4 Day Vacations Packages All Inclusive

4 Day Vacations Packages All Inclusive

Egypt 4 Day Vacations Packages All Inclusive 2023

4 day vacations packages all inclusive are the chance to explore the gateway of the great history to transfer you to walk on the same land, where the magnificent historical events happened. You will follow secrets from great history. All of that will be in just 4 days. So, 4 day vacations packages plan your adventure to live majestic history.

These packages get you several deals to get the best as per your choice. Each tour at the 4 day vacations packages arrives you at several destinations.

When To Choose 4 Day Vacations Packages all Inclusive!

They are ideal for people looking for a relaxing weekend to get a break from work or a quick getaway at the most affordable cost. You will enjoy without thinking about the budget within the tour. Yes, you will forget every stress, including the costs along these  3 nights and 4 days. All you do is your relaxing, amid magnificent history and charming nature. Nothing will be more exciting than following the footsteps of the pharaohs to walk with the eras. Then to explore early Christianity walking on the holy family way. After that, arriving at Fatimid, Mamluks, and Ottoman eras. Select the package that will meet your interests in following the history. All of that while you know that there is no other cost you will pay.

Wander Egypt streets and come close to the unique Egyptian people culture and traditions. We have arranged our tours to make your 4 days and 3 nights in Egypt include at least most of these activities unless it contains all of that.

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Related FAQ

How much is the visa for Egypt?

The Arab Republic of Egypt's Visa Regulations is the responsible department to determine the type of your visa and it is related to your trip purpose. The cost of a single entry visa (Tourism) is $25. The tourist visa with multiple entry costs $60.

How much does a round trip to Egypt cost?

Round Tri flight from 800$ to 1200$ depends on your location.
Tour starting at $750, a package gives you access to low-cost travel for 7 days in Egypt. From tickets to hotels to rental vehicles, we have everything you need for your Egypt vacation. Prices start from $700 to $2000 based on the type of transportation, duration, and cost of accommodations.

Is Egypt expensive travel destination to visit?

Not true. When compared to Europe, North America and other countries like Australia and New Zealand it is cheaper to travel to Egypt. Egypt is somehow equivalent to Southeast Asia in terms of expense. Overall, choosing Egypt over many other available countries is an economical decision. A budget tourist can explore a lot in Egypt without having to pay loads of money.

How expensive is a flight to Egypt in 2021?

Flight prices depend on your location around the World. For North America and Far East it starts at $600 for one-way flight and from $800 for roundtrips. Prices and availability depends on date of travel and seat class. So try to check beforehand. In October, November and December, prices are thought to be at their highest. Traveling to Egypt is most affordable in June, July and August.
Flight rates from January to May are in the middle average.

How long is the Flight to Egypt?

It depends on the country from which you're departing and the number of stops you'll be making. The average nonstop flight from the United States to Egypt is 19 hours and 04 minutes long and covers a distance of 6530 miles. With an average flight time of 10h 30m, the most common route is New York - Cairo. Different carriers take about 11 hours to fly nonstop from Canada (YYZ) to Egypt (CAI). You can conduct a search based on your country.

How much spending money do I need for Egypt?

You should budget roughly E£636 ($41) per day for your trip in Egypt, as this is the average daily price based on other travelers’ spending. Previous tourists spent an average of E£194 ($12) on meals and E£107 ($6.63) on public transportation in one day.

Do I need to cover my head in Egypt?

If you're a guest, you're not compelled to wear a scarf at all. In fact, Egypt doesn’t have a clear dress code, but Egyptians tend to dress modestly. There are some women who wear a scarf to cover their heads on religious expeditions, especially inside mosques, out of respect. That's perfectly fine. If you leave your head uncovered on your Egypt trips, you will not be criticized or shamed for doing so

What are the things to avoid in Egypt?

Any aspect of a person's foot, including the toe, heel, or any part of the foot, should not be pointed at anyone in Egypt. Mosque entry while wearing shoes is extremely disrespectful to the Islamic community. In Egyptian culture, modesty is how Egyptian wear is often described.

Is it Ok to wear jeans while touring Egypt?

When it comes down to it, yes indeed. Jeans in many forms are popular among the majority of Egyptians, and it is not gender specific. The weather in Egypt can be rather hot, so you may not want to pack jeans. When it's hot outside, wearing wide-leg, linen, or light cotton pants will be more practical.

What clothes you can not wear in Egypt?

For tourists or locals, there is no compelling dress code in Egypt. Be aware that Egyptian are well-dressed, and they tend to be conservative. To avoid feeling out of place, cover your legs and shoulders. Visits to mosques with conservative clothing and perhaps a light scarf is very respectful sign.

Is there a dress code for tourists in Egypt?

There isn't a legislation that dictates what Egyptians and tourists should wear in Egypt. To feel comfortable and respectful, keep in mind that Egyptians are traditionally well-dressed but moderate in their attire choices. If your clothes are long enough to cover your legs and shoulders, you will get a full Egyptian experience. If you're going to a mosque, you should dress conservatively, preferably with a scarf.

What tourists should not do in Egypt?

Traditions in Egypt have set some behaviors to be rude and inappropriate. Pointing at someone’s face with your feet is a sign of disrespect for Egyptians. Wearing shoes at mosques isn’t allowed as it is a sign of disrespect to the Muslim community.

When is the cheapest time to go to Egypt?

November and December are high season in terms of expenses. March is most inexpensive month to fly to Egypt. Here are some other useful statistics, between October and April is the best time to visit Egypt, when temperatures are cooler but still comfortable throughout the country. This makes wandering Cairo's crowded streets, visiting the desert Pyramids, and visiting ancient Pharaonic tombs more comfortable and convenient.

Is Alexandria Egypt worth visiting?

This gorgeous city on the North Coast of Egypt is full of interesting activities you can do and historical places to see. Taking deep breaths while gazing out over the Mediterranean Sea felt wonderful. On its 32 km of shoreline, Alexandria has a bustling port and is Egypt's second biggest city.

How long is the train ride from Cairo to Alexandria?

Yes, hourly departures are available throughout the day. It takes around 4 hours and 50 minutes to complete the journey due to the pauses along the way. Ramses Train Station in Cairo's central is around 2.5 hours away from Misr Train Station in central Alexandria which is the fastest line.

Is Alexandria safer than Cairo?

As compared to Cairo, Alexandria is considerably smaller. Little hustle and bustle that you may find in the city. As a result, the city has a safer, quieter, and more peaceful atmosphere. Violent crime is infrequent and rare especially with tourists.

What is Alexandria Egypt famous for?

Pharos, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Library (the largest in the ancient world), and the Necropolis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages, were the most notable features of Hellenistic Alexandria.

Why did they burn the Library of Alexandria?

Burning the library returns to Julius Caesar. He had his forces set ablaze some of the Egyptian ships stationed in the Alexandrian harbor in an attempt to obstruct Ptolemy XIV's fleet. Apparently, the fire extended to the portions of the city closest to the docks, causing chaos on the cityscape which affected the library primarily.

Does Alexandria Egypt still exist?

Yes, In addition to being the country's most populous city, Alexandria is also the country's key seaport and industrial hub. About 114 miles (183 km) northwest of Cairo, the city is located on the Mediterranean Sea at the western side of the Nile River Delta. It has many touristic attractions and destinations.

Is it worth it to go to Alexandria Egypt?

Enjoy a variety of activities and historical sites in this beautiful city on Egypt's North Coast. Breathing deeply while looking out over the Mediterranean Sea is such a lovely experience! Alexandria, Egypt's second-largest city, has a bustling port on its 32 km of beachfront.

Is it safe to visit Alexandria Egypt?

In comparison to Cairo, Alexandria is a much smaller city. There isn't as much traffic noise as you may find in the capital. As a result, the city's vibe is safer, quieter, and more tranquil, so it doesn’t provide a room at all for violent crimes. Violent crime is nonexistent, especially among tourists

How much is it to ride a camel in Egypt Pyramids?

The typical cost of a 30-minute camel ride is 300 EGP, or roughly $20 USD. However, depending on your haggling skills, the length of the camel ride, and where the camels are ridden, this fee might vary significantly. At the end of the ride, riders traditionally tip the camel guides.

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