Red Sea Holidays Packages

Red Sea Holidays Packages

Red Sea Holiday Packages in Egypt

Far away from the stress of life, find your relaxation in the most luxury resorts to enjoy our Red Sea Holiday Packages in Egypt. Don’t not miss a minute without living a new adventure of the suspense in the Red Sea, Sharm El sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Dahab or Nuweiba; Your Holiday to Egypt will be fantastic, laying down on warm golden soft sand to get fresh breezes from the beautiful Red Sea.

Experience the shore activities along with tours to Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Nile cruises. Make your best memories amid all the meaning of relaxation and happiness, then to the adventure of the underwater, where you spend time with rare and unique marine creatures. Come to see all that magic that will exceed even your imagination.

Get more knowledge about the ancient Bedouin culture and traditions. Enjoy desert safari trips in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab and Marsa Alam. Start your Egypt Red Sea Holiday packages and find your comfort at the best hotels and resorts with a low cost prices.

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Related FAQ

How do I get from Cairo to the Red Sea?

Firstly, to go from Cairo to Red Sea you better choose your destination city on Red Sea, as there are many cities on Red Sea:
Sokhna is one and half hour ride from Cairo,130 KM (75 Miles) and You Can go there by car or public bus to Sokhna from Tahrir Sq.

Hurghada is 6 hours ride from Cairo, 460 KM (270 Miles) and You Can go there by car or public transportation, we recommend Go Bus to Hurghada from Tahrir Sq and Blue Bus from El Monib.

Sharm El Sheikh is 6 hours ride from Cairo, 500 KM (295 Miles) and You Can go there by car or public transportation, we recommend Go Bus to Sharm El Sheikh from Tahrir Sq.

As for Dahab, Taba and Nuweibaa, it's recommended to take a private tourist car and it takes almost 7 hours to reach there.

Also Marsa Alam is advisable to hire a private car with expert touristic driver and it's 9 hours drive from Cairo.
Enjoy your Red Sea Holiday Packages in Egypt

Is Red Sea worth visiting?

Short answer is "Yes"! The Red Sea is known for its wealth. Here, Sharm El sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Allam have an enchanting marine paradise all on its own. Dive and snorkel in the Red Sea Dahab, which boasts some spectacular seas and seabed that are home to many reefs and marine life. In conclusion, Red Sea Resorts and Holiday Packages in Egypt feature amazing services and entertaining options.

Where should I go on the Red Sea?

The top attractions and activities to do in the Red Sea region are: Snorkeling or Diving in the Red Sea's famous sites. For example, swim and sunbathe on resort beaches in Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh and Marsa Alam are great experience to try.
Don't miss Dahab for the best diving spot in Egypt and Africa.
Another top attraction during Red Sea Holidays in Egypt to take a desert safari trip packages to see the Bedouin life.

Is it safe to drive to Dahab?

The answer is probably not recommended if you're talking about driving oneself in a rental car because you might be unfamiliar with the customs and conventions, etc. In contrast, if you're referring about public transportation such as a bus, a taxi, or a chauffeured vehicle, it's quite safe - barring the local traffic conditions. In Addition, the road has many security checkpoints so don’t worry about any potential crimes you may think of.
Wishing you an enjoyable Red Sea Holiday Packages in Dahab and all Egypt

Is it safe to drive to Hurghada?

Yes it's safe but, you might be unfamiliar with local norms and conventions, and the road isn't particularly easy to drive on if you're not an experienced driver. On the other side, public transit such as buses or taxis or chauffeured vehicles are generally considered to be relatively safe. Finally, it's very safe but you might face some difficulties driving depends on the local traffic situation. There are a lot of security checkpoints on the route, so don't worry about any potential crimes.

Is it safe to drive to Sharm El Sheikh?

Yes it's completely safe, but self driving in Egypt is totally difficult. In addition to not knowing local rules and customs, driving on unknown roads might be harsh. Buses, taxis and chauffeured vehicles on the other hand, are generally regarded as relatively safe, based on the traffic flow condition. Don't concerned about possible criminals because there are a number of security checkpoints along the route from Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh. In conclusion, due to the road's length and difficulty, it's advisable to drive during the day not at night or alone to Sharm El Sheikh.

Is it safe to drive to Marsa Alam?

Surely, it's safe but not knowing local conventions and customs might make driving unfamiliar roads a problem. In general, buses, taxis, and chauffeured cars are considered safe, depending on traffic flow. So, don't worry about potential criminals on the route from Cairo to Marsa Alam. For safety reasons, we do not advocate driving alone or at night to Marsa Alam.

Is Dahab Egypt Safe 2021 ?

Dahab 2021 is safe for all nationalities as long as you take covid 19 safety precautions. Egyptian covid patients numbers are reasonable and decreasing as more people are becoming vaccinated, which is also good news for Egypt's pandemic situation. to feel even more safe we recommend avoiding unoccupied spots, walking with a friend, and not chatting to strangers alone. Finally, use your smart judgement wherever you go.

Is Hurghada Egypt Safe 2021?

Currently Hurghada is taking all safety measures precautions, which is making it a safe town for everyone from any country. Because of increased vaccination rates, the number of Egyptian covid cases is reducing in Hurghada and all other cities of Egypt, which is good news for Egypt's pandemic situation.
Also, it's very recommended to avoid wandering individually or in an unattended area. Wherever you go, use your common sense.

Is Sharm El Sheikh Egypt Safe 2021?

At Sharm El Sheikh safety precautions measurements are taken to ensure the safety of everyone, no matter where they are from in the world. By avoiding solo or unsupervised wandering, you can feel more safe too. Use basic logic wherever you go. The number of Egyptian covid infections is decreasing due to increased vaccine coverage, which is excellent news for Egypt's epidemic situation.

Is Marsa Alam Egypt Safe 2021?

Everyone's safety is ensured at Marsa Alam as of today, all hotels and resorts are taking extra safety precaution measurements which makes it even safer for all tourists. On other hand, we recommend not venturing off alone or unaccompanied. No matter where you travel, use basic logic to guide your decisions. Due to enhanced vaccination coverage, the number of Egyptian covid infections is declining, which is great news for Egypt's pandemic scenario.

Where did Moses cross the Red Sea?

Gulf of Suez is the portion of the Red Sea that where Moses and his people traveled through, according to the Bible's scriptural texts. Sinai, Where the Israelites passed the Red Sea at the northern end of the Gulf of Suez. Certainly, It is a must-see sight to absorb the holiness of the place.

Is Red Sea Egypt safe?

Due to Egypt's popularity among Middle Eastern and North African touristic countries, Egypt is on the top list of safety for travelers. As for Red sea Holidays in Egypt, the cities of the Red Sea are very well secured and lovely to spend your Trip Packages in. If you're not with a group or without a tour guide, you should avoid talking to strangers and stay in populated areas. as part of your common sense while being abroad.

How long does it take to cross the Red Sea by boat?

There are many ports you can cross the Red sea from. 1- To go from Egypt to Jordan or Vis Versa, you will need to get fast ferry for 2 hours from Nuwieba to Aqaba in Jordan.
2- About 2 hours you need for the cross from Hurghada to Sharm El Sheikh by fast ferry boat.
3- You can also cross Red Sea from Egypt to Saudi Arabia by taking Ferry Boat from Safaga.
Enjoy Your Red Sea Package Holidays in Egypt

How much money do I need per day in Egypt?

Based on the costs of other traveler’s experiences, Egypt's average daily price is E£636 ($41). The average cost of a single day's meals is E£194 ($12), when local transportation expenses E£107 ($6.63). A 10-day Holiday Package includes Cairo, Red Sea and Nile Cruise will be in the average $1200 to $2000, depends on accommodation category and group size; This is including includes meals, transportation and escorting.

Which is better Hurghada or Sharm?

Firstly to enjoy your Red Sea Holiday in Egypt and book the right package you should study both cities locations on the map. Both cites are so beautiful but many tourists now prefer Holidays in Hurghada as its very close to Luxor; So, it will be much easier to cover Cairo, Aswan and Luxor with Nile Cruise and then go to Hurghada on Red Sea by road; While going to Sharm when you end your Nile Cruise must by by flight from Luxor; flights from Luxor to Sharm are limited only for 2 days every week; On other hand, if you start Cairo then Sharm and want to go to Luxor, you will still need to fly facing the same issue.
A question to Compare between Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh has no right answer to this question, but you can make a choice depending on your personal preferences and values. Old Town Sharm has several fantastic alternatives and old vintage hotels for a much more authentic Egypt experience, while the new resort complexes in Hurghada have a more modern flair. A more intimate atmosphere can be found in Sharks Bay in Sharm or Makadi Bay in Hurghada.
Wishing you a lovely Package Holiday to Egypt and Red Sea

How far is Hurghada from the Pyramids?

Hurghada and the Pyramids of Giza are separated by 400 kilometers. EgyptAir flies from Cairo to Hurghada at a distance of 249 miles / 401 kilometres / 217 nautical miles per hour. There is a 58-minute estimated flight time.

Is Sharm El Sheikh Egypt worth it?

Absolutely, to see the stunning coral reefs, Sharm el-Sheikh is a must. In Sharm, we can assure you that there's a lot to see and do. Sharm El Sheikh is a great place to spend a fantastic Holiday; The warm waters of the Egypt Red Sea near Sharm El Sheikh's coasts are also perfect for a variety of water sports. We recommend scuba diving package to enjoy the beautiful corals and colorful fish.

Is Hurghada Egypt worth visiting?

Hurghada is a seaside resort city on the Red Sea Egypt coast. Hurghada Holidays package will cover all your interests and preferences; If you're interested in history, Luxor is near Hurghada too; Whether you would want to visit a family-friendly destination or would just like to relax on the beach, Hurghada has it all. This is a year-round vacation location since it is hot in the summer and deliciously warm in the winter. Also, it's is totally a safe place.

Can you see Pyramids from Hurghada?

Definitely you can visit Pyramids from Hurghada for one day trip by road. The three great Pyramids is located in Giza which is another different city than Hurghada; So this day trip will be long one. Hurghada is situated on the seaside of the Red Sea. It is almost 401 kilometer distance between the two cities; You can also fly to Giza Pyramids from Hurghada which takes almost 45 minutes in a direct flight. Finally we recommend to spend one night in Cairo from Hurghada; This will be great idea to cover other tourist attractions too.

Are there sharks in Hurghada Egypt?

Travelers to the Red Sea, Egypt have seen rare sharks specially in cities like Hurghada. On other hand, swimming or snorkeling in the Red Sea, you won't run into anything unpleasant. Sharks don't exist on surface or on the level of normal swimming. To see them, you'd have to descend at least 20 feet.
Wishing you a pleasant Red Sea Holiday Package in Egypt

Are there any pyramids in Hurghada?

No, the Great Pyramids are in Giza. Cheops, Khafre, and Mykerinos' Pyramids dominate the Giza Necropolis' landscape; Also, there are other pyramids in Giza like the queen’s pyramids and Zoser Pyramid. Many Holiday packages place Hurghada for the beautiful Red Sea view as a second destination in their itinerary, but a visit to the pyramids is basically a must in your tour.

Is Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt a good holiday destination?

Sharm El Sheikh, is one of the world's most renowned tourist destinations, offers more than just a gorgeous resort city. In addition to the Red Sea, Mount Sinai, and the Sinai desert, Sharm El Sheikh is home to many of Egypt's most famous landmarks. There are a variety of water sports available in Sharm El Sheikh, including scuba diving, which is extremely popular for holidays packages.

Is Sharm El Sheikh Egypt expensive?

Travelling alone to Sharm el-Sheikh for a week costs about $1,300, while travelling with a partner or family of four can cost up to $900 per person. With an average nightly rate of $91, hotel rooms in Sharm el-Sheikh range from $40 to $200 per room, while activities during your package holiday in Red sea Sharm could typically range from $50 to $150 per day tour depends on what you want to do.

Are there sharks in Sharm el Sheikh Egypt?

In the Red Sea, Egypt we have very rare sharks. Swimming or snorkeling in the Red Sea is completely safe. These "creatures" indicated here do not appear on the water's surface or at the level of a typical swimmer. You'd have to dive at least 20 feet to see them.
Wishing you a safe holiday package to Red Sea and Egypt

What is the best time to visit Sharm el Sheikh Egypt?

Sharm El Sheikh is best visited in the spring or fall. 25 °C is the average temperature, which is hot but not oppressively humid. The Red Sea, Egypt will not disappoint you to spend a lovely holiday. Water temperatures in the summer are milder than in the winter, although they remain warm all year round.

Where should I stay in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt?

In Sharm el Sheikh, there are a number of excellent resorts to choose from. There is a resort in Sharm El-Sheikh called the Royal Savoy, which is located on the Red Sea shoreline. The service at the Steigenberger Alcazar hotel is very excellent, as is the food. There are excellent accommodations available at the SUNRISE Montemar Resort. Four Seasons and Albatros Palace are two other good resorts in Sharm that are worth mentioning.
Enjoy your Holiday in Red Sea Sharm and all Egypt

Is Sharm El Sheikh Egypt hot in May?

May in Sharm el-Sheikh is hotter than usual, with daytime temperatures reaching an average of 34°C. The evenings. However, are cooler with an average minimum temperature of 24°C. As a result, humidity levels are often low, which reduces how hot it feels.

Can you swim in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt in December?

As the first month of winter, December in Sharm el-Sheikh is dry, sunny and pleasant. Temperature reaches 24°C in December, which is very nice. this will be warm enough to engage a collection of different sea sports in Sharm.

Is Sharm El Sheikh Egypt busy?

A popular year-round resort for sunbathers and divers; The town is often bustling with many visitors. For this reason, and after covid pandemic is over it's essential to book well in advance; Finally Sharm el Sheikh has many beautiful hotels and resorts to enjoy your Red sea Holiday.

What currency is used in Sharm el Sheikh Egypt?

Sharm El Sheikh uses the Egyptian pound as its currency. A bank is located near the airport and there are a number of others in Sharm El Sheikh; If you need to change money there are many banks too. Also, there are lots of ATMs to be throughout the city too.
All best luck for your Red Sea Holiday in Sharm el Sheikh

Which country is Sharm el Sheikh in?

Sharm-el-Sheikh is one of the most popular resorts and Holiday destination in Egypt's Asian region. Along the Red Sea, the African side features a number of holidays attractive resorts of its own. Also known as Sharm al-Shaykh, the tourist town of Sharm el-Sheikh lies on the Sinai Peninsula's south coast. Egypt, Janob Sina Governorate.

Is Sharm el Sheikh in Africa or Asia?

Asia contains Sinai, which includes Sharm el-Sheikh in Sinai. A large portion of Egypt is located on the continent of Africa. The Suez Canal separates Asia and Africa in Egypt. Sharm-el-Sheikh and Dahab are two of Egypt's most popular Asian holidays resorts.

Can you still go to Sharm El Sheikh Egypt?

Since foreign flights have restarted again after covid pandemic, the answer is YES. People from all over the world can feel safe and enjoy holidays in Sharm El Sheikh now. On other hand, there are procedures in Sharm to make sure tourists are well protected. Egypt's epidemic condition is improving as the number of covid infections declines due to increased vaccination coverage.
Waiting for your to spend a lovely Holiday package in Sharm El sheikh, Egypt.

Do you need a visa to go to Sharm el Sheikh Egypt?

Visitors enjoying Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba resorts for up to 15 days will receive a free entry authorization stamp upon arrival. If you plan to travel outside of these places or stay more than 15 days, you'll need a visa. If your visa is expired, you may have trouble exiting Egypt.

How long can I stay in Sharm el Sheikh Egypt?

Sharm El Sheikh's single-entry tourist visa allows visitors to remain for up to 30 days and is offered to a wide range of ethnicities and nationalities. Travelers can also receive an Egypt airport visa upon arrival in Sharm El Sheikh by purchasing an Egyptian visa.

How hot is Sharm el Sheikh Egypt in August?

In August, the average high temperature in Sharm El Sheikh is 37oC, and it drops to 26oC at night. There's a sea temperature of 29oC and a high humidity level. Most of August is dry, with 12 hours of sunshine per day and 13 hours of daylight.
In conclusion, you will spend a life time holiday in Red Sea Egypt and Sharm El Sheikh.

Can I get a visa at Sharm El Sheikh airport?

For all North Americans, Europeans and Australians, an Egyptian entry visa can be obtained at Sharm airport upon arrival; You can also get it before your travel online. With a single-entry tourist visa, you can stay in Sharm El Sheikh for up to 30 days. For other nationalites we recommend applying for visa before arrival to Sharm and Egypt in general.

Which countries need a visa to enter Egypt?

Bahrain, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macau, Oman, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia have visa-free arrangements with Egypt and may not need a visa upon entry. Other nations may require a visa to enter Egypt, which can be requested at the airport or online.

Is Hurghada Egypt a good holiday destination?

Hurghada is a beachfront city on the Red Sea. As a history enthusiast or someone hunting for family-friendly activities; A beach holiday in Hurghada has enough to offer for you. It's also a great place to relax on a beach! As a result, it is a year-round holiday resort.

How dangerous is Hurghada Egypt?

Not at all. Hurghada is currently safe for everyone, regardless of nationality, thanks to the steps taken. On other hand, we advice not wandering alone, no matter where you go. Also, apply your common sense at all times! As for covid Egypt is now on the green list for many countries because of the vaccination increasing rates, which is positive news for the pandemic status in Egypt.

Is Hurghada Egypt expensive?

Without rent, an individual's estimated 7 Days Holiday in Hurghada, Egypt costs $800 per person. Hotel night rate is in average between $40 to $200 per room depends on hotel category. In conclusion, Hurghada is 70% cheaper than New York (without rent). 93.92 percent less expensive than New York on average.

Which is the best area to stay in Hurghada Egypt?

Certainly, there are plenty of resorts and attractions in Hurghada. If you just want to spend time with your family and don't want to leave your hotel we recommend we recommend Makkadi Area. Slso, Sahl Hasheesh, south of Hurghada, has child-free hotels and resorts where couples may spend the day snorkeling in an artificial coral reef or playing golf on a championship course. Within a five-kilometer radius of the airport, Al Mamsha and Village Road are ideal sites for travelers and residents to mix. In Aldau Heights Mall, you have the option to dine and shop like a local. There are a lot of spas and Thalassotherapy centers near Soma Bay, which makes it ideal for couples.

Do you need injections for Egypt Hurghada?

The answer is yes, to enjoy your Hurghada Holidays, some immunizations may be required or recommended for Egypt. CDC and WHO suggest the following vaccinations for Egypt: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, yellow fever, rabies, meningitis, polio, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis), chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia, and influenza. Travel to all regions, both international and local, requires COVID-19 vaccination unless you have a negative PCR test generated prior to your trip.

Do I need visa for Hurghada Egypt?

The majority of foreigners who intend to visit Hurghada for a holiday must obtain a visa to enter Egypt because only a few nationalities are exempt from requiring visas to enter. Most importantly, this visa allows you only one entry per month, however, with the single-entry electronic visa (eVisa).

What is the best currency to use in Hurghada Egypt?

In Hurghada, the Egyptian pound is the main unit of exchange and you can use USD and Euros too. Certainly, in Hurghada, there are a lot of banks where you may exchange money. There are a number of ATMs throughout the city. It's free of commission! In conclusion, we advise you to change your currency in Egypt not from your home country.
Wishing you a lovely Holiday in Hurghada

What is the sea temperature in Hurghada Egypt?

The coldest months of the year are January and February, when the maximum temperature in Hurghada is 23°C. On the other hand, when it comes to water temperature in Hurghada, the winter average is 23°C, spring is 24°C, the summer average is 28, and the fall average is 27°C, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
wishing you lovely Holiday Hurghada and Red Sea, Egypt

Can you drink tap water in Hurghada Egypt?

It is not safe to consume the water from a tap since it contains contaminants. To clarify, according to WHO data, 99 percent of Egypt's cities, towns, and rural areas have access to good water sources, which are accessible all time.
Finally, enjoy a safe Holiday to Hurghada

What can 100 dollars buy in Hurghada Egypt?

In Egypt, 100 dollars will get you a Polaroid camera. In other words, tourists in Egypt may get by on $100 for three days if they know where to go, how to get there, and how to avoid paying triple for souvenirs. When it comes to meals, they can last 7-10 days.
We offer amazing Budget Holidays to Hurghada and other Red Sea Packages

What's the weather like in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt in August?

August in Sharm El Sheikh has an average daily of 37oC and a low of 26oC. On other hand, The Red Sea temperature is 29oC and humidity is high. There are 12 hours of sunshine per day and 13 hours of daylight in August, making it a dry month.

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