12 Days Food Tour Package in Egypt

At every meal of the 12 Days Food Tour Package in Egypt, you will unfold a different Egyptian tasty dish with a unique aroma, Experience the best cuisines of all time with the 12 Days Food Tour Package in Egypt.

Enjoy the real taste of Egypt amidst exploration of unique ancient Egyptian historical sites.

from $1730/ Person

Trip Summary

Tour Starts: Cairo
Tour Ends: Cairo
Trip Duration: 12 Days / 11 Nights
Accommodation: Included
Tour Category: Egypt Travel Deals 2021/2022
Trip Theme: Egypt Food Tours - Egypt Private Tours
Cities to Visit: Cairo - Luxor - Alexandria - Aswan
Tour Difficulty: Easy
Available for Handicap: Yes
Group Size: 4 to 10 persons
Style: Comfort


  • Day 1

    Arrival at the International Airport in Cairo

    Cairo Arrival

    Firstly, our representative warmly welcomes you at the airport and assists you in all Airport procedures. In addition, he facilitates luggage collection, customs and passport control formalities, and Egyptian entry visas.

    After that, he escorts you in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle driven by an elegant driver to a hotel in Cairo.

    Meanwhile, enjoy your rest at the hotel and then link up with your tour guide. So, your tour guide is going to accompany you to “El Falah Restaurant” to Kebda Askandrani with Tahini Salad. It is the most common Egyptian cuisine.

    After that, enjoy the Cairo atmospheric uniqueness as you wander around Cairo streets, and then return to your hotel.

    You’re most welcome to the land of historical cuisines that continue to be tested today after crossing thousands of years.

  • Day 2

    Giza Pyramids and Grand Egyptian Museum

    Cairo and Giza Pyramids Tour

    Firstly, Link up with your tour guide after waking up early at 08:00 AM. He/ She accompanies you to taste Falafel with Aish Balade (Egyptian bread), Foul Madames, Baba Ganouhh, and fried potatoes at El Shabrawy restaurant.

    Subsequently, continue to Giza Pyramids. Reach at the pyramid of Khufu, the pyramid of Khafre, and then the Menkaure pyramid to wander a spot dating back to 2550 BC.

    Certainly, an opportunity is availed to you to climb down the six pyramids dedicated to the queens.

    After that, visit the great sculpture of Sphinx and lastly enjoy a photo shoot at this amazing view in the Panorama Pyramids.

    01:00 PM, It's lunchtime, Enjoy a delicious Egyptian dish with a unique aroma at a restaurant with a magnificent panorama of the pyramids.

    Eat the Egyptian Kabab and Kofta cuisine with a variety of grilled meat and Egyptian salad vegetables (Salata Baladi), all at Felfela restaurant. Meanwhile, enjoy a popular drink Red Tea, and have an Egyptian dessert Om Ali.

    After that, your next stop is the Egyptian Museum to explore Tut’s treasure whole collection.

    At 05:00 PM, transfer back to the hotel and rest.

    Meet at 08:00 AM with your tour guide for dinner at Koshary El Tahrir and enjoy Koshary’s fabulous taste, It’s a unique Egyptian cuisine. In addition, enjoy Roz Bel Laban Dessert and finally transfer back to the hotel in Cairo and chill out freely in the evening.

  • Day 3

    Dahshour Pyramids – Memphis and Saqqara Complex

    Memphis, Saqqara, Ben, and Red Pyramids Tour

    It’s 08:00 AM, Firstly, link up with your tour guide at the hotel, and then proceed to a local restaurant to enjoy an unforgettable Egyptian dish for your breakfast. It’s old Egyptian cheese (Gbna Adima), Feteer Meshaltet, and honey.

    After that, continue to the historic 1st attempts of pyramids establishment in Dahshour district.

    Unfold the secrets of the Red and Bent Pyramids. Your next stop escorted by your tour guide is in Memphis, The 1st pharaonic capital.

    Meanwhile, enjoy eating Stuffed Cabbage Leaves (Mahshi Kromb), Rojak, and Hamam Mahshi, for your lunch at 01:00 PM at Saqqara Local Restaurant.

    After that, proceed with your trip to the Saqqara Step Pyramid. It’s the 1st limestone structure to be established in the world. At 5: 00 PM, transfer back to the hotel.

    Freshen up, have enough rest at the hotel, and then meet again with your tour guide for dinner.

    Subsequently, arrive at Baba Abdo's local restaurant to eat delicious Hawshi and Sausage near Bab El Fetouh as you enjoy wandering around Egyptian streets.

    In conclusion, Stopover at El Malky to eat a flavorsome dessert called Konafa.

  • Day 4

    Travel to El Minya Overland

    Cairo to El Minya Jouney

    07:00 AM, Firstly, Meet your tour guide to facilitate check-out at the hotel and escort you to El Minya.

    Secondly, enjoy a delicious breakfast at a local restaurant eating Moussaka with Shami bread, Falafel, and sandwiches Foul. In addition, Sip the Kasab drink and after that, enjoy a 3-hour ride to El Minya in your air-conditioned vehicle.

    Arrive in El Minya at 10:00 AM and tour Beni Hassan and Tuna El Gabal Catacombs.

    Meanwhile, Your guide accompanies you to a local restaurant for a tasty lunch. Enjoy tasting luscious Molokhia and Chicken.

    Explore the new Capital established by Akhenaton 3000 years ago on your trip to Tal El Amarna after lunch.

    Your tour guide escorts you to El Minya to facilitate your one-night check-in in a lavish hotel. So, relax and have a good time.

    08:00 PM, Meet your tour guide to ingest a Shawrma cuisine at Arkan Restaurant and explore El Minya local streets.

    In conclusion, return to the hotel in El Minya and overnight.

  • Day 5

    Overland Travel to Luxor

    Day Journey to Luxor from El Minya

    07:00 AM, Meet your tour guide to facilitate your check-out early in the morning and escort you on your overland travel to Luxor.

    Enjoy the taste and aroma of Falafel, Moussaka with Shami bread, and sandwiches Foul alongside Tea Mint drink for your breakfast at a local restaurant.

    After that, proceed to Luxor in our air-conditioned vehicle amidst maximum enjoyment. (5 Hour drive)

    Taste Moussaka with Beef for lunch at Aisha restaurant after arrival to Luxor. Your tour guide accompanies you to facilitate your hotel check-in in Luxor and enjoy a free afternoon.

    08:00 PM, Reach your tour guide for an evening walk tour in a marvelous city that includes one-third of the world’s monuments.

    Wander around the bazaars, It’s Luxor City. Take delight eating Dawood Basha at Luqmat Haniyeh Restaurant.

    To sum up, return to Luxor for an overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 6

    Luxor Highlights Day Tour

    Kings Valley and Karnak Temple Tour

    08:00 AM, Your tour guide is ready, meet him to start your day tour.

    Meanwhile, Ingest Mashed potatoes, Eggs, Fried eggplant, and pepper with salads and Falafel for your Egyptian breakfast locally at a restaurant.

    After that, reach the West Bank of Luxor via the Nile River.

    It’s the afterlife pharaoh land, Explore the Valley of the Kings and the Queens’ valley. Hatshepsut Temple is your next stop and finally, your tour guide will take you to Colossi of Memnon.

    01:00 PM, It’s Lunchtime thrill, enjoy lunch at Sunflower Restaurant exploring a variety of Egyptian foods, eat stuffed eggplant, Tagien Basal with meet, Stuffed grade leaves, Shourba, and Tagien Ferriek with meat. In addition, baklava dessert awaits as well.

    Your next visit is to Luxor temple, It’s the most important temple in Luxor. After that, proceed to Karnak Temple, the Largest Temple in Egypt.

    08:00 PM, Transfer back to the hotel and reconnect with your tour guide for dinner. Experience a taste like no other eating Egyptian Fried cheese and Fajitas alongside Tamarind drink.

  • Day 7

    Edfu Temple – Kom Ombo Temple – Arrival at Aswan.

    Crocodile and Falcone God Temples Tour

    08:00 AM, Enjoy ingesting Egyptian Aish Baladi, Omlet & Tagen Foul, and sausage for your breakfast.

    Meet your tour guide and travel to Edfu Temple, It’s the most well-preserved Egyptian Temple.

    Transfer to Wahet El Nuba Restaurant in Kom Ombo City and enjoy Nubian Fetter Lunch. After that, explore the ancient pharaonic surgery tools on your visit to the ancient Egyptian hospital in Kom Ombo Temple.

    Return to the hotel and let our coordinator facilitate your hotel check-in.

    08:00 PM, Tonight, dinner is with a magnificent Elephantine view at Dokka Restaurant.

    So, enjoy eating tasty Egyptian Tagen Turli, Tagen Bamia, Fried Egyptian chicken, Lesan Asfour Soup with Aish Baladi and vegetable salad, and Kabab Hala.

    And, later on, experience the perfect Zalabia taste and aroma.

    Get back to Aswan for an overnight at your hotel.

  • Day 8

    Aswan Highlights Tour

    Philae Temple, High dam and Unfinished Obelisqe tour

    08:00 AM, It's time to eat Egyptian Shakshoks, Basterma with egg, and fried potatoes alongside red tea for breakfast at your hotel.

    Meet your tour guide and proceed to the magnificent rock-filled High Dam and Lake Nasser. After that, continue to the Unfinished Obelisk, the pharaonic engineering site. And, finally conclude your day trip in Philae Temple, the Isis home.

    01:00 PM, It’s lunchtime thrill, your lunch today is at Chef Khalil Restaurant.

    Unfold Egyptian Seafood soup, Fried Shrimp & Sorbet, Egyptian onion rice, Sinjari Fish, Tagan Sorbet, green salad, and tahini salad.

    Enjoy a nice time crossing through The Botanical Garden and Agha Khan sailing by Felucca.

    Return to the hotel, freshen up, and enjoy a free time.

    05:00 PM, It’s a fun time! Meet your tour guide for an evening walk tour around Aswan streets.

    After that, Board your first-class sleeper train back to Cairo at Aswan train station. All transfers and check-ins are facilitated by our coordinators.

    08:00 PM, Dinner is ready on your sleeper train board. A variety of choices are availed, you can either choose vegetable or non-vegetable meal.

  • Day 9

    Islamic and Coptic Cairo Tour – Khan El Khalili Bazar

    Ninth-day tour schedule;

    07:00 AM, Arrival at Cairo train station.

    Meet our friendly driver and tour guide to take you for breakfast in our comfortable air-conditioned vehicle. Today you’re eating Moussaka, Boiled eggs with Aish Baladi, and Foul Iskandarani with Falafel for breakfast.

    Begin the fun of today’s tour exploring early Christianity in Egypt and wander through the unique Egyptian historic eras till the Islamic eras.

    Reach where the tyranny of the Romans was escaped by the holy family and follow their footsteps to the St. Sergius Church and then to the holy Church. Then, Proceed to Ben Ezra Synagogue.

    Visit the great historic fortress of Babylon. Explore Fustat, the 1st Islamic city in Egypt, Tour the 1st Mosque to be built in Africa with its unique architecture, Amr Ibn El-Aas Mosque.

    After that, continue to Al-Azhar District and tour the great Mosque of Al-Azhar and then visit the largest open-air Islamic Museum in the world across the street at Al-Moez.

    Enjoy your lunch close to El Hussein Mosque at Al-Fishawy Restaurant. Ingest tasty Fatah and meat soup, then enjoy eating a special dessert of Blah El-sham and Basbusa. Wander through Khan El Khalil, the historical Market of the Mamluks. Finally, transfer back to your hotel.

    08:00 PM, Meet your tour guide to enjoy your dinner at a local restaurant. Tonight, you’re eating a special meal of Shish Tawook and Mombar at El Dahhan's local restaurant. Overnight enjoyment at the hotel.

  • Day 10

    Alexandria - Seafood - Fish Market Restaurant

    Alexandria Landmarks Tour

    07.00 am; Enjoy oriental Breakfast at the Hotel and prepare to meet your tour guide again. With our elegant driver and private air-conditioned vehicle to start your journey to Alexandria.

    It's a 2-hour drive to arrive at Alexandria and the Mediterranean Sea. Begin your day tour at The Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, It was the largest burial site in Egypt during Greek and Roman times. After that, proceed to Pompey Pillar, this towering rise triumphal monument was erected around 300 AD.

    At around 01.00 pm, try the best seafood in Egypt as you enjoy having your tasty seafood lunch at Fish Market Local Restaurant.

    05:00 pm; Return trip back to Cairo and relaxation at your lavish hotel. Dinner and overnight.

  • Day 11

    Alexandria food tour - Gad Alexandria Restaurant

    leisure At Alexandria City

    Enjoy breakfast at the hotel in Alexandria, meet your tour guide and driver to start a day tour to visit Quitbay Citadel on the  Mediterranean. Completing your Alexandria day tour at the unique-designed Roman Theater that dates back to the 4th century. It is The Roman Amphitheater, then proceed to visit  The Bibliotheca of Alexandrina and its rare manuscripts.

    Today you enjoy a fantastic Egyptian lunch at Gad Restaurant in Alexandria.

    Transfer back to Cairo, assist you with check-in at the hotel, and free evening.

  • Day 12

    Cairo International Airport – Flying back home

    Last day in details;

    It’s a special farewell last meal at this Egypt street food tour at a local restaurant. Enjoy eating Falafel stuffed with spices and vegetables, Falafel stuffed with pastrami, Tahini and green salads with Aish Baladi or Shami Aish (depending on your choice and preference), and potato chips.

    Transfer to Cairo International Airport for your final departure back home. You’re accompanied by our coordinator at the airport for procedure facilitation.


12 Days Food Tour Package in Egypt includes:

  • Assistance and pick-up at Cairo International Airport.
  • 5 nights accommodation in Cairo at a hotel with breakfast. (3N first stay and 2N second stay)
  • A single-night accommodation in El-Minya at a hotel with breakfast.
  • 2 nights accommodation in Luxor at a hotel with breakfast.
  • 1-night accommodation in Aswan at a hotel with breakfast.
  • Accommodation for 1 night on first-class sleeper train board. (Aswan-Cairo).
  • Hotel accommodation in Alexandria for a single night with breakfast.
  • 11 Breakfasts, 10 Lunches, and 10 Dinner meals at Egyptian Local restaurants.
  • All drinks and desserts are mentioned in the itinerary above.
  • Entire movements by a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle.
  • You’re accompanied by a private tour guide fluent in English to all trips and tours.
  • Bottled water (3 bottles daily).
  • Farewell, and escort from and to Cairo International airport.
  • All taxes and service charges.


12 Days Food Tour Package in Egypt excludes:

  • International flight tickets, visa, and departure taxes.
  • Site entry fees to all above attractions.
  • Any meal not mentioned in the above itinerary.
  • Various drinks and snacks are not mentioned in the above itinerary.
  • Phone calls and internet usage.
  • Personal expenditure.

Tour Attractions and Highlights

Package Price

Start from $1730$1910  / Person

Package Prices

"12 Days Food Tour Package in Egypt" Rates All Year Round:

Our above rate is from 1st June to 31st August.

From 1st Sep to 30th April a supplement of 25% is applicable except for Christmas and New Year.

Peak season from 20th Dec to 10th Jan (Xmas & New Year) Supplement is 40%.

Rates and Prices above are quoted in US Dollars per person in Double occupancy, Due to Covid 19 Triple Rates are not available.
Single Supplement is 40% extra on double rate.

Rates Policy for Children

  • 0 - 2 Years are Free of Charge
  • 2 - 6 Years get 75% discount of adult tour rates.
  • 6 - 12 Years get 50% discount of adult tour rates.
  • 12+ Considered adult person


  • Our Rates policy for children above are applicable to children sharing rooms with their parents with Maximum 2 children per room.
  • In case your tour to Egypt includes domestic air flights, an additional charge may apply for child according to flight ticket rate.

Important Notes

Egypt United Tours Safety Precautions During Covid 19

  • All Our Staff are wearing face masks during tour and they are all checked daily for negative PCR Test
  • Checking Travelers’ Body Temperature upon arrival and departure.
  • Regular Daily Sanitizing for all our Transportations and vehicles.
  • Complementary Face-mask daily for all travelers.
  • For Accommodation we deal only the licensed hotels, Nile Cruises and tourism resorts which meet with the International health regulation for maximum occupancy of fifty percent.
  • We ensure keeping social distance during all our tours.
  • We provide hand free sanitizer for your use with all our staff.
  • Taking The necessary action immediately for travelers and team in case of any symptoms appears.
  • Follow up with all travelers 24/7 to ensure our clients health and safety.

Recommended things to pack for Egypt Trip

  • Hand Sanitizer - Comfortable Walking Shoes – Hat – Camera or good mobile – Sunscreen Cream – Sunglasses
  • If you plan your tip to Egypt in winter from November till March, a Jacket and worm clothes are a must, rest of the year comfortable cotton summer clothes are OK.
  • Six Month Valid Passport.

Egypt Trip Essential Info Before You Go

Time to read all essential info about your trip to Egypt, we provide you here with all tour details related to our tour Itineraries with all inclusion and exclusion, Info about Egypt Visa and, Our Accommodation and Transportation Info in Egypt. Get to know everything about your wonderful vacation in Egypt with Egypt United Tours.

Egypt Trip Essential Info

Egypt United Tours Payment Policy

We highly recommend early reservations to guarantee and book preferred selected accommodation. Normal Season We require 25% deposit of full price One Month Prior tour start to secure and guarantee tour space. On High Seasons Christmas, New Year, Easter Vacation and for packages includes airfare we require 50% deposit 2 Months before tour starts.

Tour Deposit could be made by Bank Transfer to our company bank account, Western Union or Credit Card. Balance payment should be received on your arrival to hotel in Egypt.

Tour Tipping

It’s not obligatory to tip every person giving you a service here in Egypt while its now part of Egyptian culture for appreciating your satisfaction for a good service.

Giving and Charities

We make a donation to Egyptian Thalassemia Association ETA for each booking reserved.