Egypt Escorted Tours

Egypt Escorted Tours

Egypt Escorted Tours 2023

Interested in learning more about ancient wonders and the world’s most cherished and one of the greatest heritages? Egypt United Tours has put up a variety of the best Escorted tours to Egypt from USA, Canada, Australia, UK and many other destinations. It’s your best choice to make the most of your vacation to Egypt.

The country of the pharaohs, Coptic Cairo, Islamic Cairo, and the modern and very chill red sea towns will all be explored. All of these Egypt escorted packages are created by experienced travelers who are passionate about Egypt and their careers. As a result, they are constantly interested in making the most of their vacation and are able to put together Escorted Tours packages and itineraries that are appropriate for individual travelers or groups.

Nile Cruises Escorted Vacations

There are several common elements across Egypt trips, with the pyramids being at the top of the list. Nile sailing, sea sports, desert camping, and site visits to the Karnak and Kom Ombo temples at Luxor and Aswan. Our Egypt Escorted Tours Packages include a combination of ancient and modern sights, allowing you to experience every Egyptian style.

Explore our website to select the package that will help you make the most of your escorted holiday to Egypt. Our registrations and bookings are simple and straightforward to complete online, and we make a flexible and reasonable cancellation policy. Choose the best tour package that suits you and go on an amazing holiday to Egypt now. Don’t forget to take pictures.

Escorted Tours to Egypt’s Ancient Sites

Do you want to know how it feels when you are surrounded by monuments and treasures that date back to the pharaoh’s era? Take pictures of yourself at Luxor’s temple and among Aswan’s Nubian culture. It is important to mention that those Luxor and Aswan trips are often paired with long Nile cruises. Indeed, the pyramids and the great sphinx are on the list of this package designed and prepared by Egypt United Tours.

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Related FAQ

How to get Egypt visa before traveling?

Visa to Egypt

If you are unable to complete the sign-up page on your own, you may contact the embassy for assistance. Applying for an e-visa before visiting Egypt is a fantastic way to start your trip if you qualify. The process is simple if you have all of the necessary papers and a valid passport.
Your e-visa will be delivered to the same email address that you used to sign up in less than a week.

How to obtain online Egypt visa?

Online Egypt Visa

For assistance, contact the Egyptian embassy or complete the online application yourself; it's an easy process. If your country is on the list of e-visa authorized countries, the process will be much easier.
Prepare the required documents, which may be found on the internet, as well as a valid passport and a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR, if your country requires it. Within a week, you should get your visa by email.

Can I get visa for Egypt on my arrival?

Yes, just bring a clear photocopy of your passport, visa costs, proof of hotel bookings, and a round-trip ticket if your passport has a few years left on its validity. Then you'll be ready to apply for your; however, the documents you'll need may vary based on your home country, however, the paperwork listed above is typical among most visa applications in the nation. Aside from the immigration office, there is a window devoted to delivering travelers with on-the-spot visas. A single admittance will cost around $25 which will include a passport visitor visa badge.
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How much is the normal cost for Egypt visa?

Egypt Visa Cost

Whether you pick a single or multiple entry visa will impact the cost of your visa. A single-entry visa costs $25, whereas a government e-Visa with multiple entries costs $60. Permitted visitors can pay for their purchases in a variety of currencies, including British Pounds, US Dollars, and Euros. If you need to get your visa at the airport, it's typically best to bring the exact amount of cash with you so that you may depart the airport quickly and easily.

Do travelers to Egypt need any type of injections?

Injections to go to Egypt

As you arrange your vacation to Egypt, one of the obligatory vaccines or injections will be an approved Covid immunization or a negative PCR test. Polio, yellow fever, typhoid, and rabies vaccines are also needed, if necessary; you should double-check whether any additional vaccination is advised or considered necessary for admission to Egypt, as this varies often.

Should I be Fully vaccinated to visit Egypt?

Vaccinations to travel Egypt

Before traveling to Egypt, guests must be completely vaccinated with one of the World Health Organization's and Egyptian Medicines Authority's recognized vaccines, such as Moderna/Sputnik/AstraZeneca/ Sinopharm/ Sinovac/ Pfizer. If you have only gotten one dosage of Johnson & Johnson's vaccination, you are free to travel to Egypt anytime you want.

What are the entry requirements for COVID vaccine in Egypt?

Covid requirements to travel Egypt

You must have a negative PCR test on arrival to Egypt even if you have a vaccination certificate confirming that you received the entire dose of the vaccine. Vaccines from AstraZeneca, Sinopharm, Sinovac, Pfizer, Moderna, and Sputnik, among others, have been authorized by the World Health Organization.

Can tourists do PCR test in Cairo?

PCR Test in Cairo

In case that you haven't a negative PCR test valid for 72 hours, you can get a PCR test prior to entering Egypt at any Egyptian air terminal. You will be permitted to enter Egypt without going through isolation when you get a negative PCR test; otherwise, you will need to quarantine yourself for a couple of weeks.

Do travelers to Egypt have to wear mask while touring around?

Masks are now required to enter many places in Egypt, especially interior sites and forms of transportation such as public transportation and Uber. Please protect yourself, those around you, and the rest of the world by wearing your mask.

How much is the Covid PCR test in Egypt?

Covid PCR Test price

The cost of PCR testing for tourists visiting Egypt has just been decreased, making the procedure more accessible to everybody. For tourists of any nationality who wish to visit Egypt, the PCR test now costs 600LE ($40 USD).

Are there any prescription drugs banned in Egypt?

Banned Drugs in Egypt

Prohibited prescriptions include Somanil, Phenobarbital, Kodinalin, PROXEN, Mogadon, NITRAZEN, Pulmolar, Dextromethorphan Co-Diovan, vaccination injections, KETAMINE INJ, Ergotamine, Nova Tablets having a higher impact, and you'll need to present verification documents if a doctor prescribed them. If you don't have any documentation proving that you were given these medications, they will be seized at the airport.

Is Egypt safe to travel now?

Egypt safety to travel

Egypt's current status is far more secure than any other time in its history. Don't be concerned if you are going to visit it soon. Simply use common sense and trust your instincts wherever you travel in Egypt and overseas, such as staying away from strangers or being alone in uninhabited areas.

How many days do I need to tour Egypt?

All of Egypt's attractions may be seen in a week's time. Spending a week in Egypt is the ideal length of time. You may stop in Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel, and Luxor while riding the Nile River. So, ideally, you should spend about 10 days travelling around the Mediterranean or Red Seas.

How much a trip to Egypt cost now?

Egypt Trip Cost

It is possible to visit all of Egypt's attractions in seven days. The greatest time to spend in Egypt is for ten days. While cruising the Nile, you might want to stop in Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel, and Luxor. In an ideal scenario, you should spend roughly $1200 USD for 10 days traveling around Egypt

What is the cheapest month to visit Egypt?

Cheapest Time to visit Egypt

From October to April, the Egyptian weather at this time is the nicest, it is chill with assured sunrise; Tours to Egypt at this time are typically pricey compared to the rest of the months. Egypt's hotels are nearly sold out, resulting in exorbitantly priced aircraft tickets, so prepare ahead of time to make your bookings. Hotel and travel charges are common between May and September. If you want to save money on your vacation to Egypt, book your spot during the months of June, July, and August.

How cash allowance can I take to Egypt?

Cash Allowance in Egypt

The greatest amount of cash you may carry into Egypt at the airport is $10,000; however, the largest sum of cash you can carry in Egyptian pounds is $5,000. If you change your money at the airport, you will get higher returns. ATMs are also located practically any place in Egypt.

How much is enough per day to spend in Egypt?

Some tourists calculated that they would need to spend E£194 ($12) on cafés and restaurants each night, plus E£107 ($6.72) on public transportation. The restaurants you visit and the hotel you choose to remain and chill by influence the present estimated price. For your Egypt vacation, a daily budget of E£636 ($40) should be enough; this daily average is based on previous visitors' visits to Egypt.

Is it expensive or cheap in Egypt?

Prices in Egypt

If you're on a tight budget, a trip to Egypt would be a fantastic way to have a wonderful time without breaking the bank. While flying to Egypt is less expensive than travelling through North America, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe, it is nearly as expensive as travelling through Southeast Asia.
You'll get the chance to see tourist attractions and participate in a variety of Egyptian activities.
Enjoy our Egypt Escorted Tours

Is cash or credit recommended to buy things in Egypt?

Cash vs Credit card in Egypt

Cash is the most prevalent method of payment in Egypt, but don't worry; credit cards are accepted by many shops and restaurants, and ATM machines can be found almost anyplace, so getting a respectable amount of cash anytime you need it is usually feasible. If you need to convert a considerable amount of money, it's best to take some cash with you to the airport since you'll get the best exchange rate and the most security.

Is it Ok to use my Credit card to buy things in Egypt?

If your bank is located domestically, local limitations may be a concern; but, using your HSBC debit card will make it easier, which is accepted in over 28 million retail outlets globally, including Egypt.
You shouldn't be afraid; most Egyptian ATMs certainly accept international debit cards.

Do I need to tip Egypt?

Tipping in Egypt

In Asia and the Middle East, tipping is known as "backsheesh." As a token of thanks, gratitude, or respect, provide an additional little amount of money to the drivers, waiters, tour guides, and anybody else who serves or assists you.

What is the reasonable amount for tipping in Egypt?

Undoubtedly, tipping is a prevalent action in Egypt to show appreciation for excellent service; the typical tipping amount varies depending on the type of service provided.
Here's how much you should budget for your vacation to Egypt:
For a full day trip, drivers will be paid $10 per participant.
At the hotel, the bellman: each piece of baggage costs between $1 and $2 US dollars.
Excursions on a felucca or a boat are also realistic options.
A one-hour trip will set you back at least $2.
Crew employees on the Nile Cruise are paid $2 per night.
Waiters in restaurants are often paid $1 to $2 USD per dinner for two to ten people, but waiters at coffee shops are paid 50 cents every supper for two to ten people.
The cost of a full-day tour with a tour guide is $15 per person.

Are the Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt safe to visit now?

Pyramids Travel Safety

It's uneasy to visit the Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt as you should have an escorted tour, but it's not dangerous. Even if you are in a car or cab, tourists visiting well-known monuments such as the Giza Pyramids may receive so much attention from merchants for business. Undoubtedly, it is more fun to visit the Giza Pyramids with a tour guide or as part of a group excursion.
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Is the Nile river far from Giza Pyramids?

The present Nile waterway is five miles from Giza Pyramids, a considerable distance for massive stone slabs to traverse. The Giza Pyramids were at battle with the Nile long before the Sphinx was uncovered in the sands. A stream of the Nile River reached the Pyramids region when the flood struck.

Can I use tap water to brush my teeth in Egypt?

Drinking Tap water in Egypt

Although Egypt's tap water is supposed to be safe to drink, it has a distinct chlorine flavor and is not a very healthy option. However, purchasing bottled water is always a smart decision. On the other hand, using tap water to wash and brush your teeth is less expensive. As previously said, visitors become apprehensive since they are unfamiliar with the flavors of food and drink.
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