15 Days Luxury Family Holidays Packages

15 Days Luxury Family Holidays Packages

Egypt Luxury Family Holidays Packages 2023/2024

Egypt United Tours helps you design your ideal Egypt luxury family holiday package as easily as possible. As soon as your family arrives in the land of Egypt, you will be greeted by one of our highly experienced Egyptologist tour guides; Also we make sure to provide you with a pleasant chauffeur expert driver. Similarly, in each city in Egypt, an expert tour manager will meet you to arrange your daily tours.

Our efficient, comfortable transportation vehicles provide you with the finest daily trips. Moreover, experience the Pharaohs Land local food at the best restaurants. Undoubtedly, our committed team will conduct significant work to confirm that you will have only the best luxury accommodations and services.

Our Egypt luxury family holidays packages include the most renowned sights in Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria. On the other hand, if your vacation time permits, we also take you to the most luxury resorts on the Red Sea; Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, and Marsa Alam, are the best luxury destinations for your Family. Luxury deserts trips are available as well as traditional Egyptian culture and off-the-beaten-path wonders of the Nile.

More Luxury Family Holidays in Egypt

You’ll be greeted with wide arms, amazing local smiles, and exquisite hospitality; Stay onboard the most premium Nile cruises and at the best hotels in Egypt. It’s time to forget about cold and freezing weather back home; You will arrive in Egypt’s sunny land and clear sky. All our luxury tours take you to see Nubia, the Land of Gold; Nubia is where you will see the African Egyptians who live in Aswan and Abu Simbel. Surely, Egypt is the place where you’re bound to run into some ancient landmarks and colorful local characters no matter where you go!

The best time for a luxury family vacation to Egypt

Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza and take a Nile river cruise in October, November, or December for a sunny stay and clearer weather. Egypt’s beautiful beaches and silky sand in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh are legendary. Start planning your Family Luxury vacation today.

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Related FAQ

Is Egypt good for a luxury family holiday?

Luxury family holiday in Egypt

A luxury family vacation to Egypt is for sure the best choice for you when your kids are over 6 years old; at this age they will definitely get very excited and engage well with Egypt history and culture. Visiting the Pyramids of Egypt and sail the Nile river is the best thing to do in Egypt. On the other hand your kids might enjoy the Red Sea and extensive aqua parks at Hurghada nd Sharm El Sheikh luxury resorts.

Is Egypt child friendly?

Trip to Egypt with a child

Yes sure, but to take your children for a vacation in Egypt, make sure to search for luxury family holidays in Egypt so your kids enjoy more. Also to be sure of the food safety and cleanness. Undoubtedly Egypt has very nice hotels and many things to do, specially in Cairo, a Nile cruise and the sunny Red sea beaches.

How can a family with kids spend a luxury holiday in Egypt?

Things you need to know to spend a luxury family holiday in Egypt

Here are the main 7 things your family needs to know to spend a luxury holiday in Egypt:

  1. A good trip starts with a good search, so select well your ground handler in Egypt.
  2. Find the best hotels in Egypt and read previous travelers' reviews.
  3. Make sure to have a nice tour guide who already has a good experience with kids.
  4. Don't plan for desert camping, your kids might not like it.
  5. Make sure your hotels in Egypt have kids' areas; some luxury hotels don't have them.
  6. Your kids' highlight day trip will be to the Pyramids, make sure they get a good read before this day tour.
  7. A few days by the Red Sea will make your kids enjoy their Egypt trip; a luxury resort with an aqua park is the best idea.
What can a family do in Egypt for 2 week?

Things to do with your family in Egypt for 2 weeks

Here are the 10 things your Family must do doe 2 weeks in Egypt:

  1. Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza.
  2. Enjoy a day trip to Kidzania.
  3. Take a tour to The Civilization Museum to see the Royal Mummies.
  4. See the boy King Tut Golden Treasure at the Egyptian Museum.
  5. Sail the Nile onboard a luxury Nile boat.
  6. Take a trip to Abu Simbel Temples
  7. Visit The African Egyptians "The Nubians"
  8. Spend a few days in the Red sea Hurghada, Sharm Elsheikh or Marsa Alam with an aqua park resort.
  9. Take a submarine trip to see the Red Sea corals and colorful fish.
  10. Visit the Camel Market in Cairo.
Does a family need a tour guide in Egypt?

Surely, a tour guide in Egypt is not only a guide, he is a bodyguard as well; If you are planning a luxury family holiday to Egypt then make sure you will have one tour guide your entire trip; This way he will understand your needs and show you everything you want to see in Egypt.

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