Egypt White Desert Tours

Egypt White Desert Tours

Enjoy a safari vacation to the Black and White Desert of Egypt and experience its enchantment. Visit Bahariya Oasis, Crystal Desert, and spend a night camping in Egypt White Desert. Explore one of the largest deserts all over the World. Discover the beauty and serenity of the desert on our Safari tours and trips in Egypt. Visit the Bedouins villages and spots where fascinating sands appear in the Western Desert of Egypt.

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Related FAQ

Are the Black and White Desert in Egypt open to visit?

The only option to visit the Black and White Desert in Egypt is to take a private car from Cairo or Fayoum. There are many travelers who also visit the Black and White Desert from Luxor but it's too long a distance (over 10 hours ride).

Where is black and White Desert in Egypt?

The White Desert is 45 KM West of the Farafra lowland, some 370 kilometres south-west of Cairo. It's a part of Egypt's larger Western Desert. This region is famous for providing some of the most unique sceneries and rock structures in the country. The Bahariyya Oasis is 365 kilometres from Cairo, and the black and white desert could be seen between Bahariyya and Farafa.

How do you get to White Desert?

The White Desert is roughly 4-5 hours away from Cairo. You must hir a 4WD to go there. In other words, to enjoy a trip to The White Desert; You must leave your hotel in Cairo in the morning; Stay there for a night, and come back to Cairo next morning.

What is the White Desert in Egypt?

At the beginning of time, this desert was a seabed. Layers of sedimentary rock were uncovered after the ocean withdrew and a plateau collapsed. Some stone formations have endured the test of time, giving the White Desert its distinct hue and beauty. This is what gave origin to the evocative phrase "white desert." The White Desert is located in the Farafra plain, approximately 370 kilometres south-west of Cairo, and takes around 4-5 hours to reach.

How to spend 2 days in Black and White Desert in Egypt?

To go to the Black and White Desert it's advisable to do it from Cairo. Hire a private car and an expert driver. You should start early in the morning 6 to 7 am for your first day. It takes about 4 hours to arrive in Bahariya Oasis, where you can visit some tourist attractions there like the Valley of Golden Mummies and British Mountain. It's recommended to visit the Old tombs and Alexander the Great Temple. from Bahariya Oasis you have to take a 4WD car with expert safari driver to go to Black and White Desert of Egypt passing by the Crystal Mountain. By 4 to 5 pm you will reach to the White Desert. Your 4WD expert driver will set the camp in the White Desert and start cooking for you a lovely BBQ dinner and enjoy a lovely night camping in the White Desert.
Next morning, enjoy a lovely desert breakfast. After that, your 4WD will take you back to Bahariya Oasis where you can visit the Hot Spring to take a bath and fresh up. then transfer back to Cairo.

How much does it cost to go to the White Desert?

Hiring a private vehicle and tour guide from Cairo to Bahariya Oasis is the most cost-effective option, costing between $230 and $350 and taking 3 hours and 51 minutes. The distance from Bahariya to the White Desert is about 200 KM. From Bahariya you can hire a 4 wheel driving to the White Desert. The prices for the 4WD range for one-night camping range from $150 to $250 per adult, depending on the size of the group.

Is the White Desert located in Egypt?

The White Desert Protected Area, also known as Sahara el Beyda, is an Egyptian national park that was established in 2002 as a protected area. It's 45 kilometers north of the village of Qsar El Farafra, along with the Farafra depression.

How do you get from White Desert to Cairo?

There is no public transportation between White Desert and Cairo. the best option is to hire a private Jeep Safari or 4WD. Taking a private 4WD from White Desert to Cairo is your only option, costing between $150 and $200 per person and taking 7 hours and 27 minutes.

How far is black and White Desert from Cairo?

The White Desert and Cairo are 428 kilometers apart. The total distance traveled is 542 kilometers. The total ride time from Cairo to the Black and White Desert Egypt is about 7 hours. there is no option to go there by public transportation and the best option is to take a private car to Bahariya Oasis and from Bahariya you can take another car with an expert desert driver to go to the White Desert. If you are planning to camp in the White Desert we recommend you to take a 4WD from Cairo or from Bahariya Oasis.

Where is black and White Desert in Egypt?

The Black Desert (Arabic:, a-ar as-sawd) is an area of volcano-shaped and widely separated mounds in western Egypt, stretching for roughly 30 kilometers between the White Desert in the south and it is on the north side of the Bahariya Oasis.

How do you get to White Desert?

Cairo is approximately about 4-5 hours distant from Bahariya Oasis, from there it's about 3 hours to reach the White Desert. The only option you have is hiring a private car with a professional driver who knows the desert well. Some travelers fly to Asyut airport and then take a cab to the white desert, but this won't safe time and maybe it will take a longer time.

Is Black Desert available in Egypt?

Yes, the Black Desert in Egypt is located around 4 to 5 hours driving from Cairo, Egypt. It is a popular destination for tourists wishing to get away from Egypt's traditional tourist traps and embark on an experience of a different type. It is located near the White Desert.

Is Egypt part of the Sahara desert?

Apart from the Nile Valley, Egypt's geography is mostly a desert, with a few oases thrown in for good measure. Winds churn up sand dunes that reach heights of more than 30 meters. Parts of the Sahara Desert and the Libyan Desert are found in Egypt.

What desert is in Cairo Egypt?

Cairo is situated on the Western Desert's edge. This desert stretches from the Nile River to the Libyan border, and from the Mediterranean Sea coast to the Sudanese border, covering nearly 600,000 square kilometers. A large part of the desert belongs to Cairo, for instance, the Pyramids Sahara Desert, Black and white Deserts of Egypt

What did Egyptians call the Sahara?

The Egyptians dubbed the desert "red land" to distinguish it from the "black country," which was the flood plain around the Nile River. Egyptians refer to them as the Eastern and Western deserts in contemporary Egypt.

What is the closest desert to Egypt?

The Sinai Desert is the closed desert to Egypt. You can find it located on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt's easternmost region, between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea's forks, the Gulfs of Suez and Aqaba.

Is it safe to visit White Desert in Egypt?

In general, Egypt's Black and White Deserts are safe for guests. Nevertheless, there could be a minimal danger of crime because to the unrest in neighboring Libya. Fortunately, the Egyptian army currently controls huge areas of the country west of Cairo and the two deserts.

Can you go camping in Egypt?

There are many places you can camp in Egypt. and top of Egypt's campsite places, are White Desert, Wadi El Hitan, Dahab, Ras Mohammed National Park, Siwa Oasis, Fayoum, and Sinai. These places to camp in Egypt will reveal you a side of the land you probably didn't anticipate, from huge, timeless deserts to secluded beaches tucked between mountains and the sea.

What is the White Desert in Egypt?

Farafra's White Desert (also known as Sahara el Beyda) is a nature reserve in Egypt located 45 kilometers (28 miles) north of the city of Farafra. Its major lure is its sandstone type, which ranges in shade from snow-white to cream. Historians say that it was once a part of the bottom of the ocean which is the reason behind its color.

How hot is the White Desert, Egypt?

Although you may visit the White Desert at any time of year, the winter months are the most pleasant. During October and March, the weather in Farafra averages less than 86°F (30°C) and achieves highs of 90°F (32°C).

Is there white sand in Egypt?

Yes, white sand may be found at Sahara el Beyda, Egypt's White Desert Reserved Area, which was declared as a nature reserve in 2002. It lies 45 kilometers north of Qsar El Farafra, in the Farafra depression. Large white chalkstone blocks and sand dunes are formed by wind and sand erosion, may be found throughout the park.

Why is the White Desert important?

For good reason, Egypt's the White Desert is the most well-known desert destination. In every desert on the planet, the number of strange and magnificent wind-carved formations shaped like huge mushrooms or stones is unmatched.

What is the unique main feature of the White Desert?

It is distinguished by its hue and geographical heritage. Desert White (known as Sahara el Beyda, with the word Sahara meaning a desert). The desert is white and cream in hue, with large chalk geological formations that have formed as a result of the area's infrequent sandstorms.

What makes the White Desert unique?

It is distinguished by its hue and geographical heritage. Desert White (known as Sahara el Beyda, with the word Sahara meaning a desert). The desert is white and cream in hue, with large chalk geological formations that have formed as a result of the area's infrequent sandstorms.

How big is Bahariya oasis?

It is around 370 kilometers from Cairo. The approximately oval valley, which runs from northeast to southwest, is 94 kilometers long, 42 kilometers wide at its widest point, and encompasses around 2000 square kilometers.

What was discovered near the Bahariya Oasis?

"19 buildings and a church cut into the foundational bedrock" were revealed last year near to Bahariya oasis, according to mission leader Victor Ghica. he discovered church walls were adorned with "religious inscriptions" and Greek biblical texts that revealed "the essence of monastic life in the region."

What are the Bahariya Oasis mummies?

On April 17, 2001, Four tombs were located near Baharyia oasis, and 105 mummies of strong Roman Egyptians, many have gold masks on, were discovered within. These mummies, many of which are lavishly adorned with religious motifs, are the finest Roman-period mummies yet discovered in Egypt.

Who discovered the Valley of the Golden Mummies?

Over the course of several seasons, Zahi Hawass and his Egyptian crew discovered roughly 250 mummies ranging in age from 2000 to 2500 years old. It was near Bahariya oasis and the mummies were wearing gold masks and adorned beautifully.

Where is the Valley of the Golden Mummies?

You can find the valley of the Golden Mummies approximately 380 kilometers southwest of Cairo. The Valley of the Golden Mummies is in the Bahariya Oasis. In the Valley, Roman relics have been discovered. Between two thousand and two thousand three hundred years ago, the Romans resided there.

What's the best way to see Bahariya (Bahereya) Oasis?

An overnight White Desert Safari Camping or a Black and White Desert Tour 2 Days 1 Night are two options for seeing Bahariya oasis. To see the entire picture, plan on spending two days there; nevertheless, a one-day journey is possible.

Where is Crystal Mountain in Egypt?

Between the oases Bahariya and Farafra, in Egypt's the White Desert, sits the Crystal Mountain (28° 26' E and 27° 39' N). One thing to keep in mind is that the crystals on the mountainside should never be broken off. Destroying these crystals would mean destroying a piece of history that took a long time for nature to produce.

What to see in Dakhla Oasis Egypt?

Because of their beautiful warm water and peaceful ambience, these freshwater springs have become the most famous tourist attractions in Dakhla Oasis. You can, for example, visit Bashindi Village, Balat Village, Al Muzwaqa Necropolis, Mut Village, Al Qasr Village, and Deir El Hagar Village.

What is happening to rocks in the White Desert in Egypt?

For its stunning and distinctive rock formations, the White Desert is a popular tourist destination. The snow-white desert is built of chalk that has been subjected to "differential weathering," the degradation of soft particles that culminates in strange bedrock cutouts, for years.

How was Crystal Mountain formed?

It composes entirely of calcite crystals that join together to make a stunning ridge that rises from the desert floor. Crystal Mountain Egypt is essentially an old Paleo that has been forced to the surface of the ground and is currently being worn away by the weather. Quartz is the essential element to make crystals.

How to get to farafra oasis from Cairo?

There are many buses and Microbuses schedules journeys to Egypt’s oasis that you might want to catch; otherwise, taking a taxi to there is another convenient option, but it might be a bit expensive. Flying to a near airport then taking a taxi is another way that other tourists go by.

How to get to kharga oasis from cairo?

Kharga is a tropical oasis in the deep south. It is also the largest of four oases that has a main highway line the route leading to Cairo. It's a tiring trip, but completely worth it and most visitors use cabs or buses and arrive about 7-9 hours after leaving Cairo. Taking a local flight to Asiut airport and picking up a taxi afterwards is another popular option.

Can you take crystals from Crystal Mountain Egypt?

You can find the Crystal Mountain with weather conditions of 28° 26' E and 27° 39' N in Egypt's the White Desert, between the oasis of Bahariya and Farafra. One thing to remember is that try not to peel the mountainous crystals. Removing these crystals would be like destroying a historical event that took the environment a long time to create.

Can I visit the White Desert in Egypt?

The White Desert is around 6-7 hours away from Cairo. Alternatively, you may hire a driver or use a local bus. Some visitors fly to Asyut and then take a taxi to the white desert, however, this is the most expensive alternative.

How far is White Desert from Luxor?

The White Desert and Luxor are 477 kilometers apart. But the total drive distance is 830 kilometers. Taking a private car from Luxor to the White Desert is the most cost-effective option, costing between €340 and €400 and taking 10h 54m.

What to see in kharga oasis Egypt?

Kharga Oasis is well-known for its buffalo thorn, thorn palm, jujuba growth, and acacia trees. It is also affluent in terms of fauna. It contains a museum named Kharga Oasis Museum, which houses ancient items from the most archaeological locations, as well as a statue of Horus and coptic poetry.

How far is the White Desert from Cairo?

Cairo and White Desert are 428 kilometers apart. The total distance traveled is 678.4 kilometers. The quickest method to go from Cairo to the White Desert is to take a taxi, which costs between €65 and €85 and takes 7 hours and 51 minutes.

Are pyramids in the Sahara Desert?

The most famous of all ancient structures are located on the Giza Plateau, just outside of Cairo. The tallest and greatest of Giza's three pyramids, Khufu's pyramid as well as the other two great pyramids, were erected on the dunes of the Sahara Desert alongside what is now modern Cairo.

Where is the black desert?

Between the White Desert in the south and the Bahariya Oasis in the north, the Black Desert is an area of mountain-shaped and widely separated mounds stretching for around 30 kilometers in western Egypt.

Where is black and White Desert?

Egypt's Black and White Deserts are two of the country's most magnificent hidden beauties. The best part is that they are only a few hours away from Cairo. Sahara el Beyda lies 45 kilometers north of Qsar El Farafra in the Farafra Depression.

What are the white landforms in central Egypt that give the White Desert its name?

The desert is white and cream in shade, with large chalk geological formations that have formed as a result of the area's infrequent sandstorms. It was initially made up of marine bedrocks, which gave it its distinctive coloration and therefore its name.

What to see in Bahariya?

The white desert, Sahara Suda -Black desert, the Crystal Mountain, the Museum of the Golden Mummies, Gebel Maghrafa, Bawiti and Qasr, Bannentiu, Djed-Ankh-Amun-Iuf (Zed-Amun), and Gebel Al Ingleez are the first major sights in Bahariya Oasis and they all are must-see places.

How did the White Desert in Egypt form?

The desert was once a sea floor millions of centuries back. When the ocean receded and a plateau collapsed, layers of sedimentary bedrock became visible. The White Desert is marked by stunning formations created by wind and sand over countless generations: domes, minarets, castles, rabbits, and turtles.

Where is White Desert in world?

The chalk-white structures of the White Desert, located 45 kilometers north of Farafra Oasis in Egypt, are a spectacular sight. The Black and White Deserts of Egypt are two of the country's most spectacular hidden treasures. The nicest aspect is that they are only a few hours away from Cairo.

What is the White Desert known for?

The White Desert is a depression in the Sahara Desert that is part of the Farafra Depression. It also includes the Farafra, Ain El Maqfi, and Ain El Wadi oases. The park is famous for its white sands, white sand rock formations, and the gateway to the Great Sand Sea.

can i visit kharga oasis from cairo?

Yes, you can after booking a cab or a bus ticket, proceed to pack your luggage to visit Kharga. Kharga is the oasis in the far south. It is also the largest of the four oasis that line the roadway connecting them to Cairo. It's a long journey, but most people take cabs or buses and get there after 7-9 hours after departing Cairo.

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