Hurghada Luxury tour packages

Hurghada Luxury tour packages

Hurghada Luxury tour packages

Starting your Hurghada Luxury tour packages from Hurghada the red sea an amazing idea; to arrive to one of the most beautiful cities on the red sea; where you can enjoy some days relaxing on the red sea before starting your adventure trip to Egypt.

Short brief idea about Hurghada City

In Hurghada, you may relax on the warm, supple sand and have the fun of your life. The breathtakingly blue lake will be in front of you, filling the air with fresh scents. Your soul will be drawn to be even closer; to the seductive water as a result. Dive in to experience the red sea’s wonders. As you will be accompanied by uncommon turtles; and a vast quantity of fish in forms you have never seen before. Your eyes are simultaneously caught by vibrant coral reefs; strange underwater life, and brilliant marine formations.

Enjoy the Sinai Sahra and have a great time in the tents of the Bedouins. Go where you can take in Bedouin celebrations; while being embraced by the charm of the desert. You have a wonderful vista as the mountains encircle you. Enjoy the distinctive flavours of the food and beverages served by Bedouins. The sky is also sufficiently clear to observe the sparkling stars like a lovely artwork. By riding camels and following Bedouin guides; you may explore desert pathways and caves like the Bedouins did.

In the heart of Hurghada city, you can walk while surrounding you rare Red Sea fishes sharks, Moray eels, clownfish, jellyfish, octopus, Nemo fish, triggerfish, rare turtles, lionfish, Napoleon fish, and more marine life. This road will lead you to a rainy forest with real jungle; a rare set of trees in the Hurghada Grand Aquarium.

Reasons to book Hurghada Luxury packages

Even though many visitors can communicate in Arabic, they will still need a tour guide to help them travel around Egypt’s complicated streets; and prevent disorientation. During your Luxury trip packages to Hurghada; a private tour guide will be very helpful; for navigation as well as planning and organizing your daily activities. Being watched over by a tour guide is a terrific idea to avoid being accosted by proprietors of little stores and markets. You won’t be the victim of any scams; such as those where market vendors overcharge customers.

Egypt United Tours is great since we pre-book everything; you’ll need for your Luxury Hurghada tour packages. including all of your arrangements for premium hotels, Nile cruises, and tickets. Additionally, Egypt United Tours will choose a top tour guide; for you who will enhance the safety and educational value of your trip.

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Related FAQ

Is Hurghada good for snorkeling?

Snorkeling on Hurghada

Hurghada’s water surfaces are crystal clear that you will indeed enjoy staying only by the beach. The sea of Hurghada is calm most of the year, making it excellent for water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling. Snorkeling is not a beach sport; to observe the unique marine life of Egypt's spectacular reefs, you'll need to take a boat excursion to Hurghada’s snorkeling sites.
Is Hurghada a good holiday destination?

Hurghada holiday destination

At luxury resorts, you may do windsurfing, kitesurfing, yachting, scuba diving, and snorkeling in Hurghada. Sea sports are one of the main highlights of Hurghada; which is something you would definitely like to do once in your life. As the picturesque city of Hurghada is known for its water sports; It is famed for entertainment and good weather. For Europeans, Hurghada is a popular winter holiday destination; With some even breathtaking Christmas and New Year parties there in December and January.
What is special about the Grand aquarium Hurghada?

The Grand Aquarium in Hurghada is useful

Aquarium exhibits imitate the appearance, characteristics, and performance of natural environments and go beyond simple animal viewing spaces. Modern construction methods and exceptional attention to detail in exhibit design promote the animals' health and welfare, not merely for aesthetic purposes.

Is Hurghada town safe?

Hurghada is safe

The Red Sea resorts in Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh are all recommended by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. On the other hand, Cairo, Alexandria, the Nile tourism areas, and The area between the Nile and the Red Sea are also considered to be rather safe.
Moreover, Egypt is one of the safest travel destinations all over the World.
What is the sea like in Hurghada?

Hurghada sea

In Hurghada's bright and peaceful seas, watersports including scuba snorkeling and diving, windsurfing, sailing, and deep-sea fishing are popular. It's a favorite wintertime holiday place with its pristine beach; and stunning blue water. In addition, here you are able to get the most affordable excursions in Hurghada
What is the best area to stay in Hurghada?
The balmy and beautiful Sahl Hasheesh beach is Hurghada's finest beautiful Red Sea site; people who get there usually don’t forget about their experience. It's 18 kilometers south of Hurghada's airport, and its location is close to many of the city's best hotels; cafés, and a stunning coastline. We suggest looking for a hotel near Sahl Hasheesh; if you are seeking a decent place to live in Hurghada.
What is the best beach in Hurghada?

Best beach in Hurghada

If you wish to experience the golden sandy beaches while staying in the best available hotel accommodation in Egypt; Hurghada Beaches will be your entrance to incredible pleasure and happiness. We recommend Old Vic Beach, Sahl Hasheesh Beach, Makadi Bay, Soma Bay; and other well-regarded Hurghada beaches for your holiday.
Can you dive in Hurghada?

Dive in Hurghada

Yes Indeed, a well-known landmark. Watersports including as windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling, and deep-sea fishing are popular in Hurghada's sparkling and serene seas. With its clean beach and magnificent Blue Ocean, it's a popular winter vacation spot.

Can you visit Luxor from Hurghada?
Hurghada and Luxor are separated by 294 kilometers. By car, the journey from Hurghada to Luxor takes; roughly 3 hours and 54 minutes; alternatively, domestic flights take much less time. A day trip from Hurghada to The Valley of the Kings; will bring you to some of Egypt's more renowned ancient history and sites.
Do I need a visa for Egypt?

Unless they are citizens of a nation that does not require visas, all travellers to Egypt must get a visa before travelling there.

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