Best Holidays to Egypt

Best Holidays to Egypt

Best Egypt Holidays Packages 2022

With our Egypt United Tours packages, you may walk among the world’s most famous historical and historical treasures. Our company’s foundation has always been based on a passion for travel and a high level of expertise to take you to the best places to visit in Egypt and provide the best Egypt Holidays packages in 2022.

Egypt places to visit and Things to do

So don’t wait any longer to begin your journey to the Land of the Pharaohs. Seeing the three huge pyramids is a must-do before cruising one of the world’s longest rivers and learning more about the ancient world along the Nile’s banks. A day trip to Luxor and Aswan will provide you with wonderful moments and enjoyment while viewing all of the historic sights they have to offer, including the Edfu and Kom Ombo temples.

People who enjoy classical and modern holidays packages to Egypt, elegant Nile cruises, snorkeling and diving tours, city tours, and desert camping will find it to be a rewarding experience. The adventure by Egypt United Tours has no bounds, so don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance and browse out our holiday to Egypt packages.

Along with the tremendous majesty of Giza’s breathtaking Pyramids, you will discover thrill in the never-sleeping Egyptian streets. You would also like the sight of the giant sphinx guarding the pyramids, as well as its distinctive traits of a lion body symbolizing might and a human head signifying intelligence. The memorable visit to the magnificent pyramids is the first rationale why everyone believes in Egypt’s position among several cities of the globe. While sailing a felucca in Egypt, you may dive into the sunset golden lights. You may as well try riding a camel into Luxor’s Valley of the Kings and indulge in sea sports in the brilliant beauty and the mirroring exceptionally clear water of the Red Sea. These are some of the exact times in Egypt when you would experience as if time had paused and remained still.

Egypt Holidays Packages with flexible cancellation

Don’t forget to take advantage of our present highly adaptable booking and cancellation policy due to covid situation; This allows you to start preparing your holiday to Egypt right immediately and travel whenever you choose. If you like to travel in groups, we have private and group packages available. All our packages holidays to Egypt and tours were created and evaluated by travel specialists, and they are designed to cater to a diversified group and interests.

Ancient Egypt Tours

Take in the sights of the magnificent pyramids and be surrounded by the rich and renowned history that the Egyptian pharaohs have left for generations to proudly cherish. Take a visit to Luxor, where you may see the Great Sphinx and hear about the pharaohs’ original stories. Luxor tours frequently include a Nile sailing trip, which adds to the tranquility of your experience.

Unique Holidays Packages to Egypt

For interested visitors who want to learn more about the sites they see and have a more authentic experience, Egypt United Tours has put up packages for you! You may get a unique and original view of all the places to visit in Egypt.

Luxury Egypt Holidays Packages

You will be treated to a more deluxe service and a much more pleasant Egyptian tour here. If you want to travel back in time with this package, check out our website right now to reserve your spot.

Christmas Holiday Packages in Egypt

No more sheltering from the cold in Egypt, Egypt’s warmer weather will provide with such an extraordinary vibe for both New Year’s eve and Christmas. Book our Christmas packages holidays to Egypt to witness the Egyptian Christmas and New Year festivities.

Small-Group Tours o Egypt

Seeking a package that is more specialized and targeted to your specific interests while yet allowing you to meet and greet other tourists? Being a little removed from the busy people is a significant plus of this package. You will notice a developing link between you and Egypt as you find Egypt’s hidden treasures and establish bonds with the tiny group. If you would like to focus on the present and unwind, spend some time floating above the Red Sea at Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, or Marsa Alam. It will be one of the most memorable trips of your life.

Reasons to book a prearranged holiday to Egypt

Even if many tourists know Arabic, they will need the assistance of a tour guide to navigate Egypt’s complex streets and escape being bewildered. They’re important not just for navigating, but also for planning and arranging your day. To avoid being disturbed by merchants and marketplace owners, it is a good idea to stay under the supervision of a tour guide. You will not be vulnerable to any type of fraud, such as when market merchants overcharge tourists. Egypt United Tours is fantastic since they pre-book everything you’ll need for your vacation, as well as all of your tickets and hotel bookings. Egypt United Tours will also choose one of the best tour guides for you, who will add security and knowledge value to your holiday; most travelers build friendships with their tour guides.

Must see and visit places in Egypt

The number of monuments and antiquities on exhibit isn’t similar to any other country. History geeks will be delighted. The majestic grandeur of the pyramids and ancient pharaohs’ tombs is breathtaking. Don’t miss out on Nile Cruises. A history expert will accompany you to the pyramids before going on to Memphis to witness Rameses II’s sculpture and the Alabaster Sphinx. The amazing items of Tutankhamun are a must-see, especially if accompanied by an Egyptologist. Finally, you will be knowing more about yourself, as well as ancient and modern Egypt, during your trip.

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Related FAQ

How much is the price for Egypt entry visa?

The cost of an Egypt e-Visa is determined on the type of visa you require. A single-entry government e-Visa costs $25, and a multiple-entry government e-Visa costs $60. Authorized guests can pay the costs in British Pounds, US Dollars, or Euros. To ensure a seamless journey, we recommend that countries that do not qualify for an e-visa arrive without precise cash to the Egyptian border based on their selection.
Wishing you a safe Egypt holidays 2022

Are there any documents do I need to apply for Egypt visa?

The following are the documents you will need to get before applying for a visa:
- Your current passport, as well as any prior passports you may have.
- A passport with at least a couple of blank pages.
- A few photocopies of passports
- A round-trip ticket that has been confirmed
- A completed visa application signed by the traveler

Can tourists do PCR test on arrival to Cairo airport?

You may take a PCR test at any Egyptian airport before entering the country if you haven't been vaccinated already in your home country and you didn’t obtain a recent negative PCR test. You will be able to enter Egypt only when the PCR results are revealed.

How many days Egypt visa valid for?

The entrance visa for Egypt, whether purchased online or on landing at the airport, is valid for 90 days from the date of issuance, which is normally a length of time (about 6-7 days) after your visa request has been processed. Before the expiration date of your visa, you can stay in Egypt for up to 30 days (about a month).

Does Egypt require Fully vaccination to travel?

To enter Egypt, visitors must be fully vaccinated with one of the World Health Organization's and Egyptian Medicines Authority's approved vaccinations. Two weeks after obtaining the second dosage of (Moderna / Sputnik/ AstraZeneca / Sinopharm / Sinovac / Pfizer), travelers can gain an easy permission to fly to Egypt. Johnson & Johnson is the only vaccine that requires only one dose to fly to Egypt.

Is there any prescription drugs are banned in Egypt?

PROXEN, Mogadon, NITRAZEN, Kodinalin, Somanil, Phenobarbital, Pulmolar, Dextromethorphan Co-Diovan, immunization injections, KETAMINE INJ, Ergotamine, Nova Tablets with a stronger effect are among the unlawful drugs, therefore you'll need to present verification records if a doctor suggested them to you. If you don't, they'll be taken away from you at the airport.
Wishing you a safe holiday to Egypt 2022

What are COVID vaccine requirements for Egypt entry?

The PCR test is waived for passengers who have a COVID-19 vaccination card that was issued within 14 days of their arrival. All citizens of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Latin America who entered Egypt were impacted. If they don't, they'll be asked to take a Covid-19 test once they get to the airport. The tourist will be transferred to a government-approved hospital for further treatment if the test is positive. Unless you got Johnson & Johnson vaccination, you must be totally vaccinated with two doses.

Do I have to wear mask while touring Egypt?

People, who are being unable to wear a mask while out in public in Egypt, will be denied entrance to many places to visit in Egypt and public transit in Egypt. At all tourist places, you must wear your mask for your own protection and the wellbeing of others.

How muh is PCR test in Egypt?

In Egypt, the cost of PCR for visitors has just been cut. The diagnostic test now costs EGP 900 instead of EGP 1,200 for Egyptians wishing to travel abroad, and EGP 1,200 instead of 1,600 for non-Egyptians.
Wishing you a safe Egypt holidays 2022

How much to tip in Egypt?

Tipping is customary in Egypt to express gratitude for a service received; the normal tipping amount varies based on the service received.
Here's how much you should save aside for your Egypt vacation:
The bellman at the hotel. The cost of each piece of luggage varies between $1 and $2 USD.
A full day excursion with a tour guide costs $15 per person.
Drivers will be paid $10 per participant for a full day tour.
Waiters in restaurants charge $1 to $2 USD every supper for 2 to 10 persons, whereas coffee shop waiters charge 50 cents.
The Nile Cruise's crew members are paid $2 each night.
A felucca or a boat cruise are both possibilities. A one-hour excursion will cost you at least $2.
There are Egypt places to visit where you find people asking for tip without offering any services, please ignore them; On the other hand, if they are kids, we advise you to bring pens as gifts for kids and dont give them money.

Is it safe to visit the pyramids during my holiday to Egypt?

Pyramids are the top Egypt places to visit; Tourists visiting well-known sights like Giza Pyramids may be hounded and approached by seller men, they are harmless and just want to sell their goods. Those who visit the Giza Pyramids with a guide or as part of a group excursion will have a more enjoyable experience.

How far is the Nile from pyramids?

The existing Nile channel is five miles from the pyramids, which is a significant distance for enormous stone slabs to travel. Long before the Sphinx was discovered in the sand dunes, the Giza Pyramids were engaged in a war with the Nile. As the flood arrived, a stream of the Nile River reached the Pyramids region, as had been the case earlier.
Enjoy your Egypt holidays 2022

Can I brush my teeth with tap water in my Egypt holiday?

Despite the fact that Egypt's tap water is officially safe to drink, it has a distinct chlorine flavor. Washing and brushing your teeth with tap water, on the other hand, is less expensive. As previously said, travelers frequently become uncomfortable due to their lack of comfort with the flavor of food and water. So it's always a good idea to get bottled water.

What do female travelers to Egypt wear?

The dress code in Egypt is modest, according to Western standards; nonetheless, modest clothing is not mandated by the government or legislation. It's more about what Egyptians are accustomed to seeing and what will be seen in more regular Egyptian streets. For example, if you want to feel at ease with Egyptians and really immerse yourself in the culture, cover your cleavage and shoulders. Egyptians dress in this style regardless of whether they are wearing a skirt, blouse, jeans, or any other sort of trousers. In sophisticated and rich districts and sea locations, this modest design is slowly fading.

How many days tours do you need in Egypt?

All of Egypt's important sights should be seen in seven days. A week is the perfect amount of time to spend in Egypt. While floating along the Nile River, you may see Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel, and Luxor. Ten days would be ideal if you wanted to travel to the Mediterranean Sea or the Red Sea.

How much it cost for Egypt holiday?

A holiday to Egypt costs different amounts based on the number of days, the tour type (luxury or budget), and the number of people. Budget Egypt holidays cost anywhere from $390 to $1099, while elite and luxurious Egypt excursions cost anywhere from $1099 to $3999.
Wishing you a lovely Egypt holidays 2022

When is the cheapest time to go to Egypt for a holiday?

The months of October through April are the most expensive. The temperature is colder but still comfortable, making this the ideal time to visit Egypt. Egypt's hotels are practically sold out, and flight tickets are unreasonably expensive as a result. Between May and September, hotel and flight costs are usual. To conclude, the cheapest months to visit Egypt are June, July, and August.
How much cash can I bring to Egypt?
The highest amount of foreign cash you may bring in $10,000, whereas the maximum number of Egyptian pounds you can bring is $5,000. You'll receive better rates at the airports if you don't change your money before you come. Additionally, ATMs can be found almost anywhere in Egypt.

How much per day do I need in my Egypt holiday?

You should budget E£636 ($40) a day for your Egypt vacation, which is the daily average rate based on prior visitors' expenses. Tourists reported having spent E£194 ($12) on restaurants and E£107 ($6.72) on public transportation in a single night in the past. Depending on the restaurants and lodgings you choose and their ratings, this budget may grow or decrease.
Enjoy the best Egypt holidays 2022

Is it expensive or cheap in Egypt?

Egypt is a budget-friendly location. Egypt is less expensive to travel than North America, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. Touring Egypt costs the same as traveling through Southeast Asia. Even if you have a restricted budget, you may be able to see a variety of tourist attractions and participate in a variety of Egyptian activities.

How do I pay for things during a trip to Egypt?

Cash is the most popular method of payment. But don't worry; most stores take credit cards, and ATMs can be located practically anyplace, so you'll be able to get some cash when you need it. When you get to Egypt, you'll need some cash; however, you may pay the remaining sum using your credit card.

Is Egypt hot all year round?

Cairo's summers are long, hot, humid, arid, and clear, while the winters are warm, dry, and typically clear. Throughout the year, temperatures typically vary from 50°F to 96°F, with lows of 46°F and highs of 102°F. Because Egypt does not encounter harsh weather throughout the year, it is not considered hot in contrast to other nations.
From December 3 to March 3, the chilly season lasts 3.0 months, with an average annual temperature of less than 72°F. With an average temperature of 51°F and a high of 67°F, January is the coldest month in Cairo.

What is the coldest month in Egypt?

From December 3 to March 3, the cold season lasts 3.0 months, with an average annual temperature of less than 72°F. January is the coldest month in Cairo, with an average temperature of 51 degrees Fahrenheit and a high of 67 degrees Fahrenheit.
Wishing you the wormest Egypt packages holidays 2022

How much is $100 in Egyptian pounds?

By multiplying 100 dollars by the current conversion rate, you may get around 1,569.93 Egyptian Pounds. In Egyptian terms, they are acceptable, but not "exorbitant." It's also important to think about what you mean when you say "a lot." A hundred dollars in Egypt, for example, will buy a family of four a pleasant day out on the streets, a cinema ticket, and supper at a mediocre café.

What are the boats on the Nile called?

A felucca is a very Egyptian sailing vessel that takes the shape of a triangle-shaped boat with a triangle-shaped sail and it is still being used up until today. Cabins did not emerge aboard Ancient Egyptian ships until the period of the New Kingdom. Although Luxor is an alternative, Aswan is the most popular departure place for felucca cruises. Little felucca rides are available in Zamalek and Downtown for you and your guests to enjoy your nights in Cairo.

Is it safe to travel down the Nile?

It's not as risky as you would think. Along the Nile, you'll notice a strong degree of security, which is both reassuring and not obtrusive. At every attraction, hotel, and cruise ship, metal detector gates identical to those used at airports are placed. Prepare for luggage inspections as well; for day travels, it's better to pack minimally.
Enjoy a safe Nile trip and best Egypt holidays 2022

How long is a Nile river cruise?

Depending on your interests, a lengthy Nile cruise from Cairo to Luxor or Cairo to Aswan might last 11/13/14/15 days. The Abu Simbel Temples are one of Aswan's most popular attractions. The travel from Luxor to Aswan takes two to three days.

What is there to do on a Nile cruise?

Primarily, you will be exposed to one of the Nile River's most touching natural surroundings, as well as its wildlife and the fishermen's lifestyle in the early mornings. In Luxor and Aswan, you can learn about Egypt's ancient and most precious history while relaxing on the Nile's east and west banks, taking in the cool breeze. The Nile Cruise is well-known for its Nubian-hosted shopping and entertainment nights.
Enjoy Nile cruise and best Egypt holidays 2022

Can you cruise the Nile from Cairo?

This 12-day trip up the Nile River, which usually includes stops in Cairo and Luxor, harkens back to the days when European visitors first visited Egypt by boat. Sightseeing days are available from the ship's deck in both Cairo and Luxor.

How many days do you need in Cairo?

Three days in Cairo is the ideal amount of time to devote. The highlights of your three-day vacation to Cairo are listed below. Three days is enough time to see the Egyptian Museum, the Great Pyramids, Coptic Cairo, Downtown Cairo, and other main attractions.

How much does it cost to enter the pyramids?

It costs around £200 to havr a day besides the great pyramids and the sphinx. To explore the interiors of Khufu’s pyramid, you must pay another ticket for 400 pounds; however, for the middle and small pyramids, it costs only £100. You may also visit the Queen's Pyramids and the Solar Boat Museum, all of which demand an extra ticket that you should obtain.
Best packages holidays to Egypt 2022

What is the best time to visit Cairo?

Between October and April, when the weather is warm yet comfortable across the country, Egypt is most appreciated and visited. This makes getting about Cairo's busy streets, seeing the desert Pyramids, and touring old Pharaonic tombs easier and more fun.

Do and don'ts in Egypt?

• Get a duplicate of the immunization certificate.
- Obtain physical copies of your three passports as well as your plane tickets.

• Bring any drugs you're taking, as well as proof of prescription, with you.
- Pack a swimsuit for your trip to Hurghada.
• Bring along a good book or novel to read.
- Don't forget to bring a jacket for the evening.
• Don't forget to wear sunblock and sunglasses.
- Bring coins to hand out to children who are begging for money.
• Put on comfortable walking shoes.
- Don't forget to bring a camera and a phone charger.
• Take a portable charger with you in case you need to charge your phone while you're out and about.
- Inform your bank that you will be traveling to Egypt and will be using an ATM or credit card.
• Exchange your money at a bank or a reputable exchange service. It's not from the street since it may be a trick.
- Keep a daily record of your trip to Egypt in your diary; you'll enjoy reading back on it later.
• Purchase a local SIM card and top it up with data when you arrive.
- Please dress comfortably for the day excursion, especially for desert travels, as I previously stated.
• Pay heed to your tour guide's instructions and avoid being alone for most of your time outside your hotel.
- Keep your entry tickets in a safe place for future reference and pleasant recollections.
• Always ask your tour guide about the best photo opportunities.
- Stay hydrated throughout your visit, especially in the Valley of Kings, by drinking plenty of water.
• Purchase bottled water.
- Before you go out on your journey, find out where the bathrooms are located at each stop.
• Keep toilet paper in your bag at all times.
- If you want to buy souvenirs, bargain over the price.
• Learn the Egyptian word "La Shokran," which means "No Thank you," if someone gives you something or a service that you don't want.

• Do not drink tap water.
- Don't damage, desecrate, or desecrate any memorials.
• Don't photograph people without their permission; "a simple grin while holding your camera is enough to let them know you're shooting them."
- Instead of giving money to youngsters who beg for it, give them pencils, as indicated above.
• Avoid wearing shoes when visiting sacred locations.
- Do not point your feet in the direction of anyone's face.
• Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages in public places.
- Don't accept free gifts since "nothing is free."
• Don't buy expensive stuff on the street.
- Don't miss any of the excursions; they're all different.
• Avoid public kissing or touching.
- If you are without a tour guide or someone who is knowledgeable, do not cross the street alone; instead, ask a police officer to help you.
• Ignore strangers and say "La Shokran" if they approach you.
- Keep a safe distance from street animals (cats and dogs) and avoid playing with them because the majority of them are not vaccinated.
Amazing holidays to Egypt 2022

Do they speak English in Egypt?

Despite the fact that Arabic has always been the official language, Egyptians are fluent in English and a variety of other European languages. In touristy locations and among younger educated generations, you will discover a larger number of English speakers than among old people.

Do you need a tour guide to visit places in Egypt?

To put it more simply, yes. If you want to have a pleasant holiday in Egypt, you need to hire a tour guide. Because you won't be in Cairo every day, hiring a tour guide will help you make the best of your time there. He'll help you in a variety of ways, including giving background information and narration for your historical visits, as well as supporting you in making connections with the locals.
He/she is aware with regular transit and public service prices, so his presence will protect you from any possible deception. The advice of tour guides is typically beneficial, and he/she would be an excellent resource for all places to visit in Egypt, restaurants, bars, and any market you choose. Many travelers become friendships with their tour leaders, so it's evident that the tour guide you choose will either enhance or detract from your vacation.
Enjoy Egypt holidays packages 2022

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