Zuwayla Gate

Zuwayla Gate

How Zuwayla Gate Is The Remaining lacuna To Arrive Amid the Fatimid Era And Stand In The Heart Of A Fatimid Ruler Dream

Zuweila Gate

Pair of giant semicircular towers topped with majestically adorned minarets getting magnificent historical architecture with a charming design. There, the drums were greeting the arrival of “Amirs of One Hundred.” That was amid the celebrations from the Dancers and snake charmers. To find yourself in front of the gateway of the Fatimid era. It is Zuwayla Gate. One of the remaining stone gates from the southern wall of the Fatimid city of Cairo. Minister Badr al-Jamali established it during the reign of the Fatimid Caliph Al-Mustansir Billah in 1092 AD.

The Fatimid leader “Jawhar al-Siqali,” and his follower, the leader of the armies, “Badr al-Din al-Jamali,” began building the walls and gated to surround the Fatimid Cairo, to be fortified defensive line against attacks of the Crusaders and the Mongols. So the Fatimid Cairo became fortified castles in which the inhabitants take refuge.

Zuweila Gate

So, Zuwayla Gate will get you the chance to live the same events. As you will be in a safe far away from the historical attacks. Its magnificent view is enough to enter you these great historical imaginations. As if you are in real and travel back with the time to 1090s. Other historical scenes will attract your soul feeling. As if you will be listening to its unique celebrations. As pilgrimage convoys prepare in front of the point to go to Mecca.

How Zuwayla Gate  Pushes You Amid Unique Historical Atmospheres!

These gates have protected Cairo throughout the ages. So that the rulers of Egypt for more than eight centuries have been increasing their lengths even in later times after the Fatimid period. And Zuwayla Gate remains a unique model for military fortifications in Islam. That gives you a great opportunity to live completely different atmospheres about the history of Egypt.

Zuweila Gate

“I dreamed of building a fortified stronghold that I called Cairo.” This is what Jawhar al-Siqali said, and so you will pass through this dream to find your entrance to the largest open Islamic museum in the world, Al-Muizz Li Din Allah Al Fatimid Street.

It called Zuweila after the Zuweila tribe that came from North Africa with the commander of the Fatimid armies, Jawhar al-Siqi. And this group lived near the gate Al-Mutawali. “One of the Righteous Saints of God lives at the gate also.

Zuwayla Gate witnessed the hanging of Sultan Tomanbay. He was the last of the Mamluk sultans. This event marked the end of the Mamluk state and the beginning of the Ottoman Empire (922 AH / 1517 AD).

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