Egypt Trips From Cairo

Egypt Trips From Cairo

Egypt Trips From Cairo 2023/2024

For more than two thousand years, the Great Pyramids of Giza and numerous other wonders have drawn tourists to Egypt from every corner and city of the whole world. Here we let you explore all available Egypt trips from Cairo to book and enjoy your experience.

5 Days Nile River Cruises from Cairo

The heritage that the pharaohs have left is huge, and you will find its traces in all Egyptian cities. The magnificent royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings, the Pharaonic temples facing the Nile river in Luxor, the largest open-air museum in the world. There you are able to see some of the iconic ancient wonders that still draw ancient lovers on Egypt tours today. These wonders have withstood the test of time and remain in astonishing condition because of the great care the Egyptians have given to those ancient wonders and heritage. Please check our Luxor, Egypt trips from Cairo.

4 Days Nile River Cruises from Cairo

Luxury Trip to Egypt from Cairo

Discover the history of this lasting location on a luxury Egypt trip from Cairo with Egypt United Tours. Travel to Egypt in absolute comfort and with real experts at your side. With award-winning luxury Sanctuary Nile River cruise ships, you may travel in grandeur down the legendary Nile and land at Aswan for easy access to Egypt’s most well-known attractions.

Travel with the top Egyptologists in the area and have faith that our knowledgeable experts in the field of tourism who will be there to help you at every turn of your Egypt trip from Cairo.

Places to visit from Cairo

From the Capital of Egypt we are able to arrange trip to many cities. Start your day trip to Alexandria from Cairo to see all the Greek and Roman sites. Visit the Kings Valley and take a trip to Abu Simbel from Cairo. Hike Mount Moses and visit Suez Canal. Book your nile river cruise trip from Cairo.

At Cairo Airport

As soon as you land in Egypt, you will be welcomed by one of our very well-trained and humble Egypt United Tours coordinators who will help you while going through all airport formalities. You will get your entry visa with ease, and he/she will be helping you in the process of getting your passport stamp and collecting the luggage.

To the hotel in Cairo

Then you will be escorted to the airport’s exit to meet one of Egypt United Tour’s very friendly and professional drivers to take you on a ride in a very luxurious and air-conditioned vehicle. Your first car ride will be to the hotel. Our choices of the hotels are very particular; all of our selected hotels are luxurious and top-rated by many travelers. All the services are top notch, and the food is prepared by masterful chefs to enjoy your Egypt trip from Cairo.

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Related FAQ

How to book a trips to Egypt starting from Cairo?

Undoubtedly, Traveling Egypt now is much easier than before, however, most tour packages to Egypt start from other cities like Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh and Luxor as there is a cheaper charter flights reach to these cities. On the other hand, the first step to book your Egypt trip from Cairo, is to book on regular airlines where you can reach the capital of Egypt and start your trip.

Can I take a trip to Luxor from Cairo?

Luxor trip from Cairo

Surely, it's available to visit Luxor from Cairo for a day trip.

So, whether you want to spend a day trip to Luxor from Cairo or go for a night stay there, we highly recommend a return flight as you are in a lack of time. In addition, this will be more comfortable than taking the night train.

How to visit Alexandria from Cairo?

Alexandria trip from Cairo

A day trip to Alexandria city from Cairo is fairly enough to cover all the city highlights. The best way to go to Alexandria from Cairo is by road for 3 hours with one stop on the highway. Similarly, other people will prefer going by train, however this might even take longer time as you will need 4 transfers to train stations.

In addition, you can visit Alexandria for one overnight which will give you more time to visit the sites.

Can a book a Nile river cruise from Cairo?

Nile river cruise trip from Cairo

The short answer is yes!

There are 4 Nile cruise Packages you can book from Cairo.

1- Long Nile river cruise from Cairo for 10 nights.

2- Flight from Cairo to Luxor or Aswan to take 7 nights cruise.

3- Flight from Cairo to Aswan to start 3 nights cruise.

4- Cairo to Luxor flight to start 4 nights cruise.

Is it possible to visit the Suez Canal from Cairo?

Visit Suez Canal from Cairo

Suez city is located almost 2 hours from Cairo, a day trip to Suez Canal from Cairo is very popular and you can start 8 am to reach there almost by 10 am to start your visit.

How to book a day trip to Abu Simbel from Cairo?

The only and best option is to fly to Aswan from Cairo (01 hour 40 minutes) then take connection flight from Aswan to Abu Simbel (35 minutes). Visit to Abu Simbel takes about 2 hours and then fly back the same way.

How to visit Mount Moses from Cairo?

Mount Moses Trip from Cairo

Mount Moses is located 7 hours from Cairo, this simply means you have to spend a night there to be able to visit the Monastery of St. Catherine and Mount Moses. Most people hike Mount Moses very early in the morning and come down to see the Monastery then leave back to Cairo.

Can I go to White Desert from Cairo?

White Desert trip from Cairo

Baharyia Oasis is located 4 hours from Cairo and you have the option to go for a day trip or a night camping in the White Desert. In addition you can visit the Black Desert and other sites.

Is it possible to do a day trip to Luxor from Cairo?

Luxor day trip from Cairo

Yes sure, and the best option is to take an early flight to Luxor from Cairo before 8am, and late flight back after 5pm. This will give you time to cover all Luxor highlights like the Valley of Kings, Karnak and Luxor Temple. Also, you can visit Queen Hatshepsut famous temple.

Can I take a day trip to Aswan from Cairo?

Aswan trips from Cairo

Surely you can, and it's highly advisable to take an early flight to from Cairo to Aswan before 7am, and late flight back after 5pm. This will give you enough time to visit Philae Temple, the High dam and Unfinished Obelisk. In addition, you can also have time to sail by felucca for one hour.

How long a day trip to Alexandria from Cairo takes?

It's advisable to start your day trip to Alexandria from Cairo at 7 am. The trip take 3 hours by road, this is plus 6 hours visit and finally, 3 hours back to Cairo.

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