Wadi-El Hitan

Wadi-El Hitan

Wadi El Hitan And The Secret Of Greatest Puzzles of The Evolution

Go into the secret of nature and reveal the mysteries of the world in the prehuman and the secrets of evolution by walking through this soft sand to see rare gigantic fossils of ancient whales and sharks. At this point, you will realize that you walk across an area that was submerged by ocean waters. Your surprise will be more when you realize that these remains date back to around 40 to 50 million years ago.

Wadi El Hitan

So, in where the Tethys Sea was running, you stand to see clear evidence that explains one of the greatest puzzles of the evolution; the emergence of the whale as an ocean-going mammal from a previous life as a land-based animal; these whales’ fossils still have back legs. No other place can be compared with Wadi El Hitan in yielding the largest number of fossils, especially with this quality of preservation; it displays 406 skeletons. The magic is increased in displaying them in their attractive and protected landscape.

Things to Explore in The Valley of Whales

So, you will be in an area that easily answers a lot of your inquiries about life before humanity. Wadi El Hitan is where you find fossils of other early animals such as sharks, crocodiles, sawfish, turtles, and rays. That is right, these remains that have been found at this site may not be the oldest; however, the degree of their preservation, as even some stomach contents are intact, makes Wadi El Hitan is the most Heritage site in the world.

You do not have to go to museums to see these fossils, but while you are in one of the most attractive landscapes, as the gigantic sand rocks and mountains, dunes and hills surround you, you can find these remains in their natural environment where the sea was running and then dried out, and winds loosened the Land, in addition, thanks to the ongoing archaeological excavations, these open-air museum has been discovered to be added by the UNESCO to the list of protected World Heritage sites.

Wadi El Hitan is the evidence place for millions of years of coastal marine life with remains that display. The typical streamlined body form of modern whales, yet retaining some of the primitive aspects of skull and tooth structure. You will be fully amazed when walking through the sand of the previous sea and find a huge skeleton. wWhich reaches up to 21 m in length with well-developed five-fingered flippers on the forelimbs and the unexpected presence of hind legs, feet, and toes, not known previously in any archaeoceti.

How Can You Arrive At Wadi El Hitan!

Wadi El HitanOne hundred fifty kilometers southwest of Cairo is where the largest and most important site for whale fossils in the world located, Wadi El Hitan can be reached by a private car or Taxi. Your tour to this site will be more comfortable, as you will relax all your way in a luxurious car until reaching where you find one of the best world heritage areas as per UNESCO.

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Related FAQ

Where is Wadi Al-Hitan?

Wadi Al-Hitan Location

The Western Desert of Egypt's Wadi Al-Hitan, or Whale Valley, is home to priceless fossil remnants of the earliest and currently extinct suborder of whales, the Archaeoceti.

Who discovered Wadi Al-Hitan?
  1. J. L. Beadnell of the Geological Survey of Egypt first stumbled upon the fossils of Wadi El-Hitan in 1902. Nine expeditions were led by Egyptian and American palaeontologists between 1983 and 2007. About 400 whale and sea cow remains were discovered and plotted by the expedition teams in the valley.
What is a Wadi of Egypt?

Wadi. An oasis is frequently formed in a wadi, which is an Arabic term used in North Africa and Arabia to denote a watercourse with a dry bed other than when it rains. The watercourse could be a canal, a stream, a valley, or simply a path that water takes when it rains.

What is special about Wadi Al-Hitan?

Special Things  About Wadi Al-Hitan

The evolution of the whale, one of the iconic transformations that characterise the history of life on Earth, can best be seen near Wadi Al-Hitan. It beautifully depicts their shape and way of life as they shift from being land animals to living in the sea.

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