The Uniqueness Of El Alamein War Cemetery In The Land Of Civilization! Sounds Come From History To Narrate To You!

World War Cemetery in El Alamein

World War Cemetery in El Alamein by New Zealand Defence Force

Accompanied by the Mediterranean Sea and embraced by the cradle of civilization since 1942; they are soldiers of World War II. After a terrible war, the bodies of the heroes found comfort and tranquility in the arms of the land of history. The whispering of the Mediterranean Sea beside their graves, as if declaring its solidarity with these heroes. Stories here and there embody and narrate the details of the Second World War in this spot in the New El Alamein City. It is the El Alamein War Cemetery.

The Story Of The Tower Of Heros! World War Heroes Are Inhabiting There to Narrate the Glory to Their Championships

A tower with a unique architectural design in the west of New Alamein City seems to embrace a great history in El Alamein War Cemetery!

They are the remains of those Italian soldiers in World War II. Whereas all the remains of soldiers and officers were placed in small boxes, each box with the name of the officer or soldier written, his rank and location, and placed in this towering structure.

At this tower, you stand at the first point the Italian soldiers reached and were based. The same land that carried these soldiers and spilled their blood on it carries you when visiting this tower of Italian tombs.

This Italian Cemetery hugs 4800 of the bodies of the Italians. And also there is a plaque indicating that the desert swallowed the bodies of about 38 thousand people.

In this Italian Tomb, you will meet the amazing architecture of a chapel, a mosque, a memorial hall. And also a small museum.

In A Unique Castle Stands The Obelisk With a Pharaonic Design Sad For What Happened On The Land Of History What Is the Story Of This Unique Spot!

From afar, a unique castle with a giant pharaonic obelisk appears! If you get close, you will find yourself in the heart of the German cemetery. And in the middle of this fortress stands a pharaonic obelisk with straight falcons on it.

This obelisk is a symbol of eternity and a sign that those who perished far from their homelands died in a country that sanctifies the dead thousands of years ago. This obelisk takes the German dead under its protection.

It had been inscribed with words; “Rest, 4,200 German soldiers in World War II, their death is a warning to us,” while on the other side of the obelisk, the phrase “Beware of death…and respect life” is written.

This German tomb of the El Alamein War Cemetery includes eight rooms, with seven chambers. Each contains 600 soldiers, while the eighth room contains 80 unknown soldiers.

German and Italian soldiers were previously buried in one cemetery. But in 1956 the German government decided to build a private cemetery for the Germans. The remains of the German soldiers were transferred, where the name of each soldier, his date of birth, and the date of his death was recorded.

Tombs Announcing Victory Wit Their Heros Bodies!

El Alamein World War Cemetery

El Alamein World War Cemetery by New Zealand Defence Force

Here the bodies of the victors live in that battle. And Their souls celebrate the victory in the arms of the land of the pharaohs; They are the British soldiers in the British cemetery in the New Worlds.

Although the Commonwealth countries won in World War II. But many soldiers of these countries fell due to the swing in the battle between “Rommel” and Montgomery. These commonwealth countries include Britain, France, India, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Malaysia.

Info You Need To Know About El Alamein War Cemetery

Sixty-six years ago, specifically on the twenty-fourth of October of the year 1954, the El Alamein Cemetery was opened. It contains the remains of nearly 7000 commonwealth burials from the war. Of which 815 are unknown. The construction of the cemeteries of the two worlds came in accordance with the decision of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission “CWGC”, under the name of the Royal War Graves Commission. And its main function is to identify, record and maintain graves and places of memorialization of soldiers and civilians belonging to the Commonwealth countries, who died in the first and second world wars.

Establishing these graves must be at the sites of battles that took place during the two wars. So, when you wander among El Alamein War Cemetery, you are on the site of world war II, standing on the same spot of the events. It is a land had witnessed victories and great historical facts that will be surrounding you everywhere.

Inside the El Alamein War Cemetery, one of the most important memorials of World War II is the Greek Monument. It was established in 1971 and designed in ancient Greek architectural styles, in order to commemorate the death of about 320 Greek soldiers. Some of them in the Commonwealth cemeteries, and others in the Mary Georges Church in Cairo.