Luxury Egypt 6 Days Tours Packages From Canada

Luxury Egypt 6 Days Tours Packages From Canada

Luxury Egypt 6 Days Tours Packages From Canada

Egypt is an ideal place for luxury travelers looking for exotic adventures. The Egyptian Art Scene caters to both ancient and contemporary art enthusiasts. Besides the major monuments in Cairo like, Great Pyramids, The Sphinx, and a personalized tour of the Egyptian Museum is the greatest opportunity to immerse yourself in the country’s ancient culture and history. Select one of our top-rated luxury Egypt 6 days tour packages from Canada, Book your tour to Pyramids and Nile Cruises. Zero cancellation 2023/2024

Things To Do In a 6 Days Luxury Trip to Egypt From Canada

Egypt’s Coptic culture and Islamic side are fascinating to discover through trips to the many religious sites such as mosques, churches, and synagogues throughout old Cairo. Finally, there are Cairo’s remarkable bazaars, the most famous of which is the Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, a 14th-century caravanserai watering stop. As you walk through the alleyways, you can buy classic glassware, jewelry, and textile, leather, and metal crafts.

A day trip to The White Desert is highly recommended to do while visiting Egypt. It’s hard to imagine, but this place was once the bottom of a shallow sea 60 million years ago. Sediment collected here over the next 30 million years, eventually forming a layer of limestone almost 300 meters thick. When the ocean started to travel back 30 million years, it exposed a calcareous surface. You can see mushrooms, ice cream cones, a tent, and even a spaceship.

Ancient Sites to Visit in Egypt

Despite the fact that 95% of Egypt is desert, it offers breathtaking scenery, particularly near the lush Nile area and the coast. Take a luxurious cruise among the Nile to see some of Egypt’s most beautiful sights. The Nile Valley cities of Aswan and Luxor should not be missed. The Temple of Kom Ombo and the Temple of Isis Goddess of Love provide the best photo options in Aswan. Luxor is home to several Pharaonic tombs, making it the world’s largest open-air museum. Both the Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings are breathtaking. In addition, it’s highly recommended to visit the astonishing Abu Simbel sanctuary and temples, where you are able to witness the miracles of love and loyalty for the great King Ramses II and Queen Nefertary.

On the other hand another miracle takes place twice a year for the sunrays penetrating the temple corridors to illuminate over the face of the King in his birth day and coronation day.

And for those interested in nature, Ras Muhammad National Park in the Sinai Peninsula is the place to go to explore the coral reefs. And for those who are seeking the sun and sand, the beaches of Marsa Alam, South Sinai, and Dahab are highly recommended.

5 reasons to book your Luxury Egypt 6 days tour package from Canada with us

1- You would spend less money, time, and effort if you travelled to Egypt with Egypt United Tours. By using a local travel agent instead of a middleman, you can save as much as 15%.

2- Our Egypt Tours from Canada packages include meals and entertainment nights. Free nights are perfect for sightseeing on your own and purchasing souvenirs at outdoor markets or bazaars.

3- Take part in a happy, enjoyable, and relaxed excursion with our organization. Learn about the Roman Empire, the Mamluks, Coptic Christianity, Islamic Egypt, and Modern Egypt.

4- You must book a flight at a fair cost and of reasonable quality to start your lifelong journey. Additionally, if you don’t have enough time, we can help you choose the flight that best suits your needs and your budget.

5- Once you’ve made a reservation for one of our Egypt tour packages from Canada, one of our Egypt tour operators will be available to speak with you and respond to all of your inquiries. Have fun while you’re in Egypt.

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