Safe Journey to Egypt

Safe Journey to Egypt

Safe Journey to Egypt 2023/2024

You’ve scheduled your upcoming vacation, now it’s time to look at how safe will it be! According to the World Tourism Organization, Egypt is one of the safest and best countries to visit. Here we offer you amazing tour packages to spend a safe journey to Egypt.

There are a variety of Egypt package holidays to pick from if you wish to enjoy a safe trip to Egypt, but only a few will meet your needs that are set by preferences and character. You can now choose from a diverse range of Egypt vacation packages that span the vast stretches of the country, taking you to the Great Pyramids and Sphinx, as well as spending a lovely sailing trip on board a Nile River cruise, and the Red Sea.

You can customize your holiday to your individual needs and, more importantly, don’t miss the unique discounts and promotions by booking your safe journey to Egypt with professionals.

Egypt Tour Packages in High Demand

You may now search for and book some of Egypt’s most popular vacation spots. Pyramids, desert safaris, Nile tours, Red Sea vacations in Egypt, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheikh are just a few of the country’s most popular vacation attractions. You may arrange a tour package to any of these sites based on your budget and other considerations such as the length of your stay, your desire for activities such as historical tours, Nile cruises, desert tours, or aquatic sports like snorkelling or diving.

Every budget and activity preference may be met with a holiday. You have a lot of options, from sleeping in a tent in Egypt’s western desert to vacationing on the opulent Nile cruise liner Oberoi. Enjoy the Mediterranean from Alexandria, or take a quiet vacation at Marsa Alam. Plan your safe joureny to Egypt today.

With a broad sky, scenic Nile sailing, vast deserts, and spectacular sunsets at the Pyramids, an Egypt holiday tour package might revive your love of travel. You may choose from a range of Egypt tour packages whether you stay in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, or Sharm El Sheikh; There will be plenty of sites to visit and things to participate in to suit your holiday interests.

If you want to plan an outstanding Egypt trip package, we assure you that you will get a cosy, enjoyable and safe trip to Egypt with your complete family or just a few close friends. In this post-pandemic climate, our Egypt vacation packages provide appealing options for sanitary housing. Simply a fantastic vacation waits for you.

Safe trips to Egypt for Families

Exclusive family trips to Egypt have been created to fulfil the needs of each family, big or small size family, with children, toddlers or even infants. It’s a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your family in while you visit the best country in the World, Egypt. You may choose from a number of hotel alternatives and even locations, as well as save money on your Egypt holiday. Long and short-stay options, as well as self-drive family holidays, are offered in places including Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheikh. Select a location based on your chosen weather and landscape, as well as a hotel that embodies your philosophy, and spend a safe journey to Egypt with your family.

Offers and discounts are available over the holidays.

As you explore our website’s various Egypt travel packages, you’ll discover several that provide significant savings. For a limited period of time, private tour packages to Egypt are offered to start at $695. There are also cruise packages for the Red Sea and the Nile. You may also look at our Egypt all-inclusive vacation packages if you want to enjoy a safe trip to Egypt without worrying about currency conversion because everything is included in your package. Egypt United Tours also offers Egypt weekend break packages, Egypt family vacation savings, and honeymoon discounts.

Themed Egypt Vacations

Another fun approach to choosing a vacation package is to search by topic. You may now search for a holiday package depending on your interests at Egypt United Tours. Classic, Family, Religion, Honeymoon, Weekend, Beach, Summer, Winter, Luxury Packages, and Egyptian Adventures are some of the themes available. Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam, and Dahab are among the top honeymoon destinations.

The Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings Tombs, the Temples of Luxor and Aswan, as well as an outstanding Nile sailing excursion, are all available to traditional travel enthusiasts. Are you seeking unusual winter vacation ideas in Egypt? Luxor and Aswan are among the top winter resorts in the world.

Hand-picked Egypt safe tour packages just for you

A variety of specifically designed Egypt United Tours service guarantee packages comprise a stay in an exotic location with everything covered, including your hotel stay. A three-night stay at the Cairo Marriott Mena House hotel, which overlooks Egypt’s Great Pyramids, a special honeymoon package in Sharm El Sheikh, an exclusive two-night stay in Luxor, a Nile cruise holiday package, an amazing trip to Alexandria especially for honeymooners, a splendid bus tour around Egypt, and a four-, five-, or eight-day Nile river trip are just a few of our prevalent particularly unique catalogued packages. These packages are available at a discounted rate and are backed by Egypt United Tours’ quality promise.

Honeymoon special deals to Egypt

You may choose from a selection of domestic Egypt honeymoon packages that have been meticulously designed to fit your interests as a couple while also assuring maximum privacy. Each Egypt honeymoon package includes a hotel stay, transportation, and a range of activities or things to do, with the option to customise your activities to suit your needs and interests.

The bulk of these packages is heavily discounted. Early check-in and late check-out, complimentary candlelight dinner with cake, flowers, and bed decoration once during your stay, room upgrade to the next category, complimentary in-house activity at the hotel of stay, spa, laundry, and meal discount coupons at the hotel of stay, early check-in and late check-out, and complimentary candlelight dinner with cake, flower petals, and bed decorative items once during your stay are all accessible bonuses.

Popular domestic destinations For a safe journey in Egypt

Egypt United Tours offers a diverse selection of destinations in Egypt, including all of the most prominent tourist attractions. Among these are Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, and Marsa Alam. There are some wonderful itineraries available in each of these locations, with options for both long and short stays. These holiday packages are created to accommodate every tourist’s budget and appeal to each sort of traveller. You may choose from a number of itineraries based on the things you wish to do as well as the price range. Look for flight connections to your vacation destination and quickly make your Egypt United Tours holiday package reservation.

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Related FAQ

Is Egypt safe to travel to?

According to all the statics made recently in 2022 by the World Tourism Organization, Egypt is one of the best countries to visit and you will have a safe journey to Egypt.

How much is a flight ticket and visa to Egypt?

The price of a flight is determined by your destination and departure area and the day on which you purchase a ticket. A single visa admission costs roughly $25, regardless of whether it's an on-the-spot or online visa, and a multiple visa entry charges roughly $60.
Based on the World Tourism Organization Egypt is one of the best countries to visit in 2022.

How long is Egypt visa valid?

Whether you received your visa online or when you landed in Egypt, it will be valid for 90 days from the date it was issued. After receiving your visa application, the visa is normally issued within 6-7 days. Tourists can stay in Egypt for up to a month after their visa expires.

What are documents needed to obtain Egypt visa?

You'll need the following documents to apply for a visa: - - Your current passport, as well as any previous passports you have ever obtained.

- A passport with at least a couple of empty pages.
> passport photocopies
- A validated ticket for a round-trip flight.
> The passenger's completed and signed visa application.
Prepare well as according to the World Tourism Organization Egypt is on the top list of the best countries to visit in 2022.

Do I need injections for a safe journey to Egypt?

An authorized Covid immunization or a negative PCR test will be one of the mandatory vaccinations or injections when you plan your trip to Egypt. If necessary, polio, yellow fever, typhoid, and rabies vaccines are also required; you should double-check whether any more vaccinations are recommended or required for admittance to Egypt, as this varies widely.
Be sure you will enjoy a safe tour in Egypt, as according to the World Tourism Organization Egypt is on the top list of the best countries to visit in 2022.

Do they have PCR test on arrival or departure in Cairo airport?

You can have a PCR test before entering Egypt at any Egyptian airport if you haven't had a vaccine in your home country and haven't had a recent negative PCR test.
As soon as you have a negative PCR test, you will be able to enter Egypt without having to undergo quarantine.

Can I bring cash to Egypt and how much is the allowance?

You might consider having with you $10,000 as the largest amount of cash you can possibly carry in foreign currency at the Egyptian airport; on the other hand, this amount reduces to $5,000 if you decided to carry this sum of money in Egyptian Pounds. If you want to exchange some of your money to the local currency of Egypt LE, we advise you to exchange at the airport terminal as you will get a much higher exchange rate and to avoid scams.

How much per day do I need to spend in Egypt?

Based on the World Tourism Organization and many tourists records, the estimated average amount of money you will be spending in Egypt is E£636 ($40). This makes Egypt one of the best countries to visit in 2022 as it's too cheap. The rating of the hotel or the eateries you would choose to stay at would be a factor affecting the average of money you are going to spend in Egypt. If it is five stars or deluxe hotel or luxurious tour, the average of money is going to increase. Based on previous records a tourist is expected to spend almost E£107 ($6.72) on public transportation and E£194 ($12) on restaurants daily.

Is Egypt cheap or expensive?

According to the World Tourism Organization, Egypt offers travelers who are on a tight budget a great opportunity to explore most of the world’s monuments and participate in many cool activities, such as Nile cruising, sandboarding, sea sports without loading their bank account. Booking a flight to Egypt is an economic option than deciding to travel through North America, New Zealand, Australia, or Europe. Its expenses are almost equivalent to Southeast Asia; which put it on the top list for the best countries to visit.

Is Cairo, Egypt safe for female travelers?

Thousands of women travel to Egypt for holidays on their own, and the great majority have a wonderful and restful time. The World Tourism Organization has announced recently that Cairo and all Egypt land is one of the best countries to visit in 2022. We assure you to spend a safe tour in Egypt and Cairo.

Do you need a tour guide in Egypt?

For a safe journey to Egypt, short answer is Yes; Egypt is one of the best countries to visit but if you want to have a fantastic holiday in Egypt, you must hire a tour guide. Because you won't be visiting Cairo every day, hiring a tour guide will help you make the most of your time there. He'll help you in a variety of ways, including offering more context and historical context for your trips, as well as supporting you in building relationships with the individuals you encounter. The tour guide is familiar with standard transit and public service prices, his presence will protect you from any possible deception or overpriced sellers. The advice of tour guides is generally useful, and he'd be a wonderful resource for restaurants, clubs, and any market you want to visit. Because many visitors become friendships with their tour guides and groups, the tour guide you pick will definitely enhance or detract from your holiday.

What things can you do in the Nile river?

Sitting and meditating near a restaurant or cafe with a view of the Nile is a very popular activity. Kayaking or taking a small felucca for a few hours in Cairo or Giza is a great way to relax and experience the Nile's adventure. The nile traveling between Luxor and Aswan is, of course, a lengthy activity, but it is historically, emotionally, and culturally significant.

What pyramids are in Giza?

The Djoser Step Pyramid. Location: Al Badrashin, Saqqara, among the three magnificent Giza Pyramids. The Pyramid of Sahure, the Pyramid of Neferirkare, and the Pyramid Complex of Unas are all located in the north east of Medinat Al-Fayoum, Giza.

How many Sphinx are in Egypt?

In ancient Egypt, there were three varieties of sphinx: the Androsphinx, which had a lion's body and a human's head; the Criosphinx, which had a lion's body but a ram's head; and the Hierocosphinx, which had a lion's body but a falcon or hawk's head. You find four ram headed sphinx in Downtown and many others in Luxor.

Why pyramid of Giza is famous?

According to many reports, the Great Pyramid set the world record for tallest skyscraper for 3,871 years, from 2560BC to 1311AD. So we can confidently conclude that the biggest of the Giza pyramids retains the record for the longest time as the world's tallest man-made monument in a very early time, a record that will almost certainly never be surpassed. It is still a mystery how the ancient Egyptians have built this structure.

What makes the pyramid of Giza so special?

The Great Pyramid held the world record for highest man-made structure for 3,871 years, from 2560BC to 1311AD, according to numerous reports. As a result, we may easily infer that the Giza pyramids' largest pyramid maintains the iconic record for the longest period as the world's tallest structure that was built with very basic tools, a milestone that might not be ever broken. The ancient Egyptians' method of this construction is still a mystery.

How much does it cost to go inside the pyramids of Giza?

Adults must pay an entry charge of 80 Egyptian pounds ($9), which allows access to the Great Sphinx and the property's temples. In addition to your ticket to the pyramids’ complex, you must purchase $10 to $15 ticket per person to enter any of the Pyramids of Giza.

Is it worth going inside the Great Pyramid?

Yes, being at the epicenter of this great marvel is remarkable. This may be subjective, but you could wish to visit the king's burial chamber and other chambers where they used to store their treasures and other prosperities in order to reclaim it in the afterlife. The inside of Sakara's pyramids is breathtaking, with ancient Egyptian drawings and writings on display.

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