Egypt New Year Tour Packages 10 Days

Egypt New Year Tour Packages 10 Days

Egypt New Year Tour Packages 10 Days

Egypt New Year Tour Packages 10 Days. After deciding to visit Egypt, the following step is to choose and decide which Egypt tour package will be best for you.

With Egypt United Tours, you can now choose from a variety of Egypt vacation packages that take you to explore the pharaonic heritage, the Giza Pyramids, the Nile River, the Red Sea, as well as other regions of the country. Traveling Egypt without prior arrangements won’t satisfy your personal demands. You may customize your Egypt holiday to meet your unique needs and, more importantly, take advantage of special discounts and offers by working with a professional to plan your trip.

Best Egypt New Year Tour Packages 10 Days

When you browse the many Egypt travel packages on our website, you’ll discover many that offer significant savings. For a limited time, private vacation packages to Egypt starting at $3490 are offered. There are also boat excursion packages for holidays on the Red Sea and the Nile. Look at our Egypt New Year Tour Packages 10 Days vacation packages if you want to travel to Egypt without worrying about currency exchange rates because everything is covered by your package. Additionally, Egypt United Tours offers Egypt New Year Tour Packages 10 Days packages, Egypt New Year vacation specials, and Egypt bridal deals.

Private New Year excursions

Private Egypt New Year Tour Packages 10 Days excursions to Egypt have been created to satisfy the needs of each family, no matter how big or small, with children or grandparents. It’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time with loved ones while on vacation in a lovely setting. Making a variety of hotel and even location selections can help you save money on your Egypt holiday. Long and short stay options, as well as self-drive New Year vacations, are available in places including Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheikh. Select a location depending on the scenery and climate you desire, as well as a resort that aligns with your principles, and spend your Egypt New Year Tour Packages 10 Days holiday in Egypt.

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Related FAQ

Is 10 days enough for Egypt?

10 Days in Egypt

You have plenty of time with 10 days in Egypt to explore the country's top attractions beyond the pyramids.

What is the best time of year to visit Egypt?

The greatest time to visit Egypt is from October to April, when the weather is colder but the sun is still out. The daytime highs in spring and autumn range from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius, but the evening lows are substantially lower. There is a lot of sunshine and not much rain in Egypt.

Is Egypt good to visit in December?

December is one of the greatest months of the year to travel to Egypt because of the milder weather and lively atmosphere. Holiday travellers are flooding in, and there are many special events taking place in the lovely weather.

Do you need a visa for Egypt?

Egypt Visa

Unless they are citizens of a nation that does not require visas, all travelers to Egypt must get a visa before travelling there. The visa on arrival and the Egypt e-Visa are two forms of entrance visas for Egypt. There has long been a visa-on-arrival option for Egypt. One can be acquired at the Egyptian border.

What is the currency of Egypt?

According to ISO 4217, the International Standard for currency codes, the official currency of the Arab Republic of Egypt is the Egyptian Pound (EGP). The E£ sign stands for the Egyptian pound. In addition, the currency is designated by the letter LE, which stands for livre égyptienne, or Egyptian pound in English.

Does it snow in Egypt in December?

Snow in Egypt

On Friday, December 13, Cairo, the capital of Egypt, experienced an exceedingly uncommon snowfall (mainly graupel), which according to the local media was the first in 112 years. Temperatures at night were predicted to drop as low as 2 °C (36 °F). The Sinai Peninsula's highlands also experienced a lot of snowfall.

Is Egypt hot in Dec?

Weather in Egypt

Even though the weather is generally pleasant at this time of year, it's a good idea to pack a light jacket or jumper for the evenings. Average daily maximum and lowest temperatures are 24 C and 14 C, respectively.

Is Egypt open for tourism?

Egypt has restarted flights and is available to tourists. Now, travellers from qualified nations can apply online for an Egypt eVisa. The current COVID-19 entrance limitations in Egypt must be known by travelers.

How cold does Egypt get at night?

Winter in Egypt

Winters are moderate and bright, but temperatures at night can drop as low as 0 °C (32 °F) on the coldest evenings. Nighttime temperatures range between 7/8 °C (45/46 °F) in the central region near Luxor to 10/11 °C in the southern region near Aswan.

How much is Egyptian visa at airport?

The cost of an arrival visa for Egypt is $25 USD. In order to prevent delays, it is advisable for qualified visitors to arrive at the Egyptian point of entry of their choosing with precise change. The cost may be paid in US dollars, Euros, or British Pounds.

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