Egypt New Year Tour Packages 4 Days

Egypt New Year Tour Packages 4 Days

Best Egypt New Year Tour Packages 4 Days 2022/2023

Experience The Best Egypt New Year Tour Packages 4 Days, which includes stays in the most decent hotels and Nile Cruises. We offer the most luxurious and welcoming transportation in Egypt. All Our experienced drivers and informed tour guides are trained to maintain a social distance from their clients. As part of our Egypt New Year Tour Packages 4 Days, we provide completely private escorted excursions in our air-conditioned vehicles with the best Egyptologist tour guides.

Activities in Your Egypt New Year Tour Packages 4 Days

The never-sleeping Egyptian streets are full of energy in addition to the stunning beauty of the great Pyramids of Giza. You would also appreciate the image of the giant sphinx defending the pyramids, which is easily recognizable for having a lion’s body to represent strength and a human head to represent wisdom.

Egypt New Year Tour Packages 4 Days

We offer a wide variety of Egypt group tours and individualized vacations as an authority on the country. We visit the most desirable places in Egypt. From the conventional tour kinds to trips to the Red Sea and the pyramids, temples, and tombs of Egypt. Our guides’ expertise will allow you to discover the interesting culture of the country, whether you’re seeking for Egypt New Year Tour Packages 4 Days or you want to embark on an adventure to Egypt’s deserts and oases.

We are aware of Egypt. In order to show you the best the country has to offer, you can count on us. As a result, travelers regularly choose On The Egypt United Tours when planning once-in-a-lifetime trips.

The unforgettable trip to the enormous pyramids served as the initial foundation for everyone’s belief in Egypt’s place among other global cities. You can choose to ride a felucca in Egypt and immerse yourself in the crimson tones of the setting sun.

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Related FAQ

Is 4 days enough in Egypt?

Trip to Egypt For four days, the country's historical and cultural landmarks, including the Pyramids of Giza, Khan el Khalili Bazaar, Cairo Citadel, the Catacombs, Pompei pillar, Qaitbay Citadel, Karnak Temples Complex, Hatshepsut Temple,... will all be a magnificent dream come true.

Is 4 days in Cairo enough?

Cairo City

Cairo is a huge city with the second-highest population density in all of Africa. Even though you might spend weeks travelling through it all, we suggest spending at least three days in Cairo on your first trip.

What does Egypt do for New Years?

How do people celebrate the New Year in Egypt? Egypt's population welcomes the new year with fireworks, celebrations, and family get-togethers. The majority of Egyptian households welcome in the New Year.

Is Egypt worth visiting in December?

December is one of the greatest months of the year to travel to Egypt because of the milder weather and lively atmosphere. Holiday travelers are flooding in, and there are many special events taking place in the lovely weather.

Where do I spend my New Year in Cairo?

Here is our selection of the best vacation spots in and around Egypt.
The following hotels are in Cairo: Cairo Marriott; Fairmont Nile City; Semiramis InterContinental; JW Marriott Cairo Mirage City; Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay; Le Meridien Cairo Airport; Le Méridien Heliopolis; Radisson Blu Heliopolis.

What do Egyptians eat on New Years?

Food in Egypt

Another "lucky" vegetable that many people eat on New Year's Day is cabbage. As a symbol of paper money, cabbage leaves are also regarded as a sign of success. On New Year's Day, rice is considered a lucky food in several cultures.

How cold is Egypt in January?

Cairo's January weather in Egypt. Daily highs hover around 67°F, rarely dropping below 61°F or rising over 74°F. On January 15, the daily high temperature is at its lowest, 67°F. Daily lows hover around 51°F, rarely dropping below 46°F or rising beyond 56°F.

Is Egypt crowded in January?

Egypt's peak season, which begins in January, is among the busiest travel seasons of the year.

Can you swim in Egypt in December?

Yes! Hurghada's water is a comfortable temperature in December. Swimming in Hurghada and the surrounding surroundings is enjoyable in December. With an average sea temperature of 76°F (minimum/maximum: 73°F/79°F), you can swim for extended periods of time and engage in water sports.

Is the Red Sea cold in December?

The Red Sea weather in December is still warm, dry, and sunny despite it being the coldest month of the year.

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