Hurghada Package Holiday Cairo With Nile Cruise Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria

Charming nature will purify your soul in Hurghada. Be ready to wander the land of civilization, and majestic living history, and see magnificent historical events narrated by the owners of this history themselves, the pharaohs.  That is how will be your Hurghada Package Holiday.



from $1290/ Person

Trip Summary

Tour Starts: Hurghada
Tour Ends: Cairo
Trip Duration: 12 Days / 11 Nights
Accommodation: Included
Tour Category: Egypt Budget Travel - Egypt Standard Tours - Egypt Travel Deals 2021/2022 - Red Sea Holidays Packages
Trip Theme: Egypt Cultural Tours - Egypt Educational Tours - Egypt Group Tours - Egypt Private Tours - Family Friendly Tours
Cities to Visit: Hurghada - Luxor - Aswan - Alexandria - Cairo - Giza
Tour Difficulty: Easy
Available for Handicap: Yes
Group Size: 10 to 15 persons
Style: Comfort - Educational - Enjoyment- Culture


  • Day 1

    Arrival at Hurghada Airport

    Arrival Day

    Once you arrive at Hurghada international airport, you can find our representative holding a sign bearing your name to identify him/her quickly to start your Hurghada Package Holiday. He/she assists you in all airport procedures, Egypt Visa, and luggage receipts. Meet your private driver to accompany you by private luxury vehicle to the Hurghada hotel. Go through this charming nature, viewing alluring mountains that embrace wide pure blue water. Your coordinator assists you at hotel check-in. Get your rest and your lunch or dinner meal as per your arrival. Have a free night at Hurghada.

  • Day 2

    Full-Day Optional Red Sea Activities

    Free Full Day Activities at the Red Sea

    firstly, your day starts with breakfast in your hotel—an open day with optional red sea activities and sports. If this pure water attracts you to swim it, you sure can do that, and if your curiosity pushes you to explore what beneath this clear blue water, it will be a great idea to dive, snorkel, or even ride a submarine. Under the Hurghada sea, you can live real magic, seeing rare marine life, sparkling and colorful fishes, and coral reefs. Maybe the scene of the charming waves creates a desire to go surfing.

    Then, enjoy the sunbathing and the enchanting view of the red sea  and your Hurghada Package Holiday. You can go to the Hurghada desert to meet the Bedouins, sit at their fabulous tents, and enjoy testing their delicious food and tea & coffee drinks uniquely cooked on the sand. You have the option to climb mountains or enjoy the camel rides in Hurghada, Egypt, to wander the charm of the desert by its alluring nature. At night, the sky appears clear with bright stars to relish a magic landscape view, while the Bedouin's festivals add more beauty to this time.

    finally, get a relaxing night at the hotel. Your day is not free of Lunch and Dinner meals.

  • Day 3

    Hurghada Day Tours

    Enjoy Your Free Day

    firstly, enjoy your breakfast at the hotel to begin another full free day and many sea activities choices. It is optional if you are a lover of diving to go by the private luxury vehicle to the blue hole; this magic spot has confused the divers by its beautiful marine life and rare color reefs.

    finally, Get your lunch and dinner meals, and enjoy a comfortable night at the hotel.

  • Day 4

    Travel to Luxor By Car / Karnak Temple – Luxor Temple Visit

    Luxor Day Tour

    Firstly, Hurghada Our coordinator assists you in hotel check-out after enjoying your breakfast meal to accompany you to a private air-conditioned lavish vehicle traveling to Luxor. You are on your way to a city that contains one-third of world monuments: Theba,  Luxor now, this majestic capital for the ancient Egyptian civilization that embraces dazzling artifacts. There, you can see the history that had been narrated by the hands of the pharaohs themselves. You can look forward to the ancient Egyptians secrets, and majestic pharaonic actual historical events are clear on historical walls with vibrant decorations made by the ancient Egyptians.

    Luxor and Karnak Temple

    Then, arrive at Luxor and meet the local friendly Egyptologist to begin your tour day by private vehicle, going through the most important monument in Luxor. It is Luxor temple. Follow your Egyptologist to see the majestic buildings of Tutankhamun, Horemheb, and Rameses II till arriving at the secret of Amenhotep III's taking over the rule; he is the founder of Luxor Temple. The history is embodied in front of your eyes. On the road paved by the pharaohs, Ram Road, walk to find Sphinx statues on your right and left guarding your way that was the road of one of the most important religious festivals to arrive at Karnak Temple.

    Once crossing a pharaonic wall dating back to 2000 years ago, you can be in the heart of the largest temple, Karnak Temple. It is the most significant religious complex in history, dating from 2055 BC to around 100 AD.

    Get your Lunch & Dinner meals, and enjoy a free day at Luxor streets, visiting its bazaars.

    finally, go with your Egyptologist to the Luxor hotel to get your rest and enjoy a relaxing night.  He/She assists you in the hotel check-in.

  • Day 5

    West Luxor Tour (Valley of the Kings – Valley of the Queens - Temple of Hatshepsut - Colossi of Memnon)

    West Bank Day Tour - Nile Cruise check-in

    Valley of The Kings & The Valley of the Queen.

    firstly, get your breakfast meal at the hotel. Your Egyptologist ends your check-out procedures at the hotel. Be ready for a day tour in the heart of the afterlife world for the pharaohs. In the new kingdom, the pharaohs had decided to hide their tombs, taking a far place away from the people, even the workers. So, they had taken a secret road to the royal tombs where the mummies of the kings had been located amid dazzling shiny treasure and vibrant decorations.   Meet your Egyptologist to go through this pharaonic secret road till arriving at the Valley of The Kings & The Valley of the Queen. You have the opportunity to enter up to three tombs at each valley to be surrounded by decorations narrate the whole pharaonic burial rituals, from mummification to mummy birth.

    west bank

    Then, the pharaohs chose the west bank as the land of truth or the land of the afterlife, where the sun takes the soul of the deceased with sunset, to start with the rising of the new sun, eternal life that does not perish. While you are preoccupied with these Pharaonic beliefs, you can meet a majestic pharaonic temple carved in a mountain by genius and creativity accompanied by greatness to reveal the power of a Pharaonic woman who ruled Egypt.

    Temple of Hatshepsut

    Once you see three terraces embraced by a giant mountain adorned with columns and huge pharaonic statues, your tour will begin in the Temple of Hatshepsut in Deir el-Bahri. Complete your way to finding two giant statuses that appear magically, standing highly with 20-meter-high since the 18th Dynasty representing Amenhotep III on the throne.

    Transfer with your Egyptologist to check in Nile Cruise and fresh up.

    Get your Lunch meal on board and free afternoon.

    Nile Cruise Dinner meal and enjoy a comfortable night in your cruise cabin.

  • Day 6

    Medinet Habu - Valley of The Nobles - Ramesseum Temple Day Tour

     Habu, Valley of the Nobles & Ramesseum temple tour

    Firstly, you are eager to walk through the magic of Luxor's west bank again. Get your breakfast meal. Follow your tour guide to the west bank of the Nile again to arrive at a spot that has a special sanctity for the ancient Egyptians. It is Medinet Habu, where you see Ramesses III's victories and the period of his reign carved in the walls of the temple among the pharaonic statues. Another side of ancient Egyptian history you can witness at the Valley of The Nobles. The ancient Egyptians had engraved each detail of the pharaonic daily life, including in the farms, homes, and even worship.

    Ramses II wanted to immortalize his memory. Get the chance to see all the greatness he erected to cross his power and strength via the eras by visiting Ramesseum Temple.

    Finally, enjoy your lunch on the  Cruise Board and relish the sun and the pool. Have a free night at Luxor and attend the Nile Cruise festivals as your Hurghada Package Holiday keeps revealing its secrets

  • Day 7

    Edfu Temple Visit & Sailing to Kom Ombo

    Edfu trip & Cruise Navigation

    Firstly, get your Breakfast meal and enjoy the sun on this day. Enjoy the sailing in the heart of the Nile, seeing magic views as the farms decorate the Nile valley. It is the same scene since the ancient Egyptian civilization to see the green plants adorn the Nile banks, making you live the history in the cradle of the civilization.  After crossing the alluring view of Isna lock, be ready to arrive at Edfu temple.

    This 2nd  largest temple is considered a complete record of the religious rituals in ancient Egypt. It has the distinction of being the most preserved temple in the ancient Egyptian civilization. Go with your  Egyptologist to this dazzle by horse carriage, which increases the pleasure of this experience.

    Finally, come back to your Luxury Nile Cruise and enjoy your Lunch meal to complete the sailing and arrive at Kom Ombo Temple. Spend your night and enjoy Nubian festivals on the Nile Cruise Board.

  • Day 8

    Kom Ombo Temple Visit- Sailing to Aswan

    Kom Ombo Temple Tour & Sailing to Aswan

    Get your Breakfast meal on the sundeck with the beautiful view of the Nile and move with your Egyptologist to Kom Ombo Temple. A temple is unique in its architectural composition and a symbol of freedom in belief. You can see in front of your eyes this religious freedom inside the temple. You also can see the surgery tools, witnessing a pharaonic hospital in this temple.

    Sail to Aswan and get your Lunch meal. Spend a free night at Aswan streets. Get your dinner and enjoy a relaxing night on your Cruise.

  • Day 9

    Aswan Highlights Day Tour – Sailing Tour In Aswan Nile

    Aswan day Tour

    Firstly, get your Breakfast meal to check out of the Nile Cruise. Begin a charming full-day with your Egyptologist, visiting Aswan landmarks. Arrive where the water runs between the highest rock-fill dam globally to irrigate and feed all over Egypt. It is a great view. It is the High Dam,  the dream and challenge of the Egyptians.  There, you can witness the largest artificial lake in the world, Nasser Lake. You can see the 1st Nile Cataract.

    Philae Temple

    Then, get a boat from Philae port, where you meet Nubians to deal with kindful people with a unique culture. Your way to the Jewel of temples is by sailing in this Ancient Egyptian god, the Nile, called it god Hapi, until viewing a scene you can not forget from this moment. The temple appears magically while you are on the same way as the Osiris Nile procession to visit Isis in its great temple, Philae Temple.

    Unfinished Obelisk.

    Subsequently, come back again to the land and get your Lunch meal at a local restaurant to be ready to where the pharaonic engineers had erected one of their architectural miracles. You can realize the secret of how the ancient Egyptians had built these great obelisks that illuminate the whole temples, stands highly to distribute the light with genius. How this single piece obelisk had cut, moved to the temple, and raised to stand highly through the eras. All of that you can see by the lines the pharaohs had left in the Unfinished Obelisk.

    Kitchener Island. Aga Khan Mausoleum

    After That, get your relaxing in the embrace of the Nile again, crossing through enchanting plants, rare flowers, fruit trees, and birdhouses. It is the Kitchener Island. Aga Khan Mausoleum also appears with its gorgeous Fatimid architecture, as a flower decorates the Nile.

    Finally, your private Egyptologist accompanies you to the sleeper train to travel to Alexandria.  Get your Dinner meal on the train board and enjoy a relaxing sleep.

  • Day 10

    Alexandria Landmarks Tour

    Alexandria leisure Day Tour

    Roman Catacombs of Kom El Shokafa and Pompey Pillar 

    Firstly, your morning this day will be in the accompany of the charming Mediterranean Sea. Get your breakfast on the train board and meet the local private tour guide to arrive at a Luxury private vehicle driven by a friendly driver that is waiting for your arrival to begin your day amid a fantastic mix of decoration of Roman and Pharaonic designs to see how the Romans buried their dead amid the beliefs of the pharaohs at the largest burial site in Egypt. It is the Roman Catacombs of Kom El Shokafa.  Go to this Ptolemaic city to witness another essential history in the land of civilization, seeing the Roman and Greeks monuments.  Meet on your way the highest column globally that shaking Alexandria sky with a group of unique historical stones, from different eras, since 305A.D. It is the Pompey Pillar.

    Then, get your Lunch Meal, and have a rest.

    Roman Amphitheater, Pharos  Light House, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and  Citadel of Qaitbay

    In where the historical Roman festivals had occurred, spend a time seeing alluring Roman theater with a design that is unique of the rest of Romans theaters globally, to realize why the Greeks established their important meetings there. It is Roman Amphitheater. At the site of one of the ancient world wonders,  Pharos  Light House, you can see the strongest citadel on the Mediterranean coast, the Citadel of Qaitbay, with its attractive Mamluk architectural design. There you can view the marching ships from a day away. Live the captivating experience of wandering this great sandcastle.  Leave this castle that the seawater touches its sides, and complete with this beautiful blue water to find a modern creative design taking your attention.  Inside it, you can live great fascinating history, seeing a rare collection of original manuscripts, unique books, and historical maps. It is the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

    Finally, enjoy a free night at Alexandria and get your Dinner meal. Accompany your tour guide to a hotel to check in and get your relaxing night's sleep as the rest Hurghada Package Holiday continues.

  • Day 11

    Travel To Cairo- Giza Pyramid -Grand Egyptian Museum Tour – Al Moez Street

     Cairo Day Tour

    Giza Pyramids Plateau 

    Firstly, get your Breakfast meal at the hotel to check out the hotel. Our coordinator facilitates all the hotel procedures to ride the private luxury air-conditioned vehicle to travel to Cairo. At the vehicle,  the most important masterpiece of Egypt, but the whole world appears to feel that you will say goodbye to Egypt by visiting these dazzling pharaonic pieces that had confused the world thousands of years. It is the Giza Pyramids Plateau.  A spot pushes you into (c. 2575–c. 2465 BCE) once touching this historical golden sand, where the ancient Egyptians had walked to build this glorious history you see in front of you. Begin your day tour in front of the only survivor of the ancient world wonders. It is the great pyramid of Khufu that stands highly since 2550 BC with 138.8 meters to be a tremendous royal tomb stands tall to tell how the genius of the Egyptian builder and how the pharaonic engineering creativity was so that the theory of building the pyramids with this height remains a mystery that stands in front of the world announcing a great history.

    Thousands of years are embodied towards your eyes to find Khafre and Menkaure pyramids and six other small pyramids. They are queens’ tombs, and you have the opportunity to enter one of them. Vital burial rituals you can witness in the Solar Ship Museum & Mortuary Temple, and a memorial photo that gathers you with glorious history you can take in the Panorama Pyramids. Be a witness of the ancient Egyptians creativity collecting the power of the lion and man's wisdom in this giant pharaonic statue called Sphinx.

    Egyptian Museum

    Dazzling treasure shines inside one magnificent building erected in a pyramidal shape but not with limestone as the pharaohs but with a translucent stone façade to contain more than unique charming, bright 100.000 Pharaonic artifacts, including the gold collection of Tut. It is the Egyptian Museum.

    Get your lunch and have a rest.

    Bab Al Futuh, El-Moez Street, Islamic Museum, and Khan Al-Khalili

    Proceed to another era of Egyptian history to be in a Fatimid, Mamluks, and Ottomans eras, going through majestic Islamic architecture to be charmed with the flowering architecture, dazzling lights, rich decorations, vibrant colors, rich patterns, and symmetrical silhouettes.  Arrive at the historical gate with two ancient giant towers, Bab Al Futuh, to find your way to El-Moez Street, the largest open-air Islamic Museum globally.  Complete your way on these historical tiles paved by Fatimids to arrive at where the scent of oriental perfumes and spices comes from everywhere to walk in that magic. Finding adjacent small shops shine with lighting lanterns, silver crafts, high copy of handicrafts and statues, luminous. It is Khan Al-Khalili Fatimid Market.

    Finally, enjoy a free night in Cairo streets and the downtown.  Go with your Egyptologist to a hotel to sleep. He/she assist you i n hotel check-in to continue your Hurghada Package Holiday

  • Day 12

    Travel Back To Home

    Departure Day

    Finally, get your breakfast at the hotel and meet your tour guide to Cairo Airpot, traveling back home after spending an unforgettable time and a great memorial period you can not experience even in the land of civilization, Egypt. Your coordinator will accompany you to the airport and facilitate all airport procedures.


Hurghada Package Holiday includes:

  • Hurghada airport arrival & drop-off meet & assistance.
  • Three nights accommodation at a hotel in Hurghada with Half-Board (Bed & Breakfast).
  • 1st Class Train Ticket on board of Sleeper Train for 1 Night (Aswan to Alexandria).
  • A private air-conditioned luxury vehicle driven by a friendly driver accompanies you to all sites mentioned in the above itinerary.
  • Well-English spoken Egyptologist accompanies you to all tour sites during your sitting in Egypt.
  • One night accommodation at a hotel in Luxor with Half-Board (Bed & Breakfast).
  • One night accommodation at a hotel in Cairo with Half-Board (Bed & Breakfast).
  • One night accommodation at a hotel in Alexandria with Half-Board (Bed & Breakfast).
  • 4 nights & 5 days accommodation Nile Cruise (Aswan to Luxor) with Full-Board (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).
  • All Taxes and Services Charges.
  • 12 Breakfast meals, 12 Lunch meals, and 12 Dinner meals.
  • Bottled water, Dinner & Lunch meals in High-quality local Restaurants during your tours and transfers.


Hurghada Package Holiday excludes:

  • Snacks Food, and drinks.
  • Any fee out of the above itinerary.
  • Any meal not mentioned in the above itinerary.
  • Entry Visa to Egypt on Arrival.
  • Any tour not mentioned in this itinerary.
  • Personal spending.
  • Items of Personal Nature, souvenirs internet and phone calls, etc.
  • Departure flight ticket to home.
  • Entrance Fees for All sightseeing.

Tour Attractions and Highlights

Package Price

Start from $1290$1420  / Person

Package Prices

"Hurghada Package Holiday" Rates All Year Round:

Our above rate is from 1st June to 31st August.

From 1st Sep to 30th April a supplement of 25% is applicable except for Christmas and New Year.

Peak season from 20th Dec to 10th Jan (Xmas & New Year) Supplement is 40%.

Rates and Prices above are quoted in US Dollars per person in Double occupancy, Due to Covid 19 Triple Rates are not available.
Single Supplement is 40% extra on double rate.

Rates Policy for Children

  • 0 - 2 Years are Free of Charge
  • 2 - 6 Years get 75% discount of adult tour rates.
  • 6 - 12 Years get 50% discount of adult tour rates.
  • 12+ Considered adult person


  • Our Rates policy for children above are applicable to children sharing rooms with their parents with Maximum 2 children per room.
  • In case your tour to Egypt includes domestic air flights, an additional charge may apply for child according to flight ticket rate.

Important Notes

Egypt United Tours Safety Precautions During Covid 19

  • All Our Staff are wearing face masks during tour and they are all checked daily for negative PCR Test
  • Checking Travelers’ Body Temperature upon arrival and departure.
  • Regular Daily Sanitizing for all our Transportations and vehicles.
  • Complementary Face-mask daily for all travelers.
  • For Accommodation we deal only the licensed hotels, Nile Cruises and tourism resorts which meet with the International health regulation for maximum occupancy of fifty percent.
  • We ensure keeping social distance during all our tours.
  • We provide hand free sanitizer for your use with all our staff.
  • Taking The necessary action immediately for travelers and team in case of any symptoms appears.
  • Follow up with all travelers 24/7 to ensure our clients health and safety.

Recommended things to pack for Egypt Trip

  • Hand Sanitizer - Comfortable Walking Shoes – Hat – Camera or good mobile – Sunscreen Cream – Sunglasses
  • If you plan your tip to Egypt in winter from November till March, a Jacket and worm clothes are a must, rest of the year comfortable cotton summer clothes are OK.
  • Six Month Valid Passport.

Egypt Trip Essential Info Before You Go

Time to read all essential info about your trip to Egypt, we provide you here with all tour details related to our tour Itineraries with all inclusion and exclusion, Info about Egypt Visa and, Our Accommodation and Transportation Info in Egypt. Get to know everything about your wonderful vacation in Egypt with Egypt United Tours.

Egypt Trip Essential Info

Egypt United Tours Payment Policy

We highly recommend early reservations to guarantee and book preferred selected accommodation. Normal Season We require 25% deposit of full price One Month Prior tour start to secure and guarantee tour space. On High Seasons Christmas, New Year, Easter Vacation and for packages includes airfare we require 50% deposit 2 Months before tour starts.

Tour Deposit could be made by Bank Transfer to our company bank account, Western Union or Credit Card. Balance payment should be received on your arrival to hotel in Egypt.

Tour Tipping

It’s not obligatory to tip every person giving you a service here in Egypt while its now part of Egyptian culture for appreciating your satisfaction for a good service.

Giving and Charities

We make a donation to Egyptian Thalassemia Association ETA for each booking reserved.