Egypt Siwa Oasis Tours

Egypt Siwa Oasis Tours

Egypt Siwa Oasis Tours 2023

An amazing Sahara adventure should began by to Egypt Siwa Oasis Tours and Trips! It is a must try.  Situated in the middle of an ocean of golden desert sand, Siwa has more to offer than just spectacular scenery; it has its own unique culture. The locals of Siwa speak their own dialect, which is more like the Berber dialect, Western desert people us it more than Egyptian Arabic.

When it comes to weather in Egypt Siwa Oasis, it is almost always sunny and pleasant. But there are seasons of the year when it is better to come in than other times, and vice versa. Visiting Siwa in the cooler months, between October and April, is advisble, as summer temperatures can be extremely high.

Fun Things to do in Egypt Siwa Oasis

Most Egyptian oasis, Siwa’s is among the most mystical. When it comes to fun things to do in Siwa, there are a lot of options. Tourists can climb up the melted mud and salt mound at Shali, which is now a tourist attraction. It is also known as Cleopatra’s Bath or Cleopatra’s Pool, and is located on the road to the Oracle Temple. Salt Lake City is a must-see. Clean and clear green waters are relaxing and meditative in their effect on the mind and body.

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Related FAQ

Is Siwa Oasis Egypt safe?

Siwa Oasis

Yes, Siwa oasis is a safe place to spend your vacation, and no recent terror attacks have been recorded. Siwa is without a question one of the most stunning places in the country. The people are pleasant, courteous, and hospitable. The history is incredible. And, with so much to do in Siwa, the long and exhausting journey is worth it.

How to get to Siwa oasis from Cairo?

 A Trip From Cairo to Siwa Oasis

Many buses and Microbuses schedules journeys to Siwa Oasis from Cairo that you might want to catch; otherwise, taking a taxi there is another convenient option, but it might be a bit expensive. Flying to Siwa airport (SEW) and then taking a taxi is another way that other tourists go.

What to see in Siwa Oasis Egypt?

Places to visit in Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis has many things to offer for tourists; The most famous thing that many people travel to see in Siwa is The Temple of Alexander the Great ( Temple of Oracle). from 6 Century BC.
Also, There is The Salt Lake, Great Sand Sea, Shali Fortress, and Fatnis Island or Fantasy Island.

Can i visit Siwa oasis from cairo?

A tip from Cairo to Siwa Oasis

Yes, you can after booking a cab or a bus ticket, proceed to pack your luggage to visit Siwa Oasis. Siwa is an oasis in the far North East of Egypt. It is also one of the largest Oases that line the roadway connecting them to Cairo. It's a long journey 10 to 12 Hours each way, but most people take private cabs or tour buses and get there from Cairo.

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