Tunis Village

Tunis Village

Tunis Village

Tunis Village Is Where You Take A Breath From Fresh Air to Walk Amid Charming Colors of Nature Mixed with Simplicity!

Tunis Village

The Village of Tunis is a peaceful place that brims with simplicity. Once your car stops in this small charming village, you will be amidst large green spaces and gardens full of beautiful colorful flowers and beautiful olive trees. This stunning nature sends fresh breezes to accompany you to these simple houses of Tunis Village. Houses take the same architectural approach, built in a domed-ceiling design, using environment-friendly building materials to carry the oriental character.

Tunis Village

That is how You will find all the meanings of psychological comfort when your eyes fall on those similar houses to give a pattern that captures the soul. To find in the arms of these homes fresh air and calm far from the hustle and bustle of the outside world and the pressures of life.

When standing on Tunis Village means you are on a hill overlooking Lake Qarun, this fantastic large saltwater lake. While on the other side, there is a stunning view of the edge of the desert that will capture your soul. Therefore, Tunis Village is where you will be in the heart of unbelievable nature, and another kind of natural beauty will surround you.

The night at this stunning nature is completely miraculous. The sky is full of stars that appear obviously. It seems as if nature paints a draw above you to illuminate your night magically.

Amid the surprisingly peaceful Tunis Village with its traditional rural buildings, midst small art galleries, and pottery workshops. They teeming with hundreds of shapes and colors of antiques and utensils will attract you. Each piece is finely drawn and crafted by hand. That is how Tunis Village is also considered an open-air museum.

The Secret of This Open-Air Pottery Museum & Eco-Friendly Simple Houses Was A Woman!

At first, Tunis village was an unknown fishing community located on the southern shore of Qaroun Lake, but a visit came in the 1980s to change the village of Tunis into an attractive tourist place for investors. It was Evelyn Porret’s visit, this Swiss female potter that died in June 2021 at the age of 82 after she lived in the village of Tunis when she was only 20 years old.

Evelyn saw Tunis village children, during her visit to Egypt, making shapes and dolls of clay. So, she felt that they possessed art within them and needed someone to help them. So, she immediately decided to move to live in Fayoum and develop the talent of the children, leaving her parents to return to Switzerland on their own.

Tunis Village

Buret built her own house for her in the form of a dome with a roof using environmentally friendly materials, depending on the designs of Hassan Fathi, dean of contemporary Egyptian architects. That encouraged some citizens in the village to build houses in the same style, which gives that magical shape that you see now in that natural community.

She dedicated a part in her home to be a pottery workshop, and her work attracted many children. And they soon approached her with the aim of learning until she created a generation of potters whose talents reached to participate in international art competitions.

How Buret sought to turn the village of Tunis into a destination for artists from all over the world!

Buret collaborated with a number of other artists living in the village, such asTunis Village the plastic artist Mohamed Abla, holding an annual festival. This festival had established in 2010, with the aim of attracting tourists to the village and helping young artists gain and gain opportunities.

Thus, Tunis Village became a place of residence for artists and potters and an art city that attracts artists and tourists from all over the world to live the charming nature mixed with creative art. Notice that inside of these workshops, you can experience the creation of a vase, plate, cup, or ashtray.

At the Time You Feel Hungry in Tunis Village

Just sit in that scenic environment, and in front of you, a woman staying in front of a wooden oven to bake all kinds of sweet and savory pastries, offering these delicious baked goods are straight from the oven to your plate. Therefore, you will find yourself enjoying feteer meshaltet, honey, and cheese, all from nature around you. If you want to eat meat, make sure that it is meat fed on that natural green land to give a specially delicious taste besides cooking in that huge wooden oven that makes eating impressive.

All around you are handmade seats, Pottery cooking utensils, ovens. So, everything simply tastes better. There are many restaurants in Tunis village, and all of them take the same simple approach like  Zeytouna bakery, Bahia, Tunisia, Ibis.

The Activities at Tunis Village

In the middle of this village that includes  250 houses and villas of the same architectural style, which connects to the shores of Lake Qarun, you can enjoy magical wandering. Create unforgettable memories and take wonderful photos amidst the green areas of trees and orchards. Enjoy your time while the rare birds are scattered here and there.

Also, the village includes several stables specialized in renting horses to visitors. So, you can take advantage of roaming within the largest possible area with the experience of riding a horse.

Moreover, one of the perfect ways to get around Tunis village is by riding a bicycle. Tunis village Bike is beside Kom ElDikka Agri Lodge. It provides a wide variety of bikes ranging from mountain bikes to speed bikes. Also, there is a delivery service available of bikes to the hotels, villas in and around Tunis village.

Enjoy spending some time within the green spaces on the banks of Lake Qarun. Also, you can take a boat, sailing inside the lake. In addition, a magical time you will spend in the Arab safari camp that includes wonderful musical and dance folklore.

There are important landmarks of the village you can visit

wadi El Rayan

You can rent  4X4 to take the adventure for Wadi El Rayan. After that, Wadi el Hitan protectorate. The visit will take around 3 hours.  Also, there are waterfall, ancient mud houses, stone alleys, the Village Museum.

wadi El Rayan

In the village of Tunis in Fayoum, there are many wonderful hotels. They clearly reflect the traditional way of life of the locals.

The Best Hotels Inside Tunis Village

Zad El-Mosafer guesthouse boasts. It is the oldest and the most central one. Zad El-Mosafer includes around 20 rooms and two restaurants at an affordable cost. At the same time, Sobek lodge is the cheaper accommodation with good quality.

Also, there are Palm Shadows, an apartment hotel accommodation, Lazib, Kom El-Dekka, Tunis Village Hotel, and Qasr Al Toot.

Related FAQ

What to do in Tunis Village Fayoum?

Six Activities in Fayoum

  • A Day in Wadi El Rayan;
  • See Evolution at Work in Wadi El Hitan.
  • The Tunis Village Pottery.
  • Water sports in Magic Lake.
  • Exploring Medinet Madi (Narmuthis)
  • A Tour of the Petrified Forest's Natural History.
Can you swim in Fayoum?

It is a fantastic location surrounded by desert where you can try sandboarding next to the Magic Lake, swimming, or just enjoy relaxing by the magnificent waterfall.

Where is tunis village located?

In Egypt, Fayoum.

Is Al-Fayoum a real place?

Fayoum Oasis, which is less than two hours south-west of Cairo, is unquestionably one of the nation's undiscovered gems. This vast area, made up of numerous lakes and canals, is a great weekend or day vacation destination for anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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