12 Days Egypt New Year Holiday Cairo, Giza, Aswan, Luxor, and Sharm El Sheikh

Incredible 12 Days Egypt New Year Holiday with Sharm El Sheikh, which will take you to Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Aswan, and Sharm El Sheikh. Over the holidays, visit Egypt’s most well-known landmarks. We transport you to the Red Sea for a lovely vacation where you may unwind on the sandy beaches of the most opulent hotels after you arrive in Cairo and on your tour of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Reach out to us right now.

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Trip Summary

Tour Starts: Cairo
Tour Ends : Cairo
Trip Duration : 12 Days / 11 Nights
Accommodation : Included
Tour Category : Egypt Shore Excursions
Trip Theme : Egypt Beach Holidays - Egypt Cultural Tours
Cities to Visit : Cairo - Giza - Aswan - Luxor - Sharm El Sheikh
Tour Difficulty : Easy
Available for Handicap : yes
Group Size : 2 to 10 persons
Style : Style - Comfort - Educational - Cultural
Nile Cruise :


  • Day 1


    Arrival to CIA

    Cairo is the starting point of your journey to the Middle East and Egypt, where you may travel back in time and discover ancient Egypt at its finest.

    When you get to the airport, a representative from our company will welcome you. This English-speaking assistant is skilled at handling all aspects of airport requirements. You'll quickly receive your visa, customs documentation, and receipts for your bags.

    Then, in the presence of this kind person, you will leave the airport and a luxury car will be waiting for you. Enjoy Cairo's attractions as you go from the airport to your hotel room. Yes, you want to know more about the beautiful sights you see on the streets of Cairo, as well as the distinct cultures and traditions of Egypt.

    In Cairo, you will be welcomed by a magnificent hotel. Your hotel check-in will be handled by a member of our team in the interim. A free night can be obtained in Cairo Streets. Enjoy a restful night's sleep in your opulent accommodations and start your 12 Days Egypt New Year Holiday with Sharm El Sheikh.

  • Day 2

    Giza Pyramids Plateau- Egyptian Museum

    Pyramids of Giza

    At your hotel, the day starts with a delectable breakfast. Your own Egyptologist will then greet you in the hotel lobby and drive you to visit the wonders of the pharaohs. It's time to approach the Giza Pyramids, which represent the pharaohs' immortality in awe-inspiring fashion among cryptic clues all around.

    You first visit the Cheops Pyramid to discover amazing information about the magnificence of the Chephren and Menkaure Pyramids and to unlock mysterious secrets. Six miniature pyramids that are dedicated to the queens may also be found, three of them are in front of the Cheops Pyramid, and the others are in front of the Menkaure Pyramid.

    The unexpected part is that you can go inside one of those six pyramids. Then, when the pharaonic mysteries encircle the Great Sphinx, the magic of the monument greets you to transport you to its wonder.

    Egyptian Museum

    After that, your Egyptologist will drive you to a dining establishment where you may have lunch while taking in views of the Giza Pyramids. Then you visit the Egyptian Museum, which is brimming with enormous, precious sculptures, distinctive structures, and brilliant pharaonic antiquities.

    Proceed to your hotel to spend the night in Cairo.

  • Day 3


    Tour of Aswan City

    Breakfast In order to get to Cairo Domestic Airport and catch a flight to Aswan, you must first meet your tour guide and driver at your hotel. After that, fly to Aswan Domestic Airport and find your coordinator there. He is given access to a personal air-conditioned automobile. About to begin is the voyage that will fundamentally alter Egyptians' lives. One of the largest megaprojects of the 20th century was the construction of the High Dam.

    Being able to see the water rushing over a large debris dam that was 111 meters high, 3.5 kilometers long, and one kilometer wide would be amazing. There is also the largest man-made lake in the world. Nasser Lake is the name of the lake in question.

    This website will reveal the mysteries of ancient Egyptian architecture. According to findings from a recent large engineering site, the website will demonstrate how. Ancient Egyptian craftsmen meticulously crafted obelisks. He claims that this is an obelisk that may be found in each of the temples.

    It would be spectacular to see water rush over a giant debris dam that was 111 meters high, 3.5 kilometers long, and one kilometer wide. Another option is the world's largest man-made lake. The lake in question is known as Nasser Lake.

    The pharaonic engineering site will unveil hitherto undiscovered aspects of ancient Egyptian architecture. Obelisks were meticulously made by ancient Egyptian craftsmen. The results of a recent, exceptional engineering site are astounding. This obelisk guards the entrance to each temple.

    Philae Temple

    Take a water taxi to the Nile's center after your trip to follow in Osiris' footsteps among pharaoh-like guardians there. Since you'll be thinking about the past from this historical perspective while sailing, you'll be able to think about these lovely things. The jewel of the temples strangely appears as gorgeous vegetation, and the banks of The Nile are totally covered with radiance. You are seeing the Philae Temple, often known as the "temple of love."

    In addition to pharaonic inscriptions and stunning architecture that depicts the stories of three separate civilizations, you may also find unusual natural settings filled with rare flora and trees.

    After you've healed, spend your leisure time touring the spice open-air markets. You may get a good night's sleep in a five-star hotel in Aswan. With the help of your Egyptologist, you may check into the hotel.

  • Day 4

    Abu Simbel Temples

    Visit the Abu Simbel Temples

    At the lodging, breakfast is served. The Egyptologist tour guide is available to assist you as you check out. Visit Abu Simbel's temples with him or her. Before any temples were built, the land you traveled through was revered. It was built in honor of the goddess Hathor. She was a long-extinct Egyptian deity.

    Ramses II chose this location for the construction of his temples because of the picturesque surroundings and close proximity to the Nile River. We can view a breathtaking scene from a distance. There are four enormous Ramsis II statues buried deep into a major mountain. These statues will direct you to the temple's entrance. The temple was unquestionably cut into the rock.

    When the sun twice a year crossed the temple, Ramses II worried his enemies. He emphasized the splendor of ancient Egyptian civilizations.

    On two specific occasions each year, they permitted the sun to travel a specific path inside the temple, lighting up three statues. The narrator speaks as if the sun had promised Ramses II that he will be able to celebrate both his birthday and the day he conquered Egypt in his temple.

    With the help of your Egyptologist, you can head back to Aswan and check in for your Nile cruise.

    Enjoy the sun and get a tan on the sundeck.

  • Day 5

    Temples Kom Ombo and Edfu

    There are excursions to Kom Ombo and Edfu from Aswan to Luxor.

    You ought to be able to view the Kom Ombo Temple after you are at Kom Ombo upstream. At this ancient compound, the crocodile god Sobek and the falcon-headed god Haeroris were adored.

    When you arrive in Edfu, get off your horse and go to the Edfu Temple. This is the best-preserved ancient temple in all of Egypt. The area surrounded by sand for 2,000 years.

    Finally, a delicious lunch will be cooked for you later, as the sailing ship sails toward Luxor. Last but not least, stay in Luxor for the second night of your Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor.

  • Day 6

    Luxor West Bank

    Hatshepsut Temple & Valley of the kings

    Grab a bite to eat before following your Egyptologist about it. Make your way through the pharaohs' labyrinth. Yes, your quest begins in the hidden realm of the pharaohs.

    After that, the pharaohs travel with the sun on a solar boat to their afterlife as gods, where they continue to rule as such the next day. Luxor is located on the Nile River's western bank.

    You will next travel on foot through The Kings Valley in the footsteps of individuals who were familiar with the pharaohs until you arrive at their tombs, which are stuffed to the gills with amazing riches and unbreakable incantations.

    Then, you unexpectedly come face to face with an unexpected sight as you are studying these legendary pharaoh myths. How brutally these columns were carved into a mountain to embellish a temple's entryway at the mountain's center, dividing the hill into three terraces. It is a temple dedicated to a historical king who ruled one of the most sophisticated civilizations ever. In the distance, one can make see the temple of Hatshepsut.

    Those two pharaonic giants can be seen not too far from this temple. The Colossi of Memnon began to threaten the time period around 1350 BC.

    Finally, make it back to your Nile Cruise.

  • Day 7

    Luxor East Bank

    Luxor and Karnak Temples

    Firstly, get up early and enjoy breakfast on the rooftop while observing the scenery. The rich agricultural greenery of the Nile Valley is everywhere. The ancient Egyptians held similar ideas at a time when history was still being written.

    The Luxor Temple is the most well-known piece of art in the area. There will be the disclosure of Amenhotep III's secret. Amenhotep III appears to be working on the temple while you're there, bringing all of these historical events to life right in front of your eyes.

    The tombs of Rameses II (1323-1295 BC), Horemheb (1323-1295 BC), and Tutankhamun (1336-27 BC) are the three to be visited (1279-13 BC). You can tell that Thutmose III and Hatshepsut had a very real argument. Luxor is a significant historical city.

    Khonsu, the moon god, and his wife Mut were led along this ancient road in a sacred ceremony by the goddess Amun, Mut, and Mut's spouse. On the other side, Ram Road is unquestionably a bustling roadway.

    The world's largest religious complex will eventually be reached if you keep traveling down this path. The city was completely enclosed by a protective perimeter more than 2000 years ago. When you first land on this planet, the Pharaohs are still alive and teaching you great things about their beliefs. This image shows the Egyptian Karnak Temple.

    Sharm El-Sheikh

    Then, your Egyptologist will then drive you to the domestic airport in Luxor so you can catch a flight to Sharm El-Sheikh.

    When you arrive in Sharm El-Sheikh City, you can get help checking in at your resort.

    Finally, dinner at your hotel and overnight in Sharm El-Sheikh.

  • Day 8

    Sharm El-Sheikh

    Free Leisure at Sharm El-Sheikh

    Before spending the remainder of the day engaging in leisure activities on the Red Sea, have breakfast in your hotel. Swim in this breathtakingly blue water and take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to dive, snorkel, or even go on a submarine ride to see what lies beneath the surface. Under the surface of the Sharm El-Sheikh sea are coral reefs, rare aquatic life, and brilliant, bright fish. Maybe the beautiful waves are motivating you to go surfing.

    Then, relax while sunbathing and taking in the stunning view of the red sea. You can visit the Bedouins in the Sharm El-Sheikh desert, stay in their lavish tents, taste their delectable cuisine, and sip their sand-cooked tea and coffee. In Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, you can climb mountains or ride camels to enjoy the allure of the desert's enticing scenery. At night, when the sky is clear and aglow with beautiful stars, you may be treated to a breathtaking perspective of the landscape. After that, the setting is made much more appealing by the Bedouin celebrations.

    Finally, get a peaceful night's sleep at the hotel. Lunch and dinner are regular parts of your day.

  • Day 9

    Sharm El-Sheikh

    Free Day in Sharm El-Sheikh

    Firstly, enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the hotel to start the day before starting another full day of maritime activities. If you prefer diving, you can take a private vehicle to the marine for a sea tour; this enigmatic place has puzzled divers with its spectacular marine life and distinctive colour reefs.

    Then, get your lunch and dinner, then unwind at the hotel for the evening.

  • Day 10

    Sharm El-Sheikh

    A Day in Sharm El-Sheikh

    Firstly, enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the hotel to start the day before starting another full day of maritime activities. If you prefer diving, you can take a private vehicle to the marine for a sea tour; this enigmatic place has puzzled divers with its spectacular marine life and distinctive colored reefs.

    Then, get your lunch and dinner, then unwind at the hotel for the evening.

  • Day 11

    Old Cairo

    Old Cairo Tour

    Firstly, breakfast at your hotel, then a ride with your tour guide and driver to Sharm El-Sheikh Domestic Airport to catch an aircraft to Cairo. Next, fly into Cairo Domestic Airport, where your driver and tour guide will meet you and take you to Old Cairo to start your tour.

    Then, they drive you to Babylon Fortress while passing the Hanging Church, St. Sergius Church, and Ben Ezra Synagogue. At 1:00 p.m., eat your dinner. After lunch, explore El Moez Street, the Citadel of Salah el Din, the Mosque of Mohamed Ali, and the greatest open-air museum of Islamic architecture. After that, proceed through Bab Al-Futuh to Khan El Khalili, a magnificent medieval bazaar.

    When you have finished your 12-day Egypt New Year's holiday with a trip to Sharm El Sheikh, contact your hotel for assistance so you may check-in and spend the night there.

  • Day 12

    Departure Day


    After breakfast, meet our driver at your hotel for the return trip to the Cairo Airport. Our airport advisor will assist you with every element of your departure during our 12 Days Egypt New Year Holiday so that you may board your aircraft home after an amazing trip to the Land of Civilization.


This 12 Days Egypt New Year Holiday Includes;

  • Meet and Assist at Cairo Airport during all arrivals and departures.
  • All Transfers as mentioned in the above tour itinerary in our Private A/C Coach.
  • All Airports Transfers as mentioned in the above tour itinerary in our Private A/C Coach.
  • Accommodation in Cairo for 04 Nights.
  • one Night accommodation in Aswan.
  • 3 Nights on board a cruise boat with full board.
  • 3 Nights accommodation in Sharm El-Sheikh Hotel with soft all-inclusive.
  • Domestic flights tickets (Cairo/Aswan - Luxor/Sharm El Sheikh - Sharm El Sheikh/Cairo)
  • All Day Tours as mentioned in our above itinerary.
  • Meals as mentioned above.
  • English-speaking professional tour guide.
  • All Taxes and Service Charges.


Our 12 Days Egypt New Year Holiday Excludes;

  • International Flight Tickets from home.
  • Entry Visa to Egypt on arrival.
  • Entrance Fees to all the sites mentioned in our above itinerary.
  • Items of Personal nature (Laundry, Phone Calls…).
  • Drinks of any kind, Tipping and Gratuities.
  • Covid PCR Test and Any Departure Taxes.
  • Any extra activities are not mentioned in our above tour program.

Tour Attractions and Highlights

Package Price

Start from $4,950 $5550   / Person

Rates and Prices above are quoted in US Dollars per person in Double occupancy, Due to Covid 19 Triple Rates are not available.
Single Supplement is 40% extra on double rate.

Rates Policy for Children

  • 0 - 2 Years are Free of Charge
  • 2 - 6 Years get 75% discount of adult tour rates.
  • 6 - 12 Years get 50% discount of adult tour rates.
  • 12+ Considered adult person


  • Our Rates policy for children above are applicable to children sharing rooms with their parents with Maximum 2 children per room.
  • In case your tour to Egypt includes domestic air flights, an additional charge may apply for child according to flight ticket rate.

Important Notes

Egypt United Tours Safety Precautions During Covid 19

  • All Our Staff are wearing face masks during tour and they are all checked daily for negative PCR Test
  • Checking Travelers’ Body Temperature upon arrival and departure.
  • Regular Daily Sanitizing for all our Transportations and vehicles.
  • Complementary Face-mask daily for all travelers.
  • For Accommodation we deal only the licensed hotels, Nile Cruises and tourism resorts which meet with the International health regulation for maximum occupancy of fifty percent.
  • We ensure keeping social distance during all our tours.
  • We provide hand free sanitizer for your use with all our staff.
  • Taking The necessary action immediately for travelers and team in case of any symptoms appears.
  • Follow up with all travelers 24/7 to ensure our clients health and safety.

Recommended things to pack for Egypt Trip

  • Hand Sanitizer - Comfortable Walking Shoes – Hat – Camera or good mobile – Sunscreen Cream – Sunglasses
  • If you plan your tip to Egypt in winter from November till March, a Jacket and worm clothes are a must, rest of the year comfortable cotton summer clothes are OK.
  • Six Month Valid Passport.

Egypt Trip Essential Info Before You Go

Time to read all essential info about your trip to Egypt, we provide you here with all tour details related to our tour Itineraries with all inclusion and exclusion, Info about Egypt Visa and, Our Accommodation and Transportation
Info in Egypt. Get to know everything about your wonderful vacation in Egypt with Egypt United Tours.

Egypt Trip Essential Info

Egypt United Tours Payment Policy

We highly recommend early reservations to guarantee and book preferred selected accommodation. Normal Season We require 25% deposit of full price One Month Prior tour start to secure and guarantee tour space. On High Seasons
Christmas, New Year, Easter Vacation and for packages includes airfare we require 50% deposit 2 Months before tour starts.

Tour Deposit could be made by Bank Transfer to our company bank account, Western Union or Credit Card.
Balance payment should be received on your arrival to hotel in Egypt.

Tour Tipping

It’s not obligatory to tip every person giving you a service here in Egypt while its now part of Egyptian culture for appreciating your satisfaction for a good service.

Giving and Charities

We make a donation to Egyptian Thalassemia Association ETA for each booking reserved.