Luxor Luxury Tour Packages

Luxor Luxury Tour Packages

Luxor Luxury Tour Packages

Welcome to Luxor’s Theba! start Luxor Luxury Tour Packages. You will be surrounded by the biggest open museum on earth there. In this city that is home to one-third of all monuments in the globe, every inch carries stunning big relics and gorgeous historical architecture. You will be missing the feeling of the present day as you stroll around this magnificent old city. You reside in Luxor, the city of the pharaohs. You’ll experience them as being alive.

As Luxor served as the capital of ancient Egypt for more than 1350 years, you will time travel to a period between 2100 BC and 750 BC. The pharaohs are beckoning you to each location from where their hands were fashioned thousands of years ago. It is how they communicate with you right now.

Short brief idea about Luxor City

Follow the pharaohs’ footsteps to the location of the kings’ graves by using the road they used. The Valley of the Kings will come into view. There, you can witness the mummification and burial traditions of the ancient Egyptians. You will be surrounded by a plethora of distinctive pharaonic décor, including the entrancing wealth and the mummies of the kings.

To keep the kings’ remains and their glittering treasure out of the hands of thieves, these royal graves were concealed in ancient society. However, you now have the opportunity to travel along this path and reach these secret tombs in order to learn additional details about the pharaonic afterlife.

You might go in the same manner all the way to the sacred cave of Hathor. You arrive to The Valley of the Queens at this point. The Valley of The Nobles is distinctive, in fact. You’ll have the impression of entering an open book about the pharaohs’ daily lives there and seeing every little detail. as though you were residing there. You’ll occupy their residences, streets, farms, and more.

Reasons to book Luxor Luxury tour packages

In Addition, Even though many tourists are able to communicate in Arabic, they will still require a tour guide to navigate Egypt’s convoluted streets and avoid becoming lost. A private tour guide will be very useful throughout your Luxor Luxury tour packages; for navigation as well as planning and organising your daily activities. It’s a great idea to have a tour guide keep an eye on you to prevent; getting hassled by shopkeepers or market vendors. You won’t fall prey to any frauds, like those committed by market merchants that overcharge patrons.

Since we pre-book everything you’ll need for your Luxor Luxury tour packages, Egypt United Tours is fantastic. covering all of your reservations for five-star lodging, Nile cruises; and travel. A top tour guide who will increase the safety and educational; value of your trip will also be chosen for you by Egypt United Tours.

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Related FAQ

What is the Luxor known for?
What is Luxor in Ancient Egypt?


The great capital of Upper Egypt under the New Kingdom, Luxor was the old Thebes. It was also the splendid metropolis of Amun, who would later become the god Amun-Ra.
How many days do you need in Luxor?

You'll need at least two days to discover all that Luxor has to offer without feeling rushed. Spend an hour or so in the Luxor Museum to brush up on Egyptian history before embarking on a Luxor day tour to explore this ancient city.

What is the old name of Luxor?


A city with numerous names is Luxor. It was known as Waset, which is Egyptian for "City of the Sceptre." The city was known as Thebes when the Greeks arrived. Today, Luxor is a contemporary city. from the Arabic al-ʾuqṣur (الأقصر) meaning "the palaces".
How do you get around the Luxor?
The tour bus and bicycle are the easiest ways to navigate around Luxor. In the city, driving can be a little chaotic, and tourists who don't haggle with taxi drivers are more likely to be overcharged.
Does luxurious come from Luxor?
Because the Arabs once thought that Egypt's ancient temples were all palaces, the name Luxor is derived from the Arabic "Al Uqsor," or "The Palaces." The word's etymology demonstrates that the word "luxor" served as the model for the contemporary term "luxury."
How long is the train ride from Cairo to Luxor?

From Cairo to Luxor

In truth, there is a railroad service that runs frequently between Cairo and Luxor. The lines are open twenty-four hours a day and run every two hours. If you are worried about the travel time, you might think about using a local aircraft since the journey would take you roughly 9h 53m to reach the city. The distance between the two cities is roughly 418 miles. Tickets, even for the first train, are reasonably priced, so there is no need for concern.

Can you take photos in Valley of the Kings?
In 2006, it was forbidden to take pictures inside the graves in the Valley of the Kings. Nowadays, if you obtain a photography ticket, you can take pictures at many tombs. Eight tombs are now included in the standard ticket for the Valley of the Kings. You are permitted to visit three of these graves with your admission ticket. Additionally, you will need to purchase a separate ticket if you want to visit more than three graves.
Is Luxor a Nubian?

The town of Manshiet El Nuba, located 7 kilometres south of the city of Luxor, is home to more than 25 000 Nubian citizens.

Why is Luxor Temple famous?

History and Importance of the Site. The Luxor Temple, which was built over many years by Amenhotep III, Ramses II, Tutankhamun, and other pharaohs, was the biggest and most important place of worship in ancient Egypt.

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