Best of Egypt to go Packages

Best of Egypt to go Packages

Best of Egypt to go Packages in 2023/2024

Egypt is without a doubt one of the greatest nations to visit in Africa, with the Great Pyramids of Giza, the complex tombs of the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, and the flowing Nile River.

Many people are unaware, however, that Egypt also has magnificent beaches and world-class scuba diving. Egypt to Go is your new way of travel to the land of beauty now.

Undoubtedly many travelers to Egypt are looking for the best travel agency to make a fascinating trip to the land of the pharaohs. We have created a new brand to collect the most popular tour packages that many tourists to Egypt ask for; Egypt to Go. It is a new travel brand created by our company to fulfill all your travel needs. We bring for you all what you want and even some more. It has been a long time since a tours provider thinks of travelers’ needs, but we do care! With a long experience in tourism, our team put together all that you could ever dream of a holiday to the Land of the Nile.

Check all our Package Holidays to Egypt here and we are sure you would love to come to Egypt shortly.

With Egypt to Go, we guarantee the best travel services along with the most affordable trip prices.

We also offer the top variety of Egypt All-Inclusive Packages:

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 6 Days All Inclusive Egypt Vacations 

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 Egypt luxury tours with Nile Cruises

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Related FAQ

Is Egypt a safe place to go on holiday?

In comparison to many Western nations, Egypt has a low rate of violent crime, and you may wander around safely at any time of day or night. The lights in Cairo's major cities are never turned off, even at night, and people stay awake far beyond midnight, so you won't be afraid to wander about late at night. You must, however, bear in mind the fundamentals of common sense: just not to walk alone, preferably with Egyptian you know and trust. Additionally, avoid vacant streets.

Does Egypt require quarantine?

You can’t acquire an Egyptian visa without obtaining a recent negative PCR test or a licensed Covid certificate. Only of you test positive, you will need to maintain a 2 weeks quarantine before entering the country.

Is Egypt open for travel?

Yes! Travels to Egypt have thankfully resumed, and you can book you flight any time you want now. However, visitors obtain a negative COVID-19 virus test within three calendar days before departure. A passenger must also present a licensed Covid test certificate issued three months before the flight date.

How much is a holiday to Egypt?

For a reasonable package, two-week trips to Egypt cost well over $2,000 per person. Hence, Going by past tourist estimates, you could anticipate to pay around $40 per night, including meals and transportation regardless of the price of attractions, cruises as you are going to pay around 500$ more. The price of hotel rooms vary greatly based on their rating, services, and facilities.

How much is Egypt visa fee?

The kind of visa which depends on the purpose of your visit determines the cost of an Egypt e-Visa. The cost of a single-entry government e-Visa is $25, and a many-entrues government e-Visa is $60. Eligible tourists can make payment in US dollars, Euros, or British Pounds, and it is advised that they bring precise change to their preferred Egyptian border checkpoint to avoid delays.

How long does Egypt visa take?

Your authorized Egypt e-Visa will be electronically connected to the passport you used to submit the request form after it has been processed and authorised, which normally takes 7 business days. Other nations are eligible for a visa on arrival in Egypt, which may be obtained on the spot at the Egyptian airport. So it depends on the type of visa you are going for.

Which airlines fly to Cairo?

Several airlines operate direct flights from All over the World to Cairo on a daily basis (CAI). Egyptair, Emirates Airlines, Lufthana, Turkish airlines, Ethad airlines, British airlines, Alitalia, Air France, America Airlines and many more

How much does it cost to visit Giza Pyramids?

A day tour to Giza Pyramids includes a private car and a private tour guide will cost in the average of $50 to $$100 USD. depends on the type of car you hire and the hours you want to spend at the Pyramids site.

Why is it illegal to climb the pyramids?

Mounting the pyramids is also forbidden because it is extremely risky, and anyone caught attempting so risks a three-year prison term in Egypt. You have put yourself in danger. Hiking monuments and smuggling artefacts out of the country will result in heavy fines and jail sentences.

Can I ride a camel in Egypt?

Every first-time visitor to Egypt should take a camel ride. Surely, a camel ride around the Pyramids is popular among visitors to the Giza plateau. Exploring the desert beyond the Pyramids is also a good option. The typical cost of a 30-minute camel ride is 300 EGP, or around $20 USD. However, depending on your negotiation abilities, this price might vary significantly.

Is Cairo expensive for tourists?

Because this is the current average price based on other tourists' expenditures, you should budget E£634 ($40) per day for your vacation to Cairo. In one day, previous visitors paid an estimated of E£180 ($11) on food and E£113 ($7.21) on public transit.

Is Cairo safe at night?

Yes, but try to remain in the masses where the light is; the streets will be crowded. Although Cairo is quite safe after midnight. Also, there are some considerations to take that are simple logic in many regions: don't trust strangers, particularly if you are alone or wandering through empty alleys.

What was the ancient Egyptian language?

Egyptian Civilization Hieroglyphs used Hieratic, Coptic and Demotic were four distinct scripts . Moreover, these writings did not all emerge at the same time, but rather during the course of the ancient Egyptian language's existence. Up until now, we have historians who translate Hieroglyphs to narrate for us more details about ancient Egypt.

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