Wadi El-Rayan

Wadi El-Rayan

Wadi El-Rayan

Wadi El-Rayan Is Where You Leave Any Stress and Walk Through the Calmness of the Picturesque Nature!


Wadi El-Rayan

Walkthrough one of the most wonderful nature reserve while flying over you in the sky around 140 species of birds to meet on your way 24 types of mammals such as fennec fox, jackal, foxes, mongoose, where you find the largest number of “slender horn” deer in the world, in addition to marine fossils dating back about 40 million years ago, while in front of you two large artificial lakes with 29 species of fish, these two lakes connected by an amazing waterfall. That is why Wadi El-Rayan is where the picturesque nature will surround you to enjoy hearing the creek that will charm your eyes.

Surround you with natural springs, sand dunes, large water bodies, various botanical lives, a large variety of flora and fauna. Let the sand of the El-Rayan Valley touches your feet to carry you to an integrated desert environment, where traces of human settlements from the Pharaonic, Greek, and Roman eras are still.

Wadi El-Rayan

The banks of the lakes are a fertile place for plants to grow, which makes Wadi El-Rayan Fayoum an ideal place for bird migration in the winter season, especially with the reproduction of fish in the lake. 65 km from the city of Faiyum in the middle of Faiyum desert, southwest of Egypt, about 140 Km from Cairo, you can hear all these birds’ songs to look up and see them in the Valley of Rayan sky.

Areas You Will Visit In Wadi El-Rayan

Wadi el Rayan

Your soul will be relaxed by seeing this calm natural environment with pollution-free water that swaying with the fresh air breeze, and by going into the southwest of the lower lake, you can enjoy sand dunes, three natural sulfur springs, and various groups of desert plants and rare wildlife that make the plants of the region their home, since you will be in the middle of the Oyuon El-Rayan.

Wadi El-Rayan

There you can find different types of migratory and resident birds, the most important of which are the peregrine falcon and the free-roaming falcon, and important marine fossils, just go up to El-Rayan Mountain, it is the area surrounding the southern and southwestern sides of the springs.

However, Mashgaeega Wadi El- Rayan is one of the most important gathering places for migratory birds, and Wadi El Hitan is one of the most important areas for fossils, and climate change in the world, many animals on the verge of extinction, can be found residing here easily and safely.

Wadi El-Rayan

Sail through the lakes of Wadi El-Rayan by riding a felucca, and feel full calmness, and you can extend your feet from the felucca while the boat sails slowly to print in your soul the amazing scene you will see while the water touches your leg.

The upper lake: Its area is about 46 square kilometers, and its maximum depth is 22 meters, and the Lower Lake: Its area is about 107 square kilometers, and its maximum depth is 28 meters, and near it, there is the magic Al-Mudawara Mountain with its beautiful layered appearance, and certain symmetry that draws your gaze to it.

How To Go Wadi El-Rayan Fayoum

Your way to Wadi El-Rayan starts from El Eymaia Square near Pyramids of Giza, the ride takes one and half hour on the desert road to Faiyoum, about 130 KM southwest of Cairo by vehicle and on your road to this nature reserve, you will pass through Lake Qarun, where you can go fishing. The best species of fish can be caught there, even better than those caught from the Nile. You can book your tour to Wadi El-Rayan via us.

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What is the biggest waterfall in Egypt?

Wadi El-Rayan

The waterfalls of Wadi El Rayan are regarded as Egypt's biggest waterfalls. Marine fossils and archaeological artefacts can be found at Gabal Manqueer Al Rayan, which is to the south and southeast of the springs. The huge dune formations of Gabal Madwera, which is close to the lower lake, are well recognised.

What Waterfalls are in Egypt?

Egypt's Wadi El Rayan Valley located 65 kilometres southwest of the city of Fayoum. Two sizable lakes were built there to divert the abundant water from the Fayoum desert spring. You might be astonished to learn that Wadi El Rayan is the sole waterfall in Egypt if you're looking for them.

Is wadi el rayan worth visiting?

One of Egypt's most stunning tourist destinations is the renowned national park Wadi El Rayan. A few years ago, I went there and immediately fell in love. I now consider it to be one of my top weekend getaways.

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