Egypt Holiday Packages

Egypt Holiday Packages

Egypt Holiday Packages 2022/2023

Eager to explore the ancient wonders and the world’s most loved and oldest heritage? Egypt United Tours has effectively created The Best Egypt Holiday packages you can choose from to make the most out of your trip to Egypt. Find here our top-rated Egypt holiday packages in 2022. Also, check rates for your trip to Egypt in 2023

You will get in touch with the land of the pharaohs, Coptic Cairo, Islamic Cairo, and the modern Red sea cities in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh and other cities. All those packages are made by professional travel makers who genuinely love Egypt and their profession. So they are always interested to make the most of the trip and manage to create Egypt holiday packages and plans suitable for individual tourists or groups.

There are many common themes between Egypt vacations packages, the pyramids indeed are on the top of the list and a common theme. Nile cruising, sea sports, desert camping, Luxor, and Aswan sites like Karnak, Valley of Kings and Queens. In addition, Edfu, Kom Ombo temples and for sure the Temple of love at Philae.

Our Egypt holiday packages are a mix of very ancient and modern sites, so you can catch a glimpse of every Egyptian style. Browse our website and choose the tour package to Egypt that will make the most out of your vacation.

Holiday packages to Ancient Egypt

Feel the rich history around the huge three pyramids and other pharaonic treasures, such as the big Sphinx with its very distinctive human head and lion body. Know the back story of all these monuments and experience a desert tour. Visiting Luxor, which is home to about a third of the world’s monuments, is another must-see destination, especially for ancient history buffs. A vacation to Aswan and Luxor is frequently paired with a Nile Cruising Experience from Cairo on numerous itineraries. The Ancient Egypt holiday package begins are your best option for a lovely historical trip to Egypt.

Unique Path Holiday Packages to Egypt

A one-of-a-kind route that delves deeper into Egypt’s sites and provides more information. Egypt United Tours offers a site-seeing trip that includes a professional storyteller who will teach you more about the monuments you walk by. Egypt United Tours is the only company that offers this unique perspective.

Luxury Tour Packages to Egypt

If you desire more leisure and a more delightful experience, our Luxury Tours packages to Egypt is made for you. You will be transported to a bygone period with this package, which includes a special service.

Package for Christmas holidays in Egypt

Do you want a change in the weather? A trip to Egypt over the Christmas season may be a fantastic option. Here there are no snowballs or fireplaces, so start to explore Egypt United Tours vacations to find the best Christmas package for you. Simply book a spot in Egypt United Tours’ Christmas package and be ready to experience the beauty of the land of the pharaohs.

Small-Group Tours

A small group holiday package is an ideal option. if you want a more individualized vacation that minimizes congestion while still allowing you to meet and greet other travelers. You’ll feel more connected to Egypt as you uncover the country’s concealed beauties and build friendships among the small group. If you want to relax and have fun, spend some time near the Red Sea at Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, or Marsa Alam. It will be an unforgettable experience.

Places to go in your Egypt Holiday

Cairo’s craziness (this city actually never sleeps); crowded bazaars; the enormous elegance of Giza’s spectacular Pyramids; and the world’s strongest sphinx, with its recognizable lion body that denotes strength and a human head as a symbol of wisdom. The Sphinx is a must-see sight for everyone to believe in the power of Egypt (the iconic Sphinx). You can only feel yourself sinking into the red rays of the sunset via the Nile in Egypt. You may ride a camel into Luxor’s Valley of the Kings and practice sea sports in the Red Sea’s glistening grandeur and reflective water. It is time for you to accept the fact that time has come to a standstill in Egypt.

Why should you have a pre-arranged vacation to Egypt?

Even though a lot of vacationers have a good Arabic tongue, they would need a tour guide to help them get through Egypt’s complicated streets and not get lost. Not only for the reason of navigation, but also they plan and arrange your day-to-day schedule. To avoid also being annoyed by small businesses and market owners, it is a brilliant choice to stay escorted by the tour guide. You won’t be subject to any shape of fraud, for example, the tour guide will protect you from the market’s sellers who tend to charge the tourists way more than what they originally should pay.

The cool this is that Egypt United Tours pre-book everything you would need in your vacation including all the tickets and hotel reservations. Egypt United Tours also chooses for you one of the best tour guides who will add protection and knowledge value to your trip; most of the travelers make friendships with their tour guide.

The number of monuments and antiques you will see is comparable to those you will see in any other country. It will be a special treat for history lovers. The outstanding greatness of the pyramids and the tombs of the royal pharaohs is a scene that is worth appreciating. Don’t miss out on the Nile Cruising trips. You will be accompanied by a local and history expert to visit the pyramids before heading to Memphis to the sculpture of Rameses II and the Alabaster Sphinx. Tutankhamun’s fancy relics are a must-visit especially if you were accompanied by an Egyptologist. Lastly, you will be rediscovering yourself, the ancient and modern Egypt during this vacation.

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Related FAQ

Can I get a visa for Egypt before I go?

If you have found yourself eligible for obtaining an e-visa, it will be a great idea to sign up for a visa before arriving at Egypt. The process is fairly simple; after you apply with the required documents and a valid passport. You might ask for the embassy’s help in case you couldn’t complete the sign-up page n your own. It is only around a working week until you receive the e-visa on the same email you have signed up with.

Can I get Egypt visa online?

If your country is on the list of e-visa eligibility, you are in for a treat. Seek the Egyptian embassy’s consultation or try to fill the online application by yourself; it is fairly simple process. Prepare the required document that you will be finding on the website page online based on your country, a valid passport, and a vaccine certificate or a negative PCR. It will be delivered by email within a week.

How long does it take to get an E visa for Egypt?

You will need to apply for an e-visa to enter Egypt at least 7 days before your arrival date. It would be more assuring if you applied more than a week before your flight. The duration is dependent on the processing time for the embassy or the consulate varies based on the office you are submitting to. All of this is in case your country is eligible for e-visa application.

How can I get Egypt visa on arrival?

Upon arrival, stand in the line at the immigration office before you get to the on arrival visa window. The price of the on arrival visa is almost $25 to get the entry visa sticker upon the passport. Prepare a passport with at least one year validity, the passport photocopy, visa charges, hotel reservation proof, and a round-trip airfare. These are common documents that are often needed to obtain your entry visa; however, there might be other documents that change from country to another. You can easily find these documents online.

Who can enter Egypt without visa?

It is possible to enter Egypt without a visa for either tourism or business purposes. Furthermore, any international traveler passing via Egypt for 6 to 48 hours does not need a transit visa. Citizens of Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Macau, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Malaysia are not need to get a visa on arrival and may be exempt. Other countries, such as China, may be exempted if certain criteria are satisfied.

How much does it cost for Egyptian visa?

The cost of an Egypt e-Visa is determined by the type of visa you are attempting to get. A single-entry government e-Visa pays $25, and a multiple-entry government e-Visa requires $60. Eligible guests can pay the fees in British Pounds, US Dollars, or Euros. For countries that are not qualified for an e-visa, we recommend that they come without precise cash at the Egyptian border post of their choosing to ensure a seamless crossing.

How much is Egypt visa and flight ticket?

Fees for e-Visas and Visas On Arrival granted for tourism reasons are as continues to follows: A single-entry visa costs $25; a multiple-entry visa requires $60. The cost of a flight ticket varies based on where you are flying from, For instance.

How long is Egypt visa valid?

Your Egypt visa is valid for 90 days from the time it is issued (usually several days after you apply). You can reside in Egypt for a maximum of 30 days during the validity period of 90 days.

What documents do I need for Egypt visa?

The following papers are necessary for an Egypt e-Visa:
Original passport and any previous passports, if any.
Passport with at least two blank pages
Make two photocopies of your passport's first and last pages.
Return flight tickets have been confirmed.
The applicant's submitted visa application form with her/his signature.

Do you need injections to go to Egypt?

A few of the vaccination or injections that the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended for Egypt’s visitors are Yellow fever, Typhoid, polio, rabies, and as for necessity a Covid vaccination or negative PCR results. You will need to check the other vaccines if they are recommended or required to enter Egypt.

Do I have to be Fully vaccinated to travel Egypt?

Visitors should be fully immunized with one of the World Health Organization's and Egyptian Medicines Authority's authorized vaccines to be eligible to enter Egypt. Travelers can travel to Egypt a two weeks s after receiving the second dose of (Moderna / Sputnik/ AstraZeneca / Sinopharm / Sinovac / Pfizer ). The only vaccination that requires only one dosage and allows you to fly to Egypt is Johnson & Johnson.

What is the Price of PCR test in Egypt?

The price of PCR for tourists has just been reduced in Egypt. For Egyptians planning to travel overseas, the diagnostic test now costs EGP 900 instead of EGP 1,200, and for non-Egyptians, EGP 1,200 instead of 1,600

What are Egypt entry requirements for COVID vaccine?

Passengers holding a COVID-19 immunization card issued within 14 days of arrival are exempt from the PCR test. All nationals coming in Egypt from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, or Latin America were affected. If not, they will be requested to do a Covid-19 test once they arrive at the airport. If the test comes back positive, the tourist will be taken to a government-approved hospital and given extra treatment. You must be completely immunized, unless you are taking Johnson & Johnson.

Can I do PCR test in Cairo airport?

Absolutely, if you haven't been immunized and haven't had a recent negative PCR test, you may take a PCR test at any Egyptian airport before entering the country. After the results are released, you will be allowed to get into Egypt.

Does Egypt require quarantine?

The PCR test is waived for all travelers of all cultural origins and nations who have a COVID-19 immunization certificate obtained within 14 days of arrival. All citizens arriving in Egypt from or passing through Vietnam, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bhutan, India, or Latin America were affected. Otherwise, upon arriving at the airport, they will be forced to do a Covid-19 test. If the test is positive, the tourist will be admitted to a government-approved facility and will be exposed to additional care and treatments.

Do I have to wear mask while touring Egypt?

Individuals, who are unable to put on a mask while out in public in Egypt, will be refused access to Egyptian public transportation. For your personal safety and the safety of others, you must wear your mask at all tourist locations.

Where to do PCR test in Cairo?

Preflight screening is provided to you by Egypt PCR Platform, an online service that is the country's first and only passenger RT-PCR booking portal. We offer over 120 COVID-19 RT-PCR testing centers throughout Cairo, Alexandria, the North Coast, Luxor, Aswan, Red sea cities: Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, and all of Egypt's main cities, so you can get your COVID-19 RT-PCR test just about everywhere you go.

What prescription drugs are banned in Egypt?

Co-Diovan, Kodinalin, Nicocodeine, Mogadon, NITRAZEN, Dextromethorphan, Pulmolar, vaccination injections, Somanil, Phenobarbital, Didrex Tablets, PROXEN, KETAMINE INJ, Ergotamine, Nova Tablets with a longer effect are one of the listed medications in airports, so you'll need to bring proofing files if a doctor recommended them to you. They'll be taken away from you if you don't have a prescription proof.

Are tours to Egypt safe?

You are in for a treat if you are planning on visiting Egypt in the current months. During the last months, Egypt has proved to be one of the most secure places in the globe according to the presence of crimes or Covid situation. Just follow your common sense and avoid talking to strangers even if they feel kind. Don’t wander at empty streets alone.

How many days tours do you need in Egypt?

Seven days should be enough to see all of Egypt's major sites. A week is the ideal length of time for an Egypt visit. You may explore Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel, and Luxor while cruising down the Nile River. Ten days would be ideal if you wanted to travel to the Mediterranean Sea or the Red Sea.

How much it cost for Egypt tour?

A trip to Egypt costs different amounts based on the number of days, the tour type (luxury or budget), and the number of people. Budget Egypt holidays cost anywhere from $390 to $1099, while elite and luxurious Egypt excursions total cost anywhere from $1099 to $3999.

When is the cheapest time to go to Egypt?

The high season in terms of costs is from October to April. This is the perfect time to visit Egypt because the weather is cooler yet still pleasant. As a result, Egypt's hotels are nearly sold out, and airline tickets are prohibitively costly. Hotel and airfare prices are typical between May and September. To summarize, June, July, and August are the cheapest months to visit Egypt.

How much cash can I bring to Egypt?

The maximum amount of international currency you may carry is $10,000, while the maximum amount of local currency you can bring is $5,000 Egyptian pounds. If you don't change your money before you come, you'll get better rates at the airports. Furthermore, ATMs can be located practically everywhere in Egypt.

How much money do I need per day in Egypt?

For your Egypt vacation, you should budget E£636 ($40) per day, which is the daily average rate based on previous travelers' expenditures. Tourists previously claimed to have spent E£194 ($12) on restaurants and E£107 ($6.72) on public transportation in a single night. This budget may increase or decrease depending on the restaurants and accommodations you select and their ratings.

Is Egypt cheap or expensive?

Egypt is a reasonably priced destination. Traveling in Egypt is cheaper than in New Zealand, Australia, North America, Japan, and Europe. Egypt is around the same price as traveling across Southeast Asia. Even if your budget is limited, you may be able to see a range of tourist destinations and engage in various activities in Egypt.

How do you pay for things in Egypt?

The most common way of payment is cash. But don't worry: most establishments accept credit cards, and ATMs can be found almost anywhere, so you'll always be able to acquire cash when you need it. You'll need some cash when you get in Egypt; however, you can obtain the remaining balance with your credit card.

Can you pay by Credit card in Egypt?

You may experience technical challenges if your bank is locally focused. Your HSBC debit card is accepted at a number of retail outlets in Egypt, as well as over 28 million globally. There's no reason to be concerned. Many Egyptian ATMs accept international credit and debit cards and process them without a problem.

Is tipping expected in Egypt?

Backsheesh is a phrase for tipping that is extensively used in Asia and the Middle East. Leave a little gratuity to show your appreciation for tour guides, drivers, waiters, and other service providers.

How much to tip in Egypt?

Tipping is traditional in Egypt to demonstrate a person's appreciation of a service; the typical tipping amount varies depending on the service received.
Here's how much you should budget for your vacation to Egypt:
The hotel's bellman. Each piece of baggage costs between $1 and $2 USD.
15$ per person for a full day trip with a tour guide
For a full day trip, drivers will be paid $10 per participant.
Restaurant waiters, $1 to $2 USD each dinner for 2 to 10 people,
50 cents in a coffee shop.
The crew employees on the Nile Cruise pay $2 each night.
A felucca or a boat trip is an option. A one-hour trip costs $2.

Is it safe to visit the pyramids in Cairo?

It's only a minor inconvenience that may cause discomfort, but it's not dangerous. Even if they are in a car or cab, tourists visiting well-known landmarks such as the Giza Pyramids may be harassed and asked for money or business. Those that visit the Giza Pyramids with a pre-arranged guide or as part of a group trip will have a better time.

How far is the Nile from pyramids?

The current Nile canal is five miles from the pyramids, which is a long-distance to transport massive stone slabs. The Giza Pyramids were in a battle with the Nile long before the Sphinx was unearthed from the sand dunes. A stream of the Nile River neared the Pyramids region as the flood approached, and this was the scenario previously.

Can you brush your teeth with tap water in Egypt?

Although Egypt's tap water is theoretically fine to consume, it tastes strongly like chlorine. Using tap water to wash and brush your teeth is, however, more cheaper. Travelers commonly feel ill as a result of their relative inexperience with the taste of food and water, as previously stated. So buying bottled water is always recommended.

Is there a dress code for tourists in Egypt?

In Egypt, there is no regulation dictating what Egyptians and visitors should dress. Keep in mind that Egyptians are usually well-dressed but modest in their outfit selections to feel at ease and respectful to the social norms. You will have a complete Egyptian experience if your garments are long enough to cover your legs and shoulders. If you're visiting a mosque, wear conservative clothing, ideally with a scarf.

What do female tourists wear in Egypt?

The dress norm in Egypt is considered to be conservative attire based on Westerners judgment; however, the modest dresses aren’t compulsory put by the government or law. It is more about what Egyptians have used to see and what will be seen a little up normal in local Egyptian streets. For example, if you want to feel the harmony with Egyptians and live the whole experience, try to cover up your cleavage and shoulders. Egyptians wear everything in this fashion regardless if it was a skirt, blouse, jeans, and any type of pants. This modest fashion slightly disappears among modern and wealthy neighborhoods and sea areas.

Can you wear jeans in Egypt?

Jeans, on the other hand, might not be the ideal choice in Egypt due to the heat. In the heat, wide-leg, linen, or light cotton trousers (like the elephant-style pant popular in Southeast Asia) might help you stay cool. Egyptians of all genders, on the other hand, are huge fans of jeans.

Does Egypt ever rain?

Egypt receives between 20 mm (0.79 in) and 200 mm (7.87 in) of annual average precipitation along its short Mediterranean coast, while the average precipitation south of Cairo drops to almost 0 millimetres (0.00 inches) in the country's center and southern regions. Rain generally rains in the winter around the Mediterranean coast.

Is Egypt hot all year round?

The frigid season lasts 3.0 months, from December 3 to March 3, with an average yearly temperature of less than 72°F. The coldest month in Cairo is January, with an average temperature of 51°F and a high of 67°F.

What is the coldest month in Egypt?

The frigid season lasts 3.0 months, from December 3 to March 3, with an average yearly temperature of less than 72°F. The coldest month in Cairo is January, the temperature in average doesn’t exceed 67ᵒ F or drops behind 51ᵒ F.

Is it safe to travel down the Nile?

It's safer than you would imagine. You'll notice high levels of security along the Nile, which is reassuring rather than intrusive. Metal detector gates, similar to those seen at airports, are installed at every attraction, hotel, and cruise ship. Prepare for luggage checks as well; it's best to pack minimally for day trips.

How much is $100 in Egyptian pounds?

You may obtain roughly 1,569.93 Egyptian Pounds by multiplying 100 dollars by the current exchange rate. They are reasonable, but not "exorbitant" in Egyptian terms. It's also vital to consider what you mean by "a lot." In Egypt, for example, one hundred dollars will afford a family of four a fun day out on the streets, a movie ticket, and dinner at a semi-quality cafe.

What are the boats on the Nile called?

A felucca is a triangle-shaped boat with a triangle-shaped sail that the Egyptians use up until today. Cabins on Ancient Egyptian ships did not appear until the reign of the New Kingdom. Aswan is the most popular departure point for felucca cruises, although Luxor is also an option. In Zamalek and Downtown, little felucca rides are available for you and your guests to enjoy.

How long is a Nile river cruise?

A long Nile cruise from Cairo to Luxor or Cairo to Aswan, relying on your interests, might last 11/13/14/15 days. The Abu Simbel Temples are one of the most important attractions in Aswan. From Luxor to Aswan, the journey takes around two to three days.

What is there to do on a Nile cruise?

First and foremost, you will be treated to one of the Nile River's most heart-warming natural settings, as well as its animals and the lifestyle of early-morning fishermen. You can observe the oldest and most valuable Egyptian history in Luxor and Aswan while relaxing on the east and west banks of the Nile, enjoying the fresh wind brought by the Nile. The Nile Cruise is known for its shopping and entertainment nights, which are mainly hosted by Nubians.

Can you cruise the Nile from Cairo?

This is often a 12-day voyage up the Nile River, including stops in Cairo and Luxor, harkens back to the days when European tourists first visited Egypt by water. At both Cairo and Luxor, these cruises provide sightseeing days from the ship's deck.

How many days do you need in Cairo?

The best length of time to invest in Cairo is three days. The following are some of the highlights of your three-day trip to Cairo. The Egyptian Museum, the Great Pyramids, Coptic Cairo, Downtown Cairo, and other major highlights may all be visited in three days.

How much does it cost to enter the pyramids?

The cost of a ticket to visit the pyramids complex and see the three pyramids and the Great Sphinx is £200. It costs 400 LE to enter and visit the inside of the massive pyramid of Khufu. Each ticket to the inside of the second and third pyramids costs £100. You may also go to the solar boat museum and the Queen's Pyramids, both of which require a supplementary ticket that you should check.

What is the best time to visit Cairo?

Egypt is best enjoyed and visited between October and April, whenever the weather is warm yet pleasant across the country. This makes navigating Cairo's congested streets, viewing the desert Pyramids, and exploring old Pharaonic tombs more convenient and enjoyable.

What should I wear to the pyramids?

Summers are hot, and winters are cold, though not below freezing, at Egypt's most iconic pyramids. While on vacation in the summer, use lightweight, breathable, and flexible materials like cotton and linen. We would advise throughout the winter, warmer apparel, such as a pair of jeans, a long-sleeved top, and a coat.

What is the famous food in Egypt?

Three of Egypt's most popular traditional foods include kushari, ful, and molokhiya. Kushari. Many Egyptians consider kushari, a rice, macaroni, lentils, and spicy tomato sauce meal, to be the country's national cuisine. Molokhiya is a leafy green vegetable that is diced and cooked with beef, chicken, and rabbit in soups. It's frequently accompanied by white rice and bread. Ful medames, Egypt's second most common meal, is made of smashed fava beans, parsley, garlic, onion, and chili pepper cooked in lemon juice.

Is Cairo safe for female tourists?

Several women go alone to Egypt for vacations, and the vast bulk of them enjoy a lovely and safe experience. Many Egyptians find a woman going alone odd, so you might attract a lot of attention which is usually a catcalling experience and rarely goes beyond. Nowadays, the risk of attracting unwanted attention to yourself became much less than before. Egyptian legislation has been more rigorous in circumstances where Egyptian males have backed away from inappropriate attention to females. The issue of verbal harassment has greatly improved comparing to many other Mid-eastern countries.

How should a woman dress in Egypt?

Many people in the West believe Egyptians dress conservatively. Females in Egypt whether citizens or tourists are not required to follow a dress standards. In Egyptian culture, it is important to cover your cleavage, knees, and shoulders, thus skirts, blouses, jeans, any type of pants, and anything and everything that satisfies these criteria are culturally accepted. Crop tops and shorts are not very common in city roads or in religious buildings. So it is usually better for all sides to balance between your style and the culture standards.

Do I have to wear a hijab in Egypt?

No. Despite the fact that no specific attire is necessary in Egypt, there are various cultural norms, such as wearing clothing that covers the shoulders, cleavage, and knees. Clothes are a part of the atmosphere of a location that you may want to experience, but they are not required by law. On the beach and in affluent districts, less modest apparel is prevalent. Only in mosques, hijab would be a sign of respect to the site's holiness.

Is Egypt safe for solo female tourists?

In some Egyptian cities, female tourists may feel apprehensive. Although actual crime and violence are rare in Egypt, street catcalling is popular, and women who are traveling alone are routinely accosted. Travel in groups of three or more people if at all possible, and keep to well-lit streets. The situation is far better than it was previously and in comparison to all other nations in the Middle East, yet it may be aggravating in some areas. The more touristic a location is the better.

Do female tourists have to cover up in Egypt?

No, however many visitors would strive to respect the majority of Egyptians' conservative manner in the streets and on religious trips especially. If possible, wear clothing that covers your legs and shoulders, however, this is not required. Trousers, capris, and skirts are fine as long as they are comfy and considerate. In the Egyptian street, most women dress modestly in long pants and skirts, blouses, jackets, and shirts.

Is there a cruise from Cairo to Luxor?

Between Cairo and Luxor, the Nile Cruiser is the most luxurious method of transit. From February to June and September to November, only a few of the major Nile cruise firms, such as Mövenpick, operate this route, with cruise lines departing from Cairo once a month.

How much does it cost to go for a Nile cruise?

Four-day Nile cruises start at US$240 for the most economical options. The cost of a 5-day cruise begins at US$320 per person and rises to US$600 for a good Nile Cruise. For Luxury cruise boats, the price could reach to 250$ per person per night.

Where do Nile cruises depart from?

Luxor and Aswan are the most popular departure points for Nile cruises. River boating is a pleasant and luxury way to visit the ancient sites of Upper Egypt. The most of river cruises depart from Cairo and last between three and seven days (round-trip), with only a handful of few journeys lasting more than a week.

What is the best time of year to do a Nile cruise?

The ideal time to take a Nile River cruise is between October and April, based on Egypt's climate throughout the year and the fact that Upper Egypt is the hottest part of Egypt, "Luxor & Aswan," where you may enjoy your Nile River Cruise and the Nile's grandeur.

Can you visit the Nile River in Egypt?

Yes, at long last! Nile River cruises have resumed after a months-long hiatus owing to the coronavirus epidemic. The river can handle both luxury ships and smaller luxury boats between Aswan Dam and Luxor. Between Cairo and Luxor, lengthier Nile cruises are also available.

How many days do you need in Cairo Egypt?

Three days is the optimal amount of time to devote in a tour in Cairo. Some of the sights to explore for your three days in Cairo are as follows: Egypt's sites include, the Giza Pyramids, Egyptian Breakfast, Coptic Cairo, the Bent Pyramid, the Egyptian Museum, and Khan el-Khalili. The more time you stay here, you will be seeing more.

How long is the boat ride from Cairo to Luxor?

This 12-day cruise up the Nile River, which passes via Cairo and Luxor, pays homage to the beginnings of Egypt tourism, when European travelers first visited the country by boat. These cruises offer viewing days from the ship's deck at both Cairo and Luxor.

Is it OK to swim in the Nile?

Swimming near Luxor, according to some, is an excellent idea. Between Aswan and Luxor, the water is incredibly clear, making a swim interesting and delightful. According to the authorities, swimming is prohibited in Aswan since many people have drowned there. Swimming in the Nile is not recommended in general because you risk contracting bilharzia, and the water is harsher than sea water, making it difficult for inexperienced swimmers to enjoy.

How many days do you need in Luxor?

To see the key sights in Luxor, you'll need at least two days; on the first day, you'll go to the Kings Valley, Hatshepsut Temple, and the Valley of the Queens. The second day will be spent visiting the temples of Karnak and Luxor. If you have an additional day or two in Luxor, I recommend seeing Habu Temple, the Valley of Workers, the Luxor Museum and the Valley of nobles.

What is better Luxor or Aswan?

Despite the fact that Aswan is not obviously better to Luxor, it outperforms it in numerous areas. For example, if you want to go on a day excursion to Abu Simbel temple or discover more about the old Nubian culture that is still alive and well in and around Aswan city. It is totally up to you to make a choice based on your own individual interests and preferences. In terms of culture, Luxor is more historically significant than Aswan.

What is Dahabiya cruise?

One of the most popular Nile cruises is called Dahabiya. The most luxurious and private way to experience the Nile is on our Nile Cruise. These boats, known as Dahabiya in Arabic, are from a time when the Nile Valley was visited by Europe's elite aboard similar vessels.

What are the small luxury boats on the Nile called?

Egyptians keep going by boat across the Nile on a regular basis. When they require a quick voyage down the Nile, they use the fellucca, a small boat with a large triangular sail. Some are more extravagant than others in terms of look and space.

Is Luxor worth visiting?

Luxor and Cairo are poles apart, and Luxor is well worth seeing. This does not, however, require you to do it. It all depends on your level of interest in Egyptian history. It is a city steeped in history, and temples and historically significant monuments may be found there. It is known as the world's largest open air museum and is home to around one-third of the world's historical monuments.

Is Aswan worth visiting?

Because of its amazing market, connection to Nubian people and culture, fast cross-Nile boat journey, and nice place to stay, Aswan is a lot more fun to visit than Luxor in terms of culture and a bit less so in terms of history. The Abu Simpel Temple is located in Aswan.

Is Red Sea worth visiting?

Indeed! The riches of the Red Sea are well-known. The Suez and Aqaba Gulfs meet here, creating an amazing aquatic paradise naturally. Dive and snorkel in the Red Sea, which has some of the most beautiful waters and seabed in the world, with numerous reefs and fantastic marine life. The Red Sea's resorts and hotels provide fantastic services and entertainment alternatives.

Do and don'ts in Egypt?

• Obtain a copy of the vaccination certificate.
• Get hard copies of your three passports and airline tickets.
• If you take any medications, make sure to bring them with you along with a prescription proof.
• Bring a swimsuit with you to Hurghada.
• Bring an interesting book or novel with you.
• Don't forget to bring a charger for your phone and a camera.
• Bring a portable charger in case you need to charge your phone while outside.
• Pack a jacket for the evening.
• Don't forget to bring some venom.
• Don't forget to bring your sunglasses and sunscreen.
• Bring coins to give to youngsters who beg for money.
• Wear shoes that are comfy to walk in.
• Call your bank and let them know you'll be heading to Egypt and will be using your ATM or credit card.
• Get your money exchanged at a bank or an established exchange agency. It's not from the street, for it might be a fraud.
• Keep track of your vacation to Egypt in your diary on a daily basis, you would enjoy looking back at them later.
• Upon arriving, purchase a local SIM and top it up with data.
• As I previously said, please dress comfortably for the day excursion especially for desert trips.
• Pay attention to the directions of your tour guide and try not to be alone for most of the time you spend outside your hotel.
• Save your admission tickets for future reference and good memories.
• Always inquire about the finest photo locations with your tour guide.
• During your visits, especially in the Valley of Kings, make sure to stay hydrated drinking water.
Buy Bottled water
• Before beginning your trip, inquire about the location of the restrooms at each destination.
• Always have toilet papers in your bag.
• If you're looking to buy souvenirs, haggle over pricing.
• If someone gives you something but you don't want it, learn the magical word "La Shokran," which means "No Thank you."

• Don't swallow the tap water.
• Don't harm, remove from its place, or touch any monuments.
• Don't snap photographs of individuals without their consent; "a grin while holding your camera is adequate to tell them that you are photographing them"
• If children beg for money, instead offer them pencils, as described above.
· When visiting holy sites, avoid wearing shoes.
• Your feet should not be directed in the direction of anyone's face.
• Don't consume alcoholic beverages in public.
• Don't accept free presents since "nothing comes for free."
• Do not purchase valuable items on the street.
• Don't miss any of the tours; each location is unique.
• Avoid kissing or hugging in public.
• Do not cross alone; instead, ask a police officer to assist you if you are without a tour guide or someone experienced.
• If a stranger approaches you, ignore them and respond "La Shokran."
• Keep your distance from street animals (cats and dogs) and try to not play with them since most of those street animals aren’t vaccinated.

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