8 Days Nile River Cruise Packages

8 Days Nile River Cruise Packages

8 Days Nile River Cruises in Egypt

Greetings from “Pharaoh’s Land”. Egypt United Tours will be offering you the most exciting and fun Nile River Cruises Packages with Nile Cruises and stay. You could possibly imagine whether you are a first-time visitor to Egypt or a seasoned traveler, book your Nile Cruise Holiday.

When it comes to Egypt, you can’t stand Egypt’s breathtaking pyramids, majestic temples, or its Nile River Cruises. A popular tourist destination in Africa, Egypt is home to the famed Pyramids of Giza, Egypt Nile River Cruises, The Great Sphinx of Giza, and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

The idea of gliding down the Nile in Egypt has always held a certain mystique for me. Amidst a backdrop of history and wonder, it has long conjured up thoughts of beauty and romance. In Egypt, you’ll be grateful for the opportunity to see this. A five-star cruise ship from Aswan to Luxor, a traditional felucca ride in Luxor, and many varied views of the Nile throughout this intriguing region were all part of our experience.

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Related FAQ

How much is Egypt visa and flight ticket?

Fees for e-Visas and Visas on Arrival granted for tourism reasons are as continues to follow: A single-entry visa costs $25; a multiple-entry visa requires $60. On the other hand, the cost of a flight ticket varies based on where you are flying from. and the average is from $500 to $1200 USD.

Is Egypt visa free?

No, the Egyptian visa isn’t free unless you are a resident in one of the exempted countries from the Egyptian entry visa. Also, the price of the visa depends on the purpose of your visit whether it is for tourism or business and it depends also on if it is multiple or single entry visa. In conclusion, the cost for single entry tourism visa is $25 dollars while the multiple entry costs $60.

How long is Egypt visa valid?

Your Egypt visa is valid for 90 days from the time it is issued (usually several days after you apply). You can reside in Egypt for a maximum of 30 days during the validity period of 90 days.

Are Nile cruises operating 2021?

Yes! In 2021, all sorts of Nile sailing experiences will be available, including Nile cruises, bile boats, feluccas, and floating hotels. Choose among range of Nile cruises in Egypt's Land of the Pharaohs; travelling through southern Egypt and discovering the most amazing and beautiful temples between Luxor and Aswan.

Is it safe to travel down the Nile?

Surely, it is more secure than you may think. Along the Nile, you'll notice strong levels of security, which is reassuring rather than invasive. Also, every attraction, hotel, and cruise liner has metal detector gates similar to those found at airports. Prepare for luggage inspections as well; for day excursions, it's better to go light.

Can you cruise from Cairo to Luxor?

Yes, the Long Nile Cruise, which runs from Cairo to Aswan, offers a variety of magnificent sights and sounds (or vice versa). But if you are someone who get dizzy from the sea, it is not recommended. Tel El Amarna, the ruins of Akhenaten's desert city, Beni Hassan's tombs, Abydos Temple, and Dendarah Temple From February to October, are all popular sights you will be crossing by. We provide a variety of Long Nile river cruise holidays.

How do I get from Cairo to Luxor?

According to the railway, first-class sleeper train ticket cost from $80 per person in double sleeping cabine. The journey from Cairo to Luxor is intended to take approximately 10.5 hours, but it usually takes around 12. Other alternatives for getting from Cairo to Luxor include a Nile river cruise or local flights.

How much do Nile river cruises holidays cost?

The most affordable four-day Nile river cruises start at US$350. On other hand, the cost of a luxury cruise is more. Prices start at US$700 per individual for a 5-day journey, increasing to US$1500 for high-luxury Nile river cruises. The shortest Nile River cruise journey lasts for 4 days and 3 nights and costs just under $300 to $350.
While 8 Days and 7 Nights Nile Cruise could be in the average of $700 to $1000.

How long is the cruise from Luxor to Aswan?

The Nile River Cruise takes 5 days from Luxor to Aswan and 4 days from Aswan to Luxor. You will be able to see and visit almost the same sites. But on your 3 nights nile river cruise from Aswan you will have a tight time. So you won;t be able to visit Abu Simbel, unless your cruise stays a night in Aswan.

What is the best time of year to do a Nile River cruise holidays?

The Nile River Cruise holiday takes 5 days from Luxor to Aswan and 4 days from Aswan to Luxor. Between October and April is the optimum time to go on a Nile cruise. It's not too scorching, which is essential because you'll be getting on and off the ship to visit temples along the route.

How long is a Nile River cruise?

The 4-5-day tour involves exploring Egypt's unmatched grandeur while understanding further about the Egyptian lifestyle and culture. Between Luxor and Aswan, the Egypt Nile River Cruise travels 230 kilometers to the river wildlife, fishermen, Nubian people, temples, etc.

Do you see pyramids on a Nile river cruise?

Sad to say, you won't be able to view the Great Pyramids from the roof of your ship at the present Moment. But this used to be true. The pyramids of Giza met the Nile in a close encounter long before the Sphinx was excavated from the sand.

Can you visit the Nile river?

Yes, in the shape of luxury cruises, downtown feluccas, and Zamalek. Furthermore, Nile cruises holidaysare the most popular mode of transportation on the Nile. Between Aswan Dam and Luxor, the river can accommodate luxury ships and smaller luxury boats. Many Nile river cruises provide pre-arranged shore excursions to the country's most famous tombs, temples, and pyramids, and the Aswan Dam.

Are Nile River cruises holidays open?

Yes! Despite significant obstacles to Egypt's tourist business, cruises holidays on the Nile River have resumed after a months-long halt due to the coronavirus epidemic. Between Aswan Dam and Luxor, the river can accommodate luxury ships and smaller luxury boats.

What people do in the Nile?

Sit by a restaurant or cafe’s Nile view and just meditate. Kayaking or taking a felucca for few hours in Cairo and Giza are the perfect way to unwind and sense the adventure in the middle of the Nile. Of course, taking a Nile river cruise holiday between Luxor and Aswan is a long activity, but very rich historically, spiritually, and culturally.

How is the Nile used today?

The river is still used as a source of irrigation as well as a major transit and commercial route today. the art and science of developing land for the purpose of agriculture activities or rearing cattle. It is used also for as a meditative and fun resort, for example taking felucca or considering riverside restaurants and clubs.

How many days do you need in Luxor?

2 days minimum will be ok to cover the major highlights in Luxor; In your first day, you will be visiting the Kings Valley, Hatshepsut Temple, The Valley of Queens. The second day you will visit Karnak and Luxor Temples. If you have more time in Luxor to add an extra day or two, I recommend visiting Habu Temple, Valley of Workers, Valley of Nobels and Luxor Museum.

What is the nicest part of Egypt?

Egypt has countless nice parts and scenes and determining the nicest depends on the person’s interest and preferences. For example, Giza, Aswan and its islands, Cruise on the Nile, Karnak, Cairo, Luxor, Hurghada, and the Red Sea, Sinai. A visit to Egypt cannot be complete without exploring the outstanding geology of the Sinai Peninsula’s desert.

Is it safe to visit the pyramids?

It's only a small annoyance that might cause a headache, but it's not seriously harmful. With slight care, you should be fine. Even if they are riding in a car or cab, international visitors coming by elevated monuments such as the Giza Pyramids may be solicited for money or business. Visitors that go to the Giza Pyramids with a booked tour guide who will be in assistance while dealing with locals or on a guided tour are more likely to have fewer issues.

Is Cairo safe for solo female tourists?

Egypt is statistically a very stable country. Egyptians are, on the most, quite warm and hospitable to visitors, and would go out of their means of showing you the finest of their country. In comparison to other eastern nations, the issue of verbal harassment has significantly improved, since Egyptian regulation has grown more stringent in those specific instances to protect Egyptian women, causing Egyptian males to think twice before providing unwelcome attention to women.

Is visiting Egypt expensive?

Not very much comparing to other western countries. A two-week trip to Egypt on a budget can set you back well over $2,000 per adult. As a consequence, you may assume to spend nearly $40 each night, covering restaurants and transport, regardless of the cost of activities; although, excursions will spend approximately $500 more. The cost of a hotel room varies based on its rating scale, facilities, and features.

How much is a day in Egypt?

For your Egypt vacation, you would anticipate an amount ofE£636 ($40) per day, which is the daily average price based on previous visitors' expenses. In one afternoon, previous visitors spent the equivalent of E£194 ($12) on food and E£107 ($6.72) on public transportation.

Is 3 days enough in Cairo?

Three days in Cairo is the ideal amount of time to visit the city. Here are some of the highlights from your three days in Cairo: Bent Pyramid, Giza Pyramids, Coptic Cairo, Egyptian Breakfast, Egyptian Museum, and Khan el-Khalili are some of the sights to see in Egypt.

Is Luxor worth visiting?

Luxor stands out among Egypt are other cities for its abundance of ancient tourist sites and things to do for visitors. The abundance of giant-sized temples and tombs adorned with vivid wall murals that can be visited here turns the town into an open-air museum, Karnak, Luxor Temple, and a lot more! While hot-air ballooning and felucca rides help to balance temple excess.

How many days do you need to see Egypt?

Seven days will be enough if you want to see all of Egypt's top attractions. A week is the ideal length of time to spend exploring Egypt. This permits you to do Nile River Cruise down the nile and explore destinations like Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel, and Luxor. You can visit the seaside cities if you have a 10-day vacation.

Can you swim in the Nile?

Not recommended at all, but if you want, you must first decide on a suitable location. Swimming in canals or too near to the bank is not advised since you risk being in contract with bacterial infections or other diseases (bilharzia). It is not advised unless you are led by a group of specialists in a suitable place since the water is thicker than salty water and the current is turbulent.

Did the Nile flood unpredictably?

The Nile's flooding was regular enough in ancient Egypt that the Egyptians could arrange their annual crops around it. It flooded every year between June and September as a result of Ethiopian monsoons. However, the Aswan High Dam has helped to keep the flood under control nowadays.

Can you get seasick in a Nile cruise?

"Finding one's sea legs" takes time for nearly everyone. However, even the largest cruise ships have vibrations that may make passengers feel nauseous. The signs and symptoms might range from hardly noticeable to annoying. The most stable part of the boat is the center, which has the least amount of movement. Sit as close to the edge of the water as possible; the higher you are far above the water, the more turbulence you will feel.

Who cruises the Nile?

Everyone, tourists or Egyptian citizens, can take a Nile cruise or felucca from Cairo Downtown; Also from Luxor and Aswan for 3, 4 or 7 nights Nile River cruises tour. Also, you can take a long Nile cruises that takes you on long days tours between Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. You will be coming across floating hotels that would provide you with very luxurious and enjoyable nights.

How far is Nile from pyramids?

The present Nile canal is five miles from the pyramids; which is a considerable way to pull huge slabs of stone. Similarly, long before the Sphinx was discovered in the sand; the Giza Pyramids was in an encounter with the Nile. When the moment of flood approached, a stream of the Nile River approached the Pyramids region and this is what the situation used to be.

What will I see on a Nile River Cruise?

Firstly, we assure you that a Nile River Cruise journey is one of the best things to do in Egypt. On other hand, we have 2 types of Nile Cruises; First type are short Nile river cruises sail between Luxorans Aswan; Second type are long Nile river cruises sail from cairo to Luxor and Aswan.
Taking about the first type, it sails for either 4 days from Aswan to Luxor, or 5 days other way around. On thes Nile River Cruises you will be able to visit the majore attractions of Egypt. In Luxor, you will see the Kings Valley, Luxor and Karnak Temples; Also the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and Queens Valley.
On the way from Luxor to Aswan you will experience crossing a Nile Lock at Esna. Also, you will visit the Falcon and Crocodile Gods Temples. Finally, in Aswan you will be able to visit Abu Simbel and Philae Temples along with High Dam.
As for Long River cruises on the Nile from Cairo to Luxor and Aswan; It last for 7 nights to Luxor and 10 nights to Aswan; You will be able to visit Tal El Amrna, Bani Hassan in El Mynia. Also you will visit Dandara and Abydos Temples before reaching to Luxor. From Luxor you continue the same sites a 4 night cruise will do to Aswan. In conclusion, we recommend all of the above, it all depends on your Egypt vacation duration. Also, it depends on how you like to interact with nature. A Nile River Cruise trip takes you back in time; you will feel like a pharogh sailing down the Nile River. Most Importantly, you will see real Egypt in a clser eye. During your trip sailing the Nile you could talk to real Egyptian Farmers; You can interact with real Egyptian fishermen and craftsmen. In Addition, you will be able to meditate in silence will sailing the Nile peacefuly.

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