Egypt Small Group Tours

Egypt Small Group Tours

A trip to Egypt with a small group will bring the past to life 2023/2024.

Discover Egypt’s rich architectural treasures on these time-traveling tours!
Egypt with Egypt small group tours, in Northeast Africa, has unique attractions. The Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel temples, and the lowest spot on earth near the Dead Sea await visitors. Egypt has the world’s longest river (6,650 km) and one of the greatest ancient temple complexes. Cairo, Aswan, and Giza are all breathtaking along the Nile, and the Temple of Karnak will take you back in time. The Great Pyramids are unique.

Explore the ancient and contemporary wonders of Egypt in a group. This Egypt trip is perfect for families since it features both must-see landmarks and unique experiences away from the crowds. This family trip to Egypt will fill your photo album and leave you with lasting memories, whether you choose to ride a felucca down the Nile or eat with a Nubian family.

Reasons why Egypt United Tours’ itineraries are ideal for small groups.

Learn more about the history of the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Valley of the Kings by seeing these sites with experienced local guides. This trip offers several chances to meet locals. Included a home-cooked lunch with a local Nubian family west of Aswan. The dawn’s light on the Saharan sand dunes is a sight to behold from a traditional Nile cruise. On this holiday, there will be planned trips and relaxation. Spend the day sightseeing at the Temple of Isis and other historical sights and then rest by the pool in the late afternoon. Traveling with children to Egypt might be nerve-wracking, but with the help of your local guide and a well-balanced itinerary, you’ll have a wonderful time. Experience Egypt in only a few days and fill your photo albums with priceless family moments.

It’s time to join an adventure vacation with small groups, and Egypt is a great choice.

Imagine a country with the allure of the Middle East and the fervor of Africa. A place where ancient civilizations coexist with breathtaking surroundings. And where old medinas provide glimpses into previous imperial capitals. Travel from Cairo, Egypt’s majestic capital, to Luxor, the town of all history, on an action-packed adventure that includes stops at everything from pristine beaches to camel-clad deserts. As a result, the allure of Egypt will be hard to ignore, whether one is in the spice-scented alleyways, among the crumbling Roman ruins, or beneath the snow-capped Atlas Mountains.

Does this vacation fit your needs?

Visiting the pyramids involves a fair amount of walking, and the weather might get uncomfortable in the heat of July. And drink plenty of water. Nights might get cool, so be sure to pack warm layers. Dressing in layers is the simplest way to adapt to the wide swings in temperature that occur between day and night.

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Related FAQ

Is group tour cheaper than individual?

Price-wise, group tours are cheaper than individual ones.

Often cost a little more than independent travel, although they can sometimes still work out cheaper. However, it would help if you also considered that tours save you a lot of time researching, organizing, and booking your trip and activities.

Are group travel tours worth it?

Group tours compared to solo travel

Group travel introduces you to like-minded people. While traveling alone, you can meet other travelers, but it takes more work and they may have moved on by the time you make friends.

What month is the least expensive to visit Egypt?

Budget airline tickets to

May, according to Skyscanner May, before shoulder season and summer, is the cheapest time to visit Egypt. Egypt hotel and holiday package discounts start in May.

How many days in Egypt is enough?

Enough days needed to visit Egypt

If you want to visit the highlights and yet have time to relax, you should plan on spending at least 7 days in Egypt. But don't worry, we've got you covered with this guide as we also detail 7-day and 10-day plans for you to choose from.

Which 4 different tour package types are there?

Different types of tour packages

Operation and services classify package tours. These are individual, escorted, incentive, hosted, and freedom tours.

Is it secure to take a tour group to Egypt?

How safe is Egypt Groups

We warn travelers that Egypt is secure but full of fraudsters and con artists? While it's important to be aware of the circumstances that lead some people to rely on dishonesty for a living (e.g., Egypt's appallingly low wages and the nearly complete disappearance of tourism as a major source of income since the 2011 Revolution), nobody wants to waste time or money on dishonest people.

Are female travelers to Egypt safe?

Female travelers

Egyptian women traveling alone may be safe. It's likely you'll encounter issues. However, Egyptian culture and men are quite welcoming. They hope you love their country.

Is Cairo safe at night?

Cairo at night

Cairo is considered to be secure at night. But as a safety measure, a lot of women choose to go out with at least one other person. Cairo has a vast population, similar to other cities, and it is safer to move in groups than alone.

How much should you tip in Egypt?

Tipping's Standards

Asia and the Middle East call tipping "backsheesh". While street vendors and marketplaces accept spare change, restaurants and cafés often get 10–15 percent tips.

Is Egypt cheap or expensive?

Is Egypt cheap or expensive for group tours?

Egypt is quite affordable. Egypt is less expensive to travel to than North America, Japan, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Touring Egypt costs about as much as traveling through Southeast Asia. Even if you are on a tight budget, you may be able to visit a number of tourist attractions and participate in a variety of activities in Egypt.

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