Egypt Vacation Packages All Inclusive

Egypt Vacation Packages All Inclusive

Egypt Vacation Packages All Inclusive 2023/2024

When people hear the term “All-Inclusive,” they automatically think that it is referring to a stay in an all-inclusive hotel or an all-inclusive resort. But our Egypt vacation packages all inclusive go beyond more than just a stay at a hotel. We take you for a hassle-free trip where you are not worried about your daily spending during tours.

All Inclusive Egypt Land Tours

All Inclusive Egypt Tours From North America

On the other hand, our all-inclusive Egypt vacation packages are available with very flexible cancelation fees to make your Egypt Holiday plans much easier.

Egypt vacation packages all inclusive means you won’t have to worry about your daily spending while you travel around Egypt. Everything is included in your Egypt tour package price, from the accommodation, transportation, escorting, tipping and even visa to Egypt. You don’t need to spend any single dollar during your trip to Egypt.

Egypt Tour Packages Includes Airfare

Luxury Package

While this sort of package may be slightly more expensive than others, it also provides unparalleled relaxation and excellent service. If you want a more relaxing trip, where everything is taken care of and arranged for you using the easiest and quickest transportation means. You may expect to pay roughly $1050 for this bundle if you choose it.

Tours over the Christmas Season

 With its warmer and more comfortable weather, there is no better location to enjoy Christmas and New Year than Egypt’s cool and vivid celebrations. Grab a cup of cocoa while touring Egypt’s most ancient archaeological sites with one of Egypt United Tours’ most unique Egypt United Tours packages. For $875, you get all of this and more.

Small-Group Tours

If you prefer not to travel alone or if large groups overwhelm you. One significant benefit of the Small Group Tours package is the opportunity to avoid the traffic of regular life’s streets. As you discover Egypt’s precious antiques and treasures, meet new people, and form bonds with your group of other travelers, you will develop a growing fondness for Egypt. The bundle’s price starts at $398 and escalates depending on other parameters such as reservation date, method of transportation, and so on. Never neglect to relieve by diving in the Red Sea at Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, or Marsa Alam. There is no question that it will be one of your most memorable and spectacular Christmas vacations.

Aside from the overwhelming astonishment of seeing Giza’s beautiful Pyramids, you will find thrills in the Egyptian alleyways that never seem to sleep or go quiet. The majesty of the colossal sphinx rising in power and protecting the pyramids is a cherished image, as are its distinguishing features of a lion body representing force and a human head representing knowledge and mindfulness. The unforgettable experience of seeing the beautiful pyramids is the first explanation why everyone feels Egypt holds a special place among the world’s largest civilizations. Sailing a felucca in Egypt towards the sunset to explore the golden colors of the sunset is indeed a warm experience and a very rich moment for quality pictures. You may take a picture as well while riding a camel into Luxor’s Valley of the Kings and don’t waste any minute but enjoy water sports in the magnificent majesty and mirror-like cleanliness beauty of the Red Sea. These are some of Egypt’s one-of-a-kind occasions when it looks as though time has frozen.

A tour guide can assist you to avoid being tricked into spending more money than you should in local markets by accompanying you to all of the historical landmarks and markets on your agenda. Local experts and Egyptologists will take you where you need to go without risking getting lost in Egypt’s maze of streets, and they will be invaluable in telling the origins of the attractions you see, such as Tutankhamun’s fancy golden mask. While visiting Ramses II’s monuments, massive pyramids, and passing through Memphis, it is better to have a tour guide telling you about the significance of these landmarks.

When you’re not in your own nation, it might be tough to arrange your everyday visits, which is why booking with Egypt United Tours is a fantastic option; even though, you might be speaking Arabic fluently. It is about the crowded and not easy to navigate through streets of Egypt.  Egypt United Tours will spoil you by reserving all of your permits and tickets and accommodations ahead of your arrival to Egypt, as well as presenting you with an excellent tour guide who will plan all of your programs and adventures for you. While examining the wonderful antiques and treasures that the Egyptian pharaohs have brought for you, you will learn about the roots of a very real and strong society. As you go through antiques and landmarks, you will journey through roughly a third of the world’s treasures. Touring is more about knowing and understanding self than it is about seeing new locations, as everyone who appreciates traveling believes.

Egypt 7 Days All inclusive Packages

From this city, Luxor, which contains One-Third of world’s monument to the charming nature of Aswan. Sail the same as the ancient Egyptians and see the same view they had seen thousands of years ago. As the farms decorate the banks of this ancient Egyptian god, Hapi, the Nile. While you sail in the heart of the Nile, which was the main reason for establishing this great civilization, you will be on your way to great temples. There, the historical site secrets lead you to other sites till living the whole ancient Egyptian civilization. That is how you will feel that the pharaohs are alive on the earth till now.  Enjoy all that charm while you feel free from the costs and the budget, booking through our Egypt vacation packages.

Egypt 10 Days All inclusive Vacation Package

Relax amid charming nature and go through majestic historical eras, arriving at events from thousands of years ago to find secrets from history whisper in your ears. While you stand in the same spot of these historical facts. At that time, you feel as if events are unfolding in front of your eyes now. All of that while you forget about the stress of the budget! Enjoy with no thinking about paying money everywhere you go in Egypt Holidays.

In the Embrace of the Majestic Ancient Egyptian Civilization, Enjoy the Egypt Vacation Packages All Inclusive

Walkthrough the historical sand of the Giza pyramids, and follow the footsteps of the ancient Egyptians till arriving at these magical masterpieces that accompany Egypt sky thousands of years ago. Go with the historical events to arrive at the theory of establishing these miracles in the land of humanity to find yourself in the Dahshour District.  From the secrets of these royal tombs, transfer for a secret road till finding yourself amid the magic of the Theban Necropolis. At that time, you will be in the dazzle of the land of truth, where you meet majestic monuments.

Best Luxury Vacation Packages to Egypt

The Red Sea Egypt Vacation Packages All Inclusive

Live the magic of the red sea and spend time amid unique, extraordinary coral reefs and charming marine life you have never seen before with a countless number of colorful fishes and rare sea animals. All of that is beneath crystal blue water that has a view can make you forget any stress. While the soft gold sand carries you and the magical mountains are surrounding you.

It is normal to find yourself eager to come near to the charm of the mountains. A surprise is waiting for you there to live the desert “Sahra” life as a Bedouins. You can stay with the Bedouins in their tents, taste their delicious food and unique drinks while seeing the fantastic Bedouins festivals. While the Bedouin’s music is impressive to you, an incredible view will be above you. It is the sky that shines with bright stars as the Milky Way galaxy is visible above you in a clear sky.

It will be a great experience when going with the Bedouins, riding a camel to explore the desert with its mountains and caves. Fantastic places you may arrive at like the Colored Canyon, Mount of Moses, Mount of Saint Catherine.

Relax amid this nature while you do not think in any budget by booking one of our red sea Egypt vacation packages all inclusive.

Options of Egypt Vacation Packages All Inclusive

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Related FAQ

Can I get a visa for Egypt before I go?

If your nation is listed on's list for electronic visa eligible countries, you are able to qualify for an electronic visa to enter Egypt. If you apply for a single entrance visa, it will cost you around $25; however, if you register for several visa entries, it will pay you $60.
Egypt vacation packages all inclusive cover your entry visa to Egypt

How can I get visa on arrival?

You must first go to countries that need this process and be capable of paying the required visa expenses in order to get a visa at the airport. Aside from the immigration checkpoint, you will be finding dedicated kiosks for entrance visas at the Egyptian airport. The procedure will be boosted up if you have an exact conversion rate for the visa price.

How long does Egypt visa take?

Because the Egypt e-Visa takes around seven days to process, you should apply at least seven days before you want to travel. You may acquire your visa by email once all of your papers have been properly submitted in a maximum of two weeks.

Is Egypt safe to visit?

Egypt is one of the top safe countries in The World and like any other travel destination, as long as you take a few measures. If you're alone, stick with a friend and avoid talking to strangers. Speaking to strangers at night in case you are alone might expose you to situations that you would want to avoid. A first rule is that buddying up with someone you can trust in your tours is always advisable.

Can I get to Egypt by ferry boat from Europe?

Currently, there are no ferry lines connecting Egypt with Europe. Nuweiba and Taba on Egypt's Sinai Peninsula and Aqaba in Jordan are connected by ferry every day. Also, it is not the best way, taking flights are usually the best option.
Also, check our Egypt Go Holidays.

Is it safe to drive in Egypt?

Safe as a bug in a mousetrap. Don't drive yourself if it's your first time. Cairo's traffic is usually crowded and needs some experience, so use a taxi or hire a tour company instead of walking around. You'll have more fun this way! Watching the streets and the Egyptian traditions are quite marvelous the first time, so don’t miss the experience.
Egypt vacation packages all inclusive cover all transportation in Egypt in private deluxe vehicles.

Is Cairo safe at night?

Generally speaking, yes, as long as you take some extra precautions. You can lower your chances of becoming a victim of crime by being part of a group, avoiding very vacant streets, walking with a companion, and not talking to strangers. Spending the evening in a coffee shop, cafe, or restaurant would be ideal since there is a great number of them works on 24/7. You're better off using common sense anywhere you go, and that's true in Egypt.
Wish you a safe holiday in Egypt.

Can I hire a car in Cairo?

Rent-a-vehicle services are available at airports, cities, and resorts in Egypt from major international automobile rental companies such as Avis, Sixt, and Europcar. Egyptians drive on the right-hand side of the road and the minimum age to rent a car is 25 years.

How do I get from Hurghada to Aswan?

It takes about 9 hours to travel from Hurghada to Aswan by bus. You can reach Aswan from Hurghada in three different ways; Via bus, bus to Luxor then train from Luxor to Aswan, hire a taxi, through connection flight via Cairo. Connection flight takes around 5 hours and 39 minutes including the transit time to fly from Hurghada to Aswan.
Egypt Go Holidays offers comfortable rides from Hurghada to Aswan

Why am I being advised to stay in a hotel close to the pyramids rather than in Downtown?

In some cases because of Cairo heavy traffic; Giza has more sites than Cairo, when you stay close to pyramids in Giza you will be able to see these easily. Especially if you are spending few days in Egypt. While if you are staying in a hotel located in Cairo city, a full day experience would be requiring an early start because the traffic from downtown to the Pyramids can take over an hour. While if have a longer stay in Egypt, and you come back to Cairo for a second stay after traveling to Luxor, Aswan, or the Red Sea, it's recommended then to spend your second stay in or near Cairo downtown based on your budget. There are many nice hotels there to enjoy Cairo and also to be closer to Cairo International Airport for your final departure.
Egypt vacation packages all inclusive take you to the best hotels in Cairo.

What is the difference between a 5 star and a 5 star deluxe hotel/cruise?

This makes it simpler to think that 5 star deluxe (or any suffix added to 5 star) is equivalent to 6 stars; something that people who set the stars ratings seem to be afraid of employing. 5 star deluxe has very luxurious facilities and it is usually booked by extremely rich people, billionaires, and celebrities.

Can I go inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops)?

Yes, A ticket permits you to enter and explore the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. Also, visitors from all over the world can explore the Great Pyramid's interior for a fee. The chambers inside the great pyramid, Khufu, has brilliant structure that Egyptologists are still studying till the moment.
With our Egypt Go Holidays, you can do more.

Can I go inside the Pyramid of Khafre (Chephren)?

Yes, The roof of the second building is made of limestone beams that are gabled together. east-west. The chamber measures 14.15 by 5 metres (46.4 by 16.4 feet). Belzoni found animal bones in Khafre's sarcophagus, which was cut out of a solid block of granite and partially buried in the floor. To enter the building and explore its inside, tourists must purchase a ticket.

Can I go inside the Pyramids of Menkaure (Mycerinus)?

One of Menkaures' pyramid rooms has ornate panels, while another has six huge niches. Archeologists found out that a number of statues of Menkaure could be seen in the king's funerary and valley temples, which were not completed before his death. To enter the building and explore its inside, tourists must purchase a ticket.

Does Egypt get cold at night?

It gets bearable cold not something that one can’t stand comparing to European and American countries. A brief view on the Egyptian weather; The driest month is July, with an average high temperature of 40°C. Also, August has the highest temperature average of the year43°C. January (9°C) is the coldest month. (with the lowest low-temperature average). The weather in Egypt is sometimes rainy in winter, but snow is rare. Every now and then, it may snow.

Does Egypt have a desert?

In Egypt, the vast majority of the land is desert. In the east, a vast desert band spans from the Atlantic coast of Africa across the continent and into southwest Asia. Geographically, Egypt is divided into four primary areas; the Nile Valley and Nile Delta, the Seas, deserts, and other geological features.
We offer multiple desert trips with our new brand Egypt Go Holidays

What clothes do modern Egyptian wear?

Modern Egyptians wear floral dresses, skirts, jeans in different and trendy shapes, jackets and pants, and sunglasses. Also, they do wear coats, sweatshirts, and leather jackets and boats. Modern Egyptians are the most acceptable to different styles and clothes in the 21 century.

Why is Egypt added to red list?

The increase of covid-19 patients at some period of time in 2020, made Egypt and many others be on the Red list of some safe countries at this period; This was since these countries were afraid of getting their situation worse or getting new variants from the virus.
Wish you a lovely holiday to Egypt.

Can you swim in the sea in Egypt?

Surely, You can!
Divers flock to the Red Sea as well as the Mediterranean Sea, but there are a few precautions to take before you dive. All swimming must be done in front of a hotel or resort. Buoys and ropes must be used to mark the acceptable swimming area.

Where should I go for New Years Eve in Egypt?

For a calm New Year's Eve in Egypt, here are six places to go.
Cairo and celebrate on the Nile River, or enjoy gatherings in normal Egyptian restaurants especially at Downtown Cairo is an excellent idea to enjoy the New Year.
Giza Pyramids and enjoy the New Year's Eve by the Oldest Seven wonders of The World, Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada on Red Sea, Luxor and Aswan with Nile Cruise.
Also, you might want to check, Ras Abu Galum & The Blue Lagoon Ras Abu Galum is an Egyptian national protectorate which offers great sights to live by in Christmas, located about 15 kilometers from Dahab, Fayoum, The Western Desert Oases, Egyptian Streets, Ras Shetan, Abu Dabbab Bay and Marsa Alam.
Egypt Go Holidays is a new travel brand to tailor your trip to Egypt.

How much does a tour in Egypt cost?

While a budget 7 days Egypt vacation might cost anywhere from $500 to $1000, an all inclusive Egypt vacation packages 7 days tour can cost anywhere from $1500 to $3000. Prices for Egypt vacations vary depending on the number of days, package type (luxury or budget), and the number of people traveling to the country.

What is the coldest month in Egypt?

January of an average low-temperature of 9°C (48.2°F). Only a tiny quantity of rain falls in Egypt on most days. From June through August, temperatures are at their highest, while January is the coldest month of the year. But it rarely rains on the coast except in the winter months (December–March).

Is Egypt safe for holidays 2022?

Yes, Egypt is a safe place to visit at the present moment. There have been no recorded incidents in the last two years, so you'll be in for a real treat. No political revolutions and terrorism is handled by the government. Covid-19 patients’ numbers are very low especially since the number of vaccinated people has increased. You should still use your common sense when traveling to avoid any complications.
It's even safer when you pick one of our Egypt Holidays packages

What is the best way to travel in Egypt?

Traveling from one tourist attraction to the next in Egypt requires a lot of driving. On the other hand, public buses and trains provide regular service between most major cities, but air travel is the greatest option to get between far-flung locations. Flying could be more expensive, but it might save you a lot of time if you're short on time.
Check our new travel brand Egypt Go Holidays.

What are the best hotels in Cairo?

There are many good hotels in Cairo to stay in like:
Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza.
Four Season First Residence
Retz Carleton Nile Cairo
Kempinski Nile Hotel.
Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah.
Marriott Hotel Omar Khayyam Casino.
Sheraton Cairo Hotel.
Fairmont Nile City.
Semiramis Intercontinental.
Intercontinental City Stars.

What food is banned in Egypt?

Pork is the main food that's banned in Egypt. Rather than that, there isn’t any other food banned in Egypt, you can eat whatever you want. Also, you may not find in Egypt meals that you can easily find in your country which doesn’t mean it is banned. There was a ban on importing poultry parts and offal.

What medication is illegal in Egypt?

Nicocodeine, Didrex Tablets, PROXEN, Mogadon, NITRAZEN, vaccination
injections, KETAMINE INJ, Ergotamine, Dextromethorphan, Pulmolar, Co-
Diovan, Kodinalin, Somanil, Phenobarbital, also Nova Tablets that have a prolonged impact is among the illegal drugs on this list.
Wish you a lovely holiday in Egypt.

How much money I can travel with to Egypt?

A non-Egyptian citizen may hold a maximum of 10000 US dollars or the
equivalent in other foreign currencies as long as it was revealed upon arrival. On other hand, a maximum of 5000 Egyptian pounds in local money can be carried by non-Egyptian citizens.
For an all inclusive Egypt vacation packages, you don't need to carry your money around as it covers all your expenses.

Can a woman wear shorts in Egypt?

There isn’t any compulsory dress code for Egypt, but the common wear in Egypt is conservative which means it covers shoulders and knees especially in local streets, in Cairo and Giza. Therefore, if you want to live the experience fully and don’t feel odd, short wear isn’t recommended.

What can female tourists wear in Egypt?

It's not mandatory to wear a certain kind of clothing in Egypt, although it's typical to wear conservative clothing that covers shoulders and knees, especially in Cairo and Giza. Shorts aren't recommended if you want to completely enjoy the experience and not feel out of place. For example, female Egyptians usually wear jeans, skirts, shirts, jackets, dresses, blouses, etc.

Do you need any injections for Egypt?

If you don’t want to provide a negative PCR test, you will need to show a covid-19 vaccine certificate. This is a must now to show the Egyptian government while entering Egypt.
Also, for some African and Far Eastern visitors, a yellow fever vaccination certificate is required, in a way to stop the spread of this fatal virus.

What months are summer in Egypt?

Being in the northern hemisphere, Egypt's seasons are similar to those of Europe and North America, with the coldest months of the year falling between November to January, followed by the hottest months of June to August.
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What is the time zone in Egypt?

Egypt is eight hours ahead of the United States. For example, if you're accessible at any hour, but you want to reach someone in Egypt at work, you might want to attempt between 1:00 AM and 9:00 AM USA time. To reach them within normal business hours, call them between 9AM and 5PM Egypt time.

What is considered rich in Egypt?

In Egypt, the average monthly salary for a full-time worker is roughly 15,000 EGP which puts you in a good place in Egypt. Minimum and maximum monthly income varies from 5,000 EGP (lowest average) to 100,000 EGP (considered to be very rich), but this is a really small percentage of Egyptians. As a result of the housing and transportation costs and other benefits, this is the average monthly pay.

Can you touch the Sphinx?

While you can't get up close and personal with the Sphynx, it's not a big deal after touching the great Pyramids and exploring its interiors. In other words, these items are better to witness from a distance to keep them in a good shape.

Is it dangerous to visit Egypt?

No, Through the efforts of the Egyptian government, terrorist attacks are no
longer a concern. Most importantly, there hasn't been any political unrest in the public for the past years. On the other hand, as a result of the health Ministry's work, the Covid situation is improving more than in some other countries. as a result, it's necessary to employ common sense anywhere you go, but there is nothing to worry about about as we speak.
Have a safe Holiday in Egypt.

Do Muslims in Egypt drink alcohol?

No, it is forbidden by the rules of Islam. In Egypt, Islam is by far the most popular
religion, followed closely by Christianity. There are strong laws prohibiting the
consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places, even on the street.

Can you hold hands in Egypt?

Intimacy in Egypt is a big No, that includes kissing and hugging. However, you might see holding hands here and there since there is no social pressure on this aspect. In Egypt, some women and men don’t even shake hands with people who aren’t related to them socially.

What diseases can you catch in Egypt?

The five most common diseases in Egypt are bacterial diarrhea, typhoid fever,
hepatitis A, flu, and schistosomiasis. Considering precautions would avoid you
from the risk, such as washing hands regularly.
Certainly, you will have an amazing vacation

Is it safe to visit Egypt Pyramids?

Yes, but with some notes. the desert around the pyramids is usually hot and dry, so taking with your sunblock, sunglasses, hat, a bottle of water are a must. Also, you might find it hard to deal with the locals there, so a tour guide is very helpful to get the most out of your Pyramids tour. Finally and Most Importantly, Don’t try to climb the Pyramids as it's forbidden.
Wish you a safe holiday in Egypt.
Trips to Pyramids are more enjoyable with Egypt Go Holidays new travel brand

Is Egypt a poor country?

There is a large percentage of people in Egypt who receive low incomes and a notable percentage under the poverty line. On the other hand, most Egyptians are the middle class who receive average incomes. However, the country’s statistics report that the poverty rate has declined in 2020 from 33% to 29%.

How much expensive is food in Egypt?

Egypt is very cheap comparing to countries like Australia, and New Zealand, Europe, North
America, Japan; On the other hand, Egypt is cheaper to visit especially regarding food and meals.
For instance, the average meal in an inexpensive restaurant will cost you 100 EGP ($7) while a meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course costs 400 EGP ($30).
Egypt vacation packages all inclusive cover all your meals during your trip.

How much is a Big Mac in Egypt?

Firstly, we need to clarify that the expenses in Egypt are lower than the average of the US for example by 59.01%. For example, a big mac in Egypt McDonalds branches charges you 80 EGP which is equivalent to 5 USD.

What is the most popular holiday in Egypt?

Egypt's Public Holidays and National Holidays
Egyptians around the country celebrate religious and national holidays such as Coptic Christmas Day, Sham El Nessim, Sinai Liberation Day, Labor Day, Revolution Day (January 25), Coptic Easter Sunday, and the end of Ramadan / Eid el Fitr in which you will be experiencing uplifting vibes in almost all Egyptian streets.

Do you need a tour guide in Egypt?

Yes, to put it perfectly. Having a tour guide is almost a necessity if you want to have a good vacation in Egypt. You won't be in Cairo every day, so you'll want to hire a tour guide to make the most out of your time there. He will assist you in a variety of ways, including providing you with background details and narration on your historical trips and assisting you in connecting with the people. He/she is familiar with standard transit and public service costs, thus his presence will safeguard you from any potential trickery. Tour guides' recommendations are usually useful, and they would be a wonderful resource for restaurants, bars, and any market you would wish for. Many tourists make friendships with their tour guides, so it is becoming clear how much the choice of your tour guide will either make your trip or make it much worse.

Do they speak English in Egypt?

Although Arabic has been always the official language, Egyptians speak and understand English and numerous other European languages. You will find a wider range of English speakers in touristic areas and among younger educated generations more than whom you will find in older generations.

Is Sharm El Sheikh a good holiday destination?

Sharm El Sheikh is more than just a beautiful vacation town. It is one of the most renowned vacation spots in the globe. Many of the regions' most well-known sights, such as Mount Sinai, the Red Sea, and the Sinai desert, are all part of Egypt's great history and can be seen near Sharm El Sheikh.

Is it safe to travel to Sharm El Sheikh now?

At this time, all Egyptian countries are considered safe to travel. You made the perfect option by choosing to spend your holiday in Egypt! During the previous two years, there have been no reported instances. It's important to remember that when traveling, you should still use common sense to prevent complications on yourself, such as not trusting strangers and strolling about alone late at night on deserted streets.

What is the best time to visit Sharm El Sheikh?

The best seasons to visit Sharm El Sheikh are spring and autumn. The average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, which is hot but not unpleasant. If you like swimming, the Red Sea will not disappoint you. The water is warmer in the summer, although it is warm throughout the year.

Which is better Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh?

It is entirely up to you to make this decision. Hurghada runs from El Gouna in the north to Soma Bay in the south, from the historic port town to modern resort locations like Makadi Bay and Sahl Hasheesh. It has more distinct resorts than Sharm el-Sheikh, separated by huge areas of dry desert.

Is Hurghada worth visiting?

Hurghada, Egypt's popular tourist destination is definitely worth the trip. Hurghada, Egypt's most famous tourists’ favorite vacation, was formerly a little fishing hamlet on the Red Sea. Despite its touristic reputation, Hurghada is a fantastic destination to begin your summer vacation.

Is Hurghada a good holiday destination?

Hurghada is a resort town on the Red Sea. And Hurghada has a lot to offer both aficionados and those who just want to enjoy time with their family or bask on the beach! It's warm and sometimes humid in the summer and pleasant and welcoming to all kinds of visitors in the winter.

Is it safe to travel to Dahab Egypt?

All nationalities are safe in Dahab if safeguards are taken. Avoiding vacant locations, walking with a buddy, and not conversing with people alone are all strategies to lower your chances of becoming a victim of crime in any circumstance. Wherever you go, use good judgment. The number of Egyptian covid cases is fair and declining as more people are vaccinated, which is also excellent news for Egypt's pandemic scenario.

Is Marsa Alam Egypt Safe to travel?

As of today, everyone's safety is guaranteed at Marsa Alam, regardless of their origin. By not going out alone or unaccompanied, you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime. Use simple reasoning to guide your judgments no matter where you go. The number of Egyptian covid infections is falling as a result of increased vaccine coverage, which is good news for Egypt's pandemic situation.

Are pyramids in the Sahara Desert?

The Giza Plateau, just outside of Cairo, is home to the most renowned of all ancient buildings. Khufu's pyramid, as well as the other two great pyramids of Giza, was built in the sands of the Sahara Desert near to modern Cairo.

Is Alexandria Egypt worth visiting?

This beautiful city on Egypt's North Coast is packed with intriguing activities and historical sites to see. It was great to take deep breaths while staring out over the Mediterranean Sea. Alexandria, Egypt's second largest city, has a thriving port on its 32 km of beachfront.
Wish you a lovely holiday in Egypt.

How do I spend a day in Alexandria?

If you just have one day in Alexandria, we recommend seeing the following attractions. You may begin by seeing Pompey's Pillar and the Kom el Shoqafa Catacombs, followed by a visit to the Citadel of Qaitbay and a meal at a local seafood restaurant near the port. Your next stop may be the corniche, where you can visit the Alexandria National Museum and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Finish your day in the Montaza Gardens, passing across Stanley Bridge, where you can see the Al-Haramlik Palace's exteriors.

Is a day trip to Alexandria worth it?

In three days in Alexandria, most tourists will be able to see all of the major sights, as well as a few minor ones. If you simply want to see a few of the major attractions, you may do so on a day tour from Cairo or by spending a full day and night in Alexandria.

How much is a taxi from Cairo to Alexandria?

The fastest way to get from Cairo to Alexandria is to take a cab, which will cost you between $25 and $31 and will requires almost 2 hours and 6 minutes. Egypt boasts the cheapest taxis, with a 5-kilometer ride costing only 0.84 euro. In reality, the cost of a taxi in Egypt is as cheap as 0.24 euro. Another option is catching the train to Alexandria.

Where is black and White Desert?

The Black and White Deserts of Egypt are two of the country's most beautiful hidden gems. The nicest aspect is that Cairo is only a few of hours away. In the Farafra Depression, Sahara el Beyda is 45 kilometers north of Qsar El Farafra.

Can I visit the White Desert in Egypt?

Cairo is around 4-5 hours distant from the White Desert. You may also hire a driver or take a local bus. Some tourists fly to Asyut and then take a cab to the white desert, although this is the most costly option.

How much does it cost to go to the White Desert?

The most cost-effective alternative is to drive from Cairo to White Desert, which takes 7 hours and 51 minutes and costs around $23 and $35. Its amounts vary from $150 to $250 per adult, based on number of people in the party, the kind of lodging, and the transport mode.

Is Egypt part of the Sahara desert?

Egypt is a huge desert, aside from the Nile Valley, is primarily desert, with a few oases sprinkled on top. Winds probably generate sand dunes that can reach 30 meters in height. Egypt has parts of the Sahara Desert and the Libyan Desert.

What desert is in Cairo Egypt?

Cairo is located on the outskirts of the Western Desert. This desert extends almost 600,000 square kilometers from the Nile River to the borders of Libya, as well as from the Mediterranean Sea coast to the border of Sudan.

Is it safe to visit White Desert in Egypt?

The Black and White Deserts of Egypt are generally safe for visitors. Nonetheless, due of the upheaval in neighboring Libya, there may be a little risk of criminality. Fortunately, the Egyptian army now controls vast swaths of land west of Cairo, as well as the two deserts.
Wish you a safe holiday in Egypt.

How big is Bahariya oasis?

Cairo is around 370 kilometers away. The roughly oval valley, which spans northeast to southwest, is 94 kilometers long and 42 kilometers broad at its widest point, with a total area of nearly 2000 square kilometers.

What are the Bahariya Oasis mummies?

Four graves in Baharyia oasis were uncovered on April 17, 2001, containing 105 royal mummies of powerful Roman Egyptians, many of whom wore gold masks. These mummies are the best Roman-period mummies ever excavated in Egypt, with several of them beautifully painted with religious symbols.

Where is the Valley of the Golden Mummies?

Approximately 380 kilometers southwest of Cairo is the Valley of the Golden Mummies. The Bahariya Oasis has the Valley of the Golden Mummies. Roman remains have been uncovered in the Valley. The Romans lived there between two thousand and two thousand three hundred years ago.

Is the Western Desert safe Egypt?

It is quite unsafe to drive within a few miles of it in an unpopulated region; elsewhere, it is entirely safe. Even though the Sahrawis have begun to remove mines on their border side, the region still has one of the greatest concentrations of landmines in the world.

Is there an oasis in Egypt?

The weather is harsh all year in Egypt's seven oases, which are located in the eastern and western deserts. On the other hand, oasis life has long been a part of Bedouin culture. Bahariya, Dakhla, Kharga, Fayoum, Siwa, and Farafra are among the Egyptian desert's many oases.
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