6 Days All Inclusive Egypt Vacations

6 Days All Inclusive Egypt Vacations

Top 6 Days All Inclusive Egypt Vacations All Inclusive 2023/2024

Our 6 Days All Inclusive Egypt Vacations make your 6 days holiday enough to live in the embraces of the old pharaonic kingdom, crossing through the golden era taking a journey amid Giza Pyramid mysteries, then to the middle and new kingdom of ancient Egypt arriving at the majestic temples in Theba, Luxor Now, the capital of the ancient Egyptian New kingdom.

At the same time, the alluring atmosphere of Aswan and the spectacular nature hid great historical secrets and majestic facts that you deserve to explore. We have planned our 6 Days all inclusive itineraries to include all these top attractions in the cradle of civilization.

Therefore, our 6 Days All Inclusive Egypt Vacations enable you to discover each secret in the land of history, Egypt, feeling that you have lost the current time as you wander through historical time. A great unique experience that you will only live in Egypt, wandering around the pharaonic, Pharaonic, Ptolemaic, Roman, Mamluk, Fatimid eras. So, when arriving at the vibrant, rich decorations with unique architecture, realize that you are in the heart of Islamic eras.

Make from your only holiday several journeys in the heart of various historical periods.

Our 6 Days All Inclusive Egypt Vacations take you to the lovely Egyptian cities where the great history was running to stand in the historical spots while the events run in front of your eyes to take you to their wonders. That will be your itinerary, wandering around Cairo, Giza, Aswan, Luxor, Alexandria, and Minya. Just select the best for you amid our variety 6 Days all-inclusive vacations in Egypt.

Like An Ancient Egyptian our All Inclusive Packages Get You The Chance To Sail In The God Hapi Heart

In the heart of the cradle of civilization, sail restfully via ravishing Nile Cruise. You are in the accompany of the ancient Egyptian god, Hapi. Therefore, these vacations make the time you spend in Egypt not just seeing history but living in it.

6 Days All Inclusive Vacations Egypt Enables You To Relax in Red Sea Holidays

6 Days All InclusiveVacations in Egypt are the best way to combine seeing majestic historical attractions with spending time amid spectacular nature, where the mountains are surrounding blue crystal water embracing countless colorful, unique marine life in the red sea cities.

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Related FAQ

How long does it take to get a visa for Egypt?

Some listed countries are eligible to obtain visa upon arrival which makes is a very fast process. Other countries are only allowed for evisa. Because the Egypt e-Visa takes around seven days to process, you should apply at least seven days before you plan to travel. If you apply through an embassy or consulate, the processing period varies depending on the office you apply to.

How much does an Egypt vacation package cost?

Packages start at $784 and grant you access to limited travel options. For your Egypt holiday, we've got you covered with everything from flights to hotels to rental cars. It costs anything from $700 to $2000, depending on the method of transportation and length of stay.

How do you pay for things in Egypt?

The most common way of payment is cash. But don't worry, most shops accept credit cards, and ATMs can be found almost anywhere, so you can acquire some cash from time to time. You will need some cash when you get in Egypt, but you can get the rest using credit cards.

Can you pay by credit card in Egypt?

Yes, there's no need to be anxious. Many Egyptian ATMs recognize and process international credit and debit cards without facing any issue. In case of your bank is regionally orientated, you can have technical difficulties. Multiple retail establishments in Egypt and over 28 million worldwide accept your HSBC debit card.

What can you buy with 1 dollar in Egypt?

You can use local transportation for one to three times based on the location you are heading to. You can get ice cream, Cheeps, two cans of Pepsi or cola, also you may go to a local restaurant at Downtown and buy a sandwich! Only with 1 dollar.

Is 100 dollars a lot in Egypt?

Regarding Egyptian costs, they are reasonable but not “a lot.” Depending on what you mean by “a lot.” In Egypt, $100 is sufficient for a family of four to enjoy a pleasant day to three outside, visit a movie theatre, and dine in a mid-range restaurant.

How much do you tip in Egypt?

Depending on your preferences and conditions, you may not wish to give tips. A 10 percent gratuity is the usual tips value in Egypt as a demonstration of good manners and etiquette. You may like to provide a service fee to the waiter himself/herself. When you pick up your own food, you don't need to tip.

Is Egypt safe for female travelers?

Yes! Due to the effort and the educated steps that the Egyptian government and the Egyptian community battling for women rights. Egypt became one of the most educated countries about human rights and issues among the other eastern countries. Harassment is a number one issue that we are handling, and we are seeing significant results in the number of cases.

What are the recommended clothes a female tourist should wear in Egypt?

As long as the wear covers your knees and shoulders, you're fine. It doesn't matter if you're wearing pants or capris, you'll be comfortable and respectful at the same time. It's common for local women to dress modestly on the street by wearing long slacks, skirts, blouses, and shirts.

How should you dress when visiting Egypt?

Egyptians and tourists alike don't have to adhere to any sort of dress code. Be mindful that Egyptians are well-dressed and tend to be conservative in their outlook, so balancing is the key. Cover your legs and shoulders to avoid feeling out of place. It is very respectful to visit mosques in conservative attire and possibly with a light scarf.

Are there mosquitos in Egypt?

In Egypt, disease-carrying mosquitoes are rare. Mosquitoes biggest threat is discomfort in Egypt, which can have a negative impact on your everyday productivity. Green spaces are where Mosquitoes tend to congregate.

How much is a bottle of water in Egypt?

Egypt's cost of living is, on average, 58.99 percent lower than that of the United States, according to the World Bank. Water can cost as little as 0.2 usd in a supermarket and as much as one dollar in a restaurant.

Is it safe to travel to Hurghada at the moment?

Hurghada, as well as the rest of Egypt, is now safe for travellers. When you choose to spend your vacation in Egypt, you made the perfect decision. The past two years have been completely accident-free. In proportion to the increase in vaccines, the number of covids has also grown substantially. Use common sense when travelling, such as avoiding strangers, no matter how nice they seem, and not walking alone after midnight on empty streets, to avoid any complications.

Is Sharm El Sheikh safe for tourists?

Egypt as a whole is now secure for tourists. You made the right choice by choosing to spend your vacation in Egypt! During the past two years, no accidents have occurred and no reports have been filed. As the number of vaccines increases, the number of covids also increases considerably. You should always use common sense when travelling, such as avoiding strangers, no matter how kind they appear, and not strolling alone after midnight on vacant streets, to avoid any problems.

Should I tip in Egypt?

Backsheesh is a term commonly used in Asia and the Middle East to describe tipping. To demonstrate your thanks for waiters, drivers and other service providers, leave a modest gratuity of money.

Is it safe to travel to Dahab?

The city of Dahab, as well as the rest of Egypt, is now a safe destination for tourists. Choosing to spend your vacation in Egypt was a wise choice on your part. No accidents have occurred in the preceding two years. Vaccines are on the rise, and covids are getting less. When travelling, use common sense, such as avoiding strangers, no matter how lovely they seem, and not wandering alone after midnight on vacant streets, to prevent any issue.

How do I get from Cairo to Marsa Alam?

For the shortest trip, you can fly and take a taxi, which will cost you anything from $320 to $550 and the duration time is about 4h 28m. You can arrive at Marsa Alam by bus directly from Cairo. Service runs three times a day and is available everyday.

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