. Travelling independently and communicating directly with Egypt United Tours without any involvement of third parties.

How many days are enough to visit Egypt?

Seven days should be enough to see the main attractions in Egypt. For a tour of Egypt, a week is the ideal amount of time. The Nile River cruise allows you to see Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel and Luxor, as well as other destinations along the Nile River.

How can I spend 3 days in Egypt?

3 days could include pyramids visits, Egyptian Museum, felucca night, and exploring Coptic Cairo to see the old mosques and churches and pass by the footsteps of the holy family. Going to Moez street and buying souvenirs are also ideas that could be included in 3 days plan. A one-day trip to Alexandria could be made as well.

Is it expensive to vacation in Egypt?

When compared to Europe, North America, and other countries like Australia and New Zealand it is cheaper to travel to Egypt. Cost-wise, Egypt is similar to Southeast Asia. Egypt is a great place for a budget traveler to see and do a lot.

Is Christmas a good time to visit Egypt?

December is one of the greatest months of the year to visit Egypt because of its cooler temperatures and lively energy. When people flock to the area for the holidays, the weather is beautiful and there are many unique events.

Is Egypt safe at Christmas?

Most popular tourist attractions, including Egypt's capital city, Cairo, are safe during popular holidays. A good option is Egypt's second-largest city, Alexandria. Other options are Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel and the Valley of the Kings. On popular holidays, the country is buzzing and the security is heightened to handle the crowds, so booking a tour guide and travelling in a group is advised.

What is there to do in Egypt at Christmas?

The following are some of the best spots to visit in Egypt over the holidays: Nile cruise is one of the most popular things to do in Egypt in December, which is why Nile Cruises are always fully booked during the holiday season. The Egyptian Museum, Luxor City, Aswan, Hurghada and Sharm Al-Sheikh also have fascinating events during New Year. A tour in Coptic Cairo is highly recommended to feel the Christmas vibes and rituals.

Can you swim in Egypt in December?

In the best-case scenario, swimming in Egypt in December is a nice experience... In December, swimming in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, and Marsa Alam is enjoyable. The average temperature of the seawater is 77°F (73°F minimum, 80°F maximum), so you may comfortably spend time in the waters.

What is a common food in Egypt?

Kushari (or Koshary) Mahshi or Dolma (stuffed vegetables), Shawarma (chicken, beef, or lamb), Waraq Inab (Stuffed vine leaves), Falafel (Tamiya), Ful Medames (Slow Cooked fava beans), Baladi (Egyptian Bread), Egyptian Feteer Meshaltet (Layered Bread), and (Potato Salad) are some of the most popular traditional Egyptian foods

How cold is Egypt in December?

The weather in Egypt in December is wonderful. Egyptians may find the temperatures chilly, while visitors from other countries will find them rather pleasant. At night, temperatures drop to about 50 degrees Fahrenheit (about 20 degrees Celsius) to (10C).

What Food Tours in Cairo are taking additional safety precautions?

COVID-19 safety procedures are provided by most restaurants, hotels, and food excursions in Cairo. All food courts must utilize single-use plates, forks, and spoons in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Masks and alcohols are advisable at most restaurants.

How dangerous is Hurghada?

Numerous people believe that Hurghada, one of Egypt's most popular tourist destinations, is safe to visit. Private security services have been substantially improved not only in Hurghada, but in many other locations surrounding the Red Sea. Hurghada has even been compared to Europe and the United States by some, who claim that they feel safer there.

Where should I stay in Sharm el Sheikh?

There are a lot of excellent resorts in Sharm el Sheikh that you should consider. A resort in Sharm El-Sheikh called Royal Savoy situated on the Red Sea shore is highly reviewed by tourists. There's a great degree of service at the Steigenberger Alcazar hotel as well. SUNRISE Montemare Resort offers luxurious lodgings. An example of other good resorts in Sharm is the Four Seasons, and Albatros Palace resort.

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