Egypt New Year Tour Packages 12 Days

Egypt New Year Tour Packages 12 Days

Egypt New Year Tour Packages 12 Days

Egypt New Year Tour Packages 12 Days. The next step after opting to travel to Egypt is to select and determine which Egypt tour package is suitable for you.

With Egypt United Tours, you can now pick from a range of Egypt holiday packages that take you to see the country’s other regions as well as the pharaonic past, the Giza Pyramids, the Nile River; and the Red Sea. Making last-minute travel preparations to Egypt won’t meet your specific needs. By working with a pro to organize your trip, you can tailor your trip to Egypt to suit your particular needs and; more significantly, take advantage of exclusive discounts and deals.

Best Egypt New Year Tour Packages 12 Days

You’ll find a lot of Egypt vacation packages that provide big savings when you browse the many on our website. Private vacation packages to Egypt are currently available for as little as $3490. For vacations on the Red Sea and the Nile; boat trip packages are also available.

If you want to travel to Egypt without worrying about currency exchange rates because everything is covered by your package, take a look at our Egypt New Year Tour Packages 12 Days. Egypt United Tours additionally provides Egypt New Year Tour Packages for 12 Days, Egypt New Year vacation bargains, and Egypt bridal discounts.

Private New Year’s getaways

Private Egypt New Year Tour Packages 12 Days tours to Egypt have been designed to meet the demands of every family, regardless of size, whether there are young children or elderly grandparents. It’s a nice chance to catch up with loved ones while on vacation in a beautiful location.

You can cut costs on your Egypt vacation by choosing a variety of hotels and even locations. Numerous locations, including Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheikh, provide both long and short stay alternatives as well as self-drive New Year’s vacations. Choose a destination based on the scenery and weather you want, as well as a hotel that adheres to your values, and spend your Egypt New Year Tour Packages 12 Days vacation there.

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Related FAQ

Is food expensive in Egypt?

Food prices in Egypt

The average cost of food in Egypt is E£194 per day, though meal costs might vary. An average lunch in Egypt should cost about E£78 per person while dining out, according to the spending patterns of prior visitors. Prices for breakfast are often a little lower than those for lunch or dinner.

Is English widely spoken in Egypt?

English in Egypt

In most major tourist hubs, including Cairo and Alexandria, as well as at other major tourist destinations and resorts, English is commonly spoken. English is far less common in other parts of Egypt, however French is occasionally used as well.

What language does Egypt speak?

The majority of Egyptians speak one of the several regional dialects of Arabic; which is the country's official language. The spoken vernacular and the literary language are very different from one another; as is the case in other Arab nations.

Is Sharm El Sheikh hot in December?

Weather in Sharm El-Sheikh

The average high temperature in Sharm El-Sheikh drops slightly from 27°C (80.6°F) in November to 23.2°C (73.8°F), which is still rather warm. Sharm El-Sheikh has lows of 15°C (59°F) on average.

Does it rain in Egypt?

Due to its extreme aridity, Egypt receives very little precipitation each year. The majority of rain falls along the shore, and Alexandria; which receives about 200 mm of precipitation year; experiences the highest amounts. Alexandria has a fair amount of humidity; but the sea breeze regulates it.

Do you have to wear masks in Egypt?

Masks in Egypt

Face masks are required to be worn in all closed public areas, including governmental structures, private workplaces, shopping centres, and taxicabs.

Who can enter Egypt without visa?

Additionally, the majority of foreign nationals who are Egyptian relatives—whether children or spouses with legal marriage certificates—are not required to obtain visas to enter the nation. Typically, a valid passport that is eligible and has at least six months left on it must be shown in order to cross the Egyptian border without a visa.

Can I apply for Egypt visa online?

Egyptian Visa

Complete the online visa application form and pay the money with a credit card or debit card to apply for a single or multiple entry Egypt eVisa. The application deadline is seven days before the intended trip. Upon processing, applicants are emailed their approved Egypt eVisas.

Can you walk inside the pyramids?

 Inside the Pyramids of Egypt

Are You Able to Enter the Pyramids? You can, indeed. However, entering the tombs at the Valley of the Kings is more exciting. The majority of tour guides will claim that you must pay extra to enter the pyramids, however this is only partially accurate.

How long is Egypt tourist visa?

Applications for an Egypt e-Visa are typically processed in 5 business days. In the unlikely event of delays, travellers are urged to apply at least 7 days before to the anticipated departure for Egypt. Visitors will frequently get their Egypt e-Visa significantly sooner, possibly in only a day or two.

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