Egypt Travel Packages From Canada

Egypt Travel Packages From Canada

Egypt Travel Packages from Canada in 2023/2024

Book your Egypt travel package from Canada today and be sure that you’ll make the most out of your holiday to Egypt. You’ll have nothing to worry about because we are very professional in what we do. An Egypt United Tours representative will meet you at the airport to assist you with your entry visa, luggage, and finding our friendly driver. Check-in and check-out will be handled by our Tour Coordinators.

5 reasons to book your trip to Egypt from Canada with us?

  • Traveling to Egypt with Egypt United Tours would save you money, time, and effort. You can save as much as 15 percent by working with a local travel agent rather than a middle man.
  • There are food and entertainment nights as part of our Egypt Tours packages from Canada. Free nights are ideal for exploring independently and shopping for souvenirs at the Bazars or outdoor markets.
  • Enjoy a joyful, memorable, and easy-going tour with our company. Learn about Ancient Egypt, Islamic Egypt, Coptic Christian Egypt, the Roman Empire, the Mamluks, and Modern Egypt.
  • In order to begin your life-long journey, you must schedule a flight at a reasonable price and of reasonable quality. Also, if you don’t have enough time, we can assist you in picking the best flight for your goals and budget.
  • Once you’ve booked your Egypt Tour Packages from Canada with us, one of our Egypt Tour Operators will be willing to communicate with you and answer all your questions. Enjoy your visit to Egypt.

Egypt Luxury Tours from Canada

A luxury trip to Egypt requires special arrangments, and Egypt United Tours is your best option to get VIP and special treatments. We offer the top quality hotels and Nile cruises in Egypt.

Canadian Airport to fly from

List of airports in Canada, with world-class qualities that make them stand out There, is a gigantic aquarium at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) with more than 5000 aquatic animals and a jellyfish-only aquarium. Allosaurus and Othnielia Rex dinosaur replicas, 24 hours elevated skyline train at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) and Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ). YUL is the code for the airport in Montreal, YOW is the code for the airport in Ottawa, YOW is the code for the airport in Calgary, and JYC stands for the airport in Winnipeg. Also, there are many other airports, that you might search with the name of your city if you didn’t find a familiar or a nearby one on the previous lists.

Canada to Egypt Flight Duration

Egypt Tours packages from Canada’s travelers would nearly take 14 hours for the fastest one-stop flight. On the other hand, some flights could take up to 38 hours, depending on the location of the stopover and the length of the waiting period. Cairo International Airport is the destination of the majority of major airline flights originating from Toronto. The city of Cairo has one international airport serving it. Los Angeles International Airport to Cairo International Airport on Air Canada flight is 14 hours 35 minutes long. There are 19 hours and 15 minutes between Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Canada and Cairo International Airport.

Egyptian Airport to arrive to

Cairo International Airport is Egypt’s greatest and main airport. It is smaller than airports such as Hurghada International Airport, Luxor International Airport, Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport, and others in the Middle East. In Cairo International Airport, an Egypt United Tours airport adviser can accompany you with your belongings and entry visa, as well as with any other questions you may have. Our driver will meet you visitors who have joined Egypt Tours packages from Canada upon arrival in Egypt and transfer you to your accommodation in an A/C vehicle. Start preparing your camera for an awesome experience.

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Related FAQ

Does a Canadian need a visa to visit Egypt?

To enter Egypt, you must have a valid passport and a visa on file. With a standard Canadian passport, you can obtain an Egyptian tourist visa upon arrival at an Egyptian airport. The Egyptian Embassy or Consulate in your area can help you obtain a visa.

How do Canadians get a visa for Egypt from Canada?

The answer is yes, you can apply for a visa in Canada. Applications for a single-entry or multiple-entry Egypt eVisa are submitted online, and fees are paid by credit or with a debit card. Applicants should submit their applications at least seven days prior to their travel date in order to be considered. E-Visas for Egypt are emailed to applicants as soon as they are approved.

How does a canadian get a tourist visa for Egypt?

6 Month Valid Passport and visa are required for entry into Egypt. An Egyptian tourist visa can be obtained at an Egyptian airport upon arrival with a regular Canadian passport. Consulates and embassies in your area can assist you in obtaining a visa to Egypt. You can apply for a visa to Egypt from Canada. Egypt eVisa applications are filed online 7 days before your trip, and payments are paid by credit or debit card.

Do Canadians need a visa to go to Egypt?

Yes, it is a must. Passport and visa are required for entry to Egypt. Upon arrival in an Egyptian airport with a typical Canadian passport, you can obtain a tourist visa. It is possible to seek a visa through the Egyptian Embassy or Consulate present in your location

Can Candians get visa to Egypt online?

In Canada, you can apply for a visa. online. You can pay fees by credit card or debit card. Please submit applications at least seven days before your travel date. Soon after their applications are approved, applicants receive electronic Egypt visas by way of an email.

Can you fly to Egypt from Canada?

Egyptair and Air Canada providing great services and free meals. Egypt requires both a visa, a passport, and a negative PCR test. Famous Canadian airports to depart from including Pearson International (YYZ) and Halifax Stanfield International (YHZ).

How long does it take to fly to Egypt from Canada?

The fastest one-stop flight from Canada to Egypt would take about 14 hours. However, some flights can take up to 38 hours, depending on the location of the stopover and how long the waiting period is before departure. Toronto's most popular airport is Cairo International Airport, which is serving the majority of airlines. Cairo has a single international airport. Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Canada and Cairo International Airport are separated by 19 hours, 15 minutes.

Can Canadians get visa on arrival to Egypt?

Yes, Canadian citizens can obtain Visa to Egypt on arrival at any Airport. Egypt requires both a passport and a visa for access. You can obtain a tourist visa upon arrival at any Egyptian airport with a normal Canadian passport. Also, an Egyptian visa is accessible from the Egyptian Embassy or Consulate in Canada.

How long is the flight from Canada to Egypt?

From Canada to Egypt, the fastest one-stop trip would take roughly 14 hours. If the layover is in a remote place and there is a considerable waiting period before departure, some flights can take up to 38 hours. Cairo International Airport, which is operating the majority of airlines and Toronto's most popular airport. Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Canada is 19 hours, 15 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.

How far is Egypt from Canada by plane?

There are 9,964 kilometers (6,191 miles) between Canada and Egypt on a plane flight. It takes 11.06 hours to fly from Canada to Egypt on an airplane (which travels at an average speed of 560 miles per hour), but keep in mind that this is the shortest trip duration. In addition, we add the waiting time and the number of stopover planes and your departure airport.

Can I travel from Canada to Egypt now?

Canadians can obtain Visa to Egypt online or upon arrival with 6 months a valid passport. However, you must show your accommodation and flight booking to receive your visa. We'll start with the basics. Last July, Egypt allowed foreign flights to resume, but all passengers had to show proof of a negative PCR test taken 72 hours prior to departure, as well as proof of legitimate health insurance.

Is Egypt so dangerous to travel for Canadians?

The prevalence of violent or other crime in Egypt is minimal compared to many Western countries, and you're generally safe roaming around day or night," says Lonely Planet. Also, staying in groups and with your tour guide would be useful because the majority of crime is petty stealing. Most importantly, during the night It's a good idea to stay on popular streets; This is since most crimes occur on vacant streets.

Do Canadians have to quarantine when arriving in Egypt?

You must have a negative PCR valid for 72 hours before leaving your house. By using a real vaccination certificate, you can get around this rule. On other hand, other Approved vaccines, such as those from Janssen and Pfizer, in addition to AstraZeneca's. Examples of this type of company include Sputnik V, Sinovac, and BioNTech. At the airport, you must bring your supporting documentation. In conclusion, people in Egypt who test positive for COVID-19 are will apply for 14 days quarantine.

What language do they speek in Egypt?

As well as being the country's national tongue, Arabic is Egypt's official language. A high number of Egyptians can speak and write in English. In addition to the increase in the number of adults and young adults who speak English. Tourist attractions should expect a large number of English-speaking tourists. Moreover, The number of elderly English speakers who work in tourism is increasing due to good education.

What to Pack for your Egypt tour from Canada?

Long, baggy skirts and/or pants are a must-pack item for Egypt.
Bathing suit, wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.
Walking shoes that are both comfortable and supportive.
Traveling outside of summer, women should bring a scarf or shawl to cover their hair when visiting mosques.

Can Canadians go to Egypt without a tour?

Yes, you totally can, but we don't recommend it because you don’t want to miss a minute in your number of days trip in Egypt. Planning, researching visits, and figuring out transportation are doable but very time-consuming. Also, having a tour guide would enhance your knowledge and safety. Book with Egypt United Tours and make the most out of your visit.

How many days are enough to tour Egypt?

If you want to see the main attractions in Egypt, seven days should be sufficient. Egypt can be minimally explored in a week. However, cruising along the Nile to do Aswan, Abu Simbel, and Luxor with 2 days in Cairo and 2 days in the Red Sea or the Mediterranean Sea could take 10 days tour.
To sum up, 10 to 15 Days will be good for your Egypt Travel Packages From Canada.

Is Egypt Safe to go on Holiday from Canada?

Violence and other forms of crime are rare in Egypt comparing to other Western countries, according to Lonely Planet. Also, we recommend a tour guide and staying in groups because the bulk of crimes are small thefts. Most importantly, crimes occur on dark streets at night, therefore it's a good idea to remain on busier streets.
Have a safe Egypt Travel Packages From Canada

Does Egypt have travel restrictions fro Canadians?

Negative PCR test or vaccination certificate are the only restrictions Egypt has on its travelers. Also, you must have a valid entry visa and passport. You should perform PCR testing valid for 72 hours before arrival Egypt. It is possible to get around this rule by using a real vaccination certificate.

Is travel to Egypt from Canada safe today?

Lonely Planet reports that violence and other forms of crime are infrequent in Egypt compared to other Western countries. However, the majority of crimes are petty thefts. So, a tour guide and lodging in a group are good ideas. You should avoid vacant streets at night, as most crimes occur there.
Wish you a safe Egypt Travel Packages From Canada

How long is it from Toronto to Egypt?

One-stop flights take about 14 hours to get from Canada to the Egyptian land. As a result of the stopping destination and waiting time, certain flights could take up to 38 hours. Distance from Canada to Egypt is about 9200 (5400 Mile). Kilometers. For example, a Turkish Airlines journey from Toronto's Lester B. Pearson international airport to Cairo International airport takes 15 hours through Ataturk Airport in Turkey.
Wish you a good Egypt Travel Packages From Canada

What Covid Vaccine is required to travel Egypt from canada?

The AstraZeneca vaccine may be used in conjunction with other FDA-approved vaccinations, such as those from Janssen and Pfizer. These companies include Sputnik V, Sinovac, and BioNTech, as examples. So, you must have either a Vaccine certificate or a Negative PCR test with you when you arrive at the airport. People who test positive for COVID-19 in Egypt must have a 14-day quarantine.
Hope you rnjoy your Egypt Travel Packages From Canada

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