Holiday Packages to Egypt from UAE with Airfare

Holiday Packages to Egypt from UAE with Airfare

Holiday Packages to Egypt from UAE with Airfare 2023/2024

So you don’t have to bother about anything except having a good time on your Holiday Packages to Egypt from UAE with Airfare. It is our responsibility to provide you with a professional airport consultant who will support you with your entry visa, luggage, and locating our courteous Egypt United Tours driver who will transport you to your first destination in Egypt, your top-rated hotel.

On the other hand, we will assign you to a knowledgeable Egyptologist who will aid you in enjoying your trip by providing you with an insightful and historical basis about each Egyptian site you visit, as well as assistance with check-in and check-out of your highest hotel or Nile cruise. All of our itineraries include delectable meals and entertaining nights, as well as free nights for you to sightsee all highlights in Egypt and spend mementos at bazaars and public markets.

Booking with Egypt United Tours is a money and time saver choice. You will be able to save around 15% on your travel expenditures because you will be working directly with a local travel agent. You may rely on us to be your tour guide in a fun and easy manner in no time. One more argument why you should schedule your Holiday Packages to Egypt from UAE with Airfare is our well-organized and well-planned itineraries.

Things to do in Egypt

Pharaonic Egypt, Islamic Egypt, Coptic Egypt, the Roman Empire, the Mamluks, and modern Egypt are all around you in one country. Don’t miss this chance of catching a glimpse of this entire heritage. The first step in beginning your once-in-a-lifetime Holiday Packages to Egypt from UAE is to book a good flight at a reasonable price and of acceptable quality. We can assist you in selecting the best flight option for your needs if you are unfamiliar with the booking process or do not have enough time in your schedule. From the moment you make your reservation, one of our tour coordinators will be in touch with you until you return from your incredible vacation to Egypt from UAE. We have prepared every detail for you, so you can rest assured and enjoy your trip.

UAE Airports to fly Egypt from

UAE Has many airports and the main ones are as follow:

Dubai Airport (DXB).

Al Maktoum Airport (AMK) (DWC).

Abu Dhabi Airport (AUH) (OMAA)

Dubai International Airport is a significant international airport and the busiest in the world in terms of international passenger traffic. Al Maktoum Airport, which is part of Dubai World Central and is still under construction, also serves Dubai. Flights to and from the airport, and even some local and international flights, are seasonal. Dubai International Airport is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Metro services, as well as the Al Maktoum Airport, are shut at midnight (1:00 a.m. on Thursday and Friday).

In terms of closeness to Dubai’s city center, Dubai International Airport is the most convenient and accessible airport to pick. Several kinds of transportation, including metro trains, shuttle buses, taxis, and car rental services, connect it to the city center. It has flights to practically every continent and country on the planet. Car travel from the airport to central Dubai takes 29 minutes; however, Al Maktoum Airport is a bit further away from the city, taking 35 minutes by taxi and costing less than Dubai International Airport.

Flight Duration from UAE to Egypt

This mainly depends on the distance. Continuous and direct flights duration ranges from 4 hours to 4 hours 15 minutes; however, they are rare. It takes roughly 6 hours to get there if you choose the shortest, one-stop route. Certain flight trips could take up to 33 hours depending on the stopover destination and waiting time. Middle East Airlines’ trip from Dubai Airport to Cairo International Airport takes 13 hours 35 minutes, passing through Beirut Rafic Hariri Airport in Lebanon. From Dubai International Airport to Cairo International Airport, Oman Air’s journey takes 23 hours and 20 minutes. Flights from Dubai to Alexandria Airport would take only 4 hours if they were direct and non-stoppable.

Best Airports in Egypt to land in.

If you have booked Egypt Holiday package from UAE with airfare, take a look at the following airports that you might want to consider while traveling to Egypt.

The majority of Dubai residents will prefer traveling into Cairo International Airport, Egypt’s oldest and biggest airport. Another airport in Hurghada is Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport, as well as Luxor International Airport, Borg El Arab International Airport, Aswan International Airport, Abu Simbel International Airport, Sohag International Airport, Marsa Alam International Airport, and several other fine airports.

On the other hand, our Egypt United Tours airport consultant will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign with your name on it; We are always available to help you with your baggage and entry visa. When you arrive in Egypt, our coordinator will help you with the check-in formalities and guide you all through; After that, he/she will take you to our chauffeur for your first trip in a luxurious and comfortable vehicle; Later transfer you to your hotel.

Dear tourists from throughout the world and UAE, graciously take our heartfelt greetings to Egypt.

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