Nile Cruise Tours

Nile Cruise Tours

Nile Cruise Tour Packages 2023/2024

The Nile River welcomes you to choose from the top-rated Nile Cruise Tour Packages in Egypt; We take you to the best way to explore the land of the cradle of civilization.

Our Nile Cruise Tour Packages will let you embrace The Valley of the Nile to sail where the water has run thousands of years ago on both banks of the Nile. While you sail through the Nile, you will see the miraculous monuments, as the temples will look in majestic appearance calling you to the magic of Egypt history while you are in the company of our expert Egyptologist who will not leave a tiny story of this great history without reveling it to discover the story of each inch at your way in our Nile Cruises Tours, to feel like as the water takes you to the wonder that it had built by the hands of the ancient Egyptians.

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Related FAQ

Can I get a cruise from Cairo to Luxor/Aswan?

Traveling from Cairo to Luxor by Nile Cruiser is the most elegant way to travel. But unfortunately, it's not operating after the coronavirus pandemic. We are still waiting for further updates from Egypt Tourism Authorities.
It was usually running for 10-Nights cruising trip and was started back in the early days of Egypt tourism when European travellers first toured the nation by boat.
Now The Best way is to take the train or flight from Cairo to Luxor or Aswan to start your Nile Cruise trip. Most of Nile Cruise's sailing schedule is either 3-Nights or 4-Nights from Luxor to Aswan or Vise-versa.

What clothes should I wear on the Nile cruise?

There isn’t a specific dress code for Nile Cruising, but you maybe want a hat to avoid sunburn. Light clothes and colorful skirts will be excellent fit to the Nile scenery for the women. Sunglasses are also a nice choice. Just make sure that you wear comfortable clothes because Nile Cruising are usually long. As for men, pants and cotton t shirts are the best if you are asking for recommendations.

How do I get to Abu Simbel Temple?

Abu Simbel is accessible from dawn to sunset. Abu Simbel can be reached in two different ways; First There is a three-hour drive to and from the venue by car from Aswan. Second, Abu Simbel trip by air A 30-minute domestic flight from Aswan; ususally if it is not always through Egyptair airline. A visit to the temples will take approximately two hours to complete. Or you can stay overnight in Abu Simbel if you want to see the temples for more than 2 hours. Simple but elegant Nubian hotels are available for accommodation.
If you are aboard of Nile cruise starting from Luxor for 4-nights/ 5-Days, you will arrive Aswan on day 4 and the next morning you can fly or take a ride to Abu Simbel. While if your cruise starting from Aswan for 3-nights/4-days, we recommend you to take an extra hotel night in Aswan to be able to visit Abu Simbel.

Can I get to Edfu or Kom Ombo without having to get a cruise?

Train stations may be found at Kom Ombo and Edfu respectively Aswan-Luxor Main Highway runs parallel to Kom Ombo Railway Station, which is around 2 to 2.5 kilometres from the temple. Station to temple is easily accessible on foot. Nile cruises aren't necessary, however you may need to take a little boat journey to cross the Nile.

I notice that the same sites seem to be repeated in every package tour program I see, are these the only sites available for tourists to see?

No, but since most of the packages are time limited we care the most to show our tourists the places that stands out not just any touristic places, but Egypt is full of very nice scenery and touristic sites. Fayoum has many touristic sites that are rarely presented in the packages, such as Wadi El Rayan, Pyramid of Senusret II, Qasr Qaroun, Temple Pyramid of Amenemhat III at Hawara, and many others. Places in cairo that are not really mentioned a lot are Aisha Fahmy Palace and Baroon Palace. A range of activities, places to explore, and distinctive sights are available in the Siwa Oasis region and the other 4 Oases.

Can I take photographs inside the tombs in Egypt?

No, please note that filming inside of many museums, monuments and graveyards is not allowed. Photographing public buildings, military items, and police stations is illegal. Photography and filming are permitted in all open, outdoor historic locations. In some regions, you may need to acquire a ticket to use cameras or video equipment.
Your photography or video equipment may be prohibited at various museums and graves. Consider asking your guide for assistance before attempting to address the situation since it varies from a place to another, but don’t worry a good percentage of places doesn’t prohibit taking pictures.

Can I hire a bicycle to visit the West Bank at Luxor?

Yes, you can. Some modest inclines, but for the most part, a single speed will bring you to most of the locations on the West Bank. Due to the greater elevation, visiting the valley of the King may be more difficult and challenging. It is not impossible if you are used to riding bikes.

Can tourists use the Cairo/Luxor or Luxor/Cairo bus service?

Yes, indeed. Luxor-Cairo bus routes are operated by a number of different bus companies. Overnight services account for a large portion of the total. This route is mostly serviced by Go Bus, Super Jet, and Upper Egypt Travel. Go Bus Cairo leaves from a centrally placed office, right off Tahrir Square. Cairo Gateway Bus Station, which is situated in the city center, is where Super Jet and Upper Egypt Travel buses depart.

Can I get tickets for Egypt sleeper trains online and if not, how do I order them?

Cairo-Luxor/Aswan Deluxe Sleeper Train: Privately-operated, with its own reservation process The website allows you to purchase tickets online for the event. You can board the train with a ticket that you have printed yourself.

I have some expensive items which I do not want to leave lying in my room/cabin, what should I do?

The majority of hotels and cruise lines offer safety deposit boxes available to guests, some of which are located in the room or cabin and some in other places. So, it is advisable to ask at the front desk, you may get instructions on how to use them, or have your valuables safely stored until you need them.

in Egypt, do I have to stay in my hotel after the day’s tour has ended?

No, absolutely not, and we invite you to explore Egypt's culture. Many packages include full board, which can lead tourists to believe that they must stay in their hotel for the duration of their trip. However, the sights and sounds of Cairo, in particular, are simply too tempting to miss out on. Many night tours are available on your request with extra cost, this is far better alternative to staying in the same hotel with the same people. You're on vacation, so enjoy every moment and explore.

Can you drink alcohol in Egypt?

The answer is yes, you can drink alcoholic beverages in Egypt. It's not everywhere, but it's there. We don't recommend it, however, because it would be highly respectful to the views of the majority of Egyptians if you avoided it while your stay in the country. Drinking alcohol in public places is illegal. Note that.

How much is Egypt visa online?

This depends on the purpose of your trip and is determined by the Arab Republic of Egypt and its Visa Regulations. Visa types and fees It costs 25 dollars for a single entry tourist visa. The cost of a tourist visa with multiple entries is $60.

How long does Egypt visa take to process?

Application for the Egypt e-Visa should be made at least seven days before your intended departure date. Fill out the visa booking form by searching for the e-visa website on any browser that you are familiar with. After 7 days, you will be receiving your own visa.

How much do you tip in Egypt in 2021?

'Backshish' is the term used to describe tipping throughout Asia and the Middle East. Leaving a 10–5–15 percent gratuity at a restaurant or cafe is typical, although street sellers and marketplaces take loose change as payment for their services.

Is Egypt on the quarantine list?

You must obtain a PCR-negative certificate from a licensed medical professional 72 hours before your departure date. A vaccination certificate can be used to evade this requirement. In addition to AstraZeneca, Janssen and Pfizer vaccines that may be used. These include Sputnik V, Sinovac, and BioNTech. At the airport, do not forget to bring your supporting documents along with you. A 14-day quarantine is required for anyone who test positive for COVID-19 in Egypt.

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