Egypt Budget Travel

Egypt Budget Travel

Egypt Budget Travel

Explore the vivacious nature of Egypt, relax in the charming desert amind the amazing mountains, and let the pharaohs send you a breeze from the oldest destinations in the world where you meet their souls in majestic monuments, passing from one of the ancient world wonders to the vibrant Islamic designs and walk through tiles that have thousands of years ago where you witness great stories from majestic history and leave yourself in the embrace of the Nile, while you will cost affordable prices and enjoy the full comfort with our Egypt Budget Travel Packages.

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Related FAQ

What tours in Cairo are taking additional safety precautions?

Additional safety precautions are taken seriously for COVID-19 situation for all tours and trips provided by Egypt United Tours. Face masks are given regularly, sanitization of the vehicles is done per ride, and also most of the tours have minimal crowd interactions. The tours of Egypt are mostly open-air tours in Egypt, such as the Pyramids, Amro ibn el-aas mosque, etc or in large-scale venues.

Is it safe to visit the pyramids?

Yes, definitely especially when you are with our Egypt United Tours Egyptologist tour guide. The person who is supposed to guide you through your Pyramids tour is experienced, well-rounded, and he/she has already done several Pyramids tours to take the best care of your group. It Is generally safe, but a thumb role is to stick with your guide for you might find it hard to deal with the locals alone.

What tours in Egypt are taking additional safety precautions?

Safety precautions are taken in all tours in Egypt:
• Facemasks are obligatory
• Regular sanitization
• Avoiding crowds
Most of the tours in Egypt are open-air tours, such as Nile Cruising, Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, etc.

What should I avoid in Egypt?

Drinking tap water isn’t advisable, you can keep a reusable bottle with you or buy bottled water. Drinking alcohol is the streets isn’t legal, so you should be seated in a designated bar. If you don’t have all your vaccines with you, don’t bet street cats or dogs to avoid scratches or bites. During religious visits, try to dress modestly. Permission while taking pictures of local is recommended, also taking photos of police or military personnel, vehicles, or buildings isn’t allowed in Egypt.

What is considered rude in Egypt?

Egypt is a conservative country, so it is not acceptable in the Egyptian community for couples to kiss/hug in public, and that includes any physical affection. Entering mosques with shoes is disrespectful for the divinity of the place, and therefore Muslims. Wearing a scarf at religious sites is a sign of respect, but you are totally free if you want to wear it or not.

Is English spoken in Egypt?

Arabic is the mother language and the official in Egypt. A high percentage of Egyptians can speak and write in English, especially educated people. The number of English speakers is growing among adults and young adults. At touristic sites, you would expect to find many people who speak English. The percentage of English speakers drops in the old people at local markets.

Is Egypt on the Red List 2021?

No, Egypt’s number of Covid-19 patients is dropping as the number of vaccinated people increases. Safety measures are very strict, and the response of the government is evolving for more safety for Egyptians and Egypt’s visitors.

How dangerous to travel Egypt right now after Covid 19?

Egypt is actually of the best countries in resisting the pandemic as for the first and the second wave. The numbers already weren’t high comparing to other countries, and now after the vaccination rounds sponsored by the Egypt health ministry, the situation is a lot better. Also, the precautions still apply, and PCR tests are still required from travelers which makes the covid situation a lot better.

Is Cairo safe for female tourists?

A lot of awareness campaigns have been held in Egypt in the past months, so we have moved ahead regarding the women’s rights movement in the Middle East. Harassment complaints are taken very seriously by the Egyptian government. Harassers are already taking many steps back and thinking twice before annoying any girl after “Speak Up” campaigns. The answer is yes but with few exceptions, so staying in groups would be much recommended for both genders.

What is Egypt most known for?

Egypt is famous for the ancient civilization and greatness of the royal pharaohs, Nile River, old mosques, old churches, and temples. The three Ibrahimic religious have left holy traces in the Egyptian lands. Egypt has good green landscapes on both sides of the river, the blue scenes in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and the yellow sand in the east and west desert. Egyptians appreciate food especially beans, Koshary, etc. Egyptian Cotton is very famous for its white color and quality.

What should tourists wear in Egypt?

You can wear whatever you like, legally there is no law to ban any clothes, but some private sector places have the right to make their own dress codes. Dressing modestly, like covering knees and shoulders, would be a nice idea especially in the streets and religious sites.

What should a woman tourist wear in Egypt?

A compulsory dress code in Egypt doesn’t exist but covering knees and shoulders and wearing modest clothes in streets and religious sites is advisable. Revealing clothes aren’t very familiar in Egyptian local streets, but on most of the beaches you have total freedom with your clothing choice, but you might want to check with the hotel for they might have their own dress code.

What is the dress code in Egypt?

There isn’t a law that puts an obligatory dress code for Egypt, you are free to dress whatever you like. Egyptian people in some local areas are more familiar with modest clothes, but as was mentioned earlier nothing is obligatory. Some few hotels and resorts have their own dress codes for the beaches for unity purposes.

Can you wear jeans in Egypt?

Yes, of course actually most Egyptian males and females usually wear jeans daily and everywhere.

Is Cairo expensive?

Cairo is cheaper to visit than most of many other countries, European countries, North America, Australia, Japan, etc. Also, as for Egypt United Tours packages cost, many of them include tours transportation and the three meals. The amount of money that you need to own depends on your shopping list and flight tickets.

Is it safe to walk around Cairo at night?

Yes, Cairo is a safe place even at night because markets usually open 24/7. Maybe for precautions, it is better to buddy-up and stay in a group if it is past 01:00 AM. Don’t talk to strangers; even if, they seem very friendly. Those are general rules that apply everywhere not Cairo-based.

Is Cairo safe at night?

With some general extra precautions, yes. Staying in group, not walking in very empty streets, buddying up with a friend, and not talking to strangers. A lot of coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants operate 24/7 staying at one of them would be a great idea for an evening.

Does Egypt require quarantine?

Egypt only requires a negative PCR certificate issued at least 72-hours before the flight. Vaccination certificates can exempt you from the negative PCR certificate. Accepted vaccination types are AstraZeneca, Janssen, Moderna, Pfizer.BioNTech, Sinopharm, Sinovac, and Sputnik V.

How much does a tour guide cost in Egypt?

Egypt United Tours packages cost include a professional and experienced Egyptologist tour guide who will make your tours around Egypt easier, more fun, and most importantly informative.

What are the best tours in Cairo?

No one should be at Cairo without marveling at the Pyramids and feeling the history of the Pharaohs. Admiring the world’s greatest and the most precious artifacts and antiques at the Egyptian Museum in Downtown as well as the royal mummies at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization are outstanding tours that you shouldn’t be missing. Egyptian take pride in the religious unity at Coptic Cairo where you can find the oldest churches, mosques, and Jewish Temples, you must see that yourself! Al-Azhar Mosque, Khan El-Khalili, and Strolling down Al-Muizz li-Din Allah Street would get you covered with art, fun, and souvenirs from the open markets down there. Tours in Cairo are unforgettable, and each has its unique value, so don’t miss any.

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