Egypt Vacation Packages All Inclusive

Egypt Vacation Packages All Inclusive

Egypt All inclusive Vacation Packages 2022/2023

Are you still worried about your daily spending in Egypt?! Our All inclusive Egypt Vacation Packages were designed to cover everything during your tour package in Egypt; All your accommodation and stay, meals, transportation, escorting, Egypt visa, and even gratuities or baksheesh; On the other hand, our Egypt All Inclusive Resorts will make your dream holiday to the Land of the Pharaohs a reality!

Surely, you will walk in the embrace of majestic historical events, wandering magical spots where history wraps around you, revealing the unbelievable secrets about the Ancient Egyptians. Moreover, it will transfer you from an era to another, to make you live the whole charming history of Egypt. Here you have the opportunity to find amazing Egypt All Inclusive Resorts that meet your desire.

Egypt Tour Packages includes airfare

Check all our vacation packages with airfare, we offer the best Egypt tours packages from USA, Canada, UK, and Australia with airfare.

Egypt All inclusive vacation packages are your way to find yourself amid charming nature. The blue crystal water includes countless unique marine life and colorful coral reefs. While the golden sand embraces you with tenderness and the sea breezes come gently, an incredible view of the mountains will surround you. This view will attract you to go to the wonderful Bedouin life and the majestic desert. That is how you will enjoy the red sea packages.

Nile River Cruising

In conclusion, our All inclusive vacation packages with Nile Cruise will make you live the experience of being an ancient Egyptian, sailing amid the same scene of ancient Egypt as the farms decorate the Nile banks to find the great temples that appear in the heart of the Nile as jewelry. It is the magic of the Nile Cruise packages.

All inclusive vacation packages save you more!

Importantly, while you will not pay any additional money. These All inclusive vacation packages 7 Days exceed the idea of accommodations to much more than that. Check our magical offers to know how to live magical history, view unbelievable nature, and spend unforgettable time with costing cheap prices.

Check our 7 Days all inclusive vacation packages to Egypt

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Related FAQ

What does an all inclusive vacation package to Egypt means?

Egypt all inclusive vacation package to Egypt means that you don't have to spend a cent while you tour around Egypt.

Does tippng included in Egypt all inclusive packages?

The short answer is Yes, It includes everything, visa, accommodation, transportation, escorting, tickets to sites, tipping, drinks, meals, and everything.

Are vacations to Egypt safe?

Egypt is now a safe destination to visit due to its current security status. Moreover, vacations and tour packages to Egypt have been quite safe in recent years after the covid pandemic. So, your holiday to Egypt will be in for a fantastic treat. However, tourists should employ common sense to avoid getting into problems in Egypt or anywhere they go; This is including not chatting to strangers and don't go for a solo walk in deserted streets.

What does vacations to Egypt all inclusive resorts mean?

An all-inclusive vacation to Egypt is a holiday that includes everything in the package price; For instant, accommodation, food, drinks, activities, tipping; and even entertainment to be included, without having to pay extra for anything.

Can I obtain Egypt visa before I travel?

If you are qualified for an e-visa, it is a good idea to apply for one before traveling to Egypt. After you apply with the needed paperwork and a valid passport, the process is quite easy. If you are unable to finish the sign-up page on your own, you may seek assistance from the embassy. It will only take a week for you to obtain your e-visa, which will be sent to the same email address that you used to sign up.

Is all inclusive vacation to Egypt includes Visa and How to get visa to Egypt online?

Yes, All inclusive Egypt vacations include visa price. You're in for a treat if your nation is on the list of e-visa eligible countries. Seek advice from the Egyptian embassy or fill out the online application yourself; it's a reasonably basic process.

Does Egypt require quarantine?

All passengers of all nationalities arriving at any airport in Egypt are not required quarantine if they have a negative PCR test; This test should be valid for 72 hours and includes QR code.

What is the average cost of a Egypt tour package?

The average cost for Egypt vacation trip is always depends on many factors; For instance, when are you planning your Egypt vacation, how long is your trip to Egypt, and the accommodation category. All these factors affect the total cost of your trip vacation to Egypt.
On the other hand, the average 7 days vacation package to Egypt will cost roughly $600 to $1500 US dollars per person in double sharing. This will include transfers, tour guides, and hotel accommodation at 3 to 5 stars standard hotels.
As for luxury vacation packages to Egypt, 7 days could go between $2500 and $4000 depending on the hotel. In conclusion, it all depends on how you want to travel Egypt and your travel style.

How long does it take to get an E visa for Egypt vacation?

Firstly, we highly recommend to applying for an Egypt e-Visa at least seven days before your trip; This is due to the processing time and duration. The E-visa to Egypt is only applicable to North Americans, Europeans, and Australians.
On the other hand, The Egyptian Government added recently a few more countries. If you can't apply online then your country is not among them, so you will need to apply to the Egyptian consulate in your home country. As a result, the length of time it takes for a consulate or embassy to process your application depends on which office you submit to. In conclusion, it takes about 4 to 7 days.

What clothes should I wear during my Egypt vacation?

There isn’t a law that sets clothes for Egyptians or tourists. Always keep in mind that Egyptians are traditionally well-dressed; Also, they are conservative in their dress choices. So, finding the right balance is the key to feeling yourself and being respectful. However, to feel the whole Egyptian experience, dress your legs and shoulders, doesn’t matter what is the piece of cloth you choose to wear. Similarity, Mosques visits should be in conservative clothing, preferably with a light scarf.

How to dress in Egypt for woman?

The only criteria you might want to adhere to is that the clothing cover your legs and shoulders; although, it is not necessary. Wearing trousers or capris is fine, as long as you're comfortable and considerate. On the street, it's typical for women to wear long pants, skirts, blouses, jackets, and shirts to maintain modesty.

How much is $100 in Egyptian pounds?

When you multiply 100 dollars by the current conversion rate, you get around 1,569.93 Egyptian Pounds.. They are reasonable but not "so much" in terms of Egyptian costs.
What you mean by "a lot" is equally important to take into account. As an example, in Egypt, one hundred dollars will get a family of four a delightful day in the Egyptian streets, entrance to the cinema, and dinner at a mid-range restaurant.

How much money do I need per day in Egypt?

Firstly, we have to mention that Egypt is one of the cheapest destinations to visit. The average daily expenses in Egypt might be almost 30% of what you will spend daily in any European country.
On the other hand, while you are enjoying your Egypt vacation package all inclusive, you might need that much cash; This is because usually, the package will be including everything. But, in case you decide to book a normal package "Not All inclusive vacation packages to Egypt" you might need average daily spending of $50, not including accommodation.

Can you pay by Credit card in Egypt?

If your bank is primarily focused on the local market, you may face technological difficulties based on the local differences. Your HSBC debit card is accepted at over 28 million retail outlets worldwide, including a number of locations in Egypt. There's nothing to be concerned about. Many Egyptian ATMs accept and process international credit and debit cards without issue.

Is Cairo safe for female tourists?

Countless women travel to Egypt alone for holidays, and the great majority of them have a wonderful and comfortable time. Many Egyptians think it's strange for a woman to walk alone, so you can get a lot of attention, which is typically just catcalling.
Currently, the chance of attracting unwanted attention is significantly lower than the whole past decade and it keeps improving. We all see now Egyptian males have refrained from improper attention to girls for the law has become more stringent towards this issue. In comparison to many other Mid-Eastern nations, the issue of verbal harassment has substantially improved.

Do female tourists have to wear a hijab in Egypt?

No. Regardless of the fact that no particular costume is required in Egypt, there are a number of cultural conventions to follow, such as covering the shoulders, cleavage, and knees.
Clothes are an important component of the mood of a place you may wish to visit, but they are not compulsory by law. Less modest clothing is common on the beach and in wealthier neighborhoods. Hijab would only be worn at mosques as a gesture of respect for the site's sacredness.

Can you wear jeans in Egypt?

Due to the heat, jeans may not be the best choice in Egypt. Wide-leg, linen, or light cotton pants (such as the elephant-style pant prevalent in Southeast Asia) may help you keep comfortable in the heat. Egyptians of both sexes, in contrast, are major jeans users.

What things can you do in the Nile river?

Sit and meditate near a restaurant or cafe with a view of the Nile is a very popular activity. Kayaking or taking a small felucca for a few hours in Cairo or Giza is a great way to relax and experience the Nile's adventure. Nile traveling between Luxor and Aswan is, of course, a lengthy activity, but it is historically, emotionally, and culturally significant.

Is there a cruise from Cairo to Luxor?

The Nile Cruiser is the most opulent mode of transportation between Cairo and Luxor. Only a handful of the big Nile cruise companies, such as Mövenpick, run this route from February to June and September to November, with cruise lines sailing once a month from Cairo. It's highly recommended to add a Nile cruise to your tour package to Egypt.

How much does it cost to go for a Nile cruise?

For the most affordable alternatives, four-day Nile cruises start at US$240. A 5-day cruise starts at US$320 per person and goes up to US$600 per person for a good cruise boat. A three-night luxury Nile boat trip could be in average 750$ to 1500$ per person.

Is it OK to swim in the Nile?

Sometimes, people see it desirable to swim in the Nile River between Aswan and Luxor. The water seems to be crystal clear there; however, it is banned to swim in the river according to authorities since there are many individuals who have drowned there. There are other reasons for which we don’t recommend swimming in the Nile which is the risk of getting bilharzia and the water of the Nile is generally heavier than the sea water and it is unlikely for unfamiliar swimmers to enjoy.

Is it safe to travel to the Red Sea?

At this time, all Egyptian countries are considered safe to travel. You made the perfect option by choosing to spend your vacation in Egypt! During the last two years, there have been no reported instances.
It's important to remember that when traveling, you should still use common sense to prevent complications, such as avoiding strangers and strolling anywhere alone late at night on empty streets.

Why is the Red Sea popular?

The abundance of natural resources reinforces the importance of the Red Sea, the area's pure waterways, and the abundance of sea life. SCUBA diving in the Red Sea is a popular activity in the area, with the most popular dive sites being ranked among the greatest in the world. Its name comes from the color shifts that you may see in its waters.

Is it safe to travel to Sharm El Sheikh now?

All Egyptian countries are currently a safe destination to visit. You have made the right decision to spend your vacation in an Egyptian way! There have been no recorded occurrences throughout the last two years.
It's crucial to remember that you should still exercise common sense when travelling to avoid getting into problems, such as avoiding strangers and wandering around alone at empty streets late at night.

Is Hurghada worth visiting?

A visit to the Egyptian resort town of Hurghada is well worth the effort. Hurghada, formerly a little fishing village on the Red Sea, is now Egypt's most popular tourist attraction. In spite of its touristy reputation, Hurghada is the perfect place to start your summer. We highly recommend you to add it to your tour package to Egypt.

How much does it cost to go to Dahab?

It costs $1,113 for an individual tourist to spend 7 days in Dahab, $1,999 for a couple, and $3,747 for a family of four. In Dahab, hotel rates range from $21 to $49 per night, with an average of $36, while the majority of vacation rentals cost $60 to $280 per night for the full property.
All inclusive vacation packages to Egypt cover all transfers in private deluxe modern vehicles.

How do I get from Cairo to Marsa Alam?

For the shortest trip, you can fly and take a taxi, which will cost you anything from $320 to $550 and the duration time is about 4h 28m. You can arrive at Marsa Alam by bus directly from Cairo. Service runs three times a day and is available everyday.

Is Sharm El Sheikh expensive?

The average cost of accommodation in Sharm El Sheikh is 30 USD (471 EGP) for a hostel and 29 USD (461 EGP) for a three-star hotel. A deluxe hotel in Sharm El Sheikh costs around 108 USD per night (1,600 EGP). The cost of living in Sharm El Sheikh is more than in Cairo because of the luxurious and special services, but it is well worth it.

Can you swim in Sharm el Sheikh in December?

Yes, in the best case scenario, swimming in Egypt in December is enjoyable. Swimming is comfortable in December in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, and Marsa Alam. The average temperature of the sea is 77°F (min: 73°F/max: 80°F), so you may comfortably spend time in water and have fun enjoying the available sea sports there.

Do I need visa for Sharm el Sheikh?

No, you don’t need a visa to enter Sharm El Sheikh specifically. If the country you are flying from isn’t under the list of visa-free countries, you will need to obtain an entry visa to get into Egypt.
All inclusive vacation packages cover Egypt entry visa expenses.

Is Sharm El Sheikh in North Sinai?

It is located on the southern extremity of the Sinai Peninsula, in the South Sinai Governorate, on the shore of the Red Sea. In 2015, it had a population of roughly 73,000 people.

Which is better Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh to add to my Egypt tour package?

The choice depends on your personal taste. From El Gouna to Soma Bay in the south, Hurghada stretches from the former port town to new resort destinations including Makadi Bay and Sahl Hasheesh. Compared to Sharm el-Sheikh, it features more unique resorts separated by vast swaths of arid desert.

How far is Hurghada from Giza pyramids?

Four hundred kilometers separate Hurghada from the Pyramids of Giza. Flying from Hurghada to Cairo takes 3h 24m and costs between $65 and $210. For $10 - $16 you can ride a bus, which takes 6 hours.

Why you should visit Hurghada?

Hurghada, Egypt's popular tourist destination, is well worth the trip. Hurghada, Egypt's most popular tourist destination, was formerly a small fishing village on the Red Sea. In addition to its touristy reputation,
Hurghada is a fantastic destination to begin your summer tour package in Egypt. The sea sports, the services, small parties, the view, an every single detail makes it the perfect destination to spend you summer.

Are there sharks in Sharm El Sheikh?

Grey reef sharks are the most prevalent species in the Red Sea of Egypt. These creatures live at depths other than those designated as safe swimming zones by ropes and other signs. Don't be concerned about this information; swimming at Red Sea is safe and fun experience.

Where is the best area to stay in Hurghada?

The closest neighborhood to stay in once you arrive in Hurghada is Al Mamsha El Seyahi. Enjoy your travel with our selection of the finest all-inclusive resorts in Hurghada, which includes The Oberoi Beach Resort Sahl Hasheesh, Steigenberger Aldau Beach Hotel, Premier Le Reve Hotel & Spa, and many others.

Can Americans travel to Sharm el Sheikh?

Yes, there is nothing that prevents American citizens from traveling to Sharm el Sheikh if they pass the covid-19 checks at the airport which applies on all nationalities traveling to Egypt. Valid entry visa and passport are essential while they stay anywhere is Egypt.

Is Hurghada African?

Yes, it is located on the western side of the Red Sea. It is located in Egypt's Red Sea Governorate. On the Red Sea shore, it's one of the country's most popular tourist destinations.

Does Dahab have an airport?

No. Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (SSH) is the closest airport to Dahab and offers several charters and scheduled flights from most of Europe, Egypt, and other nations. Take a taxi from Sharm El Sheikh International Airport to Dahab or take a taxi up to the bus station and take a bus to the rest of Dahab's location.

How do I get to Dahab?

There are various charter and regular flights from most of Europe, Egypt, and other nations to Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (SSH), which is the closest airport to Dahab. Sharm El Sheikh International Airport to Dahab by taxi, or taxi services to the bus station and then bus to Dahab.
All inclusive vacation packages cover all your transportation in Egypt. All vehicles are modern deluxe and a/c.

Is Dahab safe for American Tourists?

There are no longer any dangers to tourists of any nationality in Dahab and the rest of Egypt. more importantly, your decision to spend your vacation in Egypt is a good one. There have been no accidents in the last two years. As vaccinations increase, covids decrease.
As a precaution, avoid strangers, no matter how charming they appear, and do not roam alone after midnight on deserted streets when travelling.

Can you swim in the Red Sea?

Surely, The Red Sea is a popular diving destination, but there are a few things you need to do before diving. Anyone who wants to swim has to do it in front of a hotel or other resort. Similarly, Buoys and ropes must properly designate the swimming areas.

Are there sharks in Marsa Alam?

Marsa Alam is on Red Sea. Grey reef sharks dominate the Red Sea of Egypt but at other places and depths than the normal swimming and diving regions. Ropes and other markings designate safe swimming zones. In conclusion, The Red Sea is a safe and enjoyable place to swim, so don't worry.

Are mosquitoes bad in Egypt?

There are very rare to few mosquitoes in Egypt that contain disease-carrying organisms. Mosquitos in Egypt may result on nuisance, causing you to be less productive if they are a lot. Mosquitos tend to concentrate around open green areas, such as parks and open agricultural fields.

Can you book Egypt vacation packages from USA with airfare?

Short answer is yes you can! Just check Egypt vacation packages with airfare on our Website, and we are able to offer the best travel deals.
On the other hand, if you book your Egypt vacation package with airfare you have to understand that most of the time you must get one or 2 stops to arrive in Cairo. Rates of the flights are variable and it range from 800$ to 1700$, depends on the class and the time of booking.

How can I get Egypt tours packages with airfare from USA, Canada, UK and Australia?

Just Book with Egypt United Tours and we will arrange your flight to Egypt from Any where in USA, Canada, UK and Australia

How much average cost for Egypt tours packages with airfare from USA, Canada, UK and Australia?

The average cost for Egypt tour packages with airfare from USA, Canada, UK and Australia is 3000$ per person.

Are Egypt tours packages with airfare from USA, Canada, UK and Australia include Nile Cruise?

Most of our Egypt tours packages with airfare from USA, Canada, UK and Australia include Nile Cruises either from Luxor to Aswan or from Aswan to Luxor, depends on your arrival day to Egypt.

What pyramids are in Giza?

The Djoser Step Pyramid. Location: Al Badrashin, Saqqara, among the three magnificent Giza Pyramids. The Pyramid of Sahure, the Pyramid of Neferirkare, and finally the Pyramid Complex of Unas are all located in the northeast of Medinat Al-Fayoum, Giza.

How many Sphinx are in Egypt?

In ancient Egypt, there were three varieties of sphinx: the Androsphinx, which had a lion's body and a human's head; Also, the Criosphinx, which had a lion's body but a ram's head; and the Hierocosphinx, which had a lion's body but a falcon or hawk's head. You find four ram-headed sphinx in Downtown and many others in Luxor.

What makes the pyramid of Giza so special?

The Great Pyramid held the world record for the highest man-made structure for 4,871 years; This is according to numerous reports. As a result, we may easily infer that the Giza pyramids' largest pyramid maintains the iconic record for the longest period as the world's tallest structure that was built with very basic tools, a milestone that might not be ever broken. In conclusion, The ancient Egyptians' method of this construction is still a mystery.

How much does it cost to go inside the pyramids of Giza?

Adults must pay an entry charge of 200 Egyptian pounds ($15); which allows access to the Great Sphinx and the property's temples. In addition, you will purchase another ticket to go inside Pyramids. A $25 ticket per person to enter The Great Pyramid of Giza and $10 to enter the smaller one.

Is it worth going inside the Great Pyramid?

Yes, being at the epicenter of this great marvel is remarkable. This may be subjective, but you could wish to visit the king's burial chamber and other chambers where they used to store their treasures and other prosperities in order to reclaim them in the afterlife. The inside of Sakara's pyramids is breathtaking, with ancient Egyptian drawings and writings on display. Highly recommend including the interior of the pyramid in any tour package to Egypt.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Egypt?

Summer i Egypt is the low season and most of the flights, hotels and other accommodations are very cheap. To get the cheapest flight to Egypt, you may need to book your flight ticket from the end of May till the end of August; In this period of time, you will get the cheapest flight offers for your All inclusive vacation packages to Egypt.

Is Luxor Egypt worth visiting?

The city of Luxor is with no doubt one of the best cities in Egypt; On the other hand, if the Pyramids of Giza are the first Highlights of Egypt, Luxor is the second highlight with its gigantic temples and the Kings Valley.

Is Cairo worth visiting?

The city of Cairo is one of the world's great megacities. It's very rich in history also it's one of the most authentic travel destinations all over the World. Cairo is a very lively city and there are many things to do in Cairo; Shopping, entertainment, educational tour!
The Nile river is deciding Cairo into 2 parts, East of the Nile, where is modern Cairo; Most importantly, West of the Nile where are the Great Pyramids.

What is the best time to visit the Pyramids?

Egypt Pyramids are the most important travel attractions and many tourists visit them on daily basis. However, to go to the pyramids you have one of 2 options; Firstly, is to go early in the morning, which means to start 8 am from your hotel and being there by 9 am. this option is the best especially in summer times to avoid the heat.
Moreover, the Pyramids is amazing to visit in time of the day.
The second option, to go in the afternoon to avoid the crowds as most people visit from 10 am.

Where to do PCR test in Cairo?

Firstly, you need to know that pre-flight testing is available through the Egypt PCR Platform. On the other hand, Egypt offers over 120 COVID-19 RT-PCR testing locations throughout Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and the Red Sea cities. The best and cheapest place to do PCR in Cairo is the Children's Cancer Hospital 57357..

Does Egypt have resorts?

The best all-inclusive beach resorts in Egypt are the Movenpick Resort El Sokhna, Desert Rose Resort, and the Sultan Gardens Resort. You can find cheap deals on fantastic all-inclusive resorts in these popular beach cities of Ataqah, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheikh.

Are there any true all inclusive resorts?

It's nearly impossible to find an all-inclusive U.S. resort that's exactly like the ones available in the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe. But that doesn't mean there aren't all-inclusive resorts in the U.S. There are a few traditional all-inclusive resorts, such as Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Florida.

What is the top rated Egypt All Inclusive Resorts?

Cairo – The Overall Best Place to Stay in Egypt.
Hurghada – Best Place to Stay in Egypt for Families.
El Gouna – Where to Stay in Egypt for Couples.
Cairo – The Coolest Place to Stay in Egypt.
Aswan – Where to Stay in Egypt on a Budget.
Luxor – One of the Most Unique Places to Stay in Egypt.

How much cash should you bring to Egypt if I stay at all inclusive resorts?

All inclusive resorts in Egypt don't need your cash! You won't need to spend a single $ during your stay. Moreover, all your meals and drinks will be included except for alcoholic.

Is food free at Egypt all inclusive resorts?

If you go on an all-inclusive vacation to Egypt, it means your stay, unlimited food, drinks, activities and entertainment are included in the package price. Also, you won't have any extra or surprise charges.

What to look for in Egypt all inclusive resorts?

Call a Travel Agent. Travel agents are extremely well-versed in all-inclusive resorts, So don't hesitate to Get in Touch WITH US.
Consider Adults-Only vs. Family-Friendly.
Compare Included Amenities.
Check Out the Location.
Determine the Size of Resort Best for You.
Compare Beaches.
Look Into the Resort's Atmosphere.

How to Choose the Best Egypt all inclusive resorts for You?

Call a Travel Agent. Travel agents are extremely well-versed in all-inclusive resorts, So don't hesitate to Get in Touch WITH US.
Consider Adults-Only vs. Family-Friendly.
Compare Included Amenities.
Check Out the Location.
Determine the Size of Resort Best for You.
Compare Beaches.
Look Into the Resort's Atmosphere.

Can you book Egypt all inclusive resorts from USA with airfare?

Short answer is yes you can! Just check Egypt vacation packages with airfare on our Website; We are able to offer the best travel deals.
On the other hand, if you book your Egypt vacation package with airfare you have to understand that most of the time you must get one or 2 stops to arrive in Cairo. Rates of the flights are variable and it range from 800$ to 1700$, depends on the class and the time of booking.

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