Valley of The Queens

Valley of The Queens

The Valley of the Queens Is Where You Walk through the Afterlife Beliefs with Treasures Surrounded You

Valley of The Queens

Valley of The Queens by annemarieangelo

By coming back with the time to 1550 to 1070 BC, the valley of the queens was where the Priests performed daily funeral rites and prayers for dead queens of the 18, 19, 20 Dynasty. A holy cave dedicated to the god “Hathor” is located at the entrance of the valley to restore youth to the queens and give them eternal life. You can be amid all these pharaonic events and beliefs, while they are materialized clearly in front of you. Just go to the southwestern side of Luxor near the Valley of the Kings. As there,  you will be in the middle of Thebe’s vast necropolis.

While you walk through the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, seeing unimpressive necropolises, ensure that under this ground, there is a real magnificent treasure.

Valley of the Queens

The same as the Valley Of The Kings, The valley of the Queens include massive treasure. These dazzling treasures and unique Furney furniture for the deceased to enjoy with it in the next life. That is why had chosen these tombs carefully. As after completing the burial process, they completely concealed the entrance to the cemetery. So that it would be far away from the hands of thieves.

Although, the necropolises in the Valley of the Kings include more valuable unique treasures, uncreditable inscriptions with bright colors, and remarkable decoration with more number kings tombs who are famous pharaohs. So your suspense in your tour to Egypt will not complete without visiting the Valley of the Kings. It is one of the most important sightseeing that includes the 1st industrial complex.

But your visit to the Valley of The Queens will complete the image of the ancient Egyptians beliefs about the afterlife.

How Valley of The Queens Gets you The Chance To Wander Through the Pharaonic Minds!

Towards your eyes, you see how the ancient Egyptian mummified the queens’ body and buried it. How they decorated all the parts of the walls of the tomb with the image in their minds about the afterlife. It will be a magical time when you get to know about these beliefs of the events of the next life and this life inhabits. Also, you will see the events when they put treasure, clothes, food, furniture. They thought after the burial ceremony ends, the soul returns to the body. So that the deceased may live his eternal life and need all that belongings.

Valley of the Queens

Valley of the Queens by Mohd Tarmizi

Walk where these royal Mummies of the queens of Egypt and the sons of the pharaohs were set among and a massive number of attractive decorations are surrounding you. By the pharaonic hands, you realize all these facts. That is how in the valley of the queens is where the pharaohs narrate their history and majestic civilization themselves.

The Valley of The Queens or as it called by the ancient Egyptians “Ta – Set – Nefro.” This pharaonic name means the place of the son of the Pharaoh or the place of beauty. It offers between its sides about 91 cemeteries, in addition to sub-valleys that contain 19 other graves. These tombs display in the form of decorations all the details about the life of resurrection and eternity.

How amazing will you feel while unlocking these inscriptions with the accompany of our Egyptologist tour guide! That will get you the chance to get to know each detail while your eyes Shine from the vibrant decorations inside the cemetery!

 Tomb of Queen Titi

Titi tomb

Valley of Queens (Tomb of Titi)
by gloria_euyoque

The cemetery was newly opened. In this tomb, you can see heaven as portrayed by the ancient Egyptians. It is known by the pharaohs as the “yarrow”. In addition to embalming rituals and the sacred journey to eternal life.

The cemetery consists of a corridor, side rooms, a hall, and an internal burial room. The tomb was reused during the Third Decay. A burial pit was dug in the inner chambers, and the excavations yielded a variety of funerary furniture, including coffins and personal items.

Tomb of Queen Nefertari


Valley of Queens
by upyernoz

It is the largest and most prominent cemetery in the Valley of the Queens, where you will find how the great King, Ramesses II, decorated the tomb of his favorite wife.

It is a real piece of art with impressive colorful decorations that display the beauty of queen Nefertari. You will be surprised by the statue of Queen Nefertari, which was and still is a symbol of human beauty. It was designed with clear lines and bright colors, which made Queen Nefertari a symbol of ancient Pharaonic beauty.

Among the inscriptions and drawings in the tomb of Queen Nefertari is a view of the queen as she worshiped the god Osiris and the god Anubis, then the goddess Maat, the goddess of justice. That made Queen Nefertari’s tomb the most famous in Pharaonic history.

The Tomb of Prince ” Amon-khopshef”

It is beautiful, brightly colored scenes are the most important features of the tomb of Prince “Hur khopshef,” who wrote on the walls of his tomb as “Amon Khabshef,” meaning the son of King Ramses III, and it seems that this prince died young, as the scenes depict him with a side haircut is an indication of youth Age, but despite his youngvalley of the queens age he used to carry the traditional titles of the sons of kings.

The cemetery consists of an entrance that leads to a staircase that leads to the main room with a second side room, and the long hall ends in the burial chamber, and it is noticed that the side rooms and the sacrament shrine have not yet been completed.

The cemetery of “Kha Am Wast.”

He is the son of King Ramses III. His tomb is one of the most beautiful cemeteries due to its bright colors. It was discovered in 1903.

Info You Need To Know About The Valley Of The Queens

  • Daily work hours are from 6 am to 5 pm.
  • The Entrance fee cost is 100 LE.

Related FAQ

Why was the valley of Queens built?

The Valley of the Queens operated as a burial cemetery for the period (1292-1075 bc) in the 19th and 20th dynasties. The first tomb known to have been built in the valley of the queens was the tomb of princess Ahmose, the daughter of King Seqenenre and Queen Sitdjehuti.

Why is the Valley of the Queens so important?

Importance of The Queen s Valley Egypt

It was most well-known for being the final resting place of numerous Pharaoh wives. The Valley of the Kings served as the actual burial place for Pharaohs.

Who discovered the Valley of the Queens?

The tomb of queen Nefertari, the legendary wife of Ramesses the Second, is the most intriguing one and will literally take your breath away. Since it was first found in the 19th century by Ernesto Schiaparelli, the tomb has drawn numerous travellers from all over the world due to its distinctive design and captivating artwork.

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