Egypt Tours Packages From USA

Egypt Tours Packages From USA

Egypt Tours Packages From USA 2023/2024

Are you planning to travel from the USA to Egypt? Here we offer you the best variety of all Egypt tours packages from the USA. You will be able to select the best tour package that suits your travel plans. Would you like to see and feel what it’s like to be encircled by ancient sites, temples, and riches from the time of the pharaohs? Take photos of yourself or your family at The Pyramids, Karnak Temple, and Nubian in Aswan. Get ready to sail the Nile from Luxor to Aswan and enjoy trips that are frequently combined with a lovely Nile cruise holiday. The pyramids and the Great Sphinx are indeed included in all our tour packages in Egypt created and organized by Egypt United Tours Team. 

Egypt Tours with Airfare from USA

Enjoy the Best Holiday from the USA to Egypt

Egypt United Tours’ biggest concern is the tourist’s comfort, so you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying your tour in Egypt and getting the best experience. We provide you with an airport professional coordinator to be in assistance with your entry visa; luggage and finding our friendly Egypt United Tours driver to get you to the hotel. Experienced Egyptologists to help you get the best out of your travel; It is our responsibility as well as get help while checking in and out of your top-rated hotel or cruise. Delicious meals and entertainment nights are well-appreciated in our programs; This is as well as free nights when you experience the city on your own and get a chance to buy souvenirs from Bazars and open markets.

Why Egypt United Tours

Deals with Egypt United Tours will save you time, money, and effort. With us you will be saving about 15% extra price; Surely you get this since you will be communicating directly with us, a local travel agency in Egypt; We don’t recommend any middle connections, that’s why you get the best travel deal. Let us be your guide in an enjoyable, timeless, and effortless manner!

Get a chance to get back in time and get introduced to many Egyptian cultures, from Pharaonic Egypt to Modern Egypt. Starting your lifetime tour begins with booking a good flight from the USA with the best price possible and decent quality. We can help you in finding the ultimate flight if you are not very familiar with the booking procedure or if you don’t have time.

Luxury Tours to Egypt from the USA

Once you book your Luxury Egypt tour package from the USA online with us, communicate with one of our coordinators and he/she will assist you. Don’t let worry kill your joy because Egypt United Tours got your back.

Egypt Tours with Nile Cruise Packages

Egypt tours packages from the USA – Airports to fly from

Visitors from the United States can choose from a wide list of airports, to fly to Egypt. we gather all of them here.

O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Los Angeles International Airport, and John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Thi sis as well as Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. There is also Denver International Airport, Orlando International Airport, and McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. Besides, Newark Liberty International Airport, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, and George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

More Airports to travel to Egypt from the USA

Also, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, LaGuardia Airport in New York, and Dulles International Airport. And Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Boston Logan International Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport; You can also fly from Miami International Airport, Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport; Salt Lake City International Airport in Utah, Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia state, which is good too.

Not to forget Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, and Florida there is Tampa International Airport And Portland International Airport in Oregon. The great news is that there is a huge number of airports in the United States, almost in each state. If you are an American visitor, and you don’t find a nearby airport from the previous list, make sure to search online. you can search first with your state before selecting the nearest from the list.

Flight duration to Egypt from the USA

The duration of the flight from the United States to Egypt varies depending on the state you are traveling from. Flying from New York City would take 10 hours and half an hour on average; on the other hand, traveling from Los Anglos takes 18 hours and 25 minutes. 14 hours is the duration between Washington D.C. to Egypt. Chicago’s flight would take 13 hours and 30 minutes to reach the Egyptian lands, but Houston is a 15 hours and five minutes flight. These estimated durations are ideal, so you can expect an increase or decrease in the number of hours taken to arrive in Egypt depending on the speed of the airplane and the wind.

Egypt Airports to arrive from the USA

There are several airports in Egypt to which you can arrive from the USA, the most popular and major airport is Cairo International Airport. Hurghada International Airport, Luxor International Airport, and Sharm El-Sheik international airport as well.  Once you arrive at the airport because you will find our Egypt United Tours coordinator normally with a sign that carries your name to help you with your luggage and entry visa. He/She will walk you to our driver for your first ride in Egypt in an air-conditioned vehicle to the hotel where you are supposed to stay and help you with the check-in procedure.

Dear US visitors, welcome to Egypt. We hope you enjoy your visit. Prepare your camera for unforgettable Egyptian memories.

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Related FAQ

Can US citizen obtain Egypt visa from Egypt?

Egypt visa for USA travelers

United States Citizens can obtain visas on arrival at any airport in Egypt. On arrival at The Airport, Americans Passport holders can purchase a 30-day Egypt visa. This price for the visa is $25 at bank kiosks located near the immigration counters.

How much does a holiday to Egypt cost For US?

Egypt tour packages prices

8 days in Egypt, including, a return international flight from home, a hotel in Cairo for 3 nights at 4 stars hotel, a sleeper train for 2 nights, and a 5 stars standard Nile River cruise for 3 nights, along with a private guide and transfers, should cost roughly $2300 per person. On the other hand, a luxury trip to Egypt could cost double the rate. As a result, this estimate isn't excessively pricey.

Can US Citizens travel to Egypt right now?

US Citizens' requirements to travel to Egypt in 2022

Egypt is one of the most resilient countries in both the first and second waves of the pandemic outbreak. Comparatively speaking, the numbers were not very high and until the Egyptian Ministry of Health-funded immunization rounds, it got so much less. Also, the measures are still in effect, and travelers to Egypt from the USA and other countries are still required to submit PCR tests, which gives a positive outcome. American visitors are much welcomed to our lands as much as other nations' citizens.

How do you pay for things in Egypt for US passport holders?

Paying for things in Egypt for US passport holders

Paying in cash is the most convenient and traditional way to pay for a service in Egypt; however, credit cards are very common in most shops and restaurants. Also, you can find ATMs in most of the places you visit if you wanted to obtain a considerable amount of money at any time. For the most secure way and the best exchange rate, you can change your local currency to Egyptian currency at the airport.

Can US Tourists pay by Credit card in Egypt?

Credit Card use in Egypt for USA tourists

If you are cooperating with a domestic bank, it might be an issue due to local limitations to use your debit card abroad, so it is always a good idea to inform your are dealing with that you will be out of the country. However, the good news is that the HSBC debit card is accepted in over 28 million retail outlets in Egypt and most other countries. You will find many ATMs in Egypt that are particularly located everywhere that accept international debit cards.

Is tipping or baksheesh expected in Egypt?

Baksheesh in Egypt

In Asia and the Middle East, they call tips "baksheesh." As a gesture of appreciation, or sending regard, give extra little coins to the local escorts, drivers, restaurant waiters, and any other individual who offered you a service.

How much to tip in Egypt in US Dollar?

Tipping Amounts in Egypt

Tipping and service charge is a common practice in Egypt to express gratitude for customer satisfaction, and to avoid this we highly advise an all-inclusive Egypt tour package.
The standard tipping amount varies based on the type of service offered.

Amount for tipping

Drivers will be paid $10 per participant for a full-day tour.
The bellman at the hotel: the cost of each piece of luggage varies between $1 and $2 USD.
On the Nile Cruise, crew members are compensated $2 each night.
Waiters in restaurants are often paid $1 to $2 USD for each meal for two to ten people, but waiters at coffee shops are paid 50 cents for two to ten people.
A full-day excursion with a tour guide will set you back $15 per person.
A felucca or boat excursions are also viable possibilities.
A one-hour journey will cost you at least $2.

Is Egypt allowing USA citizens to enter in 2022?

Requirement to enter Egypt for USA Citizens

Yes, travelers to Egypt from USA and other countries can enter Egypt. But they must have a COVID-19 PCR test that is negative at least 72 hours before their trip departure time in order to board their flight. All inhabitants of the United States are subject to this rule, including those who reside abroad in other countries.

Can USA Citizens travel to Egypt during covid in 2022?

USA Citizens travel to Egypt during covid in 2022

Yes, all tourists from the USA to Egypt can travel easily. They just need a negative PCR test at least 72 hours before their trip departure time. Egypt authorities are planning to cancel the PCR requirements soon in 2022. All residents of the United States, including those who live overseas, are subject to these requirements.

Can USA citizen go to Egypt during Omicron in 2022?

USA citizens visit Egypt during Omicron in 2022

Yes, now in 2022 there is nothing that could prevent Americans from getting into Egypt if they completed the regular procedures. Now in 2022, you must be fully vaccinated and you might not need a PCR test to travel to Egypt from the USA.

Who can apply for Egypt e-Visa?

Egypt e-Visa Application

An Egyptian e-Visa application requires a valid passport valid for at least six months after the traveler's scheduled arrival in Egypt. A simple online application form is required of eligible citizens at least seven days prior to their anticipated arrival date in Egypt. You can obtain a visa in advance of your journey using the official Visa2Egypt website or at your local consulate. The maximum validity time for e-visas is three months. Even if you are traveling on business, you should apply for your visa in advance.

If I want to take a tour to Egypt from USA, can I get Egypt visa online?

Tour to Egypt from the USA, Online visa Process

Yes, If you carry an American passport, you can easily get your visa to Egypt online. You must provide proof of your passport's validity for at least six months after your planned arrival in Egypt. Candidates must submit a short online application at least seven days ahead of their expected arrival date in Egypt. In preparation for your trip, you can apply for a visa at your local consulate or via the official Visa2Egypt website E-visas have a three-month maximum validity period. You should submit your visa application well in advance of any business trip.

Is Egypt tours in 2022 safe for Americans?

Egypt tours safety for Americans in 2022

Egypt is safe! On the other hand, 2022 is the year of travel after almost 2 years of the covid pandemic. Most importantly, book your vacation to Egypt with a local agent to get the best travel deal without a middleman.

Does Egypt require Covid test for USA tourists?

Covid test for USA tourists to Egypt

Yes, 72 hours prior to your flight to Egypt. all tourists who are planning a trip to Egypt (even Egyptians) are required to have a COVID-19 PCR test that comes back negative. Every American, including those living abroad, is covered by this law as well as other nationalities.

What precautions to take in Egypt on holiday?

Precautions for Egypt holiday from the USA

Due to the COVID-19 scenario, all Egypt United Trips tours and vacations must adhere to enhanced safety protocols. Masks are supplied regularly, cars are sanitized after each journey, and audience interaction is limited on the majority of tour routes Egyptians can take several open-air excursions to the Pyramids, Amro Ibn El-Ais Mosque, and other major sights.

Will Egypt be on the green list?

It is not on the "red list." Egypt is currently a secure place to visit due to its current security situation. I can't wait to see what surprises await me! As the number of vaccinated people increases, the number of Covid patients decreases dramatically. Travelers are advised not to converse with strangers or to go alone into dark, desolate lanes in the evening hours. When engaging with others, no matter where you are, even in Egypt, always go with your intuition.

Should you test for Covid-19 prior to travel to Egypt?

Covid Test for USA Travelers to Egypt

Yes, you should, especially in case you aren’t already vaccinated with approved vaccinations from the WHO. A COVID-19 PCR test that comes out negative is needed for all travelers to Egypt 72 hours before their trip. This statute applies to all Americans, even those living overseas, as well as other nationalities. Supporting documents for both situations are necessary at the airport.

What should I avoid in Egypt?

Things to avoid while touring Egypt from the USA

The first thing you should avoid in Egypt is tap water; instead, carry a refillable bottle or buy packaged water... It's best not to play with street cats or dogs if you don't have all of your vaccination records on hand. When visiting a religious site, dress modestly. Avoid taking photos of Police and military personnel, vehicles, and structures. In Egypt, It's very important to have prior authorization before taking these photos.

Does Egypt require quarantine for Tourists from USA?

Egypt requirements for USA Tourists

PCR must be tested before departing your home 72 hours in advance. You can use a genuine vaccination certificate to get around this regulation. In addition, other vaccines like AstraZeneca's vaccinations, Janssen, and Pfizer vaccines. As an example, Sputnik V, Sinovac, or BioNTech fall within this group. You must bring all supporting documents with you to the airport. COVID-19-positive individuals in Egypt are subject to a 14-day quarantine.

How much does it cost to go to see the pyramids?

The cost to visit the Pyramids is $ for USA travelers

It costs around $53. The entry fee ticket to the Pyramids area and Sphinx is 200 EGP. ($13.00). A private car with you for 4 hours including pick-up and drop-off in Cairo city will cost 600 EGP ($40.00).
Extras you can do at the Pyramids

1) To visit the Pyramids' interior, you should get a separate ticket for 300 EGP ($19.00) for the Great Pyramid Interior ticket.
2) To enter The Pyramid of Khafre is 100 EGP about $6.37. The Pyramid of Menkaure is not open.
3) Camel ride for 10 minutes is roughly $5.

What language they speak in Egypt?

Languages to use in Egypt

The official language of Egypt is Arabic, which is also the mother tongue of the majority of Egyptians. Among educated Egyptians. A significant percentage can speak and write in English. The number of adults and young adults who speak English is on the rise, as is the number of immigrants who speak English. A considerable number of English-speaking tourists would be expected at tourist spots. The number of senior English speakers who visit local markets is declining.

What is considered rude in Egypt?

Things to avoid during your trip to Egypt from the USA

Because Egypt is a conservative society, it is not acceptable for couples to kiss/hug in public. Taking off your shoes before entering a mosque shows contempt for the site and Muslims. As a symbol of respect, you may choose to wear a scarf at religious locations, but you are completely free to do so or not. Pointing your feet/shoes in the direction of anybody’s face is also rude to Egyptian culture.

What is there to do in Egypt at Christmas?

Things to do at Christmas

A few of Egypt's top holiday destinations include: As a result, Nile Cruises are always fully booked during the holiday season in Egypt. In addition to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, there are exciting events taking place in Luxor City at New Year as well as Aswan, Hurghada, and Sharm Al-Sheikh. We highly recommend taking a visit to Coptic Cairo to get a feel for the holiday spirit and ceremonies.
Wishing you lovely XMAS and Happy Egypt Tours Packages From the USA

How many hours is it from Texas to Egypt?

Flight duration from Texas to Cairo

The flight time from Texas to Egypt is 14 hours and 11 minutes on average. Just keep in mind that indirect flights will always take much longer than nonstop flights since you will be arriving and setting off from at least one more airport, and taking off and landing takes the most time and is done at much slower speeds. Direct flights aren't usually possible.

How many hours is Egypt from New York?

Flight duration from New York to Cairo

It takes 12 hours and 5 minutes to fly from CAI to JFK without stopping (Operated by Egyptair). Flights from Cairo land at John F Kennedy International Airport or La Guardia Airport, depending on the airline. Two international airports serve New York City. The Emirates Airline trip takes 27 hours to get from Cairo International Airport to John F Kennedy International Airport via Dubai Airport in the United Arab Emirates.
Wishing you a lovely Egypt Tours Packages From the USA

What is the best time to visit Hurghada?

Best time to visit Hurghada

Hurghada has a subtropical desert environment with hot, humid summers and mild winters that provide year-round sun. Travel from April and October for the warmest weather, although many tourists visit throughout the winter months for an ideal combination of sunshine and assured sun.

Can you swim in the Red Sea in Hurghada?

Swimming in the Red Sea in Hurghada

You won't run into anything harmful while swimming or snorkeling in the Red Sea. It is the opposite of harmful, it is magnificent. As a reason for this iconic magnificence, it has many sea sports activities, such as snorkeling, divining, windsurfing, skysurfing, etc which make it an extremely popular tourist attraction site. Its water is very clear for swimmers and warm. You can enjoy there as a swimmer the colorful marine life.

What are Egyptian snacks?

Egyptian Snacks

Roasted nuts (goz) including hazelnuts, almonds, and dried seeds (mohamas) are roasted on the streets and sold as refreshments and snacks from shopping trolleys across Egypt. Breakfast options for children include beans or bean cakes with eggs, as well as pickles, cheese, and jams.

Can a woman travel from USA to Egypt alone?

Egypt tour package from the USA for solo female

Many women travel alone to Egypt, and the majority of them had a fantastic experience. You will feel safe and welcomed everywhere you go all over Egypt.
Enjoy Your Egypt Tours Packages From the USA

What is the cleanest city in Egypt?

Cities in Egypt

According to Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad, the clean-up centered on the cities of Hurghada, Safaga, and Marsa Alam, thus virtually all coastal cities are extremely clean and sophisticated. Cairo's makeshift neighborhoods are also quite tidy and elegant.

Is Cairo a beautiful city?

Travel to Cairo from the USA

Cairo is a really beautiful city, as other tourists have stated, with great shopping, delicious food, and, of course, the Pyramids, Coptic Cairo, museums, Sakara, and so on. She was enthralled with Egypt's history because of Cairo alone; the Pyramids were breathtaking. She was awestruck by the three of them since they are so large; she also enjoyed the camel rides and Cairo's festivities. The people in Cairo are genuine and helpful.

How many days are enough for Cairo?

Cairo tours and things to do

Three days is the optimal amount of time to spend in Cairo. Some of the highlights from your three days in Cairo are as follows: Some of the things to see in Egypt are Coptic Cairo, the Bent Pyramid, Giza Pyramids, the Egyptian Breakfast, Egyptian Museum, and Khan el-Khalili. The longer you plan to stay, the more you see.

How much is taxi from Cairo Airport to downtown?

Taxi prices from Cairo Downtown

The quickest method to go from Cairo Airport (CAI) to Downtown Cairo is via taxi, which costs between $12 and $20 and takes around 45 minutes. Common taxis are considerably more inexpensive, and you may save money by taking the metro for longer journeys and leaving the taxis for shorter distances. In Egypt, Uber is quite affordable and much recommended.

Is there Uber in Cairo airport?

Is there an Uber at Cairo airport?

Uber is accessible at Cairo Airport, allowing you to have a quick and pleasant ride to your destination. To contact your driver, proceed to Hall 1 or 3 from Terminal 1. To join your driver, proceed from Terminal 2 to the lower-level parking area. We prefer Uber over taxis because it is more cost-effective and efficient.

How much does an uber cost in Cairo?

Uber prices in Cairo

The Uber journey time from Cairo airport to downtown is about 30 minutes, and the Uber fare is 250 to 300 EGP depending on traffic ($15-20 USD). Costs and travel durations are not fixed and will vary depending on traffic and your ultimate destination; nonetheless, Uber is generally cheaper than a traditional taxi.
Wishing you a safe Egypt Tours Packages From the USA

What is the most popular holiday in Egypt?

The Most popular holidays and tours in Egypt

Egypt's Public Holidays and National Holidays
Egyptians around the country celebrate religious and national holidays such as Coptic Christmas Day, Sham El Nessim, Sinai Liberation Day, Labor Day, Revolution Day (January 25), Coptic Easter Sunday, and the end of Ramadan / Eid el Fitr in which you will be experiencing uplifting vibes in almost all Egyptian streets

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