Egypt Vacation Packages with Airfare

Egypt Vacation Packages with Airfare

Egypt Vacation Packages with Airfare 2023/2024

The first thing you need to know after making your decision to travel to Egypt is how can you book your Egypt Vacation Packages with Airfare. It’s important to know that you will require an expert to arrange your Egypt trip package including flight tickets.

Whether you are from North, or South America or you are from any country in Europe or Asia, we are here to assist you. If you are Australian, African, or Chinese, we are able to book your Egypt vacation packages with Airfare.

Get the Most competitive tour packages rates to Egypt and enjoy the best flight deals from your homeland to any airport inside the Egyptian land.

Egypt United Tours offers a wide range of Egypt vacation packages include flight tickets suiting any budget; We are also flexible if you find a better flight deal to provide only Egypt tour packages excluding airfare.

Find multiple deals with many airlines, and we can assist you to book the best flight to Egypt; Also, we have many airport coordinators at all airports in Egypt to assist you on arrival and departure.

You MUST VISIT EGYPT RIGHT NOW! It’s really safe and inexpensive, and the sights you’ll see will WOW you. All you have to do is contact us, and one of our tour coordinators will be assisting you to arrange your Egypt tour package including flight tickets. Surely, you will get what you pay for.

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Finally, we are waiting for you in Egypt in 2023 or 2024; Get ready for a trip of a lifetime to amazing Egypt.

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Related FAQ

How much is Egypt visa and flight ticket?

Egypt Entry Visa and Flight Ticket Price

Whether it's an on-the-spot visa or an online visa, a single visa entrance costs roughly $25, and a multiple visa entry costs around $60. On the other hand, The expense of a flight is determined by the nation from where you are departing; Also, the date of your departure.

How can I get Egypt visa on arrival?

Egypt Visa on arrival

When you arrive, wait in line at the immigration office before proceeding to the on-the-spot visa window. The cost of an on-arrival visa is about $25, which includes an entry visa sticker on the passport.

Prepare a passport that is valid for at least one year, a passport photocopy, visa fees, hotel reservation evidence, and a round-trip ticket. These are the most typical papers required to acquire an entrance visa; however, more documents may be required depending on your nationality. These documents are easily accessible over the internet.

How long does it take to get an E visa for Egypt?

Egypt Visa Process

To visit Egypt, you must apply for an e-visa at least 7 days prior to your travel date. Surely, if you apply more than a week before your flight, it will be a more secure process. On the other hand, the length of delivery time depends on the embassy or consulate's processing schedule, which varies depending on whose office you're submitting to. All of this is assuming that your nation is qualified to apply for an e-visa.

Who can enter Egypt without visa?

Egypt Visa

For either tourist activities or for business purposes, it is possible to enter Egypt without a visa. If you are traveling through Egypt for 6 to 48 hours, then you don't need a transit visa. Citizens of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Lebanon, Macau, Hong Kong, and Kuwait do not require visas on arrival. If they meet the specific requirements, other countries, such as China, may be exempted.

Do you need injections to go to Egypt?

Required Vaccination to Egypt

A Covid immunization or a negative PCR test is among the mandatory vaccinations or injections authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO) for tourists to enter Egypt. Yellow fever, typhoid, polio, and rabies vaccinations are needed also if necessary; you’ll need to check more whether any more immunizations are recommended or necessary for entry into Egypt since they get updated frequently.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Egypt?

November and December are considered high season. March is the cheapest month to fly to Egypt. Most Importantly, closer to the travel date, plane tickets seldom become cheaper. When you purchase between four months and three weeks before your trip date, flights are usually the cheapest.

How much is flight from USA and Canada to Cairo?

Flight Rates from USA and Canada to Egypt

Flights from the United States or Canada to Egypt are available for less than $600. Multiple Airlines just had the lowest flight for $530. But, you could expect to pay $549 on average. The average cost of a one-way trip from Los Angeles, California, Toronto, Montreal to Cairo, Egypt is $500.

How much is flight from UK to Australia?

There are many charter flights from UK to Cairo, Luxor, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. The average rate is $300 to $500 for a return flight ticket. depends on reservation time before departure.

What is the average cost of Egypt Vacation Packages with Airfare?

Egypt Vacation includes Airfare Rates

A single traveler may expect to pay $2,349 for a seven-day holiday in Egypt, $3,800 for a couple, and $6,200 for a family of four. On average, Egypt hotels cost between $36 and $160 per night, but most vacation rentals cost between $60 and $400 per night. In general, Egypt has many places that could be visited for a budget traveler.

How much is flight from Australia to Egypt?

Flight Rates from Australia to Egypt

The Price for a return flight from Sydney/Cairo/Sydney ranges from 700 to 1500 USD depending on booking time before flight time.

How much is flight from India to Egypt?

From India to Cairo we can estimate the flight rates 500 USD to 800 USD depends on booking time and Domestic Airport inside India.

Is Cairo worth visiting?

Cairo, Africa's largest metropolis and the world's sixth largest city, offers a wealth of sights and activities. Also, Cairo, Egypt's capital, has the distinctive characteristic of being house to and one of only Wonders Of the world World that is still standing: the Ancient Pyramids, Coptic Cairo, various museums, and so on.

Are the pyramids in Egypt safe to visit?

Pyramids Visit Safety

Very much yes! If you are visiting during the winter, or in the early hours of the summer, you will be avoiding the direct sun heat. However, like many other countries in the world, try to rationalize when talking and communicating with the locals! A personal guide will be in assistance to provide you with an informative tour and will protect you from any frauds or scams. Don’t get too personal with someone you don't know, telling them where you stay or where are you from. Don’t try to climb anything there, it's prohibited :)

How many days do you need in Cairo?

Cairo is a huge metropolis, Africa's second on the list of population. You might spend several days seeing it all, as a first in your life to be in Cairo, we suggest staying three days in Cairo to see the majority of the city, including the Pyramids, Grand Egyptian Museum, Mosques, Old Churches, streets, restaurants, Coptic Cairo, and a variety of other attractions.

How do you pay for things in Egypt?

Methods of Payment in Egypt

Cash is the most popular method of payment. But don't worry; most stores take credit cards, and ATMs can be located practically anyplace, so you'll be able to get some cash when you need it. When you get in Egypt, you'll need some cash; however, you may pay the remaining sum using your credit card.

Can you take a cruise down the Nile River?

Yes, you certainly can. Take a Nile River Cruise between Luxor and Aswan or a Lake Nasser Cruise to get a taste of Egypt's heart. It's the finest way to view ancient Egypt's magnificent ruins as well as current life along the Nile's banks, which has sustained Egypt for millennia. The Long Nile Cruise, which runs from Cairo to Aswan, provides a variety of amazing sights and sounds (or vice versa) which is richer than Aswan and Luxor tour. For example, Tel El Amarna, the ruins of Akhenaten's desert city, Beni Hassan's tombs, Abydos Temple, and Dendarah Temple From February to October, we provide a variety of Long Nile trips.
With your Egypt vacation packages with airfare, you get a fantastic trip down the Nile river.

How much is entry to the pyramids?

Entry tickets to the Pyramids

Giza Pyramids gate entry costs about 200 LE,
entry inside the Great Pyramid has a price of 400 to explore its interior designs.
As for the entry inside the 2nd or the 3rd Pyramids, it buys for 100 LE.

How much money do I need per day in Egypt?

For your Egypt vacation, you should anticipate a budget of about E£636 ($40) per day, which is the daily average price based on previous visitors' expenses. In one day, former visitors spent an average of E£194 ($12) on food and E£107 ($6.72) on local transportation. Ticket costs for extrusions vary from one location to the next.

Is 7 Days in Egypt enough?

7 Days in Egypt

Seven days will be sufficient if you want to see all of Egypt's top attractions. A week is the ideal length of time to spend exploring Egypt. This permits you to move south the Nile River and explore destinations like Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel, and Luxor. You might consider an extra couple of days to pass by the coastal cities.
Our Egypt tour packages include flight tickets, includes 7 days tours. We would be glad to assist you anytime.

Is Cairo cheap for tourists?

Prices in Egypt

Cairo is a fantastic value for money for budget travellers. It's one of those cities with two distinct systems: luxury visitors have plenty of options, and backpackers may find decent accommodations and restaurants at very affordable costs. Cairo has also many beautiful touristic sites for a budget traveler.

How much is a meal in Egypt?

Meal Prices in Egypt

A meal at a low-cost restaurant costs roughly 150.00 LE, on the other hand, a meal for one person e in mid-range restaurant costs around 500.00 Egyptian Pound, and a McMeal at McDonalds (or equivalent combo meal) costs around 120.00 LE. A water bottle is for 0.3 USD, and a cheeseburger is for almost 1.6 USD in an average food outlet.

What's the best month to go to Egypt?

Between October and April is the greatest season to visit Egypt, when temperatures are lower but still comfortable across the nation. This facilitates wandering Cairo's bustling streets, viewing the Pyramids, and touring ancient Pharaonic tombs more comfy and entertaining; however, the dessert environment.
Enjoy a lovely Egypt Vacation Packages with Airfare

How long does it take to see the pyramids?

Duration to visit the Pyramids

Expect to spend at least three hours viewing the Giza Pyramids. This allows you to see one of the pyramids interior designs, see Panoramic Point, have a brief camel ride, and snap a picture with the Sphinx. Government moved The solar boat to the Grand Egyptian Museum in 2021 and you can go there later after the Pyramids visit.

What prescription drugs are banned in Egypt?

Banned Prescription drugs in Egypt

Here is a list of all banned drugs in Egypt : KETAMINE INJ, Ergotamine, Dextromethorphan, Pulmolar, vaccination injections, Nicocodeine, Didrex Tablets, PROXEN, Mogadon, NITRAZEN, Co-Diovan, Kodinalin, Somanil, Phenobarbital, Nova Tablets with a prolonged effect are among the unlawful medications on the listing.

What can you not wear in Egypt?

We advise women to cover their shoulders and wear a veil on local streets in Egypt's congested major towns, while males can wear shorts and T. Shirts. So, tourists are typically advised to respect local customs by refraining from wearing shorts, crop tops, or exposing skirts and dresses. Women are must wear scarves in mosques. People in coastal cities, especially visitors, are more inclined to wearing less conservative clothing.

Is Egypt hot all year round?

Egypt Weather

The weather in Egypt's capital is moderate to hot for the majority of the year, with highs of 34°C (92°F) in the summer and 18°C (65°F) in the winter. March and April are windy months, which might result in sandstorms. Temperatures soar in July and August, with daily highs in the high 30s (Celsius – approximately 100°F).

Can you buy antibiotics over the counter in Egypt?

In Egypt, law prevents to dispense antibiotics with no prescription; however, there are no active governmental policies and laws to regulate such a process for some antibiotics, but there are a large group of antibiotics that won’t be offered at the counter unless you have a medical prescription.

How much cash can I take to Egypt?

Money to take to Egypt

There are no constraints on the amount of foreign currency conducted upon arrival at the destination. However, the number of foreign currency conducted must be disclosed in the sum of (10) ten thousand dollars or the nearly equal in other foreign currencies, and national currency may be managed to carry in the quantity of 5000 LE

Is Egypt safe for solo female tourists?

Solo Female Traveler to Egypt

Female visitors may feel uneasy in several Egyptian cities. Despite the fact that genuine crime and violence are uncommon in Egypt, public catcalling is common, and women walking alone are frequently bothered by catcalling. If at all possible, travel in groups of three or more people and stick to well-lit streets. Although the situation is far safer than it was before and in contrast to other Middle Eastern countries, it may be annoying in specific locations. Also, it is preferable for an area to be more touristy and busy with people.

What should female tourists wear in Cairo?

Firstly, you should know that travelers should dress conservatively, as many Westerners do. In Egypt, however, there is no mandatory clothing code for women, if they are Egyptians or visitors. It's important to keep your shoulders, cleavage, knees covered. General and to put it straight, avoid wearing crop tops, shorts, short dresses or skirts. You might find places where those type of clothes are common, but until then, stick to the local traditions.

Is tipping expected in Egypt?

Tipping in Egypt

In Asia and the Middle East, the term "backsheesh" is used to describe tipping. To demonstrate your appreciation for tour guides, drivers, waiters, and other service providers, offer a little tip out of your generosity which could be any amount of money you decide.

How much do you tip in Egypt?

Tipping amounts in Egypt

At a restaurant in Egypt, tipping approximately 10% is considered excellent manners. However, your bill will almost certainly include a "service charge." The service charge goes to the cafe, not the waiter or waitress, so be sure to support them separately if you want. They will rely on this money to support themselves. Try to keep some coins in hand to give to taxi drivers, or anyone who help you in your extrusions.

Can you go inside a sphinx?

Interior of the Sphinx

You can stroll up to the Pyramids and, yes, walk inside one. However, you can't walk up to the Sphynx and touch it, but after seeing and feeling the Pyramids, that's not such a big deal. There is nothing inside the sphinx to be seen anyway as much as the queens pyramids and the three great ones.

How safe are Nile River cruises?

Nile Cruises Safety

Yes, river cruises in Egypt are quite secure, since the Egyptian government provides complete protection. Also, the security at all points of interest along the Nile cruise is extremely stringent. On other hand, if you have children under the age of five, you should take extra precautions to ensure that they do not get too close to the edge of the ship or on the deck alone. For cold nights, bring a brimmed hat and a jacket.
Egypt vacation packages with airfare provide amazing Nile cruises trips.

How long is the boat ride from Cairo to Luxor?

It is a perfect opportunity to see most of Egypt from the top the ship’s deck and relive the first European extrusions in Egypt as they visited it on a boat. During a 12 day cruise, you will be enjoying the river trip between Cairo and Luxor anf enjoying the river nature and the landmarks on both river banks.

Why is river Nile a place to visit once in a lifetime?

Nile River Trip Experience

It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with numerous mummies up close and personal. The Ancient Temples Complex, Pyramids and tombs which is protected by a huge mud brick wall, is one of Egypt's best-preserved and least-visited monuments. Moreover, the Nile Valley and farmers activities makes it perfect for personal investigation and reflection.
Wish you amazing Egypt Vacation Packages with Airfare

What are the boats on the Nile called?

Egyptians still use boats to cross the Nile nowadays. The felucca is a small boat that sails with a large triangular sail. Cabins did not appear on Ancient Egyptian ships until the New Kingdom. The Nile River was formerly considered a significant highway; now, it is utilized by a wide range of ships and boats.
Finally, enjoy your Egypt tour packages include flight tickets

Does Egypt ever rain?

Rains in Egypt

Egypt's short Mediterranean coast receives between 20 mm (0.79 in) and 200 mm (7.87 in) of annual average precipitation, but precipitation south of Cairo reduces to almost 0 millimetres (0.00 inches) in the country's middle and southern areas. It usually rains in the winter, around the Mediterranean shore.

Is Luxor worth visiting?

Luxor city in Egypt

Luxor and Cairo are very far from each other, and Luxor is a must-see. However, you are under no obligation to do so. It all depends on how much Egyptian history interests you. Temples and historically significant monuments may be found throughout the city, which is deeply intertwined. The world knows it as the biggest open-air museum, with one-third of the world's historical monuments housed there.

What is the famous food in Egypt?

Best Egypt Food

Kushari, ful, and molokhiya are three of Egypt's most popular traditional meals. Kushari, a rice, macaroni, lentils, and spicy tomato sauce dinner, is considered the country's national food by many Egyptians. Molokhiya is a leafy green vegetable chopped and served in soups with beef, chicken, and rabbit. It's usually served with white rice and toast. Smashed fava beans, parsley, and garlic make up Ful medames, Egypt's second most popular dinner.

Is Aswan worth visiting?

Aswan city in Egypt

Aswan is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Egypt. On the other hand, all people enjoy Nubia and the Nubian markets; Most tourists enjoy the coziness of Aswan and its rich culture, but they also have fun among the historical monuments in Luxor.
Egypt vacation packages with airfare provide amazing tours to Aswan.

Is Red Sea worth visiting?

Red Sea Egypt

Indeed! The Red Sea is well-known for its glamorous view and richness. Here, the Gulfs of Suez and Aqaba form a natural aquatic wonderland. Scuba dive and practice snorkeling in the Red Sea; which has some of the most beautiful oceans and sea floors in the world; In addition, there are various colorful corals and a diverse array of aquatic life with different types of sea animals. The resorts and hotels around the Red Sea offer excellent luxurious facilities and amusement.
Egypt tour packages including flight tickets are your best option to visit the Red Sea.

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