Luxury Egypt 8 Days Trip Packages from Canada

Luxury Egypt 8 Days Trip Packages from Canada

Luxury Egypt 8 Days Trip Packages From Canada

Cairo is the launching point for all Egypt tours from Canada, so once you get there you can start taking in all the amazing things this vibrant and dynamic city has to offer. Select one of our top-rated luxury Egypt 8 days trip packages from Canada, Book your tour to Pyramids and Nile Cruises. Zero cancellation 2023/2024

Things To Do During Your Luxury Egypt 8 Days Trip Packages from Canada

The historic Pyramids of Giza, Tomb of Tutankhamen, Saqqara Pyramids, Dahshur and Memphis Cities and the Egyptian Museum will be accessible during your trip to Egypt from Canada. Visiting Old Cairo if you are interested in Coptic and Islamic historical buildings, you can also visit Alexandria founded by Alexander the Great holding one of the Seven Wonders of the World (Light house of Alexandria) and the Bibliotheca of Alexandrina, Pompey Pillar, The Catacombs of Kom El-Shoqafa, Qaitbay Citadel and more.

The next stop is usually the fascinating city of Luxor, which is teeming with posers and mysteries. If you find yourself in Luxor, be sure to book a Nile cruise. Everyone who visits Egypt should take a cruise on the Nile, from Luxor to Aswan where they can relax in style for a few days.
Cruising between Luxor and Aswan gives you the opportunity to explore the Valley of the Kings, where many of Egypt’s pharaohs are buried, and some of the most impressive ancient Egyptian temples and tombs, including the Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Colossi of Memnon, Philae Temple, High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk, and the Temple of Abu Simbel, all while relaxing and taking in the scenery of the Nile Valley.. Experience a journey back in time with Egypt United Tours and visit one of the world’s earliest civilizations.

Visa Requirements for travelers from Canada

If you are a Canadian and you are planning to book a tour to Egypt and will be entering the country on a Canadian passport, you may now apply for an Egyptian e-Visa online. You must create a user profile on the official Egypt e-Visa portal in order to submit an application for an e-Visa.

Visitors from Canada can apply for a visa at any Egyptian Embassy or Egyptian Consulate in Canada, or they can receive a visa upon arrival at any international airport in Egypt.

In addition, all our tours to Egypt from  Canada starts from Toronto International Airport and land in Cairo Airport.

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Related FAQ

Are Canadians able to recieve Egpt visa on arrival?

In fact, all North Americans are able to recieve entry vista to Egypt on their arrival o any port. All what you need is a 6 month valid passport to enter Egypt.

How long is the flight from Toronto to Cairo?

Flight duration from Toronto to Cairo is about 10 hours.

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